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10 Things You Didn't Know Your Xbox One Could Do

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Try out ThePremium Network for free: https://goo.gl/URs6sk Are you getting the most out of your Xbox One? 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Xbox One Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer! https://goo.gl/AIH31G The Xbox One is a wildly ambitious gaming console. The console looks forward to a world where PC gamers and living room console gamers share the same spaces, which is no surprise considering Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox One. It simultaneously remembers the past, letting us play Xbox 360 games from the last generation of consoles. Despite its rocky start as a DRM heavy platform, Microsoft’s third gaming console marches forward as a unique force in gaming. A box that is truly modern learning from digital distribution platforms the world over and lets us engage with our content in just about any way you can imagine. It is a feature rich system, packed with stuff you’re sure to have my missed. There is no other hub quite like it. The Xbox One has changed so quickly in such a short number of years, and Microsoft shows no signs of stopping. AT E3 2017, Microsoft unveiled the newest iteration of the Xbox One, named the Xbox One X, to rival Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. Labelled the World’s most powerful console, the Xbox One X intends to end the PC master race debate and blur the line between consoles and PC’s even further. Like with their commitment to backwards compatibility, Microsoft remains steadfast that looking forward doesn’t mean forgetting the past. Long term, Microsoft hopes you’ll trust them with all your digital gaming purchases. It’s bold strategy. It makes learning the secrets of the console all the more valuable — you’re going to use these tips for a long time. Without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know your Xbox One could do. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (5897)
Jeffrey Schwanke (10 months ago)
*insert ps4 is better comment here* *insert console fanboy joke here* Will you guys shut the fuck up you've been arguing about the same useless bullshit for fucking years.
Loveleena Sohpaul (1 day ago)
Go Xbox
xXFCK1NGxR3TARDXx (5 days ago)
I have a Xbox one and PS4 I personally get half my games on PS4 and the other half on Xbox I love both consoles
theGaming Shark (9 days ago)
xbox 4 life
EDNA MIRELY (14 days ago)
Jeffrey Schwanke no cussing and Xbox one is better
Fidel Napier (28 days ago)
PS4 is better
RIP Spidey (1 day ago)
10 things most non-noobs already know...
temmie`s channel (1 day ago)
Thumbnail: did you know that there is 🆎 button on your Xbox controller.
Sean Breton (2 days ago)
Chiquis64 (2 days ago)
Nice. I now know why my games have been ending up in my cousins Xbox to. He owes me 2 games now and he is the worst. I don’t expect to get them back because he owes me a lot of things.
Marta Bugno (3 days ago)
Ven-Netz (6 days ago)
Wow for the thumbnail I didn’t know the controller had a B no wayyyy!
PUBG// ARABIC-ENGLISH (6 days ago)
Ps4 better
you showed me how to press B. this video will be crap
FREAKI91 (7 days ago)
i knew all things its basic knowlegde lol..
Kovács Loránd (7 days ago)
1. Homeing (plz) 2. Refreshing Dashboard (bro...) 3. Streaming Xbox to Win 10 (Could be useful) 4. Your gaming statistics (meh) 5. Xbox Accessories (Duh) 6. Using the other HDMI port (Man...) 7. Tracking Download Data (Could be useful too) 8. External Hard drives (Getting bored...) 9. Xbox Phone App (I'd rather kill myself) 10. Cross Platform (Dude they even advertise this) I just saved 10 minutes of your life. You shouldn't watch these kind of videos.
Orange Face Thing (7 days ago)
Yes I did not know that there was a B button on my Xbox controller.
O Great Sensei (8 days ago)
May I ask I still don’t know how do I press the b button?
Rohan Playz (10 days ago)
I never saw that b button till that thumbnail
Viktor von DOOM (10 days ago)
*10 things you already knew about your xbox one*
Houston_PD2 (12 days ago)
I'm pretty sure everyone knows these things.
stangel ross (12 days ago)
If you really want to pick up the method to get codes you just have to find " *xbox pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. I tried out and I got them!
Oaf a loaf a Guy (12 days ago)
every single one of ur thumbnails is an arrow pointing at something XD
Meme Lord (13 days ago)
WOW! You could use the b button?
So can i play games with my xbox?
Youtube is getting the same
Voyager 62720 (15 days ago)
Guys just shut up and stop arguing
deadlykevin7 1223 (16 days ago)
Whats that??? sounds like microsoft jerking itself off again lol
tofast4u3 money (16 days ago)
How do I get the Xbox smartglass
Makes a video about Xbox facts Proceeds to show a ps4 exclusive video game Instant doubt in any sort of good content
Zander hansen (17 days ago)
U feel like Ive watched this 3 times accidentally
Hocine Boulakdam (18 days ago)
good video and best console
Ghostpro 806 (18 days ago)
You can do most of these on ps4
Tyler Singleton (19 days ago)
Cross platform with pc users is awesome, but it increases the amount of hackers sadly.
TRIPIX GAMES (20 days ago)
Umbreon2005 YouTube (21 days ago)
Do a Nintendo DS one! Please
Jacktheultrapro44 (23 days ago)
You know what’s funny I have the Xbox one a and the ps4 so I know tons about both consoles
Argyris Sketo (24 days ago)
"10 things your xbox controller can do" and we see God of War!!!!! I'm sure that you don't even touch an Xbox controller
DeathBringer Gaming (25 days ago)
Yeah i didnt know that my xbox had a B button in the thumbnail 😑
Incognito Burrito (26 days ago)
Had no idea there was a B button for Xbox One.
Yogis Bobo (26 days ago)
Finally some else knows the refresh combination
Minecraft steve (26 days ago)
Woah Dude I didn't know the Xbox one had a B button woah dude. And yes I'm joking....
