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Top 15 RPG Games NINTENDO SWITCH ( Upcoming 2018 & 2019 )

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Here 15 of Bests New RPG games 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. please SUBSCRIBE == https://bit.ly/2HoiVTy == to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (177)
STM (20 days ago)
Fallen Legion is a GREAT game!
Doppleganger1016 (2 months ago)
I said it on another one of these and I'll say it again. And they all look like mobile trash. Wonder how many crybabies will come to rabidly defend one of these piles of shit.
psued 0 (2 months ago)
Not a fan of PSO, but if , let say 5 years has passed and no localisation on sight. Then why not learn Japanese? Not bad since most quality games are not localized
Elusive Walrus Gaming (2 months ago)
Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Win. I haven’t played since PSU 360.
Omega DeRose (2 months ago)
i wonde rif switch will ever release some real good rpg an dnot so manny bullshit
Jevon Wilson (2 months ago)
Sinner looks like a chibi dark souls lol
Solo Shink! (3 months ago)
phantasy star online is coming in europe too ?
Rodrigo Aguilera (3 months ago)
Alguien sabe cómo se llama la música de “Little Dragons Café”?
kumi dao (3 months ago)
lnsflare1 (3 months ago)
I'll believe that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be localized slightly over a week after it actually happens.
Retro Tech Select (3 months ago)
I'm definitely getting Ys VIII, Shining Resonance Refrain, and Valkyria Chronicles 4!
Blody Lust (4 months ago)
Nintendo switch+pso english version=bullshit
Xebenatros Xeracroft (4 months ago)
The only RPG, that seems to have anything going for it was Banner of the Maid, I believe its name to be. But this is pretty lacking, I only have 2 RPG's on my Switch, Disgaea 5 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and those were fantastic, these....with maybe an exception to Banner Of The Maid, looked, just, poor.
Roah Yasmin (4 months ago)
PSO 2 for western release plz ~ ~ ~~ ~
Khương Tran (4 months ago)
anybody here play PSO 2 jp (sry bad EN )
Chaika Gaz (4 months ago)
Theres no reason to buy sinners sacrifice yourself because dark souls remastered is coming out
Kafka Moore (4 months ago)
They all look terrible. Looks like switch is going to end up just like the Wii and Wii U - one or two good RPGs and that's it.
최진혁 (4 months ago)
is it right word ? 'Top' ? . if it is .... hmm i'm sorry for switch users
Daniel Despres (4 months ago)
Hey Nintendo: How about giving us US players an English Phantasy Star release? Or do you not like money?
Saidul Alam (4 months ago)
no tales of.. games from Namco?
Shad0wFoxy (4 months ago)
All what I got from this video is that Nintendos "new" console has the graphical capability of a smartphone.
Michael Felix (4 months ago)
All of these games look embarrassingly underwhelming. Why can't we get some Tales or Atelier releases?
Beezyo 200 (4 months ago)
Lydie and Suelle
Michael Felix (4 months ago)
Beezyo 200 oic, which one?
Beezyo 200 (4 months ago)
Atelier was already released, it's fun and calming and relaxing. (well for me that is)
Lyuris Gaming (4 months ago)
man, we dont Need more Pixel Games... the Switch already has enough Pixel games. we Need Grandia 4 or something like this.
JacketsNest101 (5 months ago)
This is just making me mad that we aren't PSO2...
Magner Massariol (5 months ago)
Someone please tell me the name of the music name wich is playing in banner of maid. What is the name?
kuro shiro (5 months ago)
No Octopath traveler or TWEWY Final Remix? SMH
Vajruga (5 months ago)
how disappointing, Sega says that pso2 will be coming out on ps4 for usa and euro and yet here it is being announced for release on the switch as jap only
JacketsNest101 (5 months ago)
That's likely due to Sony not wanting to play ball with cross-play functionality. So blame this on Sony for being stubborn
Dysth Ymia (5 months ago)
Light Fairytale, i feel like the 3D chibi model choice is selling its graphics engine short lol this and many others I've never heard of, great video covering these niche titles 12:34 **camera man zooms out* "oh shit, sorry" 12:38 "whoops >3>"
firekid30 (5 months ago)
Wtf Nintendo? If this is what you’re bringing to the table then you can’t compete with the big boys...mobile phones have games with better graphics....this ain’t the 80s Nintendo
Beezyo 200 (4 months ago)
These aren't Nintendo made games.
