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8 Times Gaming Franchises Were Rebooted Into The Worst Thing Ever

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Snake Eyed Ghoul (29 days ago)
I love Saints Row. Like, more than GTA. But I couldn't stand the jump from Saints Row The Third to Saints Row IV. The whole superhero style was fun for all but an hour... then it just became benign and repetetive
Raoul 9753 (1 month ago)
I miss Nosgoth. I really liked the game
Paul Bennett (1 month ago)
I gave up on Turok when the third one concentrated on multiplayer.
Nekro Reaper (1 month ago)
I completely forgot about Turok, and that i owned it. It was fun i wont lie, but i prefer the n64 and GC versions more.....i think disney had a part to play in the making of the last release of turok, right? Wasn't that why it was so....censored?
Ryan White (1 month ago)
The toruk reboot was good
Ryan White (1 month ago)
The tomb raider reboot was crap, no tomb raiding and over the top uncharted style gameplay.
Shen Doodles (1 month ago)
The newest incarnation of Tomb Raider is under the impression that crying = character.
Niklas (1 month ago)
I know its on every other similar list but Mass Effect Andromeda really should be on this list.
Meelis13 (1 month ago)
with all do respect tho- Duke Nukem Forever was actually exactly same stuff that franchise has always been. And it isnt reboot, but continuing same story
Sandeep Athwal (1 month ago)
Torok on the n64 was *Litt*
sjhmagic1 (1 month ago)
it's funny you mention angel of darkness, because the recent tomb raider reboot did almost the exact same thing. The first one made sense, action survival adventure. She had very little choice in her actions. But the second one was even more edgy, and she was more bloodthirsty than a glutinous vampire. And her reason for being so is paper thin. Now the third one advertises her to be an edgy predator in female skin. Someone from Crystal Dynamics didn't learn the angel of darkness. I think that's why they had to rely so heavy on the marketing gender shaming people into buying the game.
Bilbo Faggins (2 months ago)
They didn't do turok justice..it should have just been a different game and done its own thing
otakusage (2 months ago)
That moment when you actually liked the new turok lol
TombRaiderStoryHD (2 months ago)
tr angel of darkness wasnt a reboot and it also wasnt rebooted in 2007. how can one make so many mistakes. Angel of darkness was a direct continuety to tr4 and 5. tomb raider anniversary was a remake of the first one for its tenth anniversary. its in the freaking name
Lenie Kotze (2 months ago)
my be but the new killer in tomb raider is having a screen that go,s red in less a half a second it bin sed the red screen is less human as most things can human served but as in red screen you died on the spot so i do not liike red screen game games the have life bar is more fun
Ben Bruflat (2 months ago)
Devil May Cry, Prince of Persia
Andrew Mendez (2 months ago)
Live and Reloaded wasn't really a reboot. Yes it was censored, but that didn't make it unplayable.
Jeremiah Sivertson (2 months ago)
Devil May Cry. Worst reboot ever, hands down.
Juan Gonzalez (2 months ago)
#6 is a sequel and #5 is a muted remake. Not really 'reboots'
Jason Bond (2 months ago)
Thief, Mega man (what was the new one called that was totally shit? I forgot the name...)
Kevin Lee (3 months ago)
I have some questions. Where the hell is DmC : Devil May Cry on this list? Is it SO bad that it couldn't fit numbers 1-8? Is it number 0? Or do you somehow actually think it wasn't a bad reboot?
gigglebob69 (3 months ago)
Perfect Dark. Off the back of their success with Goldeneye Rare followed up with Perfect Dark. One of the best multi player games on the N64. Then Microsoft bought Rare and introduced Perfect Dark Zero. The long awaited follow up fans had been clambering for so long and it was boring
IGRETRO (3 months ago)
Im actually liked the new bomberman. This was the first game I playd on xbox 360 and it was fun. Just in a different way
IGRETRO (3 months ago)
Tobm Rider was dead at the moment she lost her brast and shorts
isabel vazquez (3 months ago)
Angel of Darkness was my childhood 😭
the Saenz family (4 months ago)
What about Diablo 3 failed at the beginning and will never be as good as the first two
MinionOfDeth2112 (4 months ago)
Doom 3 - turned a fast paced FPS into a bland, corridor shooter.
Rami Obeid (5 months ago)
Nosgoth sounds more of a spin-off rather than a reboot
Gabriel P (5 months ago)
Dude... I don´t know how many different incest comments Ive seen in WhatCulture videos today.. And always with this guy as the narrator :S:S Its creeping me out...
henry black (5 months ago)
I liked tomb raider angel of darkness
Broken Teeth (5 months ago)
Jules is the sexiest man alive
Patrick Marsh (6 months ago)
Saddest part of star fox is it. Being one of itawa last games
Marli Andersen (6 months ago)
I like Duke Nukem Forever!
Edric Lao (6 months ago)
Where is DMC?
spice313200 (6 months ago)
Angel of Darkness does not exist.
Lunya (7 months ago)
Dungeon Siege 3 and Sacred 3.
