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ALL DLC Pack 1 Item & Armour Location Guide for Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Master Trials DLC Pack 1 (which is in no way an overly long name) has armour and items aplenty, but where are they? Find all the armour pieces and much more with this handy guide! Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (180)
SUPER SAIYIN GAMER 3540 (3 months ago)
2:11 - 2:15 WTF
Rodrigo Bergamaschi (4 months ago)
Thank me later. Travel Medallion 0:38 Korok Mask 1:01 Majora's Mask 1:28 Midna's Helmet 1:49 Tingle's Set 2:06 -Hood 2:15 -Shirt 2:24 -Tights 2:33 Phantom Set 2:44 -Helmet 2:50 -Armor 3:12 -Greaves 3:20
Jessica Niezgoda (7 months ago)
Gnar fam (8 months ago)
Head into the colloseum and turn right, failed to mention the F*****G lynel waiting for me
Oliver Garrett (11 months ago)
I only needed help for the Phantom helmet, tingles hat, and the korok mask the rest were easy Pickens but the wierd part is that on my version of the game where you fingers tingles hat it dosent say "Exchange Ruins"
The Hippo (11 months ago)
How do you download it?
Benamax (11 months ago)
The Hippo Buy it off the eShop.
Frosty Beveridge (11 months ago)
i really hate you . . .
LOLChicken (11 months ago)
titus2202 (11 months ago)
Breath of Magnesis
Harry T (11 months ago)
yeah i don't like searching the same areas twice
Cringe Network (9 months ago)
That's the fun part about Breath of the wild
SuperYoshi626 (11 months ago)
Roses are red 2017 is gonna be a great year Hello there lovely people Alex from Nintendo Life here
Daniel Mills (11 months ago)
are you actually alex
Waluigi#1 (11 months ago)
2:06 iDub- I mean, Tingle Link! Hooray!
Lennon Wagner (11 months ago)
Ok we have the tingle suit. NOW WE NEED A HOT AIR BALLOON!
Lennon Wagner (11 months ago)
I was complaining about no tingle. But I guess I'm satisfied now..
Christopher Harte (11 months ago)
Anybody who played and bear legend of Zelda with the original difficulty and no dlc content needs to try hearing it that easily now
J_A6 Videos (11 months ago)
*Watches first 25 seconds* *Leaves*
Nito 27 (11 months ago)
Mi nombre es vejetin.. Vejeta. Vejeton.. Si heres un chabalon. pasate el packeton.. foto de tu picha.. Foto de tu perla.. ###MADRE MIA WILLY!!! inventado por nito xD ok no
Triforce Obtained (11 months ago)
Is the dlc free?
No. it's £/$10 for this DLC, or £/$20 for both DLC packs.
Eric S (11 months ago)
PSA: Alex didn't know this, but in order to get the Phantom Helmet in the Colliseum, you have to kill the Lynel and then pull it out with Magnesis. Just in case anybody happens to scroll by confused.
PuffMaster _ (3 months ago)
You don't have to kill it.. I used majoras mask
Chief Screaming Chicken (11 months ago)
Thank you for that, I looked everywhere for it.
josiahmari1 (11 months ago)
I'm so sad... NEVER GONNA HAVE THAT DLC!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
josiahmari1 (11 months ago)
Draken (11 months ago)
josiahmari1 Why?
Bat cup (11 months ago)
I wish the outfits did a little more. Most were novelty and anyone who wants all 900 seeds will have used a guide by now. Also disapointed that all the chest just needed to be pulled up, why couldnt there of been a few new shrines. If youve already 100% the game, none of this is really worth it. Hardest challange is trial of the sword, but ive gotten lynel weapons with attacks over 100. Anyone else feel this should have been so much more?
Liamardo (9 months ago)
Why is Tingel's clothing not on tingle island??
Ravioli (4 months ago)
Liamardo ikr
Cringe Network (9 months ago)
It's "Tingel island"
Cringe Network (9 months ago)
It's the Xfiles theme song.
Oliver Garrett (11 months ago)
Yanni gaming 999 it's actually the Xfiles song
Yanni gaming 999 (11 months ago)
Plays illuminati song
X Trem (11 months ago)
Are there in-game clues as for their location?
X Trem (11 months ago)
And I just saw I automatically get side-quests for them. That's good.
Power Bounce (11 months ago)
X Trem at the outpost ruins there is a book with some very vague clues
Gigavolt (11 months ago)
I just realised... look at the map at 0:12...
Gigavolt (11 months ago)
The Korok mask is useless to me.
Goat Shenanigans (11 months ago)
It says 'first' DLC pack as of Nintendo is gonna make us buy a second pack. Come on Nintendo! We already paid $20 for a first!!!
