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10 Unique Video Game Difficulty Modes That Will Break You

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You've completed a game on veteran difficulty? Bah, child's play. Maybe you should turn the difficulty up to 11, then come back to me. For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Branden Lucero (1 hour ago)
Invisible Enemy was easy as shit. and One Dangerous Zombie is not a mode, it's a feature. Also, Hell or Hell mode only adopts "Sons of Sparda" difficulty, which is a step below Dante Must Die.
Pedro Chiriboga (1 day ago)
Im an anime fan and I do believe bleach is overrated, as well as naruto :v
KeterLordFR (1 day ago)
Glad I ran into this video, I've just finished Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux in Survival/Ranger Hardcore mode within one week, and it freaking broke me because the ennemies detection range and reaction speed are insane. Even hiding deep in the shadows cannot avoid you being detected anymore and you die in 3 hits. Thankfully, they didn't remove the checkpoints, so you don't have to worry about having to redo the whole level or even game. I've also finished Dead Space 3 in all modes and difficulties, and here's a funny thing : it took me the same amount of time to beat it in easy difficutly and in classic mode, with a difference of just one minute.
Moving Parts Gaming (2 days ago)
The Dead Space one sounds like what the game should have been. Also, XCOM impossible isn't that hard, you just have to play it like a rogue-like and practice.
Moving Parts Gaming (2 days ago)
Bleach is overrated. A good anime shouldn't go over 24 episodes.
thedriver (4 days ago)
How about playing a strong chess engine like stockfish witch is rated like 3300 witch is impossible to beat for a human basically it can crush any grand master in a game of chess the strongest human is rated under 2900
SeedenTurtle380 (5 days ago)
the most difficult game mode is lag
john Mullholand (5 days ago)
What about the "god" modes in God of War? I never got past the first boat! "WTF! Are my weapons made of rubber? Are the goons moving faster, and hitting harder? WTF!!!"
Jamie Smith (6 days ago)
Diety mode on Civ V is ridiculous. The enemy gets start boosts and all the bonuses you get if you were playing on the easiest difficulty
Mann Settles (6 days ago)
I beat hell and hell mode in DMC4 on xbox360 man as it a pain but you get infinite devil trigger in the end still loved it
Benny (6 days ago)
No Maximum difficulty from Oblivion? It was basically unfair! You dealt basically no damage, and whilst you have quicker growing stats, enemies level up quicker than you. Hell, even rats in the game are walking punching bags.
The Lonesome Wanderer (7 days ago)
yeah I beat dmc4 on hell and hell mode it was a shit ton easier than DMC hell and hell
ChiiHellsing (10 days ago)
as an anime lover I agree with you Bleach is highly over rated
The Pretzel King (10 days ago)
what about insane mode in battleblock theatre? easy at first, big ass difficulty spike in the middle
TheDarkserpent (12 days ago)
Battlefiel 1942 impossible is acctualy impossible, FOR REAL
Azeez Alkalidy (14 days ago)
I did finish Dead Space 1 at the hardest dificulty, but it was at a game+ so it was much easier. As for dead space 2, the final boss ALWAYS one shot kills me for an unknown reason. So I had to lower the difculity.
Simon Robertson (15 days ago)
But I’m a anime fan and bleach is overrated
Rusmack McDwarf (15 days ago)
No hard mode from hotline Miami 2? Killed 100 hours to finish it.
Brian Varilla (15 days ago)
DMC 3 Dante Must Die mode. That alone is insanity at its best.
KDavisJr86 (19 days ago)
Ultra Nightmare from DOOM 2016 and Damn I'm Good from Duke Nukem 3D would like to say hi.
Lochlyn Gilberd (21 days ago)
Ever tried Vanquish on God Hard mode? If you have and beat it, you win bragging rights!
Movie Guy (21 days ago)
i finished new york minute in max payne! but i don‘t want to start the hardcore mode! if you die you have to start the complete story from the beginning again!
PeopleForgotten (21 days ago)
XCOM legendar isnt that hard
Theundeadpsycho (22 days ago)
I love bleach
Braulio Morales (23 days ago)
God of war ?
