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For The Players Since 1995

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Want to see how this video was made? Check out our exclusive 'Making Of' right here: http://bit.ly/16sseo5 Inspired by #playstationmemories Music written and produced by Good Blood - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mukr2YQh4z8
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Text Comments (15906)
Louise-Anna Evans (13 hours ago)
I hope they do this with the PS5. I love this video.
XXXTANTICON ni (17 hours ago)
I want the ps5 but its coming in 2025
Igor Zykov (1 day ago)
ps3 <3
naranjo gaming (1 day ago)
naranjo gaming (1 day ago)
Para 18 años
Riley Adams (1 day ago)
X O Square Triangle
Riley Adams (1 day ago)
Still cool even though my childhood was the Wii
Rick GrimesTM (1 day ago)
1 like = 1 pray for the ganado in the bathroom in RE4
CoyoteEnix (1 day ago)
Best friends. You are luckiest person if you have a friend who has been with you all these years, playing and just hanging out together!
Liam Weddell (1 day ago)
The X is located on the door in 1995. The O is located on the Ferris wheel in the PS2 era. The triangle is located on the white shirt in the PS3 era. The square is located right where frame of the posters were at during the PS4 era. Those are the obvious clues in that video if pay attention real visually, closely, and literally. Just so you know.
THE MASK MAN (1 day ago)
The Chief (2 days ago)
The weight on that VCR is unreal lol
bjeridefit55 (2 days ago)
Juan CM (3 days ago)
Chijioke Uche (3 days ago)
Beautiful moments,... Psone: during my elementary school days Ps2: After my high school days, and how it inspired my future career for good. Ps3: Missed it , was in college. Ps4: gaming again, as well as working on my dream job. THANK YOU SO MUCH SONY.....!
Good memories of ps1
Sharon Jose (3 days ago)
Nice video feel like old times
Jose Trejo (4 days ago)
2k dislikes are from xbox fans
Ebola (4 days ago)
3:00 When u only got 1 dualshocks from the box
INFAMOUS (5 days ago)
My first console was ps2 then i wanted a new one i wanted a ps3 but my dad bought me an xbox 360 it was 2015 i remember but then after 6 months sold it and bought a ps4 slim i couldnt stand the xbox never going back
Danny (7 days ago)
I've never had a PS3 and 4 so can't relate
tehokowhitu00 (8 days ago)
I saw LittleBigPlanet! It was a poster
Yuri Doki Doki (9 days ago)
pease at 0:43
Ali Seifoori (9 days ago)
Best choreographed camera & actors & lightning & aspect ratio movement in ages...
WickedlNl (9 days ago)
5 years ago? Why do I feel like this add just came 2 years ago and not at the beginning of the PS4 life cycle???
Ash ` (10 days ago)
I kinda feel lucky that I was one of the few who got to experience the original PlayStation even though I was born in the PS2 Era. Ever since then I bought every Sony Console. Thanks Sony, for all the memories.
Pavelino Adivyan (10 days ago)
I Love Sony PlayStation
Hüsam Çekir (10 days ago)
Name of the song?
FuucKenneDy (10 days ago)
Comercial épico , minha evolução começa do PS2 daí PS3 e agora PS4 ;) obrigado Playstation por me proporcionar alegrias
Lelu PL (10 days ago)
Poland playstation gamers here? What with playstation Magazine and demo’s in CD
Insomnia Burger (10 days ago)
Good things i born In PS2 generation
insane reply (11 days ago)
I am in
Question? (11 days ago)
Still remember having PS2 my first console and playing Jack and Dexter on it a lot things changed since 2003 bu I still have that PS2 with games staying there as some kind of throphy of my childhood. Never will be forgeten. 😢
The Amazing Tatsuo (12 days ago)
my first playstation console was the ps1 during the time of the ps2 :3
Doffy Smile (12 days ago)
Nostalgia knocked me one shot!
GATUKILLER1 (12 days ago)
My same life for 30 years ,thanks Ps
V1N7AG3 (13 days ago)
ASS_PLAYS MEDIA (14 days ago)
Wtf wheres the psx1s ???????
n i m b l 3 (14 days ago)
Damn how has it been five years since this was out
Wut Manintu (14 days ago)
30fps video hurts my eye lol
Miguel Pistarà (15 days ago)
Thank you PlayStation
mocango (15 days ago)
Damn that NICE Sony CRT TV they had for the PS2 console. The way those retro machines were meant to be played on. Not a damn HDTV
voidedthewarranty994 (8 days ago)
mocango I agree but would say the same for the PS1 too.
Geberik Oyuncular (16 days ago)
PS1:Fearful Harmony PS2:RSOD PS3:Yellow Light PS4:Overheat
Bance Boy (16 days ago)
I'm crying this video is too true
Sameer (17 days ago)
Xbox is a console Playstation is an experience
Emily Ratcliff (17 days ago)
Been there since day 1 :)
Monster Jam Fan 30 (18 days ago)
RIP PS2, You will be missed.
