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Brand new XBOX PUBG 1.0 update & news | New Map, Weapons & Vehicle

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Brand new updates ahead of the 1.0 launch for PUBG on Xbox including the new map Sanhok, Weapons, Vehicles, Achievements and more! Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny & Lydia for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyCentral Instagram: https://instagram.com/BennyCentral YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGaming Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquidGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (229)
Timothy Puttmann (5 days ago)
It’s weird because I get a constant 50-60 FPS and the game is only getting better on my Xbox one s
Cody Marschinke (10 days ago)
I just want good graphics
On mobile
gamemaster2k8 (21 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrBP7VR1RDE go check out this video for the chance to win your own copy of pubg on xbox or pc
ThotSlayer3000 (21 days ago)
Will the graphics get good on 1.0?
forsain420 (19 days ago)
I mean, they already are pretty good so unless you're on xbox one x I doubt it
J J (22 days ago)
Call me when the games runs at 60fps and doesn’t take ages to render
GRANDMASTER WUU (22 days ago)
Possibly 2 of the worst presenters ever....
Jacob E (23 days ago)
Hope the graphics and textures look better then hey do now. Crossing my fingers
Turky Alkami (24 days ago)
Is there levels in the new update
Connor Wilson (24 days ago)
Will it be on disc?
The Confused Spartan (25 days ago)
Is it good on the one s yet?
Epic Dude (25 days ago)
I lost all my game saved data on the Xbox one s 😭😭😭😭😭
Jeremiah Vermaas (25 days ago)
oRustStation (26 days ago)
Super keen for this new update!!
Mark Elmanov (26 days ago)
Can not wait for the 1.0 version of pubg i am so hype
badtiger man (27 days ago)
Pls tell me this doesn’t mean I have to buy another version for the updates
badtiger man (26 days ago)
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ thank god
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (26 days ago)
Just a 11-15 gb update
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (26 days ago)
Yourboiilee (27 days ago)
I can’t even kill people because of my aim
Jeremiah Vermaas (25 days ago)
me tii
Breyzipp (27 days ago)
Lol 2008 graphics instead of 2018. 😂
ImViruxx (27 days ago)
It's the not same without Lydia...
Lost Legacy (27 days ago)
Pubg mobile is better then Xbox one sry ill pass on Xbox this game isn’t ready at all for release
Mascare (19 days ago)
Lost Legacy It’s too easy in mobile even in platinum I see bots and I can see where shots and footsteps are and obviously looks way worse
ShadowMenace17 (23 days ago)
TheLionzMusic actually.. there are a lot of bots after the first match.. you get less and less as you get better but there’s almost ALWAYS bots..
TheLionzMusic (25 days ago)
Actually there are no bots after the 1st match... and you can use mouse and keyboard on mobile, so it’s actually playable
Lost Legacy (26 days ago)
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ okay but still I’m able to see we’re the enemy is and not have low graphics and pubg mobile were u are able to enhance the graphics to high and hd and color where the Xbox u can’t do that
165212 (27 days ago)
I guess I’m just one of those people who should rather have a fun game then 60fps, the 30fps doesn’t really bother me
C_ Rom (27 days ago)
Outed (28 days ago)
Can you Guys tell me why PUBG Mobile Version Chinese can already get the Latest Update? Qbu and QBZ already arrived on mobile version?
TheLionzMusic (25 days ago)
Because the mobile version runs/plays better than the Xbox version, and because tencent are actually competent devs.
Outed (25 days ago)
+Techno Kreep yeah! Even They Got The Latest PC Update still Sucks! Because the graphic, the lags, and the Controll
Techno Kreep (25 days ago)
That’s why even they can get the latest update it is still nothing
Techno Kreep (25 days ago)
HEY FYI there are so much different on playing the real PUBG than PUBGM I can say to that you will say PUBGM graphics and gameplay are trash if you play PUBG pc or Xbox
Turnvolo (27 days ago)
i seen you before in the comments section but anyways different devs are working on mobile and mobile version has lower graphics and good optimizing and maybe pubg mobile Chinese version have been working on the maps and the new content before the xbox version start working on it
TJM Matthews29 (28 days ago)
good video, but this map update is months over due, they take way to long to update their game unlike Fortnite is currently doing
Visghar (28 days ago)
Will it be box with disc? or code again ?
