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God Of War: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

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SPOILERS AT 00:35 - 03:34. Don't say we didn't warn you! God of War has blown away critics and fans alike, and surely a success as big as this will lead to potential sequels? For more awesome content, check out: http://whatculture.com/gaming Catch us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/whatculturegaming And follow us on Twitter @wculturegaming
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Text Comments (258)
Carson carter (1 day ago)
I paused this to see his face and they went with the Red beaded Thor
Subhamoy Das (7 days ago)
A moment of silence for those who think Loki was adopted by Odin.
Robert Baraetheon (10 days ago)
If kratos die..... Shit ill be crying
ameer sudani (16 days ago)
I hated the ending
Robert Eden (19 days ago)
Let's talk about the mysterious man in the lower right corner of the 3rd mural.
Tristan Fareel (22 days ago)
That bold guy is so annoying
Cristian Arteaga (1 month ago)
I think Atreus goes to the snake to seek out help to revive Kratos
原田明彦 (1 month ago)
Maybe, maybe not ‼ But I won't expect that Kratos will be World Serpent ‼ Because Kratos new beginning just begun!!
damian dekker (1 month ago)
You kind of didn't warn us, as I just finished the game and didn't realise there was a secret ending lol. I paused pretty quick, but not everyone's gonna realise there are still things to be spoiled even after they 'finish' the game.
roiking2740 (1 month ago)
makes me wonder if atrues figure out that the arrow head is baulder weakness. intentionally letting bualder hit him
aBS Grim (1 month ago)
Everyone coming up with future theories about what’s going to happen later on in the next god of war and I’m here wondering how the heck did Kratos end up in Norse mythology after god of war 3 when he stabbed himself and in the cutscene after the credits he was not there with strip of blood going of the cliff like someone or himself dragged him down...
Reach42a (1 month ago)
If I were to guess, Kratos will go out in GOW 5, permanently. Atreus could escape the destruction of Ragnarok (which he caused, obviously) to another realm, likely that of Egyptian, Japanese, or Celtic mythology and take the reigns as the protagonist. He might keep some aspects from Kratos (Spartan Rage for example, and possibly his weapons?) but he’d also have his own abilities. Perhaps they’d give us time to acclimate to playing as him in GoW 5 in some segments. As much as I love Kratos as a character, eventually every story has to end, and he’s earned his rest. Over the course of the game (spare his asshat phase), I grew to love Atreus as a character, and him taking over seems to be the logical step story wise. If GoW 5 IS Kratos’ last outing though, we can expect them to redefine the term masterpiece if this game is any indicator, and make it the biggest, best entry in the franchise, something of truly epic proportions. I’m hype. Also when he gonna tell Atreus about murdering his half sister and all that?
Bobby Taylor (1 month ago)
So kratos out here tryna kill the god damn zodiacal signs
Frank Omatic (1 month ago)
Sony Santa Monica really outdid themselves with this game... definitely one of my faves
razmw (1 month ago)
The best fanfic story i ever saw.
razmw (1 month ago)
loki being the son of kratos sound like fanfic, a well written fanfic but still a fanfic.
Diego Moreno (1 month ago)
I want another sequel like this one, that finishes this awesome story in this mythology
Antonio (1 month ago)
He should have been named Loki... SHOULD. But it is not, that is a first thing. Second without Kratos there is NO God Of War. Also Kratos is an Icon of God Of War and PlayStation itself
Sean Oliver (1 month ago)
It's so many possibilities that can do with the sequel... But time will tell, we gotta get pass the game plus and three realms is still on locked in the game vanaheim, svartalfheim, and Asgard, so THIS GAME is telling u definitely it'll be dlc content somewhere in the near future
nbarocks23 (1 month ago)
Remember, prophecies aren't always correct, especially with kratos.
Spyy 6457 (1 month ago)
Here’s my theory. If this universe IS like marvels take on the mythology, then atreus is the son of odin. Think about it. Odin sends baldur to look for feye, why u may ask? Because she is carrying the son of odin himself. When baldur finds out that she is dead, he ends up going after atreus because he is the main objective after all.
Devon Hartoon (1 month ago)
It's explained that boulder was after Frey because she was a giant and he wanted entrance to jotinbeim. Boulder was expecting a giant and that's why he said he thought kratos would of been taller.
