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Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part II - Abilities Preview

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Pillars of Eternity's Game Director, Josh Sawyer, talks about some of the new abilities in The White March - Part II.
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Jacob Turner (8 months ago)
Really enjoying this game. Got it on the ps4. Finished the White March 2. This morning and that was a tough choice to make. Was fitting for the character I went with.
RPS Corp (1 year ago)
very much enjoyed my adventures in POE 2....i havent seen a game this good a since BG2
Abaszyn Widłakowski (1 year ago)
pilars of ertenity 2 is a good game , and i like it so much
Magnus Häggström (2 years ago)
imagine this game with DnD 5th edition rules *cry*
MrRevolutionMars (2 years ago)
Does pillars of eternity will get more dlc ?
Diskhate (2 years ago)
I still can't decide my personal game of 2015...it's either Pillars of Bloodborne. They're my two favourite series (the "infinity engine games" and the "souls") I hope you guys are able to create more awesome Crpgs..
Tiago Jordão (2 years ago)
+Diskhate Yeah, I was thinking about the game universe only. It would turn out some sort of darker Icewind Dale I guess.
Diskhate (2 years ago)
Well..i bet they may create the world/story behind it, since the team A of fromsoftware is simply incredible at this.. but i wouldn't let them develope the gameplay..Fromsoftware has never developed a "tactical" game, which is definitely a genre that is SOOO hard to imagine and develop from zero. They're experience almost exclusively in action rpgs...which is a completely different matter. But hey...i'd love to see a Fromsoftware/Bioware combo
Tiago Jordão (2 years ago)
+Diskhate The other day I was commenting with a friend that it would be great to have an isometric cRPG imagined by the people behind Bloodborne and Dark Souls.
s ss (2 years ago)
we miss chris avellone
Killyox (2 years ago)
Hey everyone! Check out my twitch channel. Pillars of Eternity: White March part II. http://www.twitch.tv/killyox/v/46994327. My fight with the first Eyeless you meet! Another stream today 8:00pm GMT+1 Hop in and converse! @ObsidianEnt thank you for making such an awesome game! Will happily back your future projects again. The game expansion is superb!
jedimastercosmin (2 years ago)
Charge for Fighters, awesome :D
okiheh (2 years ago)
Hmm how Reaping knives work ? Do they replace your weapons ? How will they work on a monk ?
Stew The RPGer (2 years ago)
sweet, psionic abilities
Johnny D (2 years ago)
Can't wait to start a new playthrough! Gonna be awesome :D
TheRuzenqures (2 years ago)
yes I am enjoying thank you very much
Sebastian We (2 years ago)
the cipher one seems freaking cool
Tiago Lourinho (2 years ago)
Ty guys =D

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