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DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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Matthew Shezmen (4 months ago)
Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q41-1XSe8E
Hey, are you planning to do animations on 1st and second part after you'll finish the 3rd dlc?
joel ciantar (5 days ago)
4:22 i tried this after watching didnot work
pansik 88 (6 days ago)
Matthew Shezmen do bloodborne
SNAKE Jr (11 days ago)
Matthew Shezmen s
legalpenguin 430 (15 days ago)
ya know what’s funny is that i only bested dark souls when i finnaly got xbox live #needcompany
Guilherme Rabelo (1 minute ago)
and in the end he was a masochist
HitodamaKyrie (1 hour ago)
13:03 That's the first guy I died to in this game. This was after I'd already gotten to the Undead Settlement.
CTG Vortex (1 hour ago)
After a year I finally understand the pun at 20:06
Guinea Pig Girl (4 hours ago)
So much better then the (still good) second one.
"The Little pointy hats... and The Big boys too" I'm dead already XD
padawan (6 hours ago)
matthew quinn (8 hours ago)
23:27 that Soul Caliber sword ref haha
that thang (8 hours ago)
themambawarrior2 (8 hours ago)
More than 24 hours spent customizing the appearance, and not even a blue, red, green, purple, or some other hideously inhuman color for the skin? Come on...
Максим Егель (10 hours ago)
BiggstheCat (10 hours ago)
22:55 Goku's teleportation, nice!
koudacyen (12 hours ago)
That ending face lol
Too acurate first dark souls i played was dark souls 3 and I died to abyss whatchers over 40 times and if we dont count abyss watchers ive died to 13 times to king of storms
Rayvon Ali (13 hours ago)
13 :22 that shit kill me
Rayvon Ali (13 hours ago)
10:06 shadow of the collosus on the left
shiro372 (15 hours ago)
Hansel Thepedo (16 hours ago)
Please do the first one now!
Steagle Channel (17 hours ago)
Not too accurate translation of my Italian compatriot (15:24): ...and then there are this assholes that break my balls (an italian way of saying they annoy me, balls another way of saying testicles[lul]) with the third episode (of Dark Souls Misadventures), what a balls (how boring/what a nuisance). But is not possible, there some points one also breaks the balls, and then he want to take a break no? (15:36) And when come out the third episode? And when come out Dark Souls 2? And when come out (I didn't understand this)? AND WHEN YOUR MOTHER COME OUT TO MAKE YOUR COCKS (to make your own business)? The end. Well there, farewell.
Leon Steven William (17 hours ago)
Mr. Galaxy (17 hours ago)
23:08 music?
이현무 (18 hours ago)
성우 진짜 똑같다
xyval (19 hours ago)
SkyGrasper 11 (20 hours ago)
Really? No ones gonna comment on how Fire keeper is best waifu?
D Hennessy (21 hours ago)
Sooo true!!
Disillusioned Soul (21 hours ago)
The abyss watchers part to me is the most funniest. 🤣
Christopher Hatch (1 day ago)
Long since were the days of Darksouls and Diablo... To this day, no one knows why Darksouls or Diablo were so ridiculously difficult yet so addictive. The answer alludes us, for time's cruelty has all but hidden it in the sands of old. Take heed reader for you who are either blessed with ignorance of this affliction or cursed with knowing you have chosen to abandon the Sunlight for your addiction.
Christopher Hatch (1 day ago)
Yes, I am yodyr, uldd,ylxm. Gzl
Zaishi Junior (1 day ago)
14:30 He maaaan!
Guillermo Medrano (1 day ago)
Paratells (1 day ago)
Two! Two JoJos references ah ah aaahhh!
Tom (1 day ago)
did you know that dork is the term for a whales penis?
M COBRA (1 day ago)
Arab tob1
Cem Turan (1 day ago)
Ian Proctor (1 day ago)
24:35 literally me after my first dark souls game.
Skullbreak TV (1 day ago)
13:07 Grumpy cat !!! :D
Pavvveł the bird (1 day ago)
10:15 Overwatch! Behind you!
Duke Raditya (1 day ago)
9: 10 Have anyone notice it ? it kodama from prince mononoke produced by studio ghibli. nice and full of reference btw
Vasco Milheiro (1 day ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4O9rMQ-TlU&t=1213s the vendor from RE4-biohazard hahaha great one idd :)
Dauty (1 day ago)
Am i the only one who recognized PRINCE?!?!?!?! 21:55
Yissnakk Jr (1 day ago)
The problem with Dark Souls (any of the games) is you don't bail, not because you don't want to, but you feel like you have to prove something to yourself, and then when you do finally beat the ONE thing that's been troubling you, the ecstasy of that victory is invigorating enough to inspire you to keep going.
MuTe vOiCe (1 day ago)
Do a Bloodborne cartoon
TheWillKnife (1 day ago)
do the dark souls 1 pleaseee
FrouFro1443 (1 day ago)
пиздато вышло
Levi Langdon (1 day ago)
Mario (1 day ago)
You know what?Im gonna give this game another chance! Im gonna go past the first boss this time!