Droobydoo (1 month ago)
Kratos has died plenty and it doesn't seem to stop him
Johnny Griggs (1 month ago)
Kratos killing more gods
Kabegami The Great (1 month ago)
why was Laufey not gigantic like the rest of the giants? Atreus tells Kratos that they were not really that big but seeing the ending they were MASSIVE! but too big to fit on any of the bridges and rooms. Could they change sizes at will? Whats going on?
Phantomonum (1 month ago)
If Kratos dies, I don't even know... Even though Atreus really grew on me over the play through, I simply can't imagine a God Of War game without Kratos. :/
The First of Us (1 month ago)
We're killing Thor in the next game. That's what it means.
GaU raV (1 month ago)
Kratos vs Thor memorable fight in god of war 5 i believe Kratos would win but the mural at top of the mountain showed that Kratos is going to die
GaU raV (1 month ago)
ramon ward then what would the mural mean?
ramon ward (1 month ago)
GaU raV wrong if you’re a fan of god of war then you’ll know full well that kratos is cursed and is to walk the earth forever
Immortal Kdude (1 month ago)
His eyes brown honey color not green jelly color.. he's greek
kl316 (1 month ago)
It means that there will be another God of War. He still has to fight Thor and Odin.
Cryantics (1 month ago)
Despite how many times Kratos has been killed and came back, and despite that time travel is present in this mythology, that last mural piece he saw is still freaking me out. Come God of War Egypt, I really only want to be playing as Kratos. Don’t want him dead dead or forever turned into a serpent. Full faith in the developers and writers though, so we’ll see.
Leon Janssens (1 month ago)
Nervous sign clothes top apply himself.
NashDIY (1 month ago)
I hope Kratos never dies. I've now become invested in both him and Atreus. It's the Last of Us all over again.
cooldude62800 (1 month ago)
Sorry to break this to y’all but Kratos can’t die he is cursed. He’s also cheated death on multiple accounts.
Devon Hartoon (1 month ago)
cooldude62800 he can only come back when it was Greeke mythology. He might go to norse hel. If he crosses the bridge it's bye bye
Marieke Hendriksen (1 month ago)
other under telescope fuxvdgp league implement romantic convey facilitate standard take
J J (1 month ago)
People seem to forget Kratos is cursed to walk the earth forever.
The Amazing Lucas (1 month ago)
It's as if they gave up trying to make the boss fights entertaining
RaginDXDemon (1 month ago)
A God of War without Kratos is no God of War at all. If you touch Kratos life for good, you best stop right fucking there Santa Monica.
Manav Suradkar (1 month ago)
i dont think kratos in egypt wud look cool i mean he can give a shout out to egyptian gods bt other den dat it wud be stupid and also ders long way ahead in norse mythology now
Mike Winans (1 month ago)
A lot of comments are saying Kratos should die at the END of the next game, but it was the next panel in the mural in Jötunheim. Kratos is too old to keep the franchise going if time continues to pass. Kratos death should happen early in the next game.
Twale TheKing (1 month ago)
i dont think that was kratos in the last mural ..why because in all the other panels they show kratos tattoo side everytime so why would they in the last panel use his right side where we cant confirm thats him and unless it says kratos in norse next to his picture we can assume that could be a giant that they find and thats who dies
Gabriel Betancourt (15 days ago)
Twale TheKing his tattoo is on the other side as he's laying in Loki's arms smh
Tariq Sarhan (1 month ago)
Guys I am confused rn. Is Atreus the actual Loki or did his mum want to name him Loki after the actual god?
Dishonored (1 month ago)
Lol people are so dumb this is not marvel game lol
Dishonored (1 month ago)
I think Thor or Odin kills kratos and kidnapp loki or kratos son and after some years kratos son gow up and kills Thor and odi
Yung Purge (1 month ago)
My question is, why did they have other realms in the travel room that were still unavailable? For example, Asgard...you cant enter it or explore it....I have a good feeling there will be a second game in development...Because, of course, they left major cliff hangers..
Daniel ____ (1 month ago)
should watch the spoilercast from ign, easyallies, or kinda funny games. They talk about some interesting things.
Julián Dalla Bella (1 month ago)
Yung Purge because the tree is linked with all the lands in this world in the nord mithology, even if you can't enter them they couldn't just ignore the facts that they exist, but maybe in a future DLC we can unlock them, who knows...