Luke J (10 months ago)
Goat Shenanigans honestly your comment is jumping on a bandwagon of stupid ass complaints it comes with all three Dlc packs not just one CHECK YOUR FACTS
Liam (11 months ago)
Goat Shenanigans No, the season pass comes with both... Check your facts before you complain
Cayden Stewart (11 months ago)
I Just want to know where the journal is
Daniel Mills (11 months ago)
there is literally a pinpoint on the map when you select on of the quests that leads you straight to it.
Cayden Stewart (11 months ago)
where in outpost ruins. what building. ive searched the whole place.
Power Bounce (11 months ago)
Some White Guy outpost ruins
Daniel Higgins (11 months ago)
how the hell would they expect people to find these after theyd already completed these areas
I'm Bored (6 days ago)
the problem is on the nintendo switch some of the areas arent marked on the map with the name. This makes it pretty hard to find some items/gear like tingle's helmet
Benamax (11 months ago)
Daniel Higgins You are given hints to where they are all in a quest. It is randomly given to you once you get the DLC, and requires you to go to a specific area on the map where a book is. Read the book, and multiple quests begin, all with hints on where to find them. There are two additional quests for the Travel Medallion and Korok Mask.
Ben (11 months ago)
Where can you find navi
uragaan (11 months ago)
it worked the magnesis button to suscribe and like work omg alex you saved my day
John Littrell (11 months ago)
Wait, the first dlc is out?
LeveledUp GamingNetwork (11 months ago)
love music choice
Anthony Moore (11 months ago)
"Brand new spanking items" Ok? xD
Purpl (11 months ago)
2:06 Reece's Puffs
Colin Larner (11 months ago)
KanyeJuice (11 months ago)
so far I found phantom chest peice and pants tingles Hat and pants and midnas hat and since that last one it's been hours of looking and guardian crucifixions I am following the guide I got that awarding feeling I paid my 30$ CAD I just want to know where my loot is
Sydney Bushman (11 months ago)
Nintendo ripped me off
uragaan (11 months ago)
Sydney Bushman what about EA plus theres more dlc in december with new story line
ACEthesuperSKI (11 months ago)
Are you able to upgrade the DLC items at the Fairy Fountains? just wondering. That might affect my decision to buy the DLC or not.
inkunn (11 months ago)
You can't
Joe -Richards (11 months ago)
ACEthesuperSKI Im not sure sadly
Captain LastrEo (11 months ago)
I'm only here for the Majora's Mask
uragaan (11 months ago)
Captain LastrEo same
Tenues Puer (11 months ago)
Hey, can you upgrade the Phantom armor?
inkunn (11 months ago)
Nope sadly
Direwolf (11 months ago)
thr chests could be anywhere ?! so why trying to search them ?
Sparks (11 months ago)
Direwolf No the could not. You get hints when you buy the DLC.
EPS5000 (11 months ago)
Considering you're paying for this new content, Nintendo should have made it easier. One of them requires risking death in a room filled with Guardians.
The Humble Narcissist (11 months ago)
EPS5000 yeah my argument is "nonsense" just because you're too lazy to play by the game's rules. besides, having the Phantom Armor at the great plateau would make the opening too easy and defeat the entire purpose of the hard mode
EPS5000 (11 months ago)
The Humble Narcissist There's a difference between "find chests" and what I said in my first post, also The Champion's Tunic wasn't a selling point though, everyone just assumed it was going to replace the green tunic as the default clothing. Also there was no focus on what it could do. If you're not going to give me logical responses, I'm just going to stop replying. This is nonsense.
The Humble Narcissist (11 months ago)
EPS5000 but they said before the game was even released that you had to find the DLC chests. The Champion's Tunic had massive spotlight put on it ever since the game was first announced but you still have to find it
EPS5000 (11 months ago)
The Humble Narcissist the difference being that the extra content was the main selling point of the DLC. Nintendo said "look at all this stuff, buy the DLC, buy it!" Which is completely different from the main game because it wasn't an advertised selling point. How can you not know the difference?
The Humble Narcissist (11 months ago)
EPS5000 not really. that's like saying if you paid $60 for the main game, you should get all the armor right off the bat
breadordecide (11 months ago)
You pay for stuff then you have to hunt it down. Wtf i hate this dlc
Splatoon 2 News! (11 months ago)
that's kinda like saying "wow I bought a game and I have to beat it"
Agent Eight (11 months ago)
breadordecide That’s part of the fun! Decoding the riddles, searching around hyrule. It’s in good fun. If you don’t want to look around, then just follow a guide.
uragaan (11 months ago)
breadordecide What about battlefront you had to pay for the game 2 time and in 5 hours the game felt boring
not a weeb just an otaku (11 months ago)
Is it bad that I haven't finished the game?
