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Tigran Hamasyan - The Court Jester (Tutorial/Transcription)

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I made a piano tutorial/transcription of Tigran Hamasyans song ”The Court Jester”, which appears on his album Shadow Theater. If you want to slow it down, you can slow down the speed yourself in the bottom right corner! (I hope). I also hope that this tutorial helps you, and have fun studying this music! See you!
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Text Comments (26)
Gabriel Freigenedo (2 months ago)
Fantastic! :) Can you do the same tutorial for Fides Tua??? pleaseee!
Manè Meloian (2 months ago)
Pleaseeee, make tutorial of "The Poet"
Luca Giachi (1 year ago)
Awesome! How much time u take for doing this? Incredible work! Thanks a lot
Antonio Boscarino (1 year ago)
Great Job. Please, do the tutorial of leaving paris
prosthesis_ (1 year ago)
Great transcription! How would you notate the metric modulation/slowdown at 4:57? I've been trying to find if the length of the new slower subdivisions were based on a previous longer rhythmic value. I'm not sure that the drummer just guides a slowdown and everyone follows, since the whole band sticks to the tempo shift very tightly; I think it's some clever form of a metric modulation but I might be wrong.
YKing (9 months ago)
I've seen many ways of breaking down and transcribing the socalled 'slowdown' with lots of them simply refering to a shift in tempo. But this would not justify a collective tight shift, as you mention yourself. I believe eightnote triplets in original tempo form the 4/4-foundation (metrical modulation) which causes the tempo to fall. Specifically the last three notes in the melody up to the slowdown are played as triplets continuously becoming beats in an eventual slower 4/4. From around 1:40 min into the song 'Megitsune' by Babymetal, you can hear a similar metric modulation with triplets forming the 4/4-foundation for the breakdown.
Kevin Galuszka (2 years ago)
I'd also like to request the sheet music for this if you have it!
KevinZePanda (2 years ago)
hey, I really wanted to play this for a recital and was wondering if you had the sheet music for it, thanks!
Xaualj (2 years ago)
Absolutely amazing and very helpfull!! Got any other plans for Tigran tutorials/transcriptions?
Xaualj (2 years ago)
Haha i was just about to ask if you would transcripe the grid/ had plans to do it. Amazing Ludwig! i'm looking forward to that. All the best from Denmark
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
I am glad you found it helpful! Yeah, I am thinking of transcribing "The Grid" soon.
Jacob K. (2 years ago)
So what do you think about transcribing Lilac? ;)
Joey Martel (2 years ago)
Would there be any way to a notation transcription of this? I need to know what that metric mod is haha
Rosario Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Hey great transcription, I wanto to play it right now, you have the sheets?
Guillermo 'Attack (2 years ago)
so good mate!
whisker5 (2 years ago)
Instasubscribe from me keep up the good work man,i rarely seen fellow who transcribe this kind of music could you check avishai cohen? , he got some contemporary jazz or weird-in-a-good-way music too
whisker5 (2 years ago)
+Ludwig Störholt i think "Dreaming" would be a good
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
+5whisker Thanks man. Yeah I love Avishai, maybe I will transcribe something from him. Any suggestions?
Jacob Wright (2 years ago)
Yes!!! Thank you!!!!
Zineb Lahrichi (2 years ago)
Awesome job btw..............
Zineb Lahrichi (2 years ago)
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Willms (2 years ago)
Great work as always! I always look forward to your next transcription
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
+Chris Willms Thanks for your appreciation!
Lasry David (2 years ago)
how long did it take you to do this???
Ludwig Störholt (2 years ago)
+Lasry David pretty long...

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