DHJ Golden (27 days ago)
I have an Xbox 360 :(
Tricia Story (27 days ago)
You can press the tab button and menu button on Xbox 360 backwords compatible games to show the Xbox 360 menu
DemoScottGaming Lounge (29 days ago)
I actually knew all of these except for the one about the cntrl alt dlt feature
daniel mcneill (29 days ago)
the B button killed me! on your next video, could you demonstrate the power down tip please...lol
Poke Pokediger (1 month ago)
PS4 is better it’s the best consol in the world🤗 team ps4
CKT (1 month ago)
you need to watch your titles because I already do everything you said. If you scroll all the way you will find a surprise. I can read your mind you are bored. Yay!
SwiftySpeedG (1 month ago)
*i didn’t know I could press the B button on my controller* *OH YEAH*
PureFred (1 month ago)
Kube (1 month ago)
Thumbnail: You can press B But seriously nice video
Flame1275 (1 month ago)
Idec about the consoles anymore love the south park reference
Julian Huynh (1 month ago)
Throwback to the old interface
The Grimmed-Reaper (1 month ago)
Yo how do I connect my PS4 to my Xbox? Ik it's told throughout video but I need it simplified to steps.. :|
Caleb Johnson (1 month ago)
I tried putting in gta but it kept making noises and spitting out the disk 😲😲😲😲😲😡😡😡😡😡😡
xXTwitchxDocXx (1 month ago)
2017 and you put game sharing a hidden feature?
Donivyn Knaak (1 month ago)
You are the best thank you
Super Plushie Andrew (1 month ago)
It has a B button? *WOW I DIDN’T KNOW THAT*
first hello kitty (1 month ago)
I hate this i tryed it it did not work
Robert Sommerseth (1 month ago)
i wish it could do one thing, having games that actually worth playing
The Illuminati master (1 month ago)
Xbox is better because PS1 2 3 4 5 6 always crashes from over heat X box is awsome because IT DOES NOT GET OVER HEAT CRASHES
Consuelo Restrepo (1 month ago)
XxTeakedxX (1 month ago)
Anyone wanna game share NBA 2k18
ian4serena (1 month ago)
the moon landing was a hoax done in fox stuidos
robert schaefer (1 month ago)
I was about to say why wasn’t fortnite mentioned about cross play games. But ik why fortnite wasn’t a thing back then.
epicbigc13579 (1 month ago)
Vietnam PHO GA (1 month ago)
What about PS4
Shelby Schroeder (1 month ago)
My Xbox one chose to break from wayyy to much Fallout 4. R.I.P. My Xbox 2016-2018
AwesomeAK Gaming (1 month ago)
Looks at how long I have played fortnite 999999999999999999999999 hours me: awwww not 1000000000000000000000000
Patrick (1 month ago)
*"10 Things you didn't know your Xbox One could do"* But... The thumbnail points at the B button... Guys, we know about the B button.
It is sad companies are willing to make more exclusives for Ps? If xbox had more exclusives it would actually turn the tides and soon more people would be playing on xbox. Xbox always takes people thoughts and desires into consideration and they deliver quality results. I luv u xbox. Why does ps get more exclusives anyway?
PASSTHEBARRE (1 month ago)
I didn't know I had an Xbox one
Fish (1 month ago)
why so many ads?!
James Miller (1 month ago)
Everyone knew this b.s.
Alexander Hamilton (1 month ago)
Shouganyan 2018 (1 month ago)
I know the windows 10 fact I own one. But I I am not trying to be rude I am just a talkative kid.
Am Pe (1 month ago)
My balls itch
Roblox (1 month ago)
Mack vids for 360
John D (1 month ago)
I’m getting mine this Friday😎😎😎Great video😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Victor Corvera (1 month ago)
i knew all of these
Super Mario Junior (1 month ago)
Thumbnail: points to a button. 1MILLION VIEWS
KeiKo Auddy (1 month ago)
But for all this i need xbox live, which needs money!! Any way i can get it free? I really need it... ☹️
Elliot Classen (1 month ago)
YOU CAN PRESS B ON THE CONTROLLER?!?! *Illuminati Confirmed*
american dream (1 month ago)
Thank u for video it's useful
Frankie Novello (1 month ago)
Damn. 10 minute vid with 3 mid roll ads
Gilles RENAULT (1 month ago)
pendragonandjenkins (1 month ago)
I knew all of this
Andre gigantic (1 month ago)
I want to mold my poop into a dick and then shove it in this guys mouth.
Ossian Hathaway (1 month ago)
Who else basically knew all those I did
Cpmnk (1 month ago)
Why would I like and subscribe before even watching the video, channels like this are so desperate
CezarWolf29 (1 month ago)
this channel has a special place in hell, right near Jack Paul's clickbate
Chris Hamilton (1 month ago)
Love how the first game shown is a ps4 exclusive
hauntedshore204 (1 month ago)
No WAY!!! I figured out how to refresh the dashboard! (Im being sarcastic)
Presley Patterson (1 month ago)
Xbox One
Epic Dude 21 (1 month ago)
The Xbox app is also available on Android and IOS Its not just available in PC or Windows10
crazy neighbor457 (1 month ago)
He kicked it off wit a ps4 game????......WTF?????!
Isaac castaneda123456 (2 months ago)
spiky goat spikey goat (2 months ago)
Always thought the b button was just control art
Ninjasnail Gaming (2 months ago)
I looked at the thumbnail and I thought: wow I didn’t know that my Xbox one controller had a button that has a b on it!
ashok sidhu (2 months ago)
😣 ps4
pic says it (2 months ago)
xbox sucks. PS4 is the best.
Sean Mathews (2 months ago)
I've tried the PS4 on Xbox One. The video is downscaled and there's a delay

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