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100 DOS games in 10 minutes

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There are 100 games in 10 minutes videos for several platforms in YT. However, I haven't seen such a video for DOS games so it felt like an interesting project to fiddle with. Games are presented in a random order. Just to be clear, this is not my top 100 DOS games list. There are several reasons why these game were chosen to be in the video: 1: The list is mainly based on my personal history, what games I have played on PC and not other computers such as C64 or Amiga. 2: Many of these games reside permanently on my HD and I also have recordings of some games so I didn't have to install every game to capture 6 seconds of video. 3: I didn't want to spam only one genre or games with sequels similar with the original version. There are tons of great adventure, RPG and strategy games for DOS and I could at least do a 50 games list for each of those genres alone. There are not as many good puzzle, platform or shoot 'em up games when compared to aforementioned genres. 4: Many games were released for both Amiga and DOS. I preferred to demo DOS exclusive / original games, instead of games with an almost identical Amiga version. 5: There was an attempt to include many of the most important titles, but also less famous games worth trying. Music was recorded with SGM-V2.01 soundfont from the following MIDI files: UFO: Enemy Unknown - Geoscape alternative (trimmed the beginning and the end), Magic Carpet - Intro (part 1), Mission Critical - End Credits (trimmed the end).
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Text Comments (1303)
C. Cokernator (1 day ago)
Dang it, time to upgrade to 486DX2/66
John Traher (4 days ago)
13 games from this vid I haven't played
Marleblog (7 days ago)
Danke für die Erinnerung!
secret name (8 days ago)
nice... back in the day i loved the shareware cds
Zoni03 (9 days ago)
What was the last dos game?
KmiKiwi (10 days ago)
Sim Copter, Fatal Racing (Whiplash), Indycar racing2, Time COmando, Full Throttle
Kozmik Gizmo (11 days ago)
idkfa iddqd
Cadu Ebrez (13 days ago)
theres a mandela effect residue in xcom, the north pole still exists
Hoang Le Vu (14 days ago)
Could I ask for some help? When my father bought me my 1st PC in 1995, there was a game installed in in. Idk remember the name, just remember its has Persian theme, with flying carpet. The character is a cat. I would appriciate if any of you know the name of that game
einokeino303 (14 days ago)
Could be Quest for Glory 2
Daniel Henderson (15 days ago)
Thanks for uploading this, I got a real kick out of watching the whole thing. I played and LOVED Xcom, still do, what a game. I also played Sam and Max hit the road and loved it too. One you don't have that I played is Kings Quest 7, great puzzle game I played with my mother. I was 6 or 7...memories :)
SolidSnake680 (15 days ago)
I would own and play 13 out of the 100 games in this video. The rest of these games either don't interest me or they don't hold up graphically today. By the way I'm not saying the other games are bad.
chesse mchesse (17 days ago)
Herbie Husker (19 days ago)
While I love VGA games, there was a real lack of CGA and EGA games in this video.
sarp sarp (21 days ago)
Quake is not a DOS game. It is a windows 95 game.
05:13 does anyone know what video game that is?
Noexistente (12 days ago)
pray for death 1996
Gustavo C. (24 days ago)
¿Y dónde está "Dark Sun: Shattered Lands", "Indiana Jones (Last Crusade, Fate Of Atlantis)", "Eternam", "Shadow of the Comet", "Fury of the Furries", "Space Quest", "Leisure Suit Larry", "Darkseed", "Maniac Mansion", "Wing Commander", "Sid Meier: Pirates Gold", "WarCraft", "Veil Of Darkness", "Sensible Soccer", etc, etc, etc, etc?
Juan Cruz Romera (25 days ago)
I'm tryinf to remember a game where the intro screen had the main character of the game that had something triangle in his head. The game was kind of a 3D laberynth where you controlled this character. The camera was like from a 45° angle. Can someone help me?
Don't forget about Delta Force
arkd3um1988 (28 days ago)
This only proves that games did not change. Just the graphics. The game types and styles were set a long time ago. The only onnnnllly type of game that they didnt have is mmo concept and the moba mmo type of games. I always get sick hearing ,when a new game comes out, that they have a new idea or concept or anything new about it. In real they bring nothing new
arkd3um1988 (28 days ago)
P.s. many of them were so damn good...that they can beat hands down today games if only they had a lil more graphs. But aome times they focus all on the looks and less on the gameplay
Grupo Panteão (29 days ago)
How could you forget Mega Race? :D My favorite
MoctezumasRevenge1 (29 days ago)
Reticulating splines 6:55
Para Noid (30 days ago)
terminal velocity omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ian Morris (1 month ago)
9:07 Woah woah, that has to be beta footage. Dungeon Keeper is my favorite game.
skaruts (1 month ago)
Hmm! I don't recognize that interface from dungeon keeper. Was that some special version or expansion or something? I barely touched Deeper Dungeons, but I don't remember it being like that.
