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JUST CAUSE 4 - NEW Gameplay Trailer (2018)

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JUST CAUSE 4 Open World Gameplay Trailer (2018) • Release Date: Dec. 04, 2018 • Platform: PS4, XB1, PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (1038)
Nikita Chusovitin (28 minutes ago)
super shit
Lil Debil (31 minutes ago)
DLC for JC3
Nick Hackett (7 hours ago)
whats up with all the hip hop music though. it doesnt go with the game at all
CrispyBear14 (9 hours ago)
Look great these are my only concerns Driving still looks bad No sprinting Overall lack of options that don’t involve blowing things up
Big Louie 913 (20 hours ago)
You think they will release a demo
Big Louie 913 (20 hours ago)
To bad smash bros is coming out December 7th. I guess I gotta wait till Christmas for this game
Théo BENHABILES (1 day ago)
is it gonna be multiplayer on console
mrcarlito976 (1 day ago)
Its gonna suck better call it just(the same) liberate citys unlock stuff same shit diffrent map and full of bugs no wonder just cause 3 ended up in the trash container called PlayStation Plus free games section
Darth Howl (1 day ago)
You have served me well gtx 1050ti, I'll see you on the other side
Nuke (2 days ago)
Best game of the year 10/10 (R.I.P. my pc)
해사랑 (5 days ago)
Bat Shet (5 days ago)
Jc3 was a total fukup... They better have something more than pretty cutscenes and biomes... coz be honest; what game doesnt have these today??
vikehen (5 days ago)
im so glad i bought this game
Kieran Schafer (5 days ago)
Im happy there are distinct biomes again. JC3s map was also all the same, and was boring asf.
Elstrobe Blanco (5 days ago)
this looks more diverse than ghost recon wildlands
Luke Holland (6 days ago)
I am so excited for the release. I don’t care how much this costs, I’m buyin it😂
おわー (7 days ago)
PanTencza MegaEnchant (8 days ago)
Frank Richard (9 days ago)
Fraser Streatfield (9 days ago)
Hope the lama has 500 mats for all materials 🙃😜
Radlers: Jack (9 days ago)
Why add a jetpack in JC3 only to not have it in the base game of JC4? I'm TOO USED to jetting around. This is just gonna feel sluggish for me. Still, plenty of shit to blow up so...
hamoud meske (10 days ago)
I like just cause but there is one thing that makes me stay away of it is that you feel like you finished the game and you just start Playing it and that the producers don’t focus on the game story it’s feels like a wide world and you can destroy e everything you see and you can fly every minute !! Need more realism
Michael Nikiforoff (10 days ago)
this game looks bad lol
drouxaar (10 days ago)
wonder if the eDen corporation will make it into this game...
Leon Bert (12 days ago)
When u r watching a just cause 4 gameplay trailer and u get an ad for just cause 4. lol
ketnipz (12 days ago)
Prinz Eugen (12 days ago)
this is hype
Buying Feet Pics (12 days ago)
Just going to wait for the multi-player mod :D
Mario Williams (13 days ago)
AMAZING Video! I fell in love with Just Cause 3, and I definitely can't wait for this game!
Rroxross (13 days ago)
Best physics was in red faction ) But I want to try this
Wyan (13 days ago)
i hope the tornados will not be redundant
AMV The Hero (13 days ago)
Garrys mod + stunning graphics
Casper van Leeuwe (14 days ago)
I hope they redid the driving mechanics. They were so bad in JC3
Casper van Leeuwe (14 days ago)
Can't wait for this game. Getting tired of all these Battle Royale games.
HerezCheez (14 days ago)
Give us the ability to grapple while in a vehicle
lolindirlink (14 days ago)
The legend of Rico: Breath of the Bay
Miles Winters (14 days ago)
wow thank God there is no speed limit
Matteo Fabris (14 days ago)
Mamma mia tanta robbaa
Christoph von Rentzell (14 days ago)
So is this game going to run at 20 FPS as well? Last game was complete garbage due to poor optimization.
SeeLan (14 days ago)
Ya boi just preordered the game at gamestop
Vapor Boi (14 days ago)
Just Cause 3: Remastered
Rompel Shtiltshen (14 days ago)
Как было дерьмом, этак и осталось, ПОДЛАТАЙТЕ JS2 И ВСЁ. Дико был разочарован покупкой JS3 - порожний мир и мастерить в нём вообщем нечего
TheDiamondStew //YT (14 days ago)
god i really cant wait for this to come out
Dave Meredith (14 days ago)
I hope they sort the mission structure system and technical issues of previous games?. Away from this the games concept and design is fun...
