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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #6 - Commanding the Fury

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Soundtrack #6 - Commanding the Fury (Exclusive Track) Composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Percival. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Official Soundtrack - http://youtu.be/ckxd7HKhD54
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Text Comments (65)
cosgrove360 (3 days ago)
“Damn you’re ugly!”
GamingPride (2 months ago)
"How long are you gonna make me wait?"
SHADOWARRIOR mk2 (3 months ago)
"Slower" - Geralt of Rivia to Roach
laabitres (3 months ago)
First time i heard this theme i died like 5 times lmao
The last man STANDING (5 months ago)
Fighting ghouls in the sunset
Nikhil Kalita (5 months ago)
Ultimate game of the decade. Played 6times and counting.
Jozef Jozef (5 months ago)
"What now you piece of filth? " - Geralt of Rivia-
Ivan P. (5 months ago)
"Никак вы, блядь, не научитесь"
Windows Crashed (6 months ago)
Lyrics for the ending part (1:38): "Fain hajkaler er thyiurk wovdj" ('Haijka wovs in fwostdj!) "Yelen vir kiut en siut wovdj" ('Haijka wovs in fwostdj!) "Kos wovdj tav glaus en diths" ('Haijka wovs in fwostdj) "Wovdj ast divx noth yibrai" (En ast renh kain fwostdj) "'Haijka haijkaler in fwostdj!" Translation: "Five hunters are tracking down the wolf" (Hunting wolves in the woods!) "They will chop and slice the wolf" (Hunting wolves in the woods!) "But the wolf got claws and teeth" (Hunting wolves in the woods) "The wolf left nothing behind" (And ran into the woods) "Hunting hunters in the woods!" Pronunciation (English): "Fein hizhkahler er thiurk wovdj" (Hizhkah wovs in fwostdj!) "Yelen vir kut an sut wovdj" (Hizhkah wovs in fwostdj!) "Kos wovdj tav glals en diths" (Hizhkah wovs in fwostdj) "Wovdj ast divsh noth yibrai" (En ast renh kighn fwostdj) "'Hizhkah hizhkahler in fwostdj!" P.S.: Yes, I don't have anything else to do :)
PivotManDx139 (6 months ago)
“Shut up and fight!”
Patrick Wilson (7 months ago)
1:31 - 1:51 My favorite part.
Tommy Scott (8 months ago)
"What now, you filth?"
Gryzzly (9 months ago)
"Damn your ugly!" Geralt hitting the clubs in Velen w/ Dandelion
game power (9 months ago)
Heyecanli bir muzik daha tam witchera yakisiyor in engilish very good music
SAID AL-HOUSNI (10 months ago)
what now you piece of filth
SAID AL-HOUSNI (10 months ago)
this moment when you get yourself into trouble with the gaurds of Novigrad.
Lou R Torres (10 months ago)
This tune still gets me mad hype. Like when i pass a bandit camp and they are high level but that plays... I get the fuck off my horse and sword dance!
Xuytts :3 (11 months ago)
"Damn your ugly"
Xuytts :3 (8 months ago)
ma bad
Caden Stevens (8 months ago)
Vitaly Vlasov (9 months ago)
what you got for me out there, Joeyray?
Matheus (1 year ago)
"Let's dance"
Ellie (1 year ago)
I think I know what I'm gonna listen to while working out from now on
Yunus Emre Şener (1 year ago)
Come on come closer
LEMON (1 year ago)
Yunus Emre Şener YEN
ACE (1 year ago)
"What ? Lost your nerve?"
RetroDeath Reviews (1 year ago)
woooAOooaho, slow down Roach!
Tlot Pwist (1 year ago)
Rest in Pieces theme song
Yaban Arısı (2 years ago)
Like this minecraft soundtrack. Epic
Yaban Arısı The Witch Hunters are going to have fun burning you at the stake, heretic. And geralt won't help you, he don't help those with horrible tastes in games.
Birdie (1 year ago)
Yaban Arısı no stop please
Denzel De bruyn (2 years ago)
"How'd you like that silver ?!"
DrVictor (2 years ago)
Chuj 00:05
M Grizzy (2 years ago)
first time hearing this was against an insanely OP noonwraith..
Haris Khan (1 month ago)
Devil by the Well.
iHeartAxes (6 months ago)
Oh yes, the Devil by the Well
Gordone Uomolibero (7 months ago)
Jenny O'The Woods
DJ (1 year ago)
Well wraiths aren't that hard. You gotta experiment in The Witcher games and read up on monsters in the bestiary to understand how to defeat them, which is a really cool aspect in my opinion :) It's just: 1. If you have no moon dust bomb, dodge non-stop and wait till they show up, roll around them and yrden, fast attack non stop and repeat :) 2. If you do have the bomb, it's easy: throw it xD and destroy the wraith. Noon-wraiths are easy as well, kinda the same concept. Just that you have to hurry up to kill those clones. Only wraith I had problems with are Nightwraiths. Soo much harder
mwjgc reeves (2 years ago)
+M Grizzy - Earl Of Wednesbury Oh man I envy you, you have so much awesome stuff to plough through, I'm on my NG+ playthorugh, can't wait to start Hearts of Stone now that Blood and Wine is coming out on the 31st!
Guilherme Outro (2 years ago)
"Damn, you stink!"
Guilherme Outro (2 years ago)
You, sir, have a fantastic name! =D (and now is 4:20... coincidence?)
DAVID JOHNS (2 years ago)
mwjgc reeves (2 years ago)
Recently I was doing the Var Attre twins quest and when Geralt started sparring with Rosa he said "Ugly bastard!..." hahahaha
Ian80525 (2 years ago)
"What now you piece of filth!?"
Jean-luc Clark (1 year ago)
"He's conjuring! The bastards conjuring!!"
Tea Drinking Male (1 year ago)
Yellow King It's actually kinda funny, since the polish word for beautiful “Urodina" means ugly in Russian.
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
"Drowners and a Water Hag. My favorite."
Toodles Mcguee (1 year ago)
Ian80525 "Damn your ugly!"
Yellow King (1 year ago)
How do you pick up Polish chicks? "Damn, you're ugly!"
Ricky Whipple (2 years ago)
This track would go well with a scene involving riding horses
FrancyBenz (4 months ago)
Steffke99 *Vietnam flashbacks intensify*
Achintya Upadhyay (1 year ago)
Spencer Anderson Is that dialogue in the game?
Spencer Anderson (2 years ago)
"I call every single one I ride Roach." -Geralt of Rivia
Steffke99 (2 years ago)
Not with roach
thefunder1 (2 years ago)
bread ROLL (3 years ago)
Absolutely love this tune, reminds me in part of the parsons farewell cover that was done for black sails

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