Jedi master (1 month ago)
I think can fight with thor and odin but..just ending..
anand altantsog (1 month ago)
does that mean we are getting the DLC?
gabe menges (1 month ago)
I don' thunk Kratos is going to die and here' why I think that will be put to the brink of death and "loki" will give his life to save him the mural show him holding his dad and snakes like things flow in out of "loki" or Kratos so what if that' loki's life flowing into Kratos I think this is what loki will define as being a better god to break the cycle of parent Killin by saving Kratos but hey that' a just a theory a game theory sides that fate loves to Fuck Kratos so yea
gabe menges (1 month ago)
Or maybe loki's getting a power buff from dear old dad's corpse Idk just my thoughts
Watch X983 (1 month ago)
I think a god of war game centred around attraus/Loki would be awesome and maybe me kills his father because it’s mentioned in a side mission and a story mission
Gabriel Betancourt (1 month ago)
Why are people saying that Loki is going to be kidnapped is BEYOND me I highly doubt that he's getting kidnapped he alongside with kratos helped to kill modi and magni and of course baldur thor would want to kill atreus as well not kidnap
WheresToomy (1 month ago)
Now that's some Low-key "Loki" sh**.
NTG360 (1 month ago)
So did the game mention how Kratos’s wife Frey dies?
Brandon Barnes (1 month ago)
Odin is actually kratos from the future
xxthehuskycaboosexx (1 month ago)
So basically Kratos is going to die at the end of god of war 5? And Mamir mentions something about wolves when talking about ragnarok, the Muriel that shows Kratos dying, also shows Loki walking out with a bunch of wolves.
Daniel Kudela (1 month ago)
It means a sequel in a few years
Nick Austin (1 month ago)
So do they explain in the game or anywhere how he gets there from 3? As he dragged himself off the cliff in 3
Devon Hartoon (1 month ago)
Tbh he only killed himself to release hope to the world. It was never stated that he wanted to remain dead. He prolly stabbed himself and then climbed his weigh out of he'll and decided to leave the land on his own
Probably just float through the river to the northern Europe and getting save by Faye.
Sean Rivia (1 month ago)
The fact that Atreus is Loki has mind fucked me so fucking hard it is hurting me.
Roy 2004 (1 month ago)
Atreos was not holding kratos on the ground its someone else because the person whos in his lap dont have tatoo or not ash white skin
Gabriel Betancourt (15 days ago)
CatsyVonCat Yes it is and it's clearly kratos too because of the way he kind of reacted he didn't even say anything to loki about that last part of the mural
CatsyVonCat (1 month ago)
Roy 2004 isnt his tattoo on the other side of him that is not facing us?
Vincent g (1 month ago)
so you guys think another god of war or dlc there are several realms we cant go to yet plus the thor ending any one ??
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
Vincent g definitely a sequel to the game since a dev confirmed no season pass for this GOW
Gazlowee Doomious (1 month ago)
I feel sorry for what kratos will do if thanos hurts loki lol
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
Gazlowee Doomious thanos doesn’t really exist as a god so wouldn’t happen
nizakat iqbal (1 month ago)
Kratos should never die. Its what makes him Kratos. The man overcomes anything and everything. He is a beast and a beacon of hope. With hope one can achieve anything. Let everything around him die and Kratos grow old.
Zero Squad (1 month ago)
If Kratos dies and Atreus becomes the main character.... God of Mischief game confirmed!