Daniel Carney (1 month ago)
Oh shit what are these songs again?
Rogue-Spear (1 month ago)
Raptor Call of the Shadows is the best
TheSameDufus (1 month ago)
Are any of these worth playing in 2018? Never played a single DOS game.
Ivan A. Medina (1 month ago)
Cool old classics. Some of them worth trying, even today 2018...
thomps333 (1 month ago)
Raptor:COTS was the shit. I’d play that all the time back then while listening to Linkin Park:HT.
INever Run (1 month ago)
Oh man...
RvGD (1 month ago)
Oh the memories lol
Full camp Oezdemir (1 month ago)
damn what nostalia… I do remember alot of those games. Good times in gaming hystory. I bet most here are between 30-35 years old
Земли Бога (1 month ago)
ooohhh my god... i know and remember 90% title names of this games.
Chris Schmid (1 month ago)
Zeliard ? Gladiator ? ? ?
Alejandro Aguanta (1 month ago)
Alley cat!! :)
Jano Nemec (1 month ago)
descent,quake.dune 2 :) .... love that times
SynthZ (1 month ago)
This video is a big chunk of my childhood right there!
Gidi Dafner (1 month ago)
who the fuck can dislike the video? why? what is the reason for this?
Zen Zen (1 month ago)
Man i miss those days a lot 😞😖
Czesnek (1 month ago)
Stunts. This game was pain in the ass to play with a half functional trackball mouse.
G VS (1 month ago)
FINALLY!!!! I found the game from my childhood. GOD BLESS YOU!
Not Tired of Winning (1 month ago)
Great video of a great collection of games
Archi Dembol (2 months ago)
Music is from the Ufo game
Michael Roper (2 months ago)
5:47 yeah thatd taste good just chuck a lobster on top of the pizza
Robin (2 months ago)
Love the UFO: Enemy Unknown music in the background.
Nauvo Fact (2 months ago)
Thnx a lot. This video helps me to find one of best games from my childhood. BLACKTHORNE 1994 It was perfect in 1995 :)
Brotmeister (2 months ago)
The 90s were a magical time.
LongForeignMan (2 months ago)
this video completely depleted my reminiscing gland
David VendeL (2 months ago)
Does somene know that game, I think it was called CUBE, where you press on square with numbers 1 to 6, and with every press the number grows by one, but when it is six and you press, you go to 1 and expand to surrounding squares, and conquer area like this, playing against others.. I cant find it.
swedishbutcher (2 months ago)
Man.... abuse was a great game.
VVG 916 (2 months ago)
Roadrash ??
Tyler Pestell (2 months ago)
That is a lot of nostalgia in one video! LucasArts titles were among my favorite.
Broken Wave (2 months ago)
Anyone remember the Trolls game, as in based on the troll dolls ? That game was fun as hell haha
Jason McGovern (2 months ago)
The first golden age of gaming, wonderful memories! And then we had the second age (1999-2005) once Unreal Tournament arrived and modding came along with so much. Ending with the likes of Half-Life 2, Vampire Bloodlines and Battlefield 2.
Sebastian Simka (2 months ago)
Good times as i was Young. Noone care About HD, Surround Sound ´. All you Need was a usefull CPU with 256 Color Card. After mine c65 and Amiga was mit real PC a 486/DX2 with 16/33 (Turbo button yes!)
unrest50 (2 months ago)
Эти игры - произведения искусства !
halfniak (2 months ago)
I played most of these on Win 3.1 and 95. Where are the games from the late 80's and early 90's?
Lestat78077 (2 months ago)
played about 70 of them, this list is gold for me.
affe humbug (2 months ago)
Return of the Dragon. Not the best but at least among the coolest of the period
MARDUK (2 months ago)
I played Space Hulk on 3DO it was way better.
wangli wang (2 months ago)
my first PC back in 1996.....
Neon Chrome (2 months ago)
Elijah Lucian (2 months ago)
Oh fuck yeah syndicate was my jam
Elijah Lucian (2 months ago)
Ah back in the day when backstory didn't matter even a tiny bit.
Petri Timonen (2 months ago)
Mielenkiintoinen katsaus dos-peleihin on nyt tallenettu tietokoneelle huomasin ettei kaikkia 3D ensimäisen persoonan pelit action and rally ole vielä pelattu ja 100 pelin-listasta löydän pelien nimet ottaa käyttöön D-Fend ohjelma jossain vaiheessa siinä on dos-box sisään rakennettuna sitten pääsee tutustumaan tuntemattomiin peleihin.
Vlad Mirv (2 months ago)
Эх, прям ностальгия... Время, когда игры делались с душой и что не забава, то что-то новое. Время прорывов жанров игровой промышленности.
