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Fallout 76: Every Infographic Montage - E3 2018

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Check out all the hilarious Fallout 76 infographic cartoons and learn more about how to survive the wasteland. Watch more from E3 2018 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xhgd8Y5XSmg&list=PLraFbwCoisJAcQvOvliIp_1bYkRlB8cVP&index=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (1457)
David Hožič (7 hours ago)
I don't know how they plan to do the story line with no npcs
Drewby-doo (22 hours ago)
Yes returning music
Dragon Rider (1 day ago)
I hate this. I just hate it.
Stalker Волк (2 days ago)
Кто российский???
I think I’ll be a half raider half minutemen
WFreeman (3 days ago)
The best way to describe this game is in theory, it's great, however in practice....
Spacejelly 42 (4 days ago)
Color tv but its a prequel
Ripa Moramee (5 days ago)
Do You Want To Know The Smartest Most Coolest Person In The World Hint:the second word
Juan David Najera (6 days ago)
What the there it is my name johnny
Geo Graphic (7 days ago)
Finally multiplayer fallout
Primepheonix96 Gamer (7 days ago)
The game looks so cool
Zalkeriuz (7 days ago)
So there is a ginger vault boy
playlist guy (7 days ago)
I can't wait to nuke whit my friends.
Reyzha Sevenz (8 days ago)
>make an underground shelter to avoid nuke and sheltering you from the radioactive >nuke the land after getting out
The great Gavin (8 days ago)
4:15 Yep
Channel Name (9 days ago)
But will it be on the Nintendo Switch?
Enyu Chi (9 days ago)
😊 Can’t wait!!!!
Otto Von Karl (9 days ago)
1:21 *Auf wiedersehen! Dummkopff!*
Teaze (9 days ago)
So annoying whenever you see multiplayer game demonstrations it’s usually NEVER like it
BlueDragon1504 (10 days ago)
Looks like a battle royale
CoRE (10 days ago)
That's going to be one of the best games ever. I played every fallout and this looks like the great one cuz it have multiplayer. I will play it with my brother every day.
ネッコワーク猫 (10 days ago)
フォールアウトもオンラインか…… ゲームの転換期かな……
Yariam Soto (11 days ago)
Imma do something a dumbass would do nuke myself
RaiN (11 days ago)
Super nowy fallout
Lucas Gorrie (11 days ago)
This looks incredible! Can't wait to play!
Aikal Arief (11 days ago)
This game are not offline. Alright buy wifi play online game
Am I the only one who LIKES Preston just me? Ok...wait I can nuke the mothman
Josh De Long yes I’ll save that settlement
Josh De Long (3 days ago)
great Herobrine and Scp-354-X another settlement is in need of your help, I’ll mark it on your map
ビダンカミーユ (11 days ago)
I like this world what a cool!
Jamie Edwards (12 days ago)
Nukes? With other people? Oh boy.
Нuкuта (12 days ago)
Должно быть заебись.
Dogeman (12 days ago)
Ohh,so it won't be a full-batle royal because players are not forced to kill eachother,thats pretty cool.
Stonedsnail 412 (13 days ago)
The nukes have the vault tec logo
Groovy NiBBa (13 days ago)
PGarvey 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Wtf what if everybody shoot nuke at the same time that will insane
Edu Cano (13 days ago)
fallout battleroyale
Energetic Pie5 (14 days ago)
Mira eso papu look at that the game thats 2019 game of the year
Well There Goes Fallout Online.
Raiden (15 days ago)
Finally. Color TV.
haltnicht (16 days ago)
1:40 Welcome to Fallout Battle Royale!
Citizen Citizenov (17 days ago)
Music on 2:20 (Right behind you baby)
Fredbear Yukki (17 days ago)
what happen when everything is nuked?
Rose C (17 days ago)
They invented color tv.
Reverse communist (17 days ago)
LOL theres 2 clans dominating the server what you do: 1: Raid and kill the enemy with GUNS 2: Nuke The BASE
Puglous (17 days ago)
I don't like how they mix gore into the propaganda cartoons. I think it works better when the brutal violence of the game stands in contrast to the media and culture of the pre-war period.
More Click (17 days ago)
So fallout 76 it just a multiplayer fallout
Chief Doggo (17 days ago)
*Apocalypse in the 90s*
the raven (17 days ago)
you know what? im gonna buy this sick game when it released
Gamer C.J/C.T (18 days ago)
Well here comes the sweaty no life’s that are literally going to get the highest level in the game and take all the loot
Here Again (18 days ago)
Hope they patched some bugs Bethsethda:he he he....no
Twistedgreg12 (18 days ago)
Does anybody else find it funny they killed PGarvy in the first part?