Gustavo Gonzalez (23 days ago)
The new God of war on God of war difficulty, it’s off the charts
yoan zaky (23 days ago)
try ninja gaiden
Blunt-Borne (24 days ago)
Veteran Difficulty COD WAW
Stein Dicker (24 days ago)
Tetris on speed 99
Josh Gibson (25 days ago)
Rainbow 6 siege terrorist hunt realistic. Just shoot me now.
A Ginger Cat (25 days ago)
600th Comment
Phantom Wolf (25 days ago)
Sadly Dark Souls' difficulty isn't unique anymore as everyone is trying to copy it, and as every damn game reviewer claims and game that's harder than others is "Souls-Like"
Αναστάσιος (25 days ago)
Titan - God of war 2
Warren Son (26 days ago)
how about starcraft 2 mutations? 😂
IPokeEyesOut (26 days ago)
What about kingdoms hearts. One hit kill from any enemy -.-
Tracer Scythe (26 days ago)
Wolfenstien: New Order - Hardcore Mode (via enigma codes)
Hadeshi. (27 days ago)
But, Bleach is overrated, after episode 50 or so (after the battle of Ichigo vs. Byakuya) it's not worth watching anymore.
Akane-sSan (27 days ago)
Bayonetta anyone?
TheMegaTurnip (28 days ago)
elite dangerous no option to make it easy. its fucking gnargly hard in pvp
ArtificialDjDAGX (28 days ago)
I played both Metro 2033 and Metro 2034: Last Light on Ranger Hardcore Mode on my first playthroughs. Shit was actually fucking easy, I don't know why you included the easier difficulty here. All you gotta do is play the game as a stealth game where there exists no guns when there are human enemies and be somewhat accurate with your shots in the other sections. Oh yeah, and not reloading like a fucking spastic is a must.
Zarya Main (29 days ago)
The evil within akuma mode hello
Josiah Bandelin (30 days ago)
God of War on God mode is super hard
Hector Ramirez (30 days ago)
God hard mode on Vanquish
sicness00 (1 month ago)
Cry of Fear's Doctor Mode
TJ Bruns (1 month ago)
No ninja garden! Master ninja mode??
Andreas Otto Hansen (1 month ago)
Of all the mutators you mention on this list for L4D2, and you didnt mention "Last man on earth"? I am disapointed
Buster Gundo (1 month ago)
Wow. That bleach joke lol.
Scratchcraft (1 month ago)
what about kh critical mode
Dave Smurf (1 month ago)
Hah! You weakling.
Immortal Gamer (1 month ago)
I'm about halfway through the Impossible difficulty on Marathon, holy crap it's ridiculous and taking forever, but it sooo much fun. Though I'm not crazy enough to do it on Ironman, I tried that and got through only 5 missions before being unable to continue T^T.
therealbong (1 month ago)
Mushihimesama. Ultra mode. Just look it up. Also, to get the true last boss, you have to beat the game without continuing. Seriously, look it up.
Anidre_1009x UG (1 month ago)
I still feel proud about completing Dead Space 2 Hardcore with zero deaths. Lots and lots of practice through New game mode helped a lot.
AshBloodfire (1 month ago)
I could have sworn I heard that Hell and Hell mode has a TINY bit of mercy in that it sets the game at Son of Sparda difficulty (rather than Dante Must Die difficulty) and you get three 'life orbs' to start out with. The idea being if you're good enough to beat DMD, you can probably handle Hell and Hell.
OriginalDarkMew (1 month ago)
"Honey, I blew the kids" DEAD
BatCat (1 month ago)
Authentic from Sniper Elite 4 isn't bad. I easily beat Authentic Plus without manual saves and am currently working on an iron man run through the game as well. Once you get used to Authentic and Authentic Plus, the other difficulties are just boring.
TheJegkkon (1 month ago)
Evil within - Akuma mode
Caio Figueiredo (1 month ago)
I remember beating dmc4 hell and hell on a pc, using a regular keyboard. Damn, that was fucked up
lonewolffang (1 month ago)
No Doom Ultra Violent?
lonewolffang (1 month ago)
Has anyone ever had that NFL moment when they spike their controller out of fustration and have the NFL theme song play in their head as they realize that was their last controller?