TDPNeji (11 months ago)
I'm still a long ways from ever beating this either. You're not alone (and I had my Switch since the beginning of June).
not a weeb just an otaku (11 months ago)
Ryan Pollock I'm still on vah medoh
Ryan Pollock (11 months ago)
not a weeb just an otaku no i haven't and I've played 150 hours
Midna78 (11 months ago)
you don't need to Light the torch in the woods. Just follow the way to the left and that's it. We did it one Hour ago.
IJO Lightningrod (11 months ago)
personally I'm waiting for all the dlc to come out before purchasing. You feel like u get more for your money at once that way :p
Matthew Fox (11 months ago)
910th view
Name (11 months ago)
This DLC was such a disappointment... £18 for a harder difficulty. Only Nintendo would be stingy enough.
Xander The Scoot (4 months ago)
Name Do you think the dlc was worth it now that champions ballad has come out?
Name (9 months ago)
+Yohead111 You make it sound as though you can purchase the DLC packs seperately. You can't. This is part of that £20 whether you like it or not and it's shite. Stop forgiving Nintendo just because it's Nintendo, stop being a bias shill. FFS.
Yohead111 (9 months ago)
Name the other dlc is going to have a whole story mode on it, so shut the hell up.
Name (11 months ago)
+Tom Dude, Nintendo was shutting down fan created content before it was cool.
Alex Castillo (11 months ago)
Name Harder Difficulty Armor sets Travel Medallion Trial of the swords which is basically a new dungeoun New story expansion during the holidays a few more unannounced things. With how company's have been recently your lucky this was only 20 they could have charged 40 and people would have still bought it. Also 20 is worth it for this dlc.
Zachygee412 (11 months ago)
How does one install the DLC I purchased because I can't figure out how to get it.
Zachygee412 (11 months ago)
AestheticHacker TY BB 😘
Matei Neagu (11 months ago)
On the Home Menu select Botw and press either + or -. Then tap on software update and wait a bit. Make sure you have an internet connection.
Alexandro Cruz (11 months ago)
anyone else had to find each piece By them selves before this came out?
The Meowstah (11 months ago)
theres a journal that gives you a quest for each of these
Ethan Rice (11 months ago)
That was quick.
Autumnal Blake (11 months ago)
That subscribe plug was great
MagicMute (11 months ago)
So is dlc 1 out now?
The Hippo (11 months ago)
Yoda my Soda 06 um... I haven't bought the Dlc but it says I'm using the latest version...
Yoda Soda 06 (11 months ago)
depends on what version. if wii u version then you should be prompted to update when the game is started. if switch version then go to the switch home menu and press + or - over BotW and select "Software Update"
The Shearsquid (11 months ago)
The Game R.O.B How do you update it? I can't figure out how to get the DLC even though I purchased it.
Supra Maro Bras (11 months ago)
Lance Stinson update loz botw
Lance Stinson (11 months ago)
Zufdawg I bought it but... I don't have it.
Noell is gayyy (11 months ago)
Alex guess what it's my birthday and Im so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rebeca Chacon (1 month ago)
Happy birthday P.S. sorry Im late
color splash gamer (11 months ago)
Krystal Gems happy birthday to you happy birthday to you
FE- Robin195 (11 months ago)
Happy birthday
Bernat A (11 months ago)
happy birthday! wish you a lovely day
Power Bounce (11 months ago)
Krystal Gems happy b-day!
Spicy_ Riker (11 months ago)
You should wear Majoras Mask while reading the Rumors about the Korog Mask
arceus arcade (11 months ago)
is this dlc worth the price
Gh0s7 BR (8 months ago)
color splash gamer (11 months ago)
Also cool name
color splash gamer (11 months ago)
arceus_ arcade yesss
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (11 months ago)
arceus_ arcade wait will pack 2 comes out. As of now, not really.
Bootleg god (11 months ago)
arceus_ arcade 110% yes
FC Mania (11 months ago)
Is all this gear able to be upgraded?
inkunn (11 months ago)
Drew Helmick (11 months ago)
ok... paused at 0.27 seconds... i need to play and try to find them first
BOOTYBANDIT BOY (11 months ago)
have not beat this game yet cause its hard have not played it in a while
ToadyBloyster (11 months ago)
so stupid that you can't upgrade them. makes them pointless to anyone who isn't just starting out. really hoping they patch it in
hi people. Have a nice day. I really need the season pass but I need to wait until Monday before I have enough money to buy it :')
roneybill (11 months ago)
how the fuck
Agent Eight (11 months ago)
Oi m8 stop going 2 fast
roneybill (11 months ago)
Lazer (11 months ago)
plz give me your friend code my name on the switch is Lazer
Lazer (11 months ago)
plz be my friend on the switch
alandtic (11 months ago)
ok what is your code?
Lazer (11 months ago)
first Comment
Arron brooks (11 months ago)
hi alex

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