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MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS New Official Gameplay Trailer ( Upcoming Racing Nintendo Switch Game )

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The New Official Gameplay Trailer of Monster Energy Supercross . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (21)
Ryan Tate (8 months ago)
Looks amazing, ill buy it
Jay Ash (9 months ago)
can this game blow and suck at the same time? which is ironic because engines do the same thing
Santiago Villarreal (9 months ago)
Make the whoops higher
Freddy guile (9 months ago)
By the gameplay the way the bike interacts and moves looks a lot like how people race in supercross
Carsten Turner (9 months ago)
Nobody understands a good game when they see it. It's unrealistic because it's not real life at all. Duh! And besides I understand for a supercross game you would have to have an arcade style to it just to create a rythym on a format that is specifically designed for rythym. If superman bitched and moaned as much as y'all do he wouldn't be a comic hero!
Kane Carter (9 months ago)
rob94rob94 its a video game
rob94rob94 (9 months ago)
Carsten Turner no shit man. I hate the mx vs at games. This series is a lot more realistic
Huntley brown (9 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha ha that's so funny
SORE LOSER LIBERAL (9 months ago)
Whoever is controlling Cooper Webb is letting Ken Roczen stay with him to make it look more challenging but you can tell he is letting up alot... looks like we'll be beating the CPU by 30 seconds in every race..
Aiden425 (8 months ago)
There's probably difficulty choices
MX Lover (9 months ago)
Sore Loser Liberal Yar you could be right but hopefully he played not on the highist level.
ivanasw1 (9 months ago)
They made air physics more arcady and unrealistic for USA fans.
One Cooked Camel (9 months ago)
Ree Toliver that whole franchise is fucking dead because of that game it was only until pc modding came into play it gained popularity.
Ree Toliver (9 months ago)
pattibjee reflex
pattibjee (9 months ago)
ivanasw1 more realistic then any other motocross or supercross game out there.. way better then most games out there
Neoptolemus (9 months ago)
Too much arcade style racing
One Cooked Camel (9 months ago)
You are the worst type of person. Im not joking
king dysfunc (9 months ago)
Neoptolemus if it resembles the games from the old arcades its arcade style racing, it has nothing to do with brakes, stop making shit up.
Kane Carter (9 months ago)
Neoptolemus ive always been a reflex fan. Never liked mxgp because jumps are way to small. There is no hangtime. No whips really. It has great potential. Just needs a a few tweaks. And i think that's what they dis with this game. They fixed the physics to a ok standard so im getting this for sure
Neoptolemus (9 months ago)
for me every racing game that needs no brakes is arcade. The less the brakes needed the more arcade style it is. From full throttle to throttle adjustments to light brakes to simulation. Its nothing wrong about it. I simply like more simulation style and I would love to see a racing simulation eventually to Switch. By the way, this game seems better overall compared to mxgp3. It is 20€ more expensive though.
Kane Carter (9 months ago)
Neoptolemus whats arcade about it

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