Emulated Nostalgia (1 month ago)
Invisible enemy and one zombie mode were brilliant
Shadow of war grave walker
Undead Ladybug (1 month ago)
And I can't even get past the Krauser fight in RE4 Professional Mode, or get more than four stars on any of the Mercenaries maps...
yaboy_ randomdude (1 month ago)
Realistic from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.
a communist (1 month ago)
i've try 5 of it and fail 2 of 5, I have only one thing to say to some one try any of these difficulty is good luck(you need it)
Matthew Matlock (1 month ago)
Insanity from Mass Effect? Not even a mention?
Musical Mikie (1 month ago)
Funny watching this before attempting the ever painful addition the the new and improved metro redux, which being RANGER MODE
Itzchamz (1 month ago)
Batman arkham origins ?
Jomo plays (1 month ago)
Bleach is overrated tho lel
Zsolt Lőrinczy (1 month ago)
There is Hell and Hell in Devil May Cry 4 and there it is absolutely a lot fucking harder than it is in DMC.
SPRG (1 month ago)
Zealot mode in Dead Space 2?
Lysander (1 month ago)
I beat European extreme. It was horrible but so fun
EnrichedFlames (1 month ago)
Ftl: Captain's Edition on hard mode with advanced edition too. Have fun
Aaron aaron (1 month ago)
"Bleach is over rated..." lmao
Xan Kreigor (1 month ago)
I've managed to beat Dante Must Die in DMC1 and 3.
BenB23 (1 month ago)
No Halo LASO or Doom 2016?!
BenB23 (1 month ago)
No Halo LASO or Doom 2016?!
Sean Allan (1 month ago)
Got something against the north east? 😂
darkruler19 (1 month ago)
i love hell and hell mode with the devil may cry series 4 was way to easy and even with dmc 3 i had more fun in that mode then any other
Charles Funtime (1 month ago)
Hotline Miami 2’s hard mode. Flipped map, harder enemies, and reduced ammo that falls out when you drop the gun.
Moncef Saadi (1 month ago)
Nice video bro
Ranosian (1 month ago)
Ive played MGS3 European Extreme - clocked it in 14 hours
Mono_ (1 month ago)
my god, until now i still cant beat chapter 2 of DMC4 Hell and Hell mode. That mode is really fucking insane !!!
C0T0HA (1 month ago)
I found the Metro's Ranger mode to be easier in both 2033 and Last Light. You also kill enemies faster, so the lack of bullets isn't as noticeable.
Vido Vidotto (1 month ago)
Metro 2033 ranger mode was easy as fuck.
Jeff VanMeter (1 month ago)
How 'bout Civ III's "Deity" mode? Every other civilization develops (At least) twice as yours. Cleopatra and Catherine the Great will stab you in the back the first chance they get. Abe Lincoln is interested in NOTHING BUT total domination; and Gandhi is a war mongering psychopath. You're lucky if you make it out of the Iron Age.
Tom Visser (1 month ago)
Metro series are amazing. Completed them all on highest difficulties possible myself(per game doing 1 run with 0 optional kills and 1 run killing everything) and I can say it was one of the best gaming experiences of my life. Highly recommend.
josh heslop (1 month ago)
the newcastle reference must have made sense to so few people, might as well throw a savaloy reference in
phankrit (1 month ago)
Tried getting through the opening fight of Nier: Automata on Very Hard before I gave up and went with Normal.
Roland Deschain (1 month ago)
Oh please don't tell me you think Bleach is overrated. Jesus Wept. Explain the plot to One Piece for me again?
Cheerleader B. (1 month ago)
... But Bleach IS overrated, you know...
Ayato Naoi (1 month ago)
Bleach is overrated
MackisLife (1 month ago)
Can someone make a mod for Max Payne 3 that makes whenever you play NY Minute/NYM Hardcore, every time you kill someone there is a voice that says "Time extension" (Similar to Daytona USA endurance mode)😂😂
Codex (1 month ago)
Bleach is trash fite me weebs
David Maclaury (1 month ago)
What about black ops 3 realistic mode? That shit was stupidly hard. Especially during that sniper level.
Zach Easter (1 month ago)
No Furier Furi? Pure masochism.
donkirot samy (1 month ago)
The evil within? Anyone?
Zombie1Boy (1 month ago)
Finally someone else who agrees that Bleach is overrated.
mortecus (1 month ago)
Two words Mein Leben
Dave Gillette (1 month ago)
I got my stealth camo for msg3 on European extreme
Emerald Santana (1 month ago)

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