I hope that we get to play as Atreus at some point (preferably an older one but we don't know how much time has passed in the next game)
Poison (1 month ago)
thanks for spoiling the ending to a game on a console i will never own for me
Neco The Sergal (1 month ago)
From my understanding, having just beat the game now - 'Bring me God of War' difficulty was quite the pain in the ass. Is that, in Norse Mythology, is that Kratos's wife, Laufey, was meant to marry jötunn Fárbauti and give birth to Loki, as well as 2 other children. This timeline, if we think of it as a mix of Kratos' literally believing that Fate can be changed and is meaningless to hold onto - he himself has created an MGS-Styled Time Paradox by showing up, he was meant to die by 'Fate', thus never show up to this region entirely. Kratos essentially comes into the picture and replaces Fárbauti, that or, just marries Laufey as when he comes in, his fate connects with the Mythos by showing up and is reinforced when he tries to settle there. Loki is born as a result, likely due to Fate and the necessity of him needing to be alive, whilst the other 2 unborn children that Laufey and jötunn Fárbauti would've had weren't as 'grand and needed for Ragnarok. Between Kratos creating a Time Paradox on Norse Mythology by showing up, it means that we can't really depend on the Real Lore, as it can bend to Kratos's will, he COULD be responsible for ensuring Loki doesn't end up being 'The Evil God' in mythology, Kratos 'CAN' change the fabric of reality and the normal timeline because of him showing up. Prequel-Question to me is, since God of War 3 ends in 'Cataclysmic Events' after killing each God, it really makes me wonder how large-scaled those world-disasters were, have they been redacted and changed to fit this game? Was it just simply the areas of Greece, Athens and that section of the world, simply is all but destroyed? I originally came into the game, thinking Kratos was teleported to a different timeline with a different mythos, but rather, the World is, Earth - all Mythos's have their own Hells, Religions and are all intertwined rather than Separated, as, Tyr was shown to have visited Egypt and Africa on his travels, proving that other places, other Gods of other Cultures are all plausible in God of War's Universe. If the Greek Mythology is, all but essentially destroyed, what does that area look like? If we saw it 15 years later, is it still post-apocalyptic as a result? Sequel-questions I'd want to ask is: It deliberately leaves many teases and doors open, Thor visiting Kratos in his home at the end-game.....was Zeus somehow in Helheim and it wasn't an illusion (Clearly left open to see how people react to this for Zeus to potentially make a comeback), will Atreus be destined to turn into a mare and let him get fucked by a horse to create Sleipnir? lmao.
Adam M (1 month ago)
Odin and Thor probably will kidnap artreus. You'll spend the game trying to find him while Faye is in the back organizing setting up the third game, by then kratos may have killed the Norse God's.. Final game in this new trilogy may end with artreus sacrificing himself to save kratos... Kratos loses his shit and kills Faye.. Ragnorak begins.. He uses the unity stone to escape with his son's body to a place where the dead have been told to return to life. Egypt. New trilogy.
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
Adam M lol I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens, but hey more GOW for the upcoming years lol
Zachary Law (1 month ago)
By mythologies you basically mean any and all religions past, present and future. As I'm sure there's enough dumbasses looking to get indoctrinated or conjure up some contrived and flawed thesis to life and it's origin.
Eclipse (1 month ago)
dude man spoilers wtf
Savaged (1 month ago)
I feel like this game was a bit of a letdown... the graphics are great, the first 2 hours or so are great, but all of the battles and bosses are a bit repetitive, the missions were repetitive, there were barely any boss fights, and the few boss fights that there actually were weren't too difficult. They hyped up Thor, Odin etc the entire game, only for them to not have any major impact on the story. No Asgard etc. There are only a few key moments in the game that standout, and the ending was pretty sub par.
Pickles Mcgee (1 month ago)
Best game I ever played this year, definitely on my top 10 of all time
F5maintenance (1 month ago)
I'm not gonna lie Thor looked Fucking intimidating in the end, especially since you fucked with his mom, killed his brother, and killed both his nephews.
Zombie Bunny (1 month ago)
There's not a real doubt that all the Gods existed together anyway. In our own ten commandments it states,"You shall have no other gods before Me." If God thinks he's the only one then why even refer to anyone else as a God? He doesn't he says no no, don't put them before me the #1. Maybe you've just forgotten, or they've shunned us, maybe your prayers aren't being answered because you're praying to the wrong God. They all could be out there, we've just let them go because if you don't see it does it really exist? Maybe they just don't like us... or you?
Middle Eastern Atheist (1 month ago)
+BEAST MODE Early forms of Judaism had many pagan Gods, monotheism developed over time as Jews were influenced by Zoroastrianism and at a time Jews were desperate for reformation.
BEAST MODE (1 month ago)
That certain commandment is talking about people worshiping objects/animals rather than the creator “god” himself,which people did in the past
dylan gross (1 month ago)
Zombie Bunny I interpret that more as we may create our own gods and worship certain people, but put none of said figure heads before the lord. Thats what i thought that meant.
Dustin Vicary (1 month ago)
Sick Alter Bridge shirt dude
AJ 187 (1 month ago)
Kind of disappointed I was looking forward to fighting Thor and Odin I didn't want to fight some guy that has issues with his mom, I thought we would be fighting Thor since we killed both of his sons kind of stupid to keep God of war going he's older I say since they didn't add Odin or Thor to just leave it alone if anything add dlc later where ragnarok comes (sorry for my spelling)
AJ 187 (1 month ago)
Young Mimbo honestly Idc as much just not what I expected how much longer can kratos honestly go for it's not the same anymore free roam was cool I already finished everything I hope they don't take years to throw out another part I think it's time for kratos to die though already let the son take over. If they do another kratos needs to die at the end he's complained almost not having enough strength to finish the journey in this part imagine at the end of battling Thor and Odin
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
Oh and I’m not sure if this is true but I thought I saw an article that confirmed no dlcs for god of war.
