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How To Play With Friends Online in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the first big Switch multiplayer title. Now it's time to play with friends, and today we show you how! Let us know what YOU think of the friend system in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the comments below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce Product Provided by Nintendo
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Text Comments (298)
Gabriel Prado (1 month ago)
Do you have to own the game as well
BOOKA012 Rhone (3 months ago)
I'm having trouble connecting to my friend, it always saying something about the DNS is incorrect
Fortnite Lover (4 months ago)
April 20 is my birthday
Road of Worlds (5 months ago)
You are so helpful. I wanted to play with my friends for a very long time and I never could figure it out. Thanks!
dcandthedragon (5 months ago)
Can you play over WiFi or do you have to get the lan adapter
originals all day (5 months ago)
Can someone play with me
Cristian Pineda (6 months ago)
What if you don’t have friends in real life
Siilur (6 months ago)
Can you play online with other players but with your friend in a party?
Baker (6 months ago)
WOW so delux means you can no longer play with friends online with other real people... another cash grab for their paid subscription i bet!!
jacob me (7 months ago)
This is retarded
Jiege Os (7 months ago)
How do you chat with you’re friends on the switch
Eddy Lim (7 months ago)
I got an error code 2124-3080. Says i can't play online with the current setting of my country/region. Is there anything i have set wrongly? My set is from Japan and i am in Singapore. Please help.
Elton Xavier (7 months ago)
Mario Kart-8 & Super Bomberman R, Add Sw-7558-7268-7584
Gemini Boys (7 months ago)
Someone come join me Mario kart 8 deluxe KINGPAPA switch join my lobby
realicepick1 (7 months ago)
What a lot of people don't know is a after you make fiends with people,, restart your switch.. And when you want to play. You have to launch the game and then you will see them.
Rafizans (8 months ago)
Thanks for the easy guide!
Tami Torres (8 months ago)
Does any one know how to add a friend that is playing on a Wii U.
Freedom (9 months ago)
Thanks! This helped alot.
Jake Elsaesser (9 months ago)
So you can’t play online with other players? That’s lame...
RedChevelle (1 year ago)
THANK YOU so much for this video
Johnny Maasch (1 year ago)
How do you Friend people though
Soff (1 year ago)
Is there a way to play against NPCs while in a game with your friend?
FlashFlair (1 year ago)
thank you so much my cousin and i just got nintendos with mariokart 8 and we wanted to know how to playtogether and we watched this and it really helped now me and my cousin always play together 1 like=1 nintedo prayer
COOLMCDEN 219 (1 year ago)
there will be invite system with mobile app right
Khalid Alhindi (1 year ago)
When i press online play its show function cannot be used ?
DANKSaM (1 year ago)
I can't enter my friend's room. What should I do ?
IceBergBomb (1 year ago)
Is there a way to play with friends AND others worldwide? not just 1v1 all the damn time?
PhoneticKnights (7 months ago)
Sadly not.
n z (1 year ago)
okay instead of going against eachother one on one. How do you go in a lobby with other people with your friends?
Conner Fowler (1 year ago)
Does this work without Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?
crazyBloodmonkey (1 year ago)
wait can you join your friend if they are in a public session?
Jeremy Vera (1 year ago)
Wow only a custom game, rip
Youtube Minute (1 year ago)
What is a friend?
IMPmaximuS (1 year ago)
How can i Play with a Friend in an online Session with other Players ?
Spudz McKenzie (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ this video could be about 30 seconds without your shitty exposition. Woof!
Mark Smith (1 year ago)
My registered friend does not show up under friends wishin Mario kart.
Jacob Rva (1 year ago)
Is there a way to play with friends and play with other online people? I keep joining when my friend plays regional and it either says there's no room or kicks us both out the lobby
Michael Thompson (1 year ago)
We can't play friends with others online? Well shit.
Gabe Garcia (1 year ago)
can you play against another switch without internet net
AnthonyTBG (1 year ago)
Need Help! i have friends in my list but in mario kart it says i dont have any reqestered friends
jay porky (1 year ago)
so im pretty sure you can play with other people online while connecting with friends online directly first. how does this work?
Dr Quantum (1 year ago)
wtf so i cant play with randoms and friends at the same time? i want to go into matchmaking with friends. this is completely retarded. no buy if that is the case.
TheCopperhound84 (1 year ago)
so 1 game card to connect to 8 switches locally?
SDizzle LAMG (1 year ago)
can we add the switch force? for online play
Waffle_YUM (1 year ago)
Lel the commercial was for Mario kart 8 deluxe for me
Grey (1 year ago)
Can two switches connect and join an online game together?
Grey (1 year ago)
I hope there will be a way in the future to communicate with friends to know when to have play sessions if they aren't adding an invite system. If not, I want them to hurry up with releasing that app since my phone is always with me anyways
Xyue Royce (1 year ago)
does online play support multiplayer via one switch split- screen?
SnowAsh (1 year ago)
The app and the online services aren't out yet *Everyone complains about them*
WAIT! You mean I can't play with friends against others?? What kind of buillshit is this?!? And Nintendo wants $60. Kiss my white ass!
Gerard Armstrong (1 year ago)
The fact people need to make a tutorial on how to play with your friends shows a serious flaw in your system.
Amphafan (1 year ago)
and how can you play with friends and random other people online?
Uwii™ (1 year ago)
Is it possible that if you play 2-player that the second player can play with it's user also? Or will he/she be displayed as Player_2 – or can he be shown with his username online? Ok the Wii U Mario Kart 8 another player was able to play with his user account as Player_2 – but if he/she played one match online alone first then his account was recognized from then on. So his/her points were saved. If you didn't let him/her play alone first his/her points every time started from 1000 again. Thx!
