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10 Best Batman: Arkham Insurgency Rumours That Must Come True

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Kan v. Ray (6 days ago)
How about a batman game based on realism eh
josh walker (1 month ago)
you get to play the as the joker in arkham knight too
Ryan McCarrick (1 month ago)
I would luv to see a og Justice league game to follow then Batman beyond
Kuchi Saké (1 month ago)
Anyone who says Origins sucks needs to get his fucking head examined... Your only complain was that it was made by another studio, eventhough they used the same goddammn mechanics, and improved several features that even Rocksteady missed,.. You all can go fuck yourselves with a red hot titanium cactus.
Mac Anthony (2 months ago)
And I would like to free roam with the whole Batfamily... not just Catwoman
Mac Anthony (2 months ago)
I couldn't stand them riddler races, no bullshit races in Arkham Insurgency
RAlex 1818 (2 months ago)
Man I really want to see the court of owls. They are so awesome.
We need a good robin like jason todd again or something just not grayson
Soulful Sauce (2 months ago)
Am I the only one that wants to be able to play through the game 2 player A way out style
xdarkknight05x (2 months ago)
The next game for Batman will most likely be continuing Arkham knight and Batman will do what he did in the comics he will hide underground until so most likely a few years. A nice change will be that red hood starts to search for Batman. A also nice thing is if darkseid would have a slight appearance at the end and include a brief Martian manhunter cameo. Most likely not going to happen. I think and hope that is where they will pick up from
IHaZ FeArZ (2 months ago)
Or even a game about the villains like that Lego one
IHaZ FeArZ (2 months ago)
I hope they do a Batman beyond game where it follows “ Bruce Wayne’s death” the end of the Arkham knight were he fakes death to stop people thinking about him being batman then terry meginus many years later becomes batman beyond and it follows new villains from the comics and the tv series giving the series a fresh new story instead of recycling villains but don’t leave them out completely you could use them as them being retired and old like the bane episodes from the tv show
Crimson Nerd (2 months ago)
I definitely wanna see new, fresh content in the new game. Examples: 1. A populated Gotham. Imagine how cool it would be to be racing in Gotham, having to dodge cars, hearing people be like "holy shit, it's Batman!" 2. More interesting fighting locations. Something that has always bothered me about the Arkham games is how the combat sections are all basically square rooms with sometimes a few traps. Remember that one scene in the Dark Knight when Batman was beating up all those crooks on a catwalk in that nightclub? That was badass! Imagine doing that in a game. 3. A Talon enemy. If the Court is gonna be in this game, they're gonna have to include some version of the Talons. When you first meet them they would be pretty dangerous and intimidating. As you progress you have to deal with small groups of them but it becomes slightly easier to fight them because you know their move set and have Robin at your side. Speaking of... 4. Dick Grayson must be in this game! About halfway you'll meet him and do the whole training thing. He could have some missions only he can do. Like how in Arkham City only Catwoman could reach certain Riddler trophies. I think you would have to age him up slightly to be about fourteen. Because to be honest there's no way an eight-year-old could do all the stuff he can. He should take more damage than Batman, but to even it out he should be faster and more athletic. 5. Joker team up. I don't need to say anything. That would be awesome. 6. A bigger, better, Batcave. Imagine how cool it would be to explore the Batcave again! And it could be connected to Wayne Manor and Gotham city instead of being its own area. You could have trophies slowly starting to gather up through the main story and side missions. Alfred could be there giving his witty, British remarks like he did in Origins. You could have a few easter eggs hidden in there too! Like the Batsuit from Origins. 7. The Batmobile needs to make a comeback. I'm talking about the Asylum Batmobile. That thing was badass! It had everything a Batmobile should have. and it should definitely not be a tank. It should just be a car. It should look and function like a normal car. It can have like miniguns and stuff like that for car chases, but it shouldn't be a plot device or overused. It should just be used as a car. To get from point A to point B. 8. Kiteman boss battle. 9. A bigger Gotham with more locations. I'm talking like Wayne Manor, ACE Chemicals, Iceberg Longue, Crime Alley, Amusement Mile, GCPD, maybe STAR Labs, Blackgate, and Haly's Circus. 10. Martha jokes. 11. Maxie Zeus DLC. (P.S. Sorry for the long ass comment)
C T (2 months ago)
I disagree with everything you said. Even the part about hitting the like.. ~The AK Tank battles did suck @ 1st and the boss Battle was awful. But the chase challenges we're a blast and the Batmobile grew on most gamers.. You are hating on it because you think that is the popular position to take.. ~I do AGREE w/ The JOker @ the end of youre video about JOker 'helping' The Bat...The Joker has always been protective of BAtman. Similar to Zero protecting BigBoss in MetalGearSOlid...So yeah this makes sense.. ~So does TroyBaker.. he nailed it..And Mark Hamill is annoying & betrayed us all by not standing up to Disney when they ruined LukeSkywalker..Shame on you Mark. You we're the 1 person who had full control! ~~Disagree completely about Court of Owls..I found the storyline to be underwhelming compaired to other storylines where he gets his @ss kicked...Meh.. This is mentioned outta desperation for new villains...WE DONT NEED NEW VILLAINS. Just a new story..Arkham Knight using The Red Hood story was unforgivable..shame! ~~Agreed about Robin being a turd,,,i disagree that gamers demand him..No they don't..They demand Nightwing.Not Useless Robin. Maybe if he we're used correctly...but the team mode was awful..it bored me. ~~a prequel? disagree again..How stale~ Why a prequel? this is comic-gaming, you just start fresh "Arkham~A New Beginning" a brand new story from scratch. ~WHy call it Arkham at all. it's not the name "Arkham" that has the reputation, it's Batman.... ~Solution~ They need to include more characters. Make the justice League against Batman..And certain Heroes/villains will join Batman against em..Have Shazam or NIghtwing Killed by Wonderwoman & her growing power crazy defending her innocence or self defense whatevs. and OliverQueen and co join Batman..."Justice League Arkham" <lame
dep osited (3 months ago)
When dose this new game come out
dep osited (3 months ago)
When dose this new game come out
nathaniel figueroa (3 months ago)
When I play a superhero game I want to be able to suit up as the hero and take the suit off I want to be able to dress up as Bruce Wayne for once and be able to do whatever I want as him walk around the city in day time and the people being like hey it's Bruce Wayne I want to be able to just do what I want as batman like the man has billions let me do something with fun batman games can be so much more
KCJ506 (3 months ago)
I still want another prequel game. It could feature Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face, Enigma officially becoming Riddler, Batman's first meeting with Talia. As well as villains that haven't been used in the Arkham games such as Prometheus, Maxie Zeus, Scarface & Ventriloquist, Roxy Rocket, Killer Moth and Ratcatcher. I