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
Baldur was legit idk why you’re trying to bash him, his Thor’s brother and him being dead pushed Ragnarok a lot closer, how come you’re not hyped for a new god of war involving the badass events that Ragnarok had, hel, the world serpents fight against Thor and hopefully Odin being killed by Fenrir? God of war is a franchise that will take a lot more years to finally reach its end, that’s if Sony decides to because its sequel potential is almost unlimited due to how many pantheons exist
Adam M (1 month ago)
AJ 187 it's a trilogy that sets up several other games after this Norse mythology story......
dylan gross (1 month ago)
F5maintenance I was getting ready to basically say the same the thing lol.
The Traveler (1 month ago)
So... what does the ending mean?
Will891410 (1 month ago)
Think that it will produce some spin offs of the main story ant at the end of the day Loki will turn to be the new "Kratos".
ChildishCodino (1 month ago)
A lot of people are saying Kratos is the world serpent that upon the death of Kratos Atreus/Loki made him into the serpent it's fits the mythology the world serpent is the son of Loki. The world serpent has red markings the mural could be many things I've heard a couple things floating around but it definitely looks like Atreus putting a snake into a dying Kratos.
ronnie marshall (1 month ago)
ChildishCodino Actually, ur right, It does look like Atreus puts a snake in his mouth
ChildishCodino (1 month ago)
Sir Parker I think it's cool as fuck. Mimir mentions the world serpent gets thrown through time at the end of ragnarok to before it was born. So if before it was born is the moment Kratos is about to die Atreus could be trying to save him. The theme of this game is about acceptance and moving on for better or for worse it'd make sense and I think it'd be a good send off for Kratos having someone bringing him back to life not because they're own ambitions but trying to save him out of love.
Sir Parker (1 month ago)
ChildishCodino You know how many people that would piss off?
If they kill Kratos then i won’t buy the next game.
dylan gross (1 month ago)
Worlds_Greatest_Detective I think they would figure that, so IF they were to, i assume they would just save it for the end of the series.
Hector Rojo (1 month ago)
I LOVE to see a god of war game set in Egyptian mythology
xenomorph 12322 (29 days ago)
Hector Rojo I prefer Norse but Egypt is cool too
Earthworm Jimbob (1 month ago)
MisterTbone (1 month ago)
Wow, you guys missed that Fey's full name is Laufey and that the world serpent is Loki's child thrown to the past from the future, which is why when Mimir first talked to the serpent in game he said "interesting" which was revealed to be the serpent saying Atreus "seemed familiar".
oOVanHalenOo (1 month ago)
MisterTbone the mural depicted Loki and Kratos on the ground while runes in the form of a snake comes out of them? A spell turning Kratos into the world serpent to save him? Now look at how the World serpent looks like. He has white skin, red line on its head, the same color eyes and a beard, just like Kratos. Loki/Atreus= the father of the world serpent but not in the traditional sense. He has turned Kratos into the world serpent. Loki is the creator therefore its "father". That is also why He said that Atreus /Loki feels familiar when they first met. This also why The world serpent said: "I know/feel your loss" because Kratos has lost his daughter, wife and wife again (Faye, mother of Loki/Atreus).
Young Mimbo (1 month ago)
MisterTbone yeah also there’s this theory going around which involves the horn being used when kratos is making his way to freya’s to heal Atreus, people are saying that it might be a time traveling Loki looking to change something because no one else other than Mimir and obviously Atreus(Loki) speak its language. This franchise can’t never die and I love it lol
Beepman (1 month ago)
i predict kratos will die on the end of the next game or in the beginning of the third game to further establish atreus as the next main character of the franchise. we then play as a teen or adult atreus seeking revenge but will later remember his father's words about being better than him towards the end of the game which will prompt a moral choice with different endings.
Swagimir Putin (1 month ago)
Steven Ho, by Kratos killing Baldur, he has sped up the events of Ragnarok. It's already happening. He brought about an early Fimbulvetr, which leads to Ragnarok. It's like Arnold Schwarzenegger said in the third Terminator film. Christmas Day is inevitable.