Adventure Cap (2 months ago)
This list rocks!
João Gabriel (3 months ago)
Quando me lembro que tive infância e pré-adolescência fantásticas.
Pelle P (3 months ago)
2:43 XCOM??? Played that at my friends house, I always wanted to see that game again so thanks for the list 😁
Tamas (3 months ago)
By re-playing these games today, it truly feels like youre actually back in the best time of your life.
Влад Слежков (3 months ago)
M&M Automotive (3 months ago)
Jazz Jackrabbit anyone?
GaryKari (3 months ago)
About 75% or more are the games I have played or at least tried. Great memories...
Clive TheRedDevil (3 months ago)
Theme Park was the first PC game I ownded.It came free with my IBM Aptiva 486 SX 33 in 1995. It had a 270 mb hard drive, a 2 speed cd rom drive, 4MB of Ram and a 1/2 meg grapics card.Not forgetting the floppy disk drive,of course :)
Sergius Master (3 months ago)
Where are Goblins I, II, III???
Nelson Paixão Pinto (3 months ago)
X-com ufo the best ever
Michael Björk (3 months ago)
Commander Keen, they should do a reboot on that game with modern graphics.
ph4tboy (3 months ago)
I can't believe how many DOS games I played in my childhood. Off the top of my head, these are some other memorable ones - Gods, Lotus, Captain Comic, Commandos, Diablo 1, Lost Vikings, Redneck Rampage, Age of Empires, etc
TheGhjgjgjgjgjg (3 months ago)
Some of these games actually look pretty good in their own right,4:38 is an example
Bezzegh Adam (3 months ago)
Maybe its just nostalgia, but there were a lot of different genres and art styles in that era, unlike today.
FourEyedGeek (3 months ago)
Rest well this night for tomorrow you set sail for... the kingdom of Daggerfall! Where the fuck is Daggerfall? It's okay, I forgive you since included so many Bullfrog games... But where the fuck is Ultima 7?
Chris Milligan (3 months ago)
Great video so many great memories thanks!!
DreamReaver (3 months ago)
Lots of favorites in this video. A reminder of the golden age of gaming. Thank you for the upload.
Brandy Man (3 months ago)
26/5000 the games that are missing, Goods, Golden Axe, Test Drive, Lotus, Elvira.
Gustavo Fernandez (3 months ago)
Loved it, I have played most of them, Magic Carpet, what a game!!! it have an awesome magic system, and you fly around the world in a... magic carpet, you can have your own castle and fortify it with defenses and soldiers, all while flyring in your carpet, its like and open world fps, but it have tooons of things to do, besides it goes by a quest system in some sort of "stages" I was too little to remember how they worked, but sometimes you could keep the castle, and sometimes you just had to start over in a new land, and invaded by other magic carpet's users (AI). It was amaizing.
einokeino303 (3 months ago)
One of my favorites for sure. I have lots of videos from the first game. It's mostly about killing monsters and collecting mana to pass a level. It's a bit like an arcade game in that sense. Many levels have some gimmicks to figure out, but overall it's more of a sandbox and there's not lots of variance overall. Second one does quests and specific objectives a bit better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bANf0CXO0S8
The Flaming Pike (3 months ago)
5:19 Just file for divorce already!
Number 9 (3 months ago)
Nice one. Brought back a lot of memories. Love the UFO music too. Nice one.
RedFlameFox (3 months ago)
Jaume Retrogamer (3 months ago)
Imho these were my best game days, Pcs on the 90s were years ahead of any console.
Sciaini Shiny (3 months ago)
When the future is yesterday
CSIM47 (3 months ago)
Covert Action remake please!
Nearly ended the video on Turrican, heh, absolutely classic. Great list!
Serginho Filho (4 months ago)
Blood was a very good game 9:25
Matmannen01 (4 months ago)
I knew "Terminal Velocity" as "Fury 3".
Mateus Mota Sales (4 months ago)
Resources so limited back then, but the criativity... Damm these games look too good
xXxBladeStormxXx (4 months ago)
Alone in the dark used to scare the shit out of us when we were kids.
i've been trying to remember what game blackthorne was for like 20 years, thanks eino!
mike coleman (4 months ago)
100 dos games in 10 minuets...... only 8 of them are good.
DanZ (4 months ago)
Love it.. and I'm thankful that I had the chance to play most of these back then.
Philipp Bornschlegl (4 months ago)
With the limited resources games developers had to compensate by using creativity and great ideas, now it seems like the other way around. Thinking of the hours I spent flying caves in Descent, running around with Jagged Alliance and Syndicate, shooting pixels and feeling like being IN Star Wars with X-wing, tie-fighter and Dark Forces. Man, Great Times. Not much consuming, way more exploring (and trying to find the right settings for EMM386 in your AUTOEXEC.BAT)

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