Chall 64 (5 months ago)
I hate to be the guy to make a Dark Souls comparison, but that Sinner game looks essentially just like Dark Souls. So I'll probably pick it up.
Beezyo 200 (4 months ago)
Same, thought of Dark Souls when I saw it. Don't care if it might be just a clone, I love Dark Souls style games too much.
Santiago Marin (5 months ago)
Sinner was the only which stood out for me
Michel Keesman (5 months ago)
So why is PSO 2 only coming out on the Japanese version?
Dysth Ymia (5 months ago)
because Sega are xenophobic cunts :3
Gauthier David (5 months ago)
Come on give us dragon crown ! Not all those android games, its like they make them in less than 6 month.
Gauthier David (5 months ago)
Ricky Chong yeah somehow its the same but am optimist because the switch sold very well (both in japan, usa, europe). I think a lot of editor rush their game before others AAA like zelda and some verry good indies (like faster than light, hyper light drifter, endless space) trust all the attention.
Ricky Chong (5 months ago)
Gauthier David don’t you think it’s pretty similar to what happened to ps vita ? When it first came out all those game are graphics type after that all of the game are slowly becoming indie and JRPG
MrPaladinOmega (5 months ago)
Does this mean we will be seeing an english release of PSO2 FINALLY?????
MrPaladinOmega (4 months ago)
Daniel Despres I know.....believe me i know, i just hope anf id really want to play it on my switch
Daniel Despres (4 months ago)
Don't count on it. Sometimes I think Japan still hates us lol
TripTrap (5 months ago)
These all look like JRPG's, not RPG's. You can tell because America sucks at RPG's... Fight me.
WailOfDoom (2 months ago)
One word... Witcher 3, dipshit.
Soburin Muhandae (4 months ago)
Can't lie, I wanted to say that comment but I didn't have the guts. THANK YOU
Chaika Gaz (4 months ago)
Fallout series is American, elder scrolls is also made by US... so how do we suck?
fmoa (5 months ago)
america killing single-player games..multi-player shit like fortnite and players unknown or some shit similar to those dominate american gaming right now.
laxjoh (5 months ago)
America does kinda suck at RPG's right now. The "best" RPG aspect used to come from Blizzard and they aren't really doing much RPG aspects these days. I mean Japan is doing western RPG's better with Dark Souls also.
Stephen Fielding (5 months ago)
Sick of thede videos showing off i bit hybrid games fuck the switch has better capabilities!! Give is full 3d model 3d world rpgs!!!
Слава Гайдн (5 months ago)
Хочется больше Zelda и Diablo схожих игр. Уже бы перенесли на Switch, Titan Quest, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Diablo 3, Grim Dawn, Torchlight 1 - 2 и этак дальше)
alonso castillo (5 months ago)
I hope Legend of the heroes: Trails of cold steel 3 come to switch too. Then the 4.
misc alotastuff (4 months ago)
I would love to have both series come to the switch. Hell id take the steam versions.
alonso castillo (5 months ago)
Stephen Adegun its a great saga. The firts one could be a little slow but is justified by the history of the second one, this have a really great score for a JRPG by a no so big study. In metacritic have 90 score.
Stephen Adegun (5 months ago)
That would be great. I'm a big RPG fan starting college this fall in game design. I've heard a lot of good about the Legend of Heroes. If Trails of Cold Steel came out on Switch, it would give me good reason to justify buying the first two games for PS3, then I can just keep going on Switch.
Νοῦς (5 months ago)
magical highschool girl number one rpg of all time!! 😍
Blixen Tejada (5 months ago)
Wish they release an English Version of Phantasy Star
LCD Feenix (4 months ago)
Dimitri Putin you can't run the English patch on anything but PC though so that won't help you play the switch version. I tried to get into the PS4 version after getting so used to PC translated but the transition was rough and I couldn't stick with it
Thechosen106 (4 months ago)
twicepast7 I really hope it does, but I was informed somewhere that Phantasy Star Online 2 will only be released in Japan...
twicepast7 (4 months ago)
I wish PSO2 wasn't such an endless grind. That's what always makes me stop playing. Is it really coming to switch ?!
MrZachVolfire (5 months ago)
The story is translated too for that EVERYTHING is nearly translated and it ususally quite uptodate.
Dysth Ymia (5 months ago)
Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online taking an hiatus from the other two to focus on Final Fantasy XIV currently cause new story patch out next week :3
LordOcelot (5 months ago)
The only one that got me hyped was Phantasy Star, but it looks to be Japanese only. I know the Switch is region free, but I cannot read Japanese.