Daniel Funes (18 days ago)
Permission to drop manly tears?
Raem Golla (19 days ago)
ah the good old days have met with me again
Cringe Tube (20 days ago)
1:40 looks like parzival from ready player one
Mr Singh (20 days ago)
His room got cleaner as time went by. Only 2 games on the floor! (Ps4) Why not as many as ps1 lol.
Mr Singh (20 days ago)
Think I'm the only one to own a PS4 first, then PS1 and now PS2. If I'm just talking about Sony consoles. Latest to the list is Vita. Had the PSP when it came out. Wish I kept it.
Jay Payne (20 days ago)
Love the advert just brings back so many memories.......
Adrian D. Varna (21 days ago)
ps2 <3
bmay 911 (21 days ago)
My first was the PS2 I've had all consoles and I had a ton of fun with the PS3, ps4 is great
KrYcHa (21 days ago)
Zetone Ruiz (22 days ago)
residents jacob 7 (22 days ago)
Good time me and ps2
TurtleBurger (22 days ago)
That gran turismo noise <3
Kevz916 (23 days ago)
Ah, the nostalgia. Playstation is a part of my life. I remember way back in 1999 where I first played PS with a game of Gran Turismo 2 and Learning the controller. Brings back so many memories!
Kerim Eren (23 days ago)
im ps1 gamer
Venom Snake (24 days ago)
I'm a player since 2004 , but i feel looks like an older player
OverwatchLover :3 (24 days ago)
I was there since 2007 I think
Pezzi (24 days ago)
Wow 👍😁
Chalk & Cheese (25 days ago)
Back then if you were a gamer you were part of a very small group. I miss that authenticity.
HeroOfGamers (25 days ago)
I'm hoping to see another version of this when PS5 comes out.
Victorio Martinez (25 days ago)
I feel old.
Sean Devlin (26 days ago)
Shoes inside the bedroom is nasty and cringe-worthy.
2:14 PS3 Slim Startup Sound In PS3 2006 Model?
Lord Kimchi (26 days ago)
Tried to do their best but failed. This video doesn't contain any messages.
bima satria0103 (27 days ago)
PS2 the best console for my life
Vipe_Droid_Games (27 days ago)
5 years today since this video was uploaded.
RazerSlayer (28 days ago)
good memories <3 I had ps1 and ps2 .. no ps3 and ps4 xDD now I have a gaming pc :D rip old good times
I hope PS5 is here in 2019
Bea Lorente (28 days ago)
La historia de mi vida... Desde los 20 hasta los 40... PS FAN FOREVER ¡¡¡
Doge Wow (29 days ago)
3:00.. Looks like he's about to cry cuz damn.. Playstation aged well Plus he played Playstation for a long damn time
Biplov Shrestha (29 days ago)
I am a PC gamer but amazed about all the PS consoles power and its evolution.
adriano ramos (1 month ago)
I NOT CRY 😥😥, I NOT CRY 😥😥,my first console tv
Ketan Awale (1 month ago)
I had PlayStation ps1 when I was 7 im 25 now My dad gifted it to me On my birthday I still remember it my dad's 51 now he is amazed how gaming has changed I love these memories
777 Leine_spirit (1 month ago)
I saw knack bayybyyyy!
Marioman303 (1 month ago)
You haven’t been for the players since the PS2! You only care about money not games or movies.
Theweeknd vevo (1 month ago)
Cringe Tube (1 month ago)
Wow 21 years of fun ps1 released 1994 and the ps4 new one released in 2015
Mockstar4561 YT (1 month ago)
I will still remember my PlayStation 2 ;) One Like = 1 Rip ps2
Purefoldnz (1 month ago)
lol Knack.
Revanth (1 month ago)
Video that made me buy a PS4.
Angel SerVel (1 month ago)
Took 20 years to clean his room....
Stephen Hughes (1 month ago)
Wow!!!! Amazing!!! Playstation RULES!!!!
Hellfireman (1 month ago)
Yes I remember your errors mate
PAPELOVISKI (1 month ago)
PlayStation is the best ❤
Justin Fencsak (1 month ago)
Do an American version
Nickolas Griffith (1 month ago)
Did you ever notice this wasn't just a ps ad but also an ad for all sony electronics? Kinda cool.
voidedthewarranty994 (8 days ago)
Nickolas Griffith yeah I think I saw a discman in there somewhere in the 1995 scene
Alex Renteria (1 month ago)
Next ps5
RS 36 (1 month ago)
AlBatrosChannel (1 month ago)
林啸澍 (1 month ago)
He spent his all money for the games and no money to live a new house!
Amit Rajan (1 month ago)
Sony 💙
Madhav Krishna.k. (1 month ago)
I have ps3, psp and ps4.
GuitarTee ROBLOX (1 month ago)
all playstation creepiest errors: ps1:*walks into a dark cave* ps2:*drops into hell* ps3:*turns red* ps4:*gets tired of discs*

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