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SENPAI ISLAND | School Girls Simulator (Yandere Simulator App)

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Welcome to School Girls Simulator, a knock-off Yandere Simulator app game!! It's as ridiculous as you think it is... iOS Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/school-girls-simulator/id1245596505 Android Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Meromsoft.SchoolGirlsSimulator&hl=en_US NEW CHANNEL MERCH ► https://laurenzside.3blackdot.com/ iOS STICKERS ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1300475628 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeBnbqt4VRhotq2TQjkIi2A/join SUBSCRIBE HERE ► (http://bit.ly/10uru1W) Become a Z-Sider! VLOG CHANNEL ► https://www.youtube.com/laurenzothersidez "LIKE", SHARE, and/or FAVORITE this Video if You Enjoyed it! It Really Helps Me Out!! Thanks for Watching!! ❤ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- My Gaming Chair: http://www.needforseatusa.com/ Use code "ZSIDE" for free shipping My Headset & Mouse: http://steelseries.7eer.net/c/193844/181780/2390 ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- Follow Me Everywhere!! ❤ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LaurenzSide INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/laurenzside FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Laurenzside TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/laurenzside DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/Uk3q2T6
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Text Comments (2795)
Maricris Teru (4 hours ago)
Theres a new update miss lauren LOL
sAaRa sHaRmA (4 hours ago)
I love this game
filmy mymy (7 hours ago)
If you eat pumping you will died like me
filmy mymy (7 hours ago)
You know you can get a bed boy
Changolo (13 hours ago)
How do you go up?
Tejal Patel (17 hours ago)
I just install it
mccoin6 (20 hours ago)
You died because you ate the pumpkin Lauren XD
Eeer if you eat pumkin you die
Mariah Dd (2 days ago)
I play this a lot you can’t eat the pump corn
Leshabe Rampedi (2 days ago)
I've played before
Edna Tabones (2 days ago)
Lauren how did you download yandere simulator
Stacy Northrop (2 days ago)
Is not yandere school its school girls sim I have it
Emilia Samwel (2 days ago)
Anna Carranza (2 days ago)
I already have this game
Dina Tighadouini (3 days ago)
l have that game
NebonNomEW (4 days ago)
i have a glitch in S C H O O L G I R L S S I M U L A T O R. 1.) get the bike 2.)go to playground 3.)Teleport to next day 4.)Go to the middle of the playground 5.)M O V E A R O U N D
Hannah Heart (4 days ago)
My boyfriend there named Kyota Sakai
Hannah Heart (4 days ago)
And my brother name Rin
Music Girl Studio (4 days ago)
I have this game to!
Jane Smith (4 days ago)
Mhadi ismael (4 days ago)
tania cowan (4 days ago)
When you eat a pumpkin you die it tells you in help
Mariami Nijaradze (4 days ago)
More more more
Mariami Nijaradze (4 days ago)
More more more more
Mariami Nijaradze (4 days ago)
Mariami Nijaradze (4 days ago)
More more more more
Yandree mobile gamer (5 days ago)
امين محمد (5 days ago)
good ❤👌
I have this game on my tablet
Beth Forrest (5 days ago)
Lauren do this again! Here's some tips: You can carry anyone into ur basement and kidnap them. If you compliment someone enough, you can make them ur lover You can kick a person by pressing x, it u do it enough it will kill them., But certain ppl will come apprend u.
Daiana Scoropan (5 days ago)
Lauren we have the same game :)
Mariami Nijaradze (5 days ago)
More more
Ganga Games (5 days ago)
Don’t eat pumpkins they make you die
Peighton Vanderburg (6 days ago)
I have that as well
Desislava Ivanova (7 days ago)
When I came to this island there was a apocalypse of zombies... ;-;
There is a poisonous pumpkins and there are normal pumpkins and you can sell them
Makayla Canchola (7 days ago)
If you eat the pumpkin
Makayla Canchola (7 days ago)
You die
Makayla Canchola (7 days ago)
Omg i play that game a lot!!
You died because the pumpkin was rotten
Sofia Karjala (7 days ago)
Pumpkins are poisoness.
luna the cat (8 days ago)
Fitri Baharuddin (8 days ago)
There was this game and it had a laraunz that’s it
Nijmah Ali (9 days ago)
Rip senpai #1
Tracey Grim (9 days ago)
O Gee (10 days ago)
You are amazing💗🥰
Jamielee Smith (10 days ago)
i have this i know how its like i kill a thecher
emma channel (10 days ago)
lauren if you eat a pumpkin then you will die xD (p.s I subscribed and liked because your amazing!)
Sutji_Nadine Roblox (11 days ago)
Your the same thing of me ;-;
Madi Krauss (11 days ago)
I have this app!
glddstgpsy (12 days ago)
I played this before I like it
Ron Weasley (12 days ago)
11:51 *"OH I KICKED HIM IN THE cRoTcH!!!!!!"*
かわいいともか (13 days ago)
Я одна российская?)
The Lions (13 days ago)
She died from eating the pumpkin
Toga Himiko (13 days ago)
How comes mine lag...
