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10 Mind-Blowing Video Game Fan Theories That Change Everything

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Ever wondered how your favourite games could be made better? Improved with fantastical plot lines and ridiculous twists? Never fear, Rich is here to give you the low-down on some completely mind-blowing video game fan theories. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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He Who Devours (1 day ago)
The menstrual blood theory is pretty cool, but the emphasis in Bloodborne's narrative isn't on blood. It's on the Great Ones, and ascending humanity to their level. The healing church believes that the blood of the great ones is the key, while Byrgenwerth College believes that humanity needs to understand their wisdom to gain their Insight. The emphasis is on the Dreams, the Nightmares, and how the Great Ones are involved in it all.
TFStudios (1 day ago)
Gnoggins theory about super smash bros' master hand is far better than game theory. It suggests the hands actually belong to a child with autism and each game is a state in his life as he grows up, covering the inclusion of crazy hand and taboo as well
adeadfreelancer (2 days ago)
You watch the spider pointlessly kill other children. It's not a protector.
OneFor_ U (7 days ago)
I think the hand in super smash bros is Mickey Mouse hand
Etrostormborn12 (9 days ago)
All theories have taught me is that the people in the plot writing hot seat in the gaming industry are lacking imagination. I mean I liked FF15's story but there were countless theories before launch that made sense given the info we had and were infinitely darker, more complex and compelling than what we got.
Sonny Harris (10 days ago)
i believe the ubisoft games take place in the same universe
Chris Garner (10 days ago)
If anyone can survive a massive plague, it’s Nathan Drake and his crew.
Gamer 4 Life (12 days ago)
Rainbow is in the Assasains Creed Universe, in the map Villa you can see the insignia
Wolfy (13 days ago)
I love how men talk without a problem of miscarriage, death and so on but menstrual blood is something terrible lol
Batman you sack of shit
Shadowstar (26 days ago)
I am all for the Nintendo one.
Oxzide92 (28 days ago)
No Squall is dead?!
Autismo Slicer (1 month ago)
Now, I don't like Uncharted or TLOU, but I'd imagine Joel is just an older drake after he settled down and changed his name
heheh nintendo universe theory heheh n.u.t heheh
Lilly Beckham (1 month ago)
I think Harley Quinn was mad that she did not have a baby with Joker not that she miscarried but because she wanted a baby but joke was dead so she can't have one
azraelbatosi (1 month ago)
its called menstruation because its monthly, mens, month, get it? moon cycles, its not just about periods guys.
Resident evil 3 is my fav movie was trash
Artur Dent (1 month ago)
Wow, Nintendo is even more fucked up then I thought
StuTuDi (1 month ago)
Isnt the Technical-Issues Thing (the picture itself) something from a gorillaz Album?
mr croker (1 month ago)
Master hand is really Waluigi
Blair Johnson (1 month ago)
The Bloodborne one is definitely 100% true, hardly a theory.
Thejackdaw 14 (1 month ago)
In assasins creed origins you see Aiden pierce kill the ceo of abstergo on the computer.
Danger ODST (1 month ago)
8, is true
jakerockznoodles (1 month ago)
I thought the Master Hand thing wasn't just a fan theory. When I played Melee (my first SSB game) it seemed obvious that this was what they were going for.
Avenger 2001 (1 month ago)
#4 is completely debunked by the existence of Uncharted 4. In the Last Of Us,the apocalypse begins in 2013 and the world is ravaged by it almost instantaneously. Uncharted 4 takes place in 2016 and civilisation is intact and the world is completely fine. So no,Joel or any other survivors would not have killed Nathan Drake. Also,Nathan himself isn't that big of a pushover that he would let himself get turned into a fungus zombie.
Llama Gang (1 month ago)
Matpat theories!!!!
Brooke thebook (1 month ago)
Wait, if that Uncharted and The Last of us theory is true, Drake and Elena also have a daughter Cassie whose about the same age as Joel's daughter was at the beginning of The last of us. I wonder if when you pick up the firefly tags throughout the game, if any of them have the name Cassie or Drake.