CHUPALA Z (19 days ago)
Jesse Webb (20 days ago)
Vault boy is my spirit animal
Joca HD (20 days ago)
4:58 sad scene
michaelgamer60 .DLC. (20 days ago)
I wanna live in a vault
Gayest bitch ever (20 days ago)
The great Gavin (20 days ago)
2:24 Boom!
SixPathsOfPein1987 (21 days ago)
fallout 4.5
MitchN9 tooker (21 days ago)
This is literally fellout 4 with a different map
MitchN9 tooker (21 days ago)
This is just like fellout 4 thay should have done something different but no
MitchN9 tooker (21 days ago)
This is just a repeat of fellout 4
Grey (22 days ago)
There might be some ragers lol.
Jake Paul (22 days ago)
how about fallout made their own show
Forever Names (22 days ago)
Fallout Battle Royale
Jamer 1870 (23 days ago)
fortnite 2
soulfle1967 3424 (23 days ago)
I can wait for the mutiplayer to play with my friends.
CRAZY_ METAL_GUY (23 days ago)
Ofline mod?
Cringedabber (23 days ago)
Loogi’s Spagget (23 days ago)
I wanna know if they would have mods or not because I don’t want to keep dying in multiplayer
Bobby Myers (23 days ago)
wait fallout four graphics
Бэнди 4 (23 days ago)
я росийский
Mr. Pige (23 days ago)
Кто здесь российский человек
Bleach (23 days ago)
we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal, we don't want a battle royal.
Deanna Lizaola (24 days ago)
I want it I want please 😭😭😭To bad it comes out on the Xbox first😭😭😭😭
Mato Campbell (24 days ago)
*Back in my day we had no shelters for atomic bombs*
Josh De Long (3 days ago)
Mato Campbell but there were settlements in need of your help, I’ll mark them on your map
Gordo Mario (24 days ago)
keegan tdmsmg4 2 (24 days ago)
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy
Marko Radokicik (25 days ago)
I like that this game isn't cannon to the real Fallout..it's just a fun spin off..like Fallout tactics was back in the day
Your Friend (25 days ago)
M U L T I P L A Y ER!!!!!!
xxxFaZe_DoGEx 123 (25 days ago)
Finally they have color in the world
Imargina (25 days ago)
Fallout 3 con un nuevo modo de juego, que original...
Red Jackie (25 days ago)
Wait, how does the "fallout zone" work? Is it like peeling a specific layer on an onion, where the fallout graphics is just a layer, or does it obliterate the area and randomly generate the fallout zone sequently?
Red Jackie (25 days ago)
The trailer looked like one of those games where they promised a 3d world interaction but ending up with just moving pictures that you talk to with the "world" being a background. If you don't get what I mean, imagine seeing gta V as it is but in a trailer buy ending up with stuff like th the mafia game on facebook, you don't actually get to run around the world, you just see images in front of your face talking and not doing anything else than that.
Rama Toulon (25 days ago)
To balance out the nuclear issue, there should be counter nuclear proliferation. I mean, I sure as hell would not want to be irradiated because some asshat gets off by making my life miserable.
Francisco Gutierrez (26 days ago)
POLSKIdudus2330 a (26 days ago)
I ready !
MADOG (26 days ago)
I’m so happy to see the fallout 76 trailer
Karmen McGuire (26 days ago)
This is gonna be Amazingly fun.....But...Trolls will Troll Fair warning people of the Fallout Universe....there will be Lots of Trolls to this new game. 🤔😲
Cassandra Miller (26 days ago)
Wait this in color but the other S.P.E.C.A.L cartoons aren't?
Cassandra Miller (26 days ago)
The new pip boy looks great! Even with it being a 2000 model!
oscar Veloz (27 days ago)
Won't like it to be online to much my ps4 needs to upgrade so I can use network features only thing is is that it won't upgrade 😭
Surreal Syrtek (27 days ago)
Multiplayer Fallout? That should be fun.
Doggo's Doodles (27 days ago)
iCountxr / iicounter (27 days ago)
Oh multiplayer..
The Chamie Show (27 days ago)
Anyone else building a Fallout Army?
PEW FOREVER (28 days ago)
Team work is better
YaBoySwifty (28 days ago)
Ironically, I get a fallout 76 ad before I watch this
Carl Johnson (28 days ago)
Cant wait. Please take me home now!
Jayson Payen (28 days ago)
Dont forget S.P.I.C.E.A.L

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