Floyd Pink (7 months ago)
a sasquatch drinking sasparilla. funny
lennart pohl (7 months ago)
represent laboratory sufficient butter conservative recover rail sentence legend tomorrow.
Swetzie (7 months ago)
Many nights can be spent blowing your friends.
layla hall (7 months ago)
After tomb raider the angel of darkness it was rebooted in 2006 not 2007
Astrius (8 months ago)
TR AOD isn't a reboot, it's a sequel to The Last Revelation. Same Lara Croft, same universe, same storyline. Tomb Raider saga has only got two reboots to date: Legend and Tomb Raider (2013).
Dunny2k (8 months ago)
G Truesdale (8 months ago)
What about the game, Shadow Assault: Tenchu?
Sasha Shulgin (8 months ago)
Jules is the best
Annabelle Shutlar (8 months ago)
Fuck EA.
Fernando (8 months ago)
Nosgoth was a spin-off and indeed very different but that was bc it's not a sequel...it's a left-overs of the MP from a cancelled LoK Sequel. It was a good game, very original and fun, imo...but sadly the game was tecnically broken. Full of bugs and poor performance...only die-hard fans of the game stay...the game started very well but lost most players due to these issues.
Ryan Coles (8 months ago)
Front mission evolved? Or turning KOTOR into the MMO SWTOR?
glitchhunter09 (8 months ago)
Most of these aren't even reboots, they're sequels and remasters. (yes there's a difference)
hellsingmongrel (8 months ago)
Honestly, as someone who's video gaming holy relic is the entire LoK franchise, I LOVED Nosgoth. It was different, yes, but it actually fit into the lore and added more to the story that helped flesh out the world, unlike the cancelled Dead Sun game it was supposed to be a multiplayer mode component of before DS was cancelled and they tried to salvage SOME money from it by releasing the mp as a separate ftp game. It had good controls, an interestingly asymmetrical combat system, and tons of nicely atmospheric designs and voice work. Of anything, I'd take it out of this list and put DMC in its place, that game was TERRIBLE! but everyone has their own opinion, so...🤷‍♀️
HACKENSLASH (8 months ago)
Nosgoth may not have been what LoK fans wanted to see. But that's not why it wasn't successful. Many fans still accepted the game and it also brought new fans to the franchise. You left out the main factors to the games demise. One of which was the devs more or less abandoning it in a broken state in order to focus on Rocket League.
hellsingmongrel (8 months ago)
HACKENSLASH Yep, a ton of the fans who heard about it ended up LOVING it, even those who initially HATED it, like I did. I'm STILL mad that it got cancelled, it was sooo good!
J.P. Czi (8 months ago)
There's a few games here that aren't even reboots.
Cort X (8 months ago)
Tool! Knew I liked you Jules 🙌🏻
PetersonZF (8 months ago)
Wing Commander Arena!
Adam Maynard (8 months ago)
Didnt see Alone in the Dark. Definitely deserves a spot.
Rectus Rectumius (8 months ago)
You dumbass didn’t know that Tomb Raider AoD’s developers didn’t reboot it two years later, they got fired and Crystal Dynamic took over. They were called Core Design, the OG TR team.
Tom Otremba (8 months ago)
2007’s Shadowrun. A sh*t tastic FPS reskin using the flesh of one of the best rpg’s, and only cyberpunk rpgs made.
Xeda787 _ (9 months ago)
Hey don't forget the dmc reboot or the infamous sonic 06
Zylo82 (9 months ago)
replace Turok with Shadow Run and ill be fine with the list. Turok wasint that damn bad.
JotaDeeMeO (9 months ago)
So.... Bomberman tried to be endy too, eh? Nice...
DamienAzreal (9 months ago)
I... don't think you know what "reboot" means. Angel of Darkness... was a sequel. Conker was a remaster. DNF was a direct sequel to DN3D.
Lord Haberdasher (9 months ago)
Duke Nukem Forever was made for like seventeen dorks, myself included. It was not made for you. Stop acting like it was.
KrazyKain (9 months ago)
every time that bomberman reboot comes up I always feel like I want to play it. the thought of an edgy bomberman game sounds so hillariously misguided that I just really want to see it.
sim_ tastic vids (9 months ago)
duke nuke forever is fun as out
IntheClouds (9 months ago)
Nosgoth isn't/wasn't a reboot (not sure if it's still going or they killed it). It was supposed to be the mulitplayer component of a new Legacy of Kain game. It was called Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun. Square didn't think there was enough interest in it, so they scrapped the single player portion and released the multiplayer instead.
BurnEdOutOne (9 months ago)
Gah! Comedy rule of three, you guys! You should have said "More sass than a sassquatch drinking sasspirilla in sasskatoon." or something.
Kabz (9 months ago)
I can't believe I didn't like Julz like a year ago. He's tops.
Stream PLUG (9 months ago)
The people who hate on the Battlefront reboot, are the same people who say Destiny didn't copy off of Warframe
Frozar Burst (9 months ago)
I already knew Bomberman would be #1! How could they ruin that?!