Celestial Gaming (1 month ago)
Jackson Meade agreed
Phantomonum (1 month ago)
Even though I really got attached to Atreus, lets be honest here guys, there is no God Of War game without Kratos.
Kazador (1 month ago)
No that’s all stupid. Kratos has got to stay imo.
Steven Ho (1 month ago)
my theory is that atreus loses himself again, but this time completely, and brings upon ragnorok. kratos will try to stop him, but dies in the process, which snaps atreus out of it. that is, if, the last mural depicts a dead kratos
Kenny Howard (1 month ago)
Geez guys could you wait a bit to let people actually finish the game before posting a video about the ending. Some of us have lives and cant play video games all day and finish them in like 24 hours
dylan gross (1 month ago)
lost (1 month ago)
Nigga ur retarded why would u click on a video that says god of war 4 ending explained when u haven't finished the game
Alan Zamora (1 month ago)
Kenny Howard don’t watch the video? The thumbnail didn’t even have any spoilers nor the title
Grunkle Dan (1 month ago)
You missed a few things. For example that as he is Loki he is also the father or the World Serpent (before the world serpent is sent back in time of course) and that it was likely a time travelling Loki who blew the horn when Kratos was travelling up the elevator. Theory going around at the moment is that Kratos is also Tyr and will be the one who travels through the other mythologies but that is a bit of a crazy one. Would love to see if we will see Lokis other children Hel , Sleipnir and Fenrir make an appearance.
Grunkle Dan (1 month ago)
coffeeandjelly I think it was intentionally left that way as we will be revisiting that point in a future game. Keep in mind this is all jist theories and it could be COMPLETELY wrong.
coffeeandjelly (1 month ago)
What I don't get is why blow the horn to summon the serpent? That part was really vague, unless I was missing something
coffeeandjelly (1 month ago)
What I don't get is why blow the horn to summon the serpent? That part was really vague, unless I was missing something
Theovanua (1 month ago)
CroneRaven1810 That sounds really interesting, I actually never took notice of the serpants colour
DazeD Puppy (1 month ago)
I wanna see kratos doing Celtic mythology, fighting a banshee would be lit
Skooma (1 month ago)
im gay
DeenanTheKemon I (19 days ago)
See, that wasnt so hard!
JingleBerryJones (1 month ago)
Skooma good for you
Michael Richard (1 month ago)
One thing I think could happen is since Odin has restricted passage to aasgard as their is no rune available, Kratos may die to enter aasgard and kill all the Gods, just a theory though
Jeff Bartolo (1 month ago)
it means dont talk about the ending online like this the just came out like the friggen hell guys
vishal raj (1 month ago)
many people who already played the game are confused about certain parts of the ending, so i dont see any problem with this since they did put the spoiler warning title. People who dont want it spoiled will avoid.
Jeff Bartolo (1 month ago)
i did.. clicked on the video just to type the comment paused it so it didnt play. im not a moron. still dont think anyone should be spoiling a not even week old game
dylan gross (1 month ago)
Ya i mean if you read the title and didn't expect spoilers, you got no one to blame but yourself. If you dont like it, just dont watch it lol.
Grunkle Dan (1 month ago)
I think its fine as long as the topic is in the title. Then people who don't want to know can easily avoid it.
Getting you Triggered (1 month ago)
Hopefully with there next title itll be only one more in the norse mythology. But sometime tells me it'll be like gow like kratos was trying to track down zeus for revenge and the way its looking it maybe another 2 more parts in norse since greek took 3 games. Im hoping its only 2 tho cuz qe can wrap this up and maybe fight Egyptian gods/ Japanese gods/ or Celtic gods. From what the symbols show
dylan gross (1 month ago)
Getting you Triggered I think they'll do GoW5 focused on Thor or Odin, then GoW6 will focus on the other. I think doing a trilogy for each mythology would be genius.
minisquigy (1 month ago)
Odin does not adopt Loki in Norse Mythology... thats only in the marvel universe, in the mythology Odin and Loki become blood brothers because they are good friends, Loki's mother and father are both alive. Why does everyone quote marvel as the source material.
