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TOP 18 HORROR Games Of All Time ( XBOX 360 )

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Here Top 18 of Bests HORROR Games of PlayStation 3 . please SUBSCRIBE == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (60)
Eltiocalavera (1 hour ago)
Porque pone en paréntesis xbox360 si la mayoría del top son multiconsola?
Nick Marshall (5 hours ago)
The Darkness should be on this list!
Bernadette Donnelly (5 hours ago)
State of decay was actually the best it's 2018 when state of decay 2 is going to be decant
Bernadette Donnelly (5 hours ago)
State of decay was actually the best it's 2018 when state of decay 2 is going to be decant
Bernadette Donnelly (5 hours ago)
Dead space 3 is decent
Darth Nihilus (5 hours ago)
List is trash bruh
Darth Nihilus (5 hours ago)
Alan wake got hard when you had to survive for like 5minutes while dude was unlocking the gate
baggywhiskers (7 hours ago)
These games had some of my favorite actors. Alan wake= Colin Farrell, Silent Hill Homecoming and deadspace= Christian Bale, The Evil Within= Josh Brolin and Stephen Yun, Silent Hill downpour= Aaron Eckhart and Lina Heady, the list goes on.
Erick Gonçalves (14 hours ago)
Alan Wake
william Manzanero Bates (19 hours ago)
dead space 💪
The Sorrow (22 hours ago)
RE revolution is action game u dumbass
Matt (23 hours ago)
State of decay is not scary
Aymen Jilali (1 day ago)
Please make more
Soldano999 (1 day ago)
Silent Hill Downpour is the most underrated Horror game ever made. When you realise what the story is about it's absolutely soul-crushing.
Sando oo (1 day ago)
Gamertag EliasTime324
Saga dead space 😎
FQN (2 days ago)
Alien Isolation Number One!
Breezy Amoré (3 days ago)
Evil Within is my all time fav. Loooove it. <3
Kevo S. (3 days ago)
Definitely no exclusives
Filip Olesiński (3 days ago)
There were not many horror games for Xbox 360 and PS3, but you should have called this video best horror games of 7th gen - there's a lot of PS3 games in it
echoesroll (4 days ago)
State of Decay Definitely Not ‼️ Jericho ....should take place easy ,
minhtri Nguyễn (4 days ago)
still wonder why the best of silent Hill series wasnt here untill i saw state of decay and the evil within oh oh also alien colonial marines lul ..
minhtri Nguyễn (4 days ago)
where is out last , alone in the dark 2008 in here..... really wow then u didn't play Alone in the Dark New nightmare, silent hill downpour and homecuming : )) this list is basically a joke :)) .
d. zoro pro gamer (4 days ago)
Oh my god Deadly premonition Is the Best
Rachid Komane (4 days ago)
Rzsident evil 4 is the best horoor game ever
Teodorescu Picu (4 days ago)
State of decay ? lol !!
Juan José Obrador (4 days ago)
Wow Dead Space looks great!! Even better than some 2018 games!!
Nick atrocious (4 days ago)
Man those were the good games to bad they stop making 360 games😭
Soldano999 (1 day ago)
Many of these still run on your XBONE. Some of them will even be updated to run at 4K on XB1X.
Nick atrocious (2 days ago)
Yeah but I only have a 360 I don't have enough money to buy a xbox one or ps4
Nick atrocious what does it matter what console it's on? Lol There are still good horror games on PS4 and Xbox One
Isis Rose Roses (4 days ago)
Poor list
son juegos para xbox 360 o ps3?
οὐτόπος (4 days ago)
Yonathan Arismendiz Mamani hay algunos que tambien estan en ps3 en esta lista.
Elias Pereira (5 days ago)
Re4 and Re6 origin Ps2 !!
gogetta80 (6 days ago)
U got gamecube date for resident evil
harol garcia romero (6 days ago)
Dead space
Maxime Lerebourg (6 days ago)
C'est quand tu crève toi avec ton top de merde
Bioshock2016 (6 days ago)
and doom bfg edition?? silent hill??
Antonio Ferrer (7 days ago)
Alan Wake The Best !!
Erick Gonçalves (14 hours ago)
Antonio Ferrer Yeess!!
NarutoSSK (7 days ago)
For me, resident evil will be the best forever. Specially Re4 and Re6.
Sando oo (1 day ago)
NarutoSSK Gamertaf
D Jam (1 day ago)
re6 is the worst of the series. lol
JuJu (4 days ago)
Nah man. 6 is ok. But 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 are amazing. Re5 got me hanging in there.. but it made my cut. 6 is honestly the worst game I could play. I only play it if I’m really bored. I legit only play Leon / Helena. I’ll be ready for re2 remake.
Santiago Molina (6 days ago)
yeah, re4 is a good game but not a horror game. there are parts in the game where is really scary but it is more like an action game. for horror game the originals or the remakes. or eventhough re7.
OSAMA-KIN TMZ (6 days ago)
I can agree with you on Resident Evil 4, but Resident Evil 6 is pure trash.
Chris Soares (7 days ago)
Dead Space 2
Where is "Road to Hell Retribution"? :V
Filip Olesiński (3 days ago)
Raptec Clawtooth Badillo you're right, this lists feautures craps like Alien Colonial Marines or Alone in The Dark 2008, but it misses THE REAL horror game such as Ride to Hell :')
Mega scorpio (7 days ago)
Alan wake and resident evil this two games are amazing
Alan Wake (8 days ago)
I Like Alan Wake so much 😊😊
Soldano999 (1 day ago)
Running in the woods....
shaun B (8 days ago)
i miss dead space..
Jose garcia (8 days ago)
the evil within, resident evil rev, dead space.
Super Robato (8 days ago)
Funny how the game I was looking for bc I forgot the name was at the very last one at the video
Gman Gman (25 days ago)
Sırf bu oyunlar yüzünden 2. el xbox 360 alıcam amk.
Richard White (1 month ago)
Alan Wake I like this game got a decent story line could make a decent movie.
Richard White (1 month ago)
Ha! I still got Dead Space 1&2 glad I can play them on my new XBOX-1 S

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