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (26 days ago)
Disc and code.. If u have preview u will have the full game just a normal update
jonc151 (28 days ago)
Magazine you muppet. Not a clip.
BatFang25 Animations (28 days ago)
And for how the game runs and the graphics we have nothing to do about that
Kyle Desrochers (28 days ago)
Worlds hardest achievements - PUBG edition
Metlof faif (24 days ago)
+Kyle Desrochers ah ok
Kyle Desrochers (24 days ago)
Metlof faif they were announced to come with 1.0
Metlof faif (25 days ago)
pubg doesn't have achievements tho lmao
Rafa Pubg (28 days ago)
Alan Fuad (28 days ago)
CN Varun (28 days ago)
Please disable Xbox live for pubg and fortnite 😭😭😭. I want to play
1983Dave1983 (24 days ago)
If they disable XBL no one can play online games. That makes no sense...
deafoldgit (28 days ago)
omg the game is still broken! if COD BLACKOUT works then that where everyone will be playing RIP PUBG
SomeDudeWhoDoes Stuff (28 days ago)
F******* is a forbidden word in this territory of YouTube.
Kevin Lachance (29 days ago)
Bet the next map will cost money.
Stephen Allen (24 days ago)
You won't have to pay for maps. They'll be adding weapon skins, loot boxes etc which people will have to pay for I assume but it's incredibly unlikely the maps will have a fee
Kevin Lachance (24 days ago)
+1983Dave1983 this is the final update that makes it complete. I'm saying the following maps will probably cost money. That's what Ark did and a few other games after they released the full game. No more free maps after this one.
1983Dave1983 (24 days ago)
Does it say update or paid DLC?
Kevin Lachance (26 days ago)
+[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ well I know on PC they started a season thing like fortnite and for getting points you get cosmetic items for that season. Maybe they will change a few of them but basically they can have a new map every 2 seasons. I'm still waiting and hoping for 50 on 50 and other game modes besides this war mode.
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (26 days ago)
+Kevin Lachance yes i agree but than noone will play the game be ouse they getbored of the maps and want something new but don`t want to spend money..
ChivoLovesYou (29 days ago)
Still no weapon skins???
ChivoLovesYou (26 days ago)
Christian Sandoval fingers crossed 🤞🏻
Christian Sandoval (26 days ago)
Huge chance they come in 1.0
BillyFreakinSeto (29 days ago)
In what kind of situation ever would there be flaming cars flying around in Cave and then what the the actual hell were they aiming at 0:39
カカシ RESURRECTED (29 days ago)
About damn time
Were it so Easy (29 days ago)
If you bought game preview you get the full 1.0 game free on release?
Were it so Easy (27 days ago)
true true, was just clarifying!
NFS champion coulson (27 days ago)
Well yeah obviously
Before all this info, I thought War Mode was coming in winter?
Pro Jellyfish (29 days ago)
What about the achievements Benny boy !!? I'm not playing this unless there is gamerscore I can earn.
It's Papa Kanye West (26 days ago)
Lil Krennic Are you even a gamer? Smh
Lil Krennic (28 days ago)
Good on you
Pro Jellyfish (28 days ago)
I have & always will be an achievement hunter my guy.
Lil Krennic (28 days ago)
Pro Jellyfish no it’s just no one cares for achievements no more that was for the 360 days
Pro Jellyfish (28 days ago)
+Lil Krennic how do you play Xbox and not go for/check the achievements? Are you a newb?
Kevin Lachance (29 days ago)
They didn't fix the game before releasing the full version? Wth.
Obviously Toxic (21 days ago)
+Vinni S calm down 6 year old
Vinni S (27 days ago)
+lupehn faggboy lying to ppl game will always be 30$ even steam throw it at us for 20$ u stupid noob.
Kevin Lachance (28 days ago)
+lupehn already have it and I've been disappointed so far. They have added a few guns and map and haven't fixed some of the problems I've had sense say one. We still haven't seen 50 on 50 or anything like that.
lupehn (28 days ago)
Buy it now cause after September 4th the game will be 60 bones since it’s the full version
Kevin Lachance (29 days ago)
+Krazzy _ Stay Trill I bet the next map will cost money.
savage166 DaBoss (29 days ago)
This will be pubgs. Final verdict of the game. If it flops in the launch. I'm done wit pubg. Enough holding on!!