Joseph (18 days ago)
minisquigy this dude doing the video is a retard
reported worm (1 month ago)
Alias jon I know that, but in the texts generally regarded as the true mythology (Poetic Edda) Loki references when he and Odin “shared blood” and talks of their blood brother oath
Alias jon (1 month ago)
reported worm no but that's the thing tho, with a lot of these, you can't track the original. Between Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse, when adapting Norse people are often forced to take most liberties because of this very reason.
reported worm (1 month ago)
Alias jon that might be a version, but it’s not the original
Alias jon (1 month ago)
Aren't there different , conflicting versions of norse mythology tho? I swear there's one wherein Loki is adopted and then Ragnarok is tirggered because he kills Baldur, who is his brother as Odin's son.
bird of the abyss (1 month ago)
I think it’s interesting how Mimir talks about time being cyclical. Maybe Kratos and Tyr are one being
comic castle (1 month ago)
It well be cool to see two gods of face of
bird of the abyss (1 month ago)
I think it’s likely but I respect your opinion
Apex Weasel (1 month ago)
bird of the abyss i know i saw it but i honestly doubt that they would do something like that but im not saying that it is not possible
bird of the abyss (1 month ago)
Apex Weasel In the mural at the end of the game Kratos’ arm is obscured which I interpreted as a confirmation that he is Tyr.
Apex Weasel (1 month ago)
bird of the abyss i doubt kratos is tyr because in norse mythology fenrir (son of loki) bites off tyrs arm
Jake Matthews (1 month ago)
I’m pretty sure Tyr’s murals hinted towards Egyptian Shinto and Aztec myth instead of Celtic.
Odin666 (1 month ago)
It’s was Egypt. Japanese. And Aztec
lafon02 (1 month ago)
Hopefully its Japanese and Aztez.
Ely The Dark Soul (1 month ago)
Kratos die cant die and if he does i think santa monica will making get out of hellhime by beating hell ass
Kelvin Martinez (1 month ago)
I actually feel kind of sorry for kratos but still some people that played the game won't forget what kratos has done.
SageofSorrow (1 month ago)
The fact that he honestly tried to help Baldur in the end shows he has changed completely. It’s never too late to redeem yourself and no one is beneath the right for repentance
Alien (1 month ago)
WhooFlungPoo And also murder almost, if not all, of Greece in the process. Kratos killed more people than Hitler for his vengeance.
Firmini Gaming (1 month ago)
Kelvin Martinez all that murder haunts him and is a huge push in this game, from why kratos is scared to open up and tell atreus what they are, and hes unable to face his past himself
WhooFlungPoo (1 month ago)
Kelvin Martinez avenge his family and life being ruined by the gods?
ryan smith (1 month ago)
Its creepy how much Kratos looks like Jules.
Bayofthe91st (1 month ago)
If Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner. Then Kratos turns back become Jules when he's completely out of rage
TIM NICE BUT DIM (1 month ago)
Who would win a fight Kratos or Geralt of Rivia?
sbbsgdgejqiadvdh (1 month ago)
Cazy Cracker I love Geralt but he doesn't have any tools that can take out kratos. Geralt doesn't have anything to stop kratos raw strength. With kratos blades of chaos and the Leviathan axe kratos would be able to go past Geralts defenses
yvse vyse (1 month ago)
Black Pigeons hey! His question is as serious as cancer! :(
Black Pigeons (1 month ago)
Kratos would destroy geralt, but you already knew that right...
Denis Senich (1 month ago)
Cazy Cracker Simply because he is a God. Although Geralt is technically a superhuman mutant and everything but he not a durable as a Good. Atreus took a powerful ass blow to the body from Baldur and only got his breath knocked out of him. I Geralt took that punch there wouldn't be enough of the Swallow potions to heal him. That's only one example
Rosencrantz (1 month ago)
Mayan, egyptian, japanese mythologies....ahhhh shits gonna be epic, PS5 exclusives for sure.
Devon Hartoon (1 month ago)
I swear the developers should flip everything upside down and have owdin travel and unite all the other mythologies by saying kratos and atreus want to kill them all
Rosencrantz (1 month ago)
Tresloucada....yeah, christian mythology is weak, unless you are talking about early caananite mythology stuff...theres only jesus and god and they are the same person anyways, now AZTEC, MAYANS, JAPANESE, EGYPTIAN, even maybe INDIAN MYTHOLOGY.......those are the real deal.