Justin Massop (1 month ago)
so No more heroes is connected to Assassin`s Creed?
CapHowdy (1 month ago)
Saying we probably killed Nathan Drake is a bit silly. Considering how big the world is, the odds of bumping into Drake in Last of us would be ridiculously high. And who is to say that he would have been infected anyway? Plus when you factor in the dates of Last of us, and the dates (present day and future) in UC4, there is no way they are a shared universe. If anything, they could be alternate universes that diverge at some point in the UC franchise.
Shadow (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure Harley jumping around all the time alone would make her miscarry
Princess Wolfy (1 month ago)
Actually I’m pretty sure it’s been proven that Far Cry and Watch Dogs are apart of the Assassins Creed universe. I’m assuming that Splinter Cell has also been connected to the AC universe too. Which means Ghost Recon is also connected in the universe too. I’m kinda hoping that they bring it all somewhere.. But I feel like they won’t.
Eh, I don't buy the Uncharted one. Since I believe that newspaper was put there by ND by mistake, I think it was supposed to be in TLOU. Plus, Uncharted 4 kinda debunked the theory, Nate and Elena is living on an island, I presume is somewhere in the Pacific. And to me, the spores and the "end of the world" only hit America, not the rest of the world (Don't quote me on that, I have no idea).
Junior Vafai (2 months ago)
maybe that period blood one isn't a theory but more of an inference that you're supposed to take awaypersonally, it makes sense in olden times to have some kind of crazy remedies like menstrual blood
Alexander Heit (2 months ago)
Best game theory that changes everything: Ultimacia is Rinoa in the Future
ShadowKrueger (2 months ago)
South Park the stick of truth is involved with Assassins creed? XD i just found the 3rd game theme!
Aaron White (2 months ago)
Yeah! girls are still icky and have cooties!!!
marshall minor (2 months ago)
My Mind: 💥
Gui Caldo (2 months ago)
Come on, we all know Nate would make quick work of the zombies...
rayman is a Templar..?
Thepikazapper05 (2 months ago)
Now i just need to see coco from animal crossing in a star fox game, or maybe a gyroid in pokemon
Spooky Skeletons (2 months ago)
The assassins creed universe is indeed the same as the watchdogs one. Watch dogs mentions abstergo and their entertainment bullcrap. And i think i member a line from one of the newer ac's that mentions a hacker in Chicago
YoshiTamer42 (2 months ago)
Hey every1. It would be awesome if you’d check out me channel and subscribe that would be so col. Will have a lot of yoshi related content. Come have fun with me!
Rhys Horlock (2 months ago)
No squall is dead theory from ffviii?
Garr3ttGuy (2 months ago)
The Bloodborne segment wasn't very well researched, not the lore that was fine, but you don't drink the blood you inject it. The brain of mensis isn't a boss, you don't even have to interact with it aside from dropping it in the hole you find it in
KanitoKawaii (2 months ago)
"all starting with the first assassin's creed" this video was posted after origins came out, right?
Big - Raider03 (2 months ago)
I know what to think about Uncharted and The Last of Us in the same universe because in The Last of Us there is a Uncharted board game and a newspaper saying: "Justin Bieber as Nathan Drake: Uncharted 13" but then again the Irish pub is in The Last of Us, and then the fungus newspaper in Uncharted 3 sooo...
Katherine A (2 months ago)
The only one I'm slightly swayed on is the bloodborne one... it makes so much more sense now............
Papa Vaults (3 months ago)
Ubisoft confirmed that they're main titles (Far Cry, assassins creed, and watch dogs) are in the same universe.
Wareagle Phantom (3 months ago)
Nate could probably survive in tlou maybe he's just on an island with Sam and sulley
Michael The Great (3 months ago)
FYI any theory that calls for everything happening in the character's head rather their in a coma or dying or dreaming is lazy and wrong. Just so incredibly over used to try and explain shit away and plain stupid.