Seth Dotson (14 days ago)
Cant wait for the stunt Montages
Darth Ruin (14 days ago)
Hope the driving is better this time around
KING MK (15 days ago)
Красивая графика
Wizzer Krizzer (15 days ago)
Not even your trailer Just cause made that
Hrothgar O' Dhughaill (15 days ago)
Its feels nice to be excited for a game release again..Im looking forward to this one!!
Dingus Voon (15 days ago)
Tropical storm more like the end of the world
Princess Balamb (15 days ago)
Loving the JC2 vibes. I hope they bring back the beautiful sunsets from JC2 as well!
Nazar Zakharov (15 days ago)
Это 3 доля
Durato 64 (15 days ago)
The map its big
Durato 64 (15 days ago)
It needs another subitles
Durato 64 (15 days ago)
The video not the game cause the game its asome
Jack Dm Paceci (15 days ago)
warriorgt7 Gr (15 days ago)
Can you destroy skyscrapers
Live For a While (16 days ago)
When is she going to stop saying obviousness?
lol xd (16 days ago)
fuck you
BirdMaanSkrrt (16 days ago)
Best discription ever
Evgenii Sechko (16 days ago)
2:33 STEEP))). ??
Anders (16 days ago)
I just wish this game had coop mode so I can explore with friends.
Arnadeep gamer Rio (16 days ago)
i will be happy if i can run this game on intel hd graphics 4 gb ram and intel pentium 3558u @1.7ghz.
Hothfy (16 days ago)
so cool
Prod. Exodus (16 days ago)
That trap beat at the end is lit
henrymac77 (16 days ago)
Yes! Snowmobile!
FLYING TURTLES (16 days ago)
can my core 2 duo run this?
supermendi007 (16 days ago)
The game is awesome, but the main character's English accent (Rico's) totally kills any will to buy this game inside of me :/ Hope it's just me tho, the game ain't bad at all when it comes to any non-language related content...
Frankie Paratene (17 days ago)
female ali a
Matthew Starfish (17 days ago)
Looks good. I hope the gameplay isn't so repetitive this time. Still loved the third one.
Christopher (17 days ago)
I’ll wait for this to release as a ps+ game
Bryan Break (17 days ago)
Online or not?
yoenny the gamer (17 days ago)
I can't wait to see the Easter eggs
Tazz M. (18 days ago)
Cant wait! I'm really excited
Chris Thompson (18 days ago)
2:06. Was that engine sound from an Lfa
Maurizio Carcassona (18 days ago)
Looks like this power point presentation is gonna be quie fun
Shadow Sage (18 days ago)
I’m buying the game for the nature stuff and for the tornado
homeslice1479 (18 days ago)
Is that....a folding chair on Rico's back?
Martin Solomon (19 days ago)
I hope this is coming out on the Commodore 64
javy beaz (19 days ago)
JS3 was the best game on the xbox I played. JS4 might be the best
Leviathan (19 days ago)
who even use cars in JC ??
Dip Jr (19 days ago)
Im liking that new frostbite engine
Germie (19 days ago)
oh my goddamn teases please
Sekαy (19 days ago)
i NEEEEEEEEED this game
Blaze 4R (20 days ago)
Just cause 4? More like Just chaos 4!!
misterdoc (20 days ago)
hopefully not as bad as jc3.
DeadlySilver (20 days ago)
My Xbox one can barely run just cause 3 how the hell would it run just cause 4
Fabian Höfler (20 days ago)
Its funny that this game has cars
Platinum Death Squad (20 days ago)
Idc what they say, it will not be anywhere close to how lively Red Dead Redemption 2s world will be
End My Missouri (20 days ago)
all i need is multiplayer and you will never see me play anything else for at least a year
Nelson (20 days ago)
I love JC3
Anthony Ortiz (20 days ago)
I hope we can sprint in this one.
A Ceratosaurus Said (20 days ago)
Mom, I got a new Christmas present I want
TheGoldenWarrior (20 days ago)
This is really beautiful Cant wait to buy this Definitely worth a Christmas gift
Ryan Ramírez (20 days ago)
Físicas ZBOT
Luke Mancell (20 days ago)
Make it multiplayer 😫😫
Nice, now PLEASE MAKE it better than Just Cause 3s system! keep lagging on a bright new PS4 pro! -.-
Cancerous Hit! (21 days ago)
I love how it somehow mixes the aesthetics of jc2 and jc3 in the different biomes. I loved jc3 but compared to the previous game, the environment seemed weird. Now with the biomes i would love to see all different environments seamlessly blend into one another. So hyped!!!
A is for Annihilation (21 days ago)
I love u AVALANCHE! JC4 BABY!! Looks so sick!

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