Stephen Fox (9 months ago)
No Devil May Cry Reboot, DmC was probably the worst reboot we didn't want. Yeah the game play was okay but it could've been it's own game, instead of shitting all over the original Devil May Cry Series.
Jordan Wright (9 months ago)
Duke Nukem Forever was a sequel, not a reboot
Reaper Gt500 (9 months ago)
EA sucks. Hope that shit hole goes bankrupt
vargen1414 (9 months ago)
here is oen thing that made Star FOx Zero bad...it had better ghrapics in the advertisments then the game like seriosuly i can count Fox McClouds fur strands in the advertisement but not in the game also yes his fur in the advertisements where in 1k by default
vargen1414 (9 months ago)
actually Doom 2016 was not a reboot since it is the same Doom Guy since he stayed in Hell after Doom 2 since Humanity died off so he stayed in hell so yeah if it where not for god turnin back time on just earth there would have been no Doom 2016
Matt Conklin (9 months ago)
Jules we need to talk, how the fuck do you not have Sonic '06 on here?
Cloud Strife (9 months ago)
Tomb Raider gets rebooted every gen it seems
Chuck Lathan (9 months ago)
I....I....did not even know about Nosgoth...and now I'm really, really glad
Joshua Speechly (9 months ago)
I've said it before I'll say it again, if you can't figure out the controls of star fox zero, don't bother gaming at all because you don't have the hand eye coordination necessary to play a video game
Commander Shepard (9 months ago)
I guess Crash Bandicoot must be just okay because I hates the new one compared to the ole one. In case you're wondering why, it has to do with the hit detection. It used to be a square and now it is rounded. Mario Odyssey KILLS in terms of platformers in my opinion.
John Wall (9 months ago)
Banjo Kazooie better be on here
Sagar L Patil (9 months ago)
Am I the only one who liked angel of darkness?
GordonEdward (9 months ago)
I don't think that you really mean that you would prefer watching someone sleeping with your dead grandma than play Bomberman. It feels like it's to such a parody of top ten lists.
JannetFenix (9 months ago)
But Nosgoth was actually a damn good as an asymetric arena. Balanced more than any game, even though being relatively freshborn, gave you opportunity to overcome vampires when thinking and looking out for each other as a team, and allowing you to feel like a real predator - something evolve failed at and no other game gave me properly. It was my first contact with the licence, so afterwards i did play original games. I have suffered though, when after impale skill was applied to sentinels, some bugs started pestering the matchmaking queue and square enix decided they have other things to pump funds into, resulting in game being abandoned to rot like a sheep with one leg bruised.
takayuki yoshida (9 months ago)
EA is greedy they need to go bankrupt they deserve it
Mateo C. (9 months ago)
Your timeline for Tomb Raider is all wrong.
docette2015 (9 months ago)
Aren't a couple of these just -- sequels? In particular Duke Nukem Forever I believe is just another entry in the series. I'll trust your judgement on them not being very good (I've heard enough about what a disappointment DNF is, for starters), but the list's theme seems a touch muddled.
MicIsMyNick135 (9 months ago)
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude :(
Mystical Frog (9 months ago)
Matt's Modelling (9 months ago)
I liked AoD. It had its faults but it was an interesting idea.
Felipe Aidar da Silva (9 months ago)
There are a lot of mistakes about Tomb Raider. AOD had HUGE expectations, and fans were really crazy about this new take on Lara. Then the game was clearly rushed, with unfinished maps blocked by invisible walls, game-breaking bugs and the same tank controls that gamers wanted EIDOS to change. After the failed game, Eidos lost the developing rights of TR, and it was given to Crystal Dynamics, which made Tomb Raider Legends (the footage shown is from TR: Anniversary). TR:L was well received, receiving two more games to finish a story trilogy: Anniversary (original remake) and Underworld.
Celine Lloyd (9 months ago)
Cool vid Jules! Hope they get you in on the Last Jedi film discussion, you were the coherent centre of the IT film discussion —could do with having you keep conversation flowing and on-topic.
Khodexus (9 months ago)
Conker wasn't really a reboot though, it was a remaster.
Isaque Lazaro (9 months ago)
Jules owns this channel
theoriginalshew (9 months ago)
2 words. Skylander & Spyro. It's not exactly a rebooted game but a rebooted character that also got turned into a terrible TV show
Serge Matveenko (9 months ago)
There is War for the Overworld catching up on Dungeon Keeper ideas now. And it is really good one.
tubbs666 (9 months ago)
square enix shouldn't have canned lok: dead sun :(
Shaun S (9 months ago)
I loved Conker Live and Reloaded. Still do and am replaying it atm.
Sgt Reed (9 months ago)
Duke Nukem Forever was pretty fun. Not the best game ever but certainly not the worst either.
agent OY (9 months ago)
The ea battellfront
Bruce Wayne (9 months ago)
You missed fallout 3
Modem Buddy (9 months ago)
The one where his arm is his wife! That one!
John Crafton (9 months ago)
Dude, with the language and the attitude, this was the most unpleasant WhatCulture Gaming video I've watched. You guys might want to work on that or you're going to start losing people.

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