Eddie Brock (3 months ago)
I feel that the super smash brothers theory is overly complicated for a fighting game
Robo REBEL SCUM (3 months ago)
So every r6 character is a Templar?! What a about John seed from far cry 5....oh my god!
Nabhan Saleem (3 months ago)
in the last of us there is an easter egg where they show uncharted as a board game
Bruce Vial (3 months ago)
Where’s the normal old crowd of whatculture, new guys are dweppy and lacklustre
levi ackerman (3 months ago)
Literally all of game theory's videos
Miturbanis Derty (3 months ago)
So wait your telling me that time I counterattacked harlequin I killed a baby damn
jezusmylord (3 months ago)
Titas Zavadskis (3 months ago)
whats the name o the soundrackk throughout the video?
Malcom XXX (4 months ago)
Mat Pat already made us understand who Master Hand was
Myles Campbell (4 months ago)
I actually have a theory where drake (Uncharted) and Joel (Last of Us) are the same person
Connie Skhonde (4 months ago)
What if the doom guy and the fallout 4 player might possibly twins because William j blazcowicks has twins in Wolfe stein 2 so does it mean the Bethesda games might be in the same universe?
Dylan Stone (4 months ago)
I hope no one puts stake into these theories because thats just what they are. Theories. No one knows and saying it changes everything really annoyes me.
Conner McCormick (4 months ago)
I'm fairly sure it's been 100% confirmed that Watch_dogs and Assassin's Creed are the same universe, and you COULD draw the conclusion that Prince of Persia is too since the original AC started as a Prince sequel before being redirected
Wafthrudnir (4 months ago)
"Remember how the before Assassin's Creed vision modes weren't really a thing? (...) Nowadays they're in everything from Hitman to The Witcher 3." Makes it look like the latter game got it from the AC series. Except there already was a vision mode in the first Witcher game, which was released BEFORE the first Assassin's Creed. Secondly, sorry to say, but you didn't get the indoctrination theory at all. Shepard can be indoctrinated "somehow" due to being synthetic? Just wtf? O.o The start of ME 2 / reconstruction of Shepard's body has no relevance at all. (The process of) indoctrination is one of (if not THE) central premises of the whole series and explained in great detail through all three games. I recommend investing some minutes in actually understanding the context, it's really interesting.
Nexures (4 months ago)
Ac games are trash in general
Lax Axl (4 months ago)
That Uncharted-The Last of Us theory is actually good!
Super Nice BlackGuy (4 months ago)
another great vid
Oxelord (4 months ago)
Imagine if in The Last of Us 2 you keeo hearing about this legend, a man who kills Infected with such ease, just as easily as he kills bandits etc. You try to find him to help you in your quest, whatever it is, because you are very unlikely to succeed alone and after some time you come to his living quarters, you just find a skeleton (and maybe an infected). When you look at his table, you find a journal. After reading a bit, and having been fed little hints it tells you that this is Nathan Drake's Journal and he writes about either his following suicide because of perhaps his loss of Elena or daughter OR you just read about his adventures of the Uncharted games and it ends with something like 'Every legend comes to an end'
popCorn2059 The Player (4 months ago)
Mashed Potato (4 months ago)
Bruh so you are trying to say that growtopia is in the assasin creed universe...
K 9 Poodle (4 months ago)
The hand theory is number one is right. Shigeru or iwata says the smash brothers is just messing around. And the characters are just toys akin to amebos
Nick Leef (4 months ago)
If anything im pretty sure he lived until he dies of old age EVEN THROUGH LAAT OF US PLAUGE if hes young enough Especially since the Paper shows it starts around U3 But at the end of U4 He lives on a Isolated island with Daughter,Elena and Dog. Even with Sully and Sam visiting. If anything hes probably alive.
Adrian Grande (4 months ago)
How would Nathan drake be dead when there's a uncharted 4
loomman529 (5 months ago)
Uncharted can't be in the same universe as The Last of Us, since the virus started in 2013, and Uncharted 4 takes place in 2016.