Gibson Freeman-Smith (1 year ago)
i thought he was choking at 2:03
Jadetopia (1 year ago)
So will your party be added to an online game with randoms? Or is it just a party to play against your friends similar to the crappy system on RMX?
Fantasia Dino (1 year ago)
Ollie (1 year ago)
Can I get a mate in then search for an online game?
Baby Bowser? His name is BOWSER JR. BRO
Hive (1 year ago)
So you cannot play with random people online when you want to play with your friends?
SuperJoust (1 year ago)
wondering if you can play online with people playing splitscreen...
The Gaming Club (1 year ago)
What does the 150 mean when it selected your course?
can you create a room with your friends then join an online lobby?
Travis Volgmann (6 months ago)
That is what I need to know as well as my friends. We want regional racing online with our group.
Derek Tuttle (1 year ago)
revali number one waifu nope, tried all night. can't even join worldwide/regional with a friend..
jay porky (1 year ago)
also wondering this
macho man (1 year ago)
how much peeople can play together online?
squirt0003 (1 year ago)
Same room multi player, does it require Internet? That would ruin con play.
TheTruthHurts (1 year ago)
the real question is can you party up with your friend and then go play other people online, no one just wants to race there friend and bots all the time i would like to race with my friend vs other people personally!
N8tive T3ch (1 year ago)
I don't have any friends...oh well.
Zachary Avenger (1 year ago)
Hey SwitchForce, what's wireless play?
808 Young Jay (1 year ago)
Can I give my friend the right joycon en I use the left one for splitscreen when he's home or do I have to purchase one ?
3zooz Q8i (1 year ago)
Can 2 players play online on a one switch?
D Vlogs (3 months ago)
Ajani D (5 months ago)
MEMEZ 4life (6 months ago)
The Unfathomable Chicken (10 months ago)
But it’s so much better to play on your own if you can even get one
Sanoku (1 year ago)
Colderest (1 year ago)
did anyone else notice that when jake joined both of their miis started sucking dicks XD
Great Scott! (1 year ago)
Does anyone get slightly triggered when people call Bowser JR, baby Bowser?
Aynntoh (1 year ago)
so can me and my brother, or anyone else use one switch and play with anyone online in the 2 player mode
Mike Albrecht (1 year ago)
Can you connect with more than 1 other switch online? How many players on each switch can join races online with other friend's switches?
IceBergBomb (1 year ago)
Will the switch have party chat like ps4 and Xbox one?
James Layne (1 year ago)
What if my friend and I want to play with other random people online too in the same lobby? Is this possible?
Erik Patterson (1 year ago)
How many friends can join the lobby? Is it just 1v1 or an you have a race with 3 or 4 friends?
mike - (1 year ago)
Are the 30 minute videos coming black? It was like a podcast.
MY NAME IS DACK (1 year ago)
So we can't play online with our friends while being in a lobby with of randoms? Don't know how I feel about that.......
Krinkets (1 year ago)
MY NAME IS DACK Yes, you can
Aidtendo (1 year ago)
Jardz (1 year ago)
how to play with friends: get friends.
Sunshine Starcraft (1 year ago)
Yeeeeeey can play online at 2 player local !
YaYa (1 year ago)
Lol nintendo Wtf is this...
xNeopriestx (1 year ago)
Hope they add in a few Fire Emblem characters and Samus.
205 mc gaming (1 year ago)
do you need to pay for the dlc maps from wii u?
toastr (1 year ago)
Hey, Switch Force! I have recently been saving up for the Nintendo Switch. I am almost towards my goal. I just wanted to know from a real Nintendo Switch fan if there is anything else I should buy or watch out for, thanks!
Melon gamer (1 year ago)
We need that battle map that's floods
Regirex (1 year ago)
Why do you get it early... jk congrats!
Nerd Attack! (1 year ago)
ehh whats with joining in normal online mode?
Charlie Parry (1 year ago)
lol who else got a Mario kart 8 deluxe ad before the video XD
d3fod (1 year ago)
I only have 1 friend :")
Georg Bauer (1 year ago)
Can you actually choose any racetrack you want now in online mode? Because in MK8 on Wii U you had to choose one out of three given tracks, and I hated that.
JustSomeDude-Gaming (1 year ago)
How to get friends to play Mario Kart with 😭
Ritxman (1 year ago)
how is the local multiplayer tablet mode?
Iron Sword (1 year ago)
Who else is finding it Stupid that people are getting games early just to review. Nintendo if you are giving out copies of a good game but you are only releasing the game a week later just release the game when it is good and going I know they do that for business things but still
Idu2001 (1 year ago)
Iron Sword GAMING it's not weird. Every company does it. It's for publicity.
David Potts (1 year ago)
You didn't boost at the starting line! Darn that's a whole 5 seconds
Lashan (1 year ago)
Listen to the sound at 2:03 😂😂
Doug Clark (1 year ago)
Question: Will the Switch version be compatible, in online mode, with people that have the Wii U version?
SwitchForce (1 year ago)
+Doug Clark no. It will not. - Gabe
Alien Frequency (1 year ago)
No voice chat. I'd definitely miss that from the Wii U version.
LuckyNova (1 year ago)
i got a Mario kart ad before this
Alan Gonzalez (1 year ago)
So excited to pick up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe next week and I would love to do the multiplayer but sadly I have no friends at all and I'm a loner! *sad music playing* 😭😔😢
Brayden McNamara (1 year ago)
Is it where you are with your switch where your mii stands? (no idea how to word that better xD)

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