Cecelia Utke (13 days ago)
Do more plzz
Skyler Parker (13 days ago)
Ive played this with and without zombies and either way its hilarious
Robyn Mcgrath (13 days ago)
In the game the cat can follow you and bring you bag to you and you can carry him and get a dog
Aseel Hasan (13 days ago)
The pumkin kills you and if you give a pistol to anyone they will kill zombies with you, it only works with pistol
Lanisha Smith (13 days ago)
The move button teloports you to places and there is a basement in the apartment
Lps pup /dreã (13 days ago)
I know beacuzz I have the game
Lps pup /dreã (13 days ago)
You died of the pumpkin
Aseel Hasan (13 days ago)
I have this game and i play it all the time i have a boyfreind in the game and you can kiss him or hug him
I play this game :D
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
And there's no matter for senpai you don't got to Senpai up in there it's just you being yourself
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
You better use it carefully whatever you want to pick to talk to somebody and then whenever you done they can't talk to them again just like you talk to that boy
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
If you kill somebody in front of the whole school then you're out game over
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
So don't eat the pumpkin just give it to somebody else and then whenever they eat it then they die in a couple seconds
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
Whenever you get if you gave that to somebody else then you would be fine but they would be dead because that pumpkins poisonous because that's one of the top of the on top of the roof on top of the roof on top of the place where whatever where you go in it's on top of their good luck even as one of the store
Regina Keeter (14 days ago)
I have like that before but I still have that game girl simulator I love the play
Sian Widlake (14 days ago)
I've played this a lot of times i know everything...like in fo chan lol well u can join any club and I have a basement in your room and u can have a game over screen that says u died u died on the desk from hunger and u can add blood and blood on clothes and u can get arrested u can burn people and h age jobs then school if u want more information ask me
Lianne Zoe Francisco (14 days ago)
I play that
GACHA LIFE (14 days ago)
Leonard Latin (14 days ago)
That pumpkin will kill you
Kpop lover loves games (14 days ago)
You died cause you ate a pump XD
chey tmm (14 days ago)
I have this game!!!!!!! Omgosh!!!!!yayyyyy
strawberry army (14 days ago)
That dance is bts babsae !!!!!!
skylar 101 (15 days ago)
Everyone who sees this comment plz plz go to 15:07 you will laugh so hard and keep pressing the number over and over again it’s hilarious
Joshua Light (15 days ago)
I HAVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😹😹
Meagan Ruehle (15 days ago)
Play this game more
brave girl (15 days ago)
You can't eat pumkin... -_-
Khairul Fathi (15 days ago)
When you died at the desk,this what happen,you just eat the pumpkin and you died
Loretta Maasarani (15 days ago)
Did you know...... 1) you can kidnap people because in your house near the sofa there is a door it’s the basement you go in to the basement you put the girl (boy) in the basement and you get out and they can not get out
Kitty Beans (15 days ago)
Don't eat the pumpkins
Kitty Beans (15 days ago)
I still have it
Kitty Beans (15 days ago)
I played that game before
Zoe Hairston (15 days ago)
If you have a stomachache you die
ونس للابد (16 days ago)
School girls simulator is batter than yandere simulator for so many reasons sorry yandrere dive 1-it just have a syringe to kidnape the students but sgs has the hungry, sleeping,zombie,passion,and more licuquds 2-it has foods🍟🍔 3-it has restunts🍴 4- a hair salon👧 5-a clothes shop👗 6-a beach🏄 7-a play ground🎠 8-so many houses that you can enter🏠🏠🏠 9-I can have a lover more than senpai 10 I can drive helicopter🚁,cars🚘,bikes,jeep and more 11-the island 12-in the last update I can choose the height,a new pet,the hiar colours,the mountain,and more 13-the zombies👾 14- the shrine💒 15-I can play it any whear I want in taxi🚕,on my bed,on sofa and any whear you want 16-I can kidnape more than a one person🔪🔪 Deos yandere simulator have any thing of this things I say? but the thing i dream to be in sgs is ester eggs Sorry for bad english :(
Jeffrey Mariano (16 days ago)
Hey! Im playing is school girls s?
Unicorn Lover (16 days ago)
Do not it the pumpkin because its poisonous
Miss Melanie (16 days ago)
emigdio mijares (17 days ago)
fue posts wateru seterment saluds manexivconicas fueren cree crire
emigdio mijares (17 days ago)
emigdio mijares (17 days ago)
Amaya Dunn (18 days ago)
You know how to get new hear Press hear you want Whach vid You get hear Ta-da
Kayla Gomez (18 days ago)
The pumpking was poison i know lots about this game believe me if it was poison if you do like :3
xXAlexia_ WolfXx (19 days ago)
If you eat the pumpkin you get a headache and then die that’s why you shouldn’t eat it
LPS Conehead (19 days ago)
Lauren. Delicious Me. you shouldn't have ate the pumpkin
Neda Sokaite (19 days ago)
Ayesha Abera (19 days ago)
ME!!!!!!!! 😇😇😇😇😇
Alexandra Dungca (19 days ago)
I have that one too omg
Jade Adrial (19 days ago)
Lauren press l to go down if you're in the heli

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