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DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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Matthew Shezmen (5 months ago)
Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q41-1XSe8E
Lucas (2 days ago)
+Aditya NoViant and this one's the easiest of them all
Valeo 3024 (11 days ago)
My friends have bought me darksouls 3 i haven't Played the first 2 and im called the italien buddy xd
outworlddragoon (24 days ago)
Please make a Bloodborne Series! After the Seasoned Knight of course! :)
Patrick Tynch (28 days ago)
I really like this video! Please make a bloodborne like this.
sharkblt gam (29 days ago)
are u a game grumps fan
Infernos (1 hour ago)
Hi unkindled one, here’s your kindle.
Ariel PHilips (1 hour ago)
Sans (3 hours ago)
Did someone say bad time (swamp)?
Decoder (6 hours ago)
lulxors1235 (7 hours ago)
mortal wound (12 hours ago)
idk why but when his sword and shield screamed with him i lost my shit haha
Midnight Zirconia (12 hours ago)
It took me 15 minutes to find where to put the coiled sword, fml
BayRae Frangella (18 hours ago)
Best of both animation and lore put into one vid, fucking great and hilarious!
Abby Hall (21 hours ago)
Mark of the outsider
perpetual31 (1 day ago)
Very Good!
Der Erpel (1 day ago)
xXcreeper gamingXx (1 day ago)
Fun for the whole family
Ian Chang (1 day ago)
oops i meant 14:30
Ian Chang (1 day ago)
did you see that sans head with a helmet 14:23
el santuco (1 day ago)
antes de ver este vid3o me pase dark souls 3 y lo disfrute 100 veses mejor
Pickle Mick (1 day ago)
9.48 lmao
Thot Patrol (2 days ago)
where is turkey in the wall just like in castlevania
Josiah Harris (2 days ago)
yup i relate to this vid lol i only made it to the 1st castle part never beat the hound boss
Havel Approved
I don't even know how much time it took to make a 25 minute long animation that's amazing dude :D
Sophia Schimko (2 days ago)
5:32 Zelda easter egg :p
Lil D (3 days ago)
24:29 IS THAT DIO IN THE PIC?!?!??!??!?!?!
javier (3 days ago)
24:05 I like how you put the PC Master Race God dude from the Flashgitz video. This is why I really like seeing your videos several times. You put so many little details :)
SixPathsOfPein1987 (3 days ago)
thanks to this parody i buyd dark souls 3 gold edision xD
Seth Johnston (3 days ago)
18:55 c4eo
ASSRI OF ASSTORA (3 days ago)
I watched this 5 times
Matiel Goncalves (3 days ago)
Ficou muito bom! Parabéns!!!
Jack Kilidjian (3 days ago)
As someone who had to teach themselves how to play they’re first dark souls game, which happened to be dark souls 3, this is incredibly accurate xD Being lost, summoning friends, realizing they suck, carrying on by yourself, and when you win, your hooked to that feeling of accomplishment.
Gene Gee (3 days ago)
LOL!!!! why do they all look so constipated ..haha
junglehunter677 (3 days ago)
"You mean like him?" "Welcome!" *holds out rpg*
13:45 anime?
hunter _ald (4 days ago)
Omg is aw your comment on the eminem vs mgk diss songs!!!!
lil meow meow (4 days ago)
can you do one with Bayonetta
Dakota Johnson (4 days ago)
17:53 always gets me lol
Mohamad Cullen (4 days ago)
6:14 me trying to win onslaught in lol xDD
Bad Graffiti (4 days ago)
The terrible anime elements made it boring.
Sir Kibble (5 days ago)
The "This way" part made me chuckle because I always say REE
Nick Nowlan (5 days ago)
19:27 this moment. Is just pure gold. Thank you
Arcangelo Fornelli (5 days ago)
Enzo (5 days ago)
KNUCKLES (5 days ago)
Yup, Thats about right. O_o
Dante X (6 days ago)
Just brilliant man! Brilliant! Only half way through, but you killed it!
Akghost king (7 days ago)
I watched like 5 times and even laughed.
Jack1775 Gaming (7 days ago)
This Sandwich is Divine Bro!
Behr Judysson (7 days ago)
Patrisha Funk (7 days ago)
You need one for the ringed city
Ice Back (8 days ago)
You ignorant slaves, finally taken notice have you?
Rayan X (8 days ago)
14:37 look at the background Can't believe I found this first time
Sam Darkness (8 days ago)
19:22 😍
EnLaMatrix1 (8 days ago)
That Fire Keeper was HAWT!!
iloveplayingpr (8 days ago)
I love seeing the Fire Keeper with the VR Headset haha XD
PumpkinMage (8 days ago)
When the final boss activates his stando
Braeden Stewart (8 days ago)
Skyrim bucket a classic.