Soburin Muhandae (3 months ago)
Insflare1 I love monster hunter and there's a new one coming out on the switch. Full keyboard chat, mic etc. It should be a much better co-op experience than the DS versions. It actually just makes me more angry that Phantasy star is not coming to the west.
lnsflare1 (3 months ago)
Soburin Muhandae It's an MMORPG, and the precursor to Monster Hunter, gameplay-wise.
lnsflare1 (3 months ago)
Hell, us Vita fans can tell you that they are really unlikely to port over the Switch version as the game has been available on Vita for years and never got ported over. Even knowing Japanese won't help too much of they don't let you on the servers. At least Phantasy Star Nova was single player so I am able to muddle my way through that.
Soburin Muhandae (4 months ago)
Well that's annoying. I suppose they think Sonic the Hedgehog is more than enough to stimulate our minds.
Arisen (4 months ago)
It won't ever come to the west. Sega's really adamant about keeping PSO out of the west.
Blu Gill (5 months ago)
Pso2 only in japan
Davi (5 months ago)
Why most of games made for Nintendo plataforms needs to have chieldish/chibi aesthetics? We know that they have less power than other consoles, dont need to hide it behind the style. People buys it for other reasons. Im super hyped for octopath traveler but wont buy a switch only for that game.
Davi (3 months ago)
Not only there. But sure they could go further =)
lnsflare1 (3 months ago)
Japan loves cute things, so Japanese developers have no problem getting people to buy stuff with chibi style artwork.
Davi (5 months ago)
Im ok with alot(not all) indie games. Nintendo sells itself as an option not a competitor among other consoles and indie games fits the idea as they are the only ones innovating nowadays. Some games have good ideas and gameplay. Its good to play something different from the copy of the copy that we are having on PS4 and Xbox One games. I just get disappointed when I see a potential good game with a poor style choice =/
laxjoh (5 months ago)
The reason why we have so much garbage bloatware in the console is because of how easy it is to do so and port it over. Also the overwhelming majority of Switch owners have switched to a trend of loving indie games which boosted the call for just allowing a lot of games. The "safe bet" to get the widest and most demographic is to make your game accessible to kids. Now, as the market shifts more towards competitive and more quality based, we might see more versions of BotW-tiered games. I'm not trying to build up expectations too high but Pokemon should be something to look forward to. Super Smash is great and as you said Octopath is awesome. there are various other JRPG's that seem OK coming out. I mean I loved XC2 but I don't think I'll ever buy Ys III ; but it looks great. There's only good things in store for Switch for the future.
Davi (5 months ago)
Yeah. I hope so. It seems that nintendo consoles reputation of having "fun" games is leading to some odd choices when people decides to develop for it.
IcedEarthaholic (5 months ago)
The SaGa game looks awesome, I hope it comes to North America.
IcedEarthaholic (5 months ago)
Dude, you're awesome, looking forward to this if that's the case. Thanks for the link, like I said, I hope it gets a physical release on the Switch.
The Aerohead Experience (5 months ago)
IcedEarthaholic (5 months ago)
The Aerohead Experience very cool, definitely keep me posted if this is true. Hope it gets a physical release.
The Aerohead Experience (5 months ago)
IcedEarthaholic i think it is.
Big Cow Productions (5 months ago)
Is this all confirmed for the West???!?!?
Νοῦς (5 months ago)
Big Cow Productions no way bruh some of these are japanese only, your dreaming
Zeles (5 months ago)
I bet alot of those games will be japan only
villabong11 (5 months ago)
Grayman Media (5 months ago)
villabong11 phantasy Star Online 2, not playable outside of Japan but it's on pc as well
Ezbeon-iX (5 months ago)
Phantasy Star is dead to me. They've lied time and time again about localization and that was 5-6 years ago. I won't even get my hopes up for that one sadly.
ZetaSword (2 months ago)
Yah, I am getting sick of Sega's shit with this series, 3 games! 3 god damn games! Safe to say the english fanbase for this series doesn't exist to them.
Ezbeon-iX (5 months ago)
Montel Jefferson Yeah my point exactly.