FOXRAN KOR (29 days ago)
배그 ㅇㅇ
Keelan Marks (29 days ago)
Aim assist? It’s unplayable
ShadowMenace17 (23 days ago)
TheLionzMusic aim assist would ruin the game in my opinion..
TheLionzMusic (25 days ago)
I have to agree with Keelan here... I play on PC and would love to play on Xbox, but playing on sticks with no aim assist makes the game unplayable... add M&KB support however and separate the lobbies/give controller users aim assist and you may have yourself a game...
Keelan Marks (26 days ago)
KieronSAFC 1998 born in 1998 and use “get good” my god
Keelan Marks (26 days ago)
KieronSAFC 1998 I play siege without aim assist and it’s fine
KieronSAFC 1998 (26 days ago)
That just means you're terrible if u want aim assist lol get good
Steven Hyde (29 days ago)
I miss Lydia!
Bruce 89 (29 days ago)
Can't wait for war mode it's going to be amazing
cameron lestagez (29 days ago)
dynamic weather once every 70 chicken dinners and every 800 games, i have a better chance winning the lottery than seeing fog or rain
TheLionzMusic (25 days ago)
We used to have both fog and rain on PC back in early access, and it was the best thing ever, then they removed it. Trust me, I still have PTSD from the old rain sound effect.
Joshua Haynes (27 days ago)
I was the same way but yesterday i had 6 rain matches
Cav L (29 days ago)
That guy on the left is annoying
420GreyWorm2187 (29 days ago)
I love pubg and xbox
SaggyHUGGIES123 (23 days ago)
That is sad. Just sad
kēromara (29 days ago)
420GreyWorm2187 same
Ahmed Alfaham (29 days ago)
that awesome thx xbox
Jayhawk2024 (29 days ago)
Now they need to add it to game pass and go for microtransactions because who would pay 30 dollars for this when they are ton of other BETTER battle royale games
Stephen Allen (24 days ago)
On Xbox there aren't lots of 'better' BR games. It's PUBG and Fortnite at the forefront of the BR list on the console and Fortnite is trash
Harry Clack (29 days ago)
Would I have to pay for it again even though I have game preview?
Mc Cookie (29 days ago)
Promote it when it’s stable rather than a buggy mess
Caellum (29 days ago)
What do you play on? The One X is awesome to play on. Way better than it was. Framerate is pretty much fluid. Still isn't 60 but way more playable
Matt Latham (29 days ago)
Well how can we let you know what we think about the new map when it isn't even out yet?
[Toxicity 9] ABK ツ (26 days ago)
Is on pc... And trailer? U like the idea or not?
Marcus Grant (29 days ago)
It’s gone run 60fps on pc and ps4 only sorry Xbox fans X1 and x1s was a mistake
TheGeechman (29 days ago)
Marcus Grant actually Pubg compared to H1z1, pubg is crushing h1.
Marcus Grant (29 days ago)
MoneyMakehimMe I don’t care I was just saying what FPS it’s gone be if it do come over to PlayStation
MoneyMakehimMe (29 days ago)
This game isn’t even on ps4 nor coming to ps4
Marcus Grant (29 days ago)
Mc Cookie pubg is getting kill by H1z1 on the PS4 alone
Gabriel Barbosa (29 days ago)
Will run on 60 fps?
Aby Power (29 days ago)
is the game getting an graphics update on X?
NFS champion coulson (27 days ago)
The Xbox one x doesn't need no graphics update are u stupid
Sean Flood (29 days ago)
Once again late with the news... how are you guys still around
1983Dave1983 (24 days ago)
+Sean Flood I'm guessing they have their videos ready for when MS want them released or the team behind this channel would be replaced
Sean Flood (24 days ago)
1983Dave1983 well if they worked for me and are meant to bring “news” they would be replaced when they constantly bring it a week late.
1983Dave1983 (24 days ago)
Because they work for Xbox?
Its_ RoYaL (29 days ago)
Its_ RoYaL (29 days ago)
Thx for this video😍
frogmanindigo gaming (29 days ago)
The Daddy Patty (29 days ago)
Might as well hop on it soon. The new map looks great and fun.
RJ Bishop (29 days ago)
Damn Benny that’s one slick jacket!
Awolz (29 days ago)
So when does this go live?