DemonPixel (9 days ago)
Its a jojo reference
Patient Zero (9 days ago)
I used this video as a light guide through my dark souls play through.
Harry Beaver (9 days ago)
yea you get free level up and you get free cance# in 13:32
Nicolas Alvarez (9 days ago)
Bandana Boy (9 days ago)
Nicolas Alvarez (9 days ago)
Rudy Leon (9 days ago)
Qori Akromin (9 days ago)
24:42 my face exactly when there's a DLC for Dark Souls franchise
Joosua Anttila (9 days ago)
Who would ever dare to dislike this masterpiece?! Well whoever you are, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will point down at you.
jeffrey Ingenito (10 days ago)
scared shitless by the site of the nameless king dam
Joel Echenique (10 days ago)
Was there a better weapon with Yhorm the Giant??? fuck! 100% related!
Brian Clark (10 days ago)
I saw the master sword and a sword from soul calibur
mati szczepaniec (11 days ago)
My first dark souls was dark souls 3 and I fell in love with this game then I bought ds 2 and I hate it. And then I played ds. And ds1is sequel to ds3 I love the lore. Soundtrack. Bosses. Every thing just works
Rafael Tirelli (12 days ago)
Just Me (12 days ago)
3:59 Look to the right...
dragon slayer (13 days ago)
0:50 is that dio from jojo's bizzare adventure
Dakota Byers (13 days ago)
Darks souls really isn't hard it just gets frustrating at some parts, you want a hard game? Go play ninja gaiden
xKNIGHTx (13 days ago)
Dude u rly put soul edge in this animation.
BlueBerry Sansy (13 days ago)
no fair at the end he should get the girl :)
Dragon and Avatar Fan (14 days ago)
I never played any dark souls game but I surely was laughing my ass off all throughout this video.I just can't help but admire how much passion and hard work went into this.GREAT JOB!!!
Hr1s7i (14 days ago)
Gotta love Yorshka's portrayal :D
Ankonite Reaver (14 days ago)
I have only played up to the first boss. Pulled my hair out and still want to play more of it
Jacob Kern (14 days ago)
17:33 That's putting it lightly.
Aaron Winrock (14 days ago)
Haha w8, is Aldrich the Majestic pudding of the Lord's? Gross X3
Nathaniel Edwards (14 days ago)
Matthew, I would strongly recommend you to do the cartoon about Rainbow Six: Siege. Try this game out! It is really funny and excited! You will love this game :D.
Dev Covington (14 days ago)
12:22 if you were actually able to do that in Dark Souls
Tucker Lindsey (14 days ago)
get the Iron Maiden tattoo
Hoàng Lưu Đức (14 days ago)
21:25 damn
fanda CZ (15 days ago)
Can you do parody for dark souls II pls?
Brown King Norteno :: (16 days ago)
What song plays at 8:23?
KW SB (17 days ago)
Lol the game grumps and skyrim refernce
Darron Dixon (17 days ago)
I love the arms dealer from resident evil 4
the one 666 (17 days ago)
stop making vids not funny just shit and a waste of time omg you made a epic game look so shit stop making vids youtube plz kill this channel
Knight Alva (3 days ago)
Speech 100
Amanda Presnell (17 days ago)
pls tell me your joking
Lapislazuli (18 days ago)
7:56 What is this enemy's name?
Hoàng Lưu Đức (17 days ago)
Yeah, and his sword too, Irithyll Straight Sword dropped when you kill him.
Lapislazuli (17 days ago)
Hoàng Lưu Đức Thanks I just tought he looks badass ^^
Hoàng Lưu Đức (17 days ago)
Outrider Knight in the Undead Settlement zone
Captain Davy Jones (18 days ago)
10:49 gets me every time
John Emmanuel Cornejo (18 days ago)
Try and do bloodborne
Antonio Thomas. Jr (18 days ago)
Lmao me playing dark souls 3!!!!
ShonenSamurai (18 days ago)
Scusi XD
Adrian Martinez (18 days ago)
at 14:44 did anyone see sans on the right?
Gabriel Cassaro (18 days ago)
you are awesome dude
Le Monde du Gaming (19 days ago)
Shawn Shafer (19 days ago)
The ending is how I honestly felt. So happy I beat ds1 because it was so hard to me. But then I needed more so I bought ds2 and was so pissed I would put myself through the torture of d's again
uzumaki naruto (19 days ago)
that trading guy from resident evil haha

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