Montel Jefferson (5 months ago)
Ezbeon-iX right lol they promised us a vita release in the U.S we never got it
JAMES C (5 months ago)
Don't get your hopes up. The really good ones are Japan only. Misses a lot of titles too that would have made this video better. Disappointed. Keep trying
Warren Ray (4 months ago)
JAMES C really wish this person would make a separate list just for the worldwide release. Instead of getting folks hopes up for cool shit they cant play
Sebastián Izurieta (5 months ago)
Phantasy Star Online 2 looked good, but I've heard that it will only be released on Japan 😭
Soburin Muhandae (4 months ago)
That's soo unfair man
Νοῦς (4 months ago)
Dimitri Putin no sorry I was thinking about a different thing I have a pentium dual core t4300 2.10ghz processor still not strong enough
Νοῦς (4 months ago)
i have a mac ive had a ps vita i would have to dish out more than what i want just to a play, i dont use pc
Dimitri Putin (4 months ago)
So, I am not sure if i can give you my utter respect for still running over 15 year old hardware, or utter disbelieve that you want to game on over 15 year old hardware. ^^" ESPECIALLY if you can buy a vita as you so say...
Νοῦς (4 months ago)
Dimitri Putin pentium 3 intel
Pedro Rojas (5 months ago)
Nobody makes better rpg than Nintendo.
Dysth Ymia (5 months ago)
all of these games are 3rd party tho. none of nintendo's dev studios created them lol
The Aerohead Experience (5 months ago)
Pedro Rojas Nintendo isn't making any of these.
Eddie P (5 months ago)
Pedro Rojas and they dont bring them to the U.S so we have a hard time caring over here. Would love to have them though
Steven R. (5 months ago)
Midna78 (5 months ago)
Sinner reminds me of Zelda and Darksiders.
Midna78 (5 months ago)
Well, since I Never played Darksouls, I only saw Zelda and Darksiders in it ;)
Zeles (5 months ago)
More like Dark Souls
ivan bijelic (5 months ago)
god wars and banner of the maid are the only games am intersted in, aside fuckin PSO 2 which will never came out worldwide.
Zoltor (5 months ago)
+nintendo prime Where did you get this list from, a few of them I haven't even heard of, and that last game was a weird edition, seeing how you left out Tohou Genso Wanderer?
CowboyBebopfan1 (5 months ago)
For the King looks like a definite pickup
Splatoon 4Ever (4 months ago)
CowboyBebopfan1 - Definitely bro, definitely.
Ninja (5 months ago)
Reminder that there are still AAA RPGs like Dragon Quest XI, Fire Emblem Switch, Pokémon Switch, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Octopath Traveler, and Shin Megami Tensei V Despite the title of the video, this is only showing people the lesser known titles coming out. There's also plenty of games of other genres besides RPG
Vinh Nguyen (3 months ago)
zac taylor There are official requirements for a game to be considered a Triple A game. As long as the game is highly anticipated by lots of people, and game contents are amazing. I find those games to fit that category.
Ninja (4 months ago)
Christopher Thomas Watch out for Dragon Quest XI too, I've seen 4 or 5 reviews, and the consensus is that it's a 10/10 jrpg
Christopher Thomas (4 months ago)
Ninja Octopath is my most anticipated title of the year at this point. I cannot wait. Closest we're ever going to get to FFVI or Chrono Trigger, it seems.
Ninja (4 months ago)
zac taylor In my opinion budget doesn't completely define whether a game is AAA or not. I considered the quality of the game, the $60 price, as well as the high profile of the developer, Square Enix. I hold Octopath to the same standards as the other games I've listed, and it'll stay there with the others regardless of how someone else may interpret the guidelines of "AAA"
zac taylor (4 months ago)
octopath traveler is not AAA lmfao. dont know where tf you got that from
Francisco Burgos (5 months ago)
Some of them look good... But I prefer single player adventure games...
raynaldo arlen k.eman (5 months ago)
because there was single player adventure
Gaynerdman (5 months ago)
then Why Are You Here
Kayten (5 months ago)
I hate being THAT guy, but... they almost all look like slightly graphicly upgraded android games. If that is really the selection for the top rpgs then I'll be disappointed.
Colin Larson (2 months ago)
oh and star fox ;D that looks dope! minus the stupid toy plane shit. oh well. maybe you can atleast just buy them in the online store instead of the actual plastic.
Colin Larson (2 months ago)
If switch isnt worth mario, zelda, smash bro, and pokemon games to you. then you probably shouldnt have got it.
pandaらっこ (3 months ago)
Have you played Xenoblade 2?
Nathan Eix (3 months ago)
i dont think you know what youre talking about
AZglitch (3 months ago)
Kayten Dragon quest XI Dark souls remastered Monster hunter The new shin megami game Pokemon switch And many more

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