Cesar. Medina (5 months ago)
I straight up used to think that the hand was a child playing with his toys when I used to play it back in the day
BUCKNBULL (5 months ago)
(Spoilers for uncharted 4)But in the Uncharted/Last of us one in uncharted 4 in the epilogue our play as drakes daughter exploring around the house looking for Drake this was years after drake went on his last adventure and the are seen on a beach maybe on an island or possible they just live on the beach in America or something. Anyway drake lives far away from where the last of us took place and a different time period
Jack The Coconut (5 months ago)
Wait what about uncharted 4?
Nigel Slack (5 months ago)
Master hand theory was done by gnoggin >~< look it up MatPat ripped off the theory and bastardized it
welfd im (5 months ago)
But hey, that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY. Thanks for watching!
Ryan Brennan (5 months ago)
While I buy that Nathan Drake exists in The Last of Us I dont buy that he was so easily infected and killed considering all he's dealt with so far; including other infections super-human making substances.
DEAD CHANNEL (5 months ago)
They are all just game theories. DO PEYSCOP
Arthur Dujardin (5 months ago)
What about for honor
Chaos Raven401 (5 months ago)
This video is why I despise fan therioes or any theory with a passion
Rebelmode -16 (5 months ago)
Uncharted is just a work of fiction in the lasts of us universe there are multiple eater eggs throughout the game like that toy shop for example when you look at the shelves closely they have jack and daxter and uncharted 3 board games.
unofficialalboy (5 months ago)
If all Ubisoft games are in the same universe, then what the fuck are the rabbids there for?
Tom Webster (5 months ago)
Its just occurred to me that Harley Quinn's daughter from the injustice comics may be a reference to the Arkham games.
ClockworkAlex (5 months ago)
I dont know about ALL ubisoft games. But Watch_Dogs is pretty much confirmed to be in the assassins creed universe as off AC Origins.
Ronny Smith (5 months ago)
The Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs is a part of the same universe because in one part you actually can find the Templar symbol and the Brotherhood paid you for it
Zarathos (5 months ago)
The Max Payne theory is similar to the Mysterious Man in Black character you come across multiple times in Red Dead Redemption. The Man in Black always reflects on your characters state of mind. And when John Marston finally had enough of his talk and shoots him, it does nothing. And he simply walks away. Suggesting the Man in Black is Marston's conscious speaking to him or something similar.
Vanilla Coke (5 months ago)
The Indoctrination theory is true goddamnit
Stonersloth Hughes (5 months ago)
I hate the indoctrination theory, and its easily debunked, remember that prothean AI you meet on the arasi homeworld? It can detect people who are indoctrinated and you cant say its after that point because it takes mouths of close contact
Eric Brown (5 months ago)
Well.....the Bloodborne one is true though
Dre Jackson (5 months ago)
Batman makes no sense because you see positive tests in Arkham City when you go to Jokers lair. So she must’ve lost the baby by the end of the game.
Dominik Ffdfgg (5 months ago)
Ähhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Mass effect reason That He IS Kind of Mechanik so they can effect His mind is bullshit they Games make it clear they can indoctriante evry living beeing even rachni Queens so yeah.
Milo WolfFace (5 months ago)
Soooo...why would Nate and the others FOR SURE be turned into clickers? Ya have seen what he fights right? He doesn't just fight humans, also his friends are just as strong as he is.
G.J Lopez Covarrubias (5 months ago)
I see a clicker and boom get out of here asmr
Insert Clever Name (5 months ago)
The ME3 isn't a THEORY! There's proof all over the game that shows the Reapers indoctrinate people, geez almost none of these are theories
Hindle101 (5 months ago)
Watch_Dogs takes place in the Assassin's Creed universe for certain, as in Watch_Dogs there's a mission where you kill a character from Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.
shorney11 (5 months ago)
Assassins creed was intended to be a sequal to Prince of Persia, so saying those games are in the same universe isn't entirely untrue.
Jason Baber (5 months ago)
Too bad ubisoft broke the fourth wall with watch dogs 2

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