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STEAMWORLD HEIST | Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games Trailer | 2017

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STEAMWORLD HEIST ULTIMATE EDITION is coming to Nintendo Switch! The Release date is December 28, 2017. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ COMPLETE 40 DECEMBER GAMES - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNHgML73iRM&list=PLeduSi3UshckdlFrbtHSe0uJ8fIX3OHnp&index=1 ◆ Follow Us ◆ Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (34)
Junior Duperval (9 months ago)
I bet its gonna be overpriced on the switch.
Felix Fõrster (9 months ago)
Junior Duperval 20€ as I know
Jesus Osvaldo Broch (9 months ago)
I had this on Steam and never got to play it (then my laptop broke). And after playing SteamWorld Dig 2 on the Switch I totally belive this game will be gantastic to play.
Новый Ютубер (9 months ago)
Jero Martinez (9 months ago)
This game looks good i'll try it out when i finally have a free time in 9999yrs. Too many good games too little time.
MrHenG (9 months ago)
*Прикольная забава,яб сыграл)*
Alena._.23 (9 months ago)
MrHenG я бы не сыграла))
Felix Fõrster (9 months ago)
If I get my switch at christmas I'll think about buying SteamWorld Heist or SteamWorld Dig 2 which are both from the same developers. I played some time ago SteamWorld Dig on Nintendo 3DS and it was surprising amazing and it provided lot of fun to me for one of my first indie games. Just great!
Abdulrahman Zaatari (9 months ago)
Felix Fõrster 2 is way better than 1
Tony Rag (9 months ago)
Dumbest game ever thanks Nintendo e shop for waisting my time and my money. PS anyone wants to buy my switch I'll even take a lost and sell it way cheaper then it's original cost because I've already took one by buying this bull.
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
DesertorMax PC He's Just bitching in EVERY Vídeo of this channel, I bet he even haven't a Switch this whole time... He just wanna get attention
DesertorMax :D (9 months ago)
Vinicius Madeira im not saying that switch doesnt have good games, he want to sell his switch, so respect him, im giving him an advice
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
DesertorMax PC Man... Switch also got good games, stop bitching
DesertorMax :D (9 months ago)
Tony Rag sell your switch, save money and buy a pc gamer #FreeFun
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Tony Rag Ohh.. the Cringe
Tony Rag (9 months ago)
Please I beg of you Nintendo stop putting out these stupid games your doing nothing but making you company look very bad and running away you main base customers.
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Tony Rag I'm telling that you're the bitch that complains about Everything
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Tony Rag Nah... You're the bitch... Because you won't stop bitching on every vídeo of this channel
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Tony Rag OK, that's your opinion, It doesn't Change the fact that the people who played (The most part) loved It
Tony Rag (9 months ago)
Vinicius Madeira yes I have and they sucked what work for one person in not gonna work for all accept it
Vinicius Madeira (9 months ago)
Tony Rag Because you're too Stupid to understand your own language

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