Sour Puss (29 days ago)
September 4th
EcksDee (29 days ago)
So no 60 FPS for Xbox yet. Lame
Obviously Toxic (21 days ago)
+Vinni S what?
Vinni S (23 days ago)
+Christopher Pakusch nikwitts like you shout be hanged by the neck. now stfu loser 30 fps is unacptable i repeat UNACEPTABLE GOT IT NOW!!!!!!?????????
BlazingKey (25 days ago)
EcksDee Two words: GAME PREVIEW
Carson Wilcox (26 days ago)
RKDO LPZ (29 days ago)
How Microsoft didn't get this exclusive is beyond me
☠Gears Of Halo☪ (24 days ago)
It's already exclusive since E3
Jeanmarc Louis (29 days ago)
Not coming to PS4 that’s what I heard at e3
Jeanmarc Louis (29 days ago)
RKDO LPZ is exclusive
Some.different 20 (29 days ago)
Pts before 1.0?
Gavin Roth (29 days ago)
Whens the weapon skins coming?
Mascare (19 days ago)
Gavin Roth 1.0 it’s also in the pts
Mistyillusion4 (29 days ago)
This is cool in all but when will the game run on 60 FPS that would of made this announcement even better and less worrying for people who brought the game back in December
Carson Wilcox (26 days ago)
+lupehn amen
lupehn (28 days ago)
Mistyillusion4 it runs fine lol stop bitching
james goldstein (29 days ago)
I can’t even play pubg it said something went wrong when I updated it on my Xbox one x
Power of the 1 x
XxDeezPeanutzxX (29 days ago)
But does it run well?
Adam El Massaoudi (29 days ago)
Do you have to purchase the game again ?
Jason Carrión (29 days ago)
Ofc no bro why would you buy the game again...
Gavin Moses (29 days ago)
Promote this game to me when it runs at a stable 60fps for us one x users 'I would be happy to play on 1080p'.... Many thanks but until then I'll leave it un installed.
Goofy Newfie (17 days ago)
🙋🏻‍♂️c ya
Jurd 420 (26 days ago)
It's your own fault for wasting your money of a One X instead of just buying a PC like a smart person
EcksDee (29 days ago)
Just play it on pc
Assessedsuger21 (29 days ago)
If u bought the preview do u get it all
Xbox On (29 days ago)
Yes :)
Aby Power (29 days ago)
+Agent Ghost free? nope sorry
ATL_UTD BVB_09 (29 days ago)
+Agent Ghost You should. As you said you'll run into bugs and I have run into some bugs but not many thankfully, but it is a good game, and it takes some skill to win. More skill than Fortnite. Bottom line PUBG is better than Fortnite
Agent Ghost (29 days ago)
Yes. It's just the game isn't done. You will experience bugs, lots of it. You have to be lucky. But I think it's going to be free at some point so, aren't sure if I should get it.
Jonny1000 (29 days ago)
The War Mode, with respawns, looks a bit like the Combat Mode on H1Z1. Which for players like me (pretty useless!), is a welcome addition as I can then get some practice in without getting whacked after a couple of minutes and then have to wait like what seems ages to start another match...only to then get whacked again after a minute or so! Very frustrating for us lesser ability gamers!
Josef Beckett (29 days ago)
This is great but unless the game runs well it’s pointless
Goofy Newfie (17 days ago)
The Wackers Kian it's not 60fps but still has came along way since first launched on Xbox think people still love the game even if it's a stable 30fps I'm sure with further work and improvements they could get it up to 60fps .But im happy atm with a stable 30fps
Goofy Newfie (17 days ago)
Josef Beckett ya the OG hard drive is what hinders it u might want to purchase an Solid state drive if you your not will to upgrade from the OG model
SaggyHUGGIES123 (23 days ago)
Aby Power That better be a joke
jdm bandits (23 days ago)
I have a spare code for pubg on Xbox as i got a digital copy with my one x
Reap (29 days ago)
Is the game stable now because I can't refund
Jason Carrión (29 days ago)
30fps? :( i have an one x but it seems the same on one s and old x1
rina c (29 days ago)
N.O.V.A Games yes runs very smooth on Xbox1X
antonio garcia (29 days ago)
SHK Potter (29 days ago)
You heard him. Smash the like button.
Tom Prez (28 days ago)
+SJon Umber no, I am your father mwahahahahmwahahahahaha
Vale (29 days ago)

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