Tresloucada (1 month ago)
I want the Christian mythology aswell
xX Valtiel Xx (1 month ago)
* *_cough_* * Judeo-Christian mythology * *_cough_* * can't wait to see Kratos or Loki beating the shit out of Moses or going on an epic battle against Jesus, something of the sort, maybe a DLC with Muslim mythos, take Muhammad's flying donkey and shove it up his asshole x'D
Ewan Callister (1 month ago)
Dad of War Dad of War 2: The Dark World Dad of War 3: Ragnarok
rik_40 (1 month ago)
then finally Spartans: Reunite
Pro Bot (1 month ago)
Ewan Callister warriors: infinity dad
Trevor (1 month ago)
Ugh, Spoilers!
dylan gross (1 month ago)
Trevor HAHAHA i was pretending to be an idiot! Lol get real guy. If you're gonna take a shit, atleast have the stomach to stand by it.
dylan gross (1 month ago)
The worst people lol.
Getting you Triggered (1 month ago)
Trevor reallly?? Dumb ass 😂
Jeremiah Elijah (1 month ago)
Trevor Yet now you continue to respond, eager to prove a point you don't have. Don't copy the monkey, or it makes you look equally stupid.
Hakurei Oni (1 month ago)
"Ha, I was just pretending to be retarded!"
Donald Johnson (1 month ago)
I am so getting this game
Joseph Cook (1 month ago)
Same thing I was thinking. LMFAO. People ...smh
WhooFlungPoo (1 month ago)
Bruce Doyle litte kids really dont care about spoilers or story immersion. They tend to see flashy things, buy into hype, think cool, awsome, pretty graphics and just play. Its usually the older crowd that appreciates a good narrative and story. Usually...
Bruce Doyle (1 month ago)
?? 2 questions... Why havent you already? and what the hell are you doing here spoiling yourself xD
Mark Lewis (1 month ago)
God of war is a bit overhyped in my opinion It's great no question BUT it has it still has shortcomings, which are... 1) repetitive bosses, too many trolls edit- with the exception of the helhiem troll, had some new attacks that mixed it up 2) 1 kill animation per enemy 3) not much extra replay value Wonder if there's gonna be DLC though?
EveryDayIsPlayDay (1 month ago)
Just beat the game and 100 percent agree! Still a phenomenal game, incredible story/design and combat. Almost amazes me how there wasn’t more variety with enemies/finishers. But nonetheless, a favorite game for me, and highly recommend it to any new or veteran god of war fans:)
Alexandru DG (1 month ago)
Maybe that's because of all the things you've said is almost happening in all of God of War games, like everything you just listed are basic things. That will never change, no matter how much you'll complain about it. However, they did change a lot, almost like an Assassin's Creed game/Last Of Us/ Dark Souls kind of game. This time it's not just a hack and slash game, this time you gotta think and makes strategies or you'll just end up getting your ass handed. Last but least, you have to interact more with the environment. I found this game most uptop storywise. I learned a lot about the Norse Mythology by just playing this game. There's so many nostalgic things that happened during the game which was a nice nod to all that's happened in the past. And the bond between Kratos and his son was amazing aswell. Sometimes tough love, other moments you could feel the sheer emotion of Kratos trying to open up, but doesn't do it so directly and handles the emotions his own way. I won't make a huge comment of this but, I'll just say it straight out, you're just someone who has to complain about something that is irrelevant. And besides, majority of people love this game. Also if you think a little right, you know that what you said is basic in almost every game. And if it isn't, then think about the budget.
Connor Dutton (1 month ago)
nizakat iqbal you can’t compare GOW 3 to GOW 4. GOW three was a final installment over two other fairly long games that slowly ramped up the story adding new story elements and gameplay.GOW 4 is a soft reboot that sets up several different things new combat, new mythology, son, customization, world, gods etc it laid the groundwork for 2-4 new installments. The only fair comparison is a GOW one to GOW four or GOW 3 to Ragnarok which we won’t be seeing for sometime.
Angel Valle (1 month ago)
Mark Lewis Im not gonna bash your opinion. I can see where you're coming from. For me its easily one of the greatest games ever made but it does lack the super boss fights. It does have the stranger boss fight which is one of the best in the series but the rest were kinda the same. Fighting the brothers was a good one too. I know this is a different myth but most people remember the posiedon fight or the hades or the Hercules or the thanos or even Zeus. Those were epic interactive fights. But i think the next one will have them.
Andres Sotelo (1 month ago)
nizakat iqbal I'm not saying god of war not a masterpiece just saying all games should be made like god of war..

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