*its called Estus you bitch*
Ne ato (1 day ago)
2:29 is that conan?
TobiIsAGoodBoy1 (2 days ago)
5:02 is my fav in-game merchant of all time. I so wish he was part of the challenge modes. running around shooting at zombies an when his ammo ran out he just pulls out a random gun. an when be built up a power meter just Yell out "good things on sale!" an shoot everything on screen with every gun from his coat......I so miss him.
furious fortnite (2 days ago)
You beat the game in under 30 min HOW
The Kings2758 (2 days ago)
EVERYTHING is amazing, but the animation is bad/lazy
The Kings2758 (2 days ago)
The dialogue, backgrounds, designs, and shading are ALL amazing ..... but the animation is bad, like when any other scene but a one piece fight in one piece is being animated, but worse
RetroMarineX13 (2 days ago)
Only downside was when the "Vets" showed up, don't like false "vet" statuses in anything, can't be helped. Everything else was immaculate, which is odd. I loath watching a series about new players to games I like (See Guild grumps), but this made me smile, even laugh out loud a couple times. Great vid, can't wait for the sequal
bill nye (2 days ago)
16:05 unkindled be thy name best song
Watched one video and I had to go to rehab cause I couldn't stop watching your videos😀
Wetgasm (2 days ago)
No. Absolutely fucking no. Kill yourself.
alex kaer (2 days ago)
love the princess mononoke reference
Luke Sayer (2 days ago)
14:41 look top shelf golden helmet lol
jinish markose (2 days ago)
Beyond their level (2 days ago)
When I got Dark Souls III I also didn't played the first two games and yes, I didn't understand one thing and I realized I was a big noob
kwee lunghui (2 days ago)
Solare in a bird!
Zieg Feld (2 days ago)
Lore fun fact. Ocelot is actually Oceiros, the Consumed King himself. His draconic visage is the result of attempting to create what he called Ocelot but failed.
Captain Purachina (2 days ago)
Jaylyn Palm (2 days ago)
10/10 he was really depressed or extremely mad before he finished the game
miTzuliK (2 days ago)
I liked the DBZ reference at the Lords of Cinder boss!
Daniel Ibañez (2 days ago)
Muy bueno! jajaja felicitaciones
William Davis II (2 days ago)
I just noticed Aldrich has the Lance of Longinus
Donovan Phillips (3 days ago)
5:02 resident evil 4 references are always great.
Odd Fox Gaming (3 days ago)
Conan o brien?
Kanji Lord (3 days ago)
Reji Jupiter (3 days ago)
BlueSponge Gaming (3 days ago)
5:05 I laughed when I saw the ps Vr head set I'm wheezing
paul deslippe (3 days ago)
10:06 Quadratus from shadow of the colossus in the background
AP REKUIEM AD (3 days ago)
19:45 jojo reference?
BIOHA ZARD (3 days ago)
13:23 is this solaire? (The helmet near him)
angela tuttle (3 days ago)
hyper gaming (3 days ago)
There is sans on catacombs
[Eiyū-Ō] Kuroryokan (3 days ago)
Dark Souls is a love and hate relationship. xD
Mi scusi ! xD
캣츠보이 (4 days ago)
14:32 i see sans?
Pixeverse Gaming (4 days ago)
The illumanati is on the the firelink shrine fire keepers helmet at 13:59
Dane Pomaiba (4 days ago)
Bro did you forget champion gundyr
nurderwarriorrz y (4 days ago)
The people Who disliked this video are trash....great job man
2:12 - Todd Howard
Mr. Slaugther (4 days ago)
10:15 is was here the Owervath shword!!!
Mr. Slaugther (3 days ago)
Logo Owerwath Logo!
Emperor Rudolph (4 days ago)
Mr. Slaugther what....
Lion Doge (4 days ago)
I lost the count on how many times I watched this, thanks again <3
William Benz (4 days ago)
7:44 hey that's winterhold college from skyrim
XeroPlay (4 days ago)
flipeeeeee que animacion god
Dv TV (4 days ago)
red bar (4 days ago)
"biiig faaat dog"
John Brony (4 days ago)
The ending, when he bought the other games, I feel like that’s how other people perceive my love for Dark Souls xDDD
Bart Muljono (4 days ago)
Dude do a parody of god of war
Arin Rusnacko (4 days ago)
That nameless king ending tho haha
Yura Nov (5 days ago)
19:33 entendí esa referencia xdxd
Dark_ مجهول (5 days ago)
3:05 is that geralt of rivia !!!!
misa toto (5 days ago)
Thank You♪(*´ω`*)
Fred_ _the_Mad (5 days ago)
The super pissed costplayer was Guts wasn’t it?xD
Claudinei Leandro (5 days ago)
Thankyu,por legendar
Reaper Grim (5 days ago)
10:15 dead overwatch
Farrell Lombardi (5 days ago)
Which is the music in the min 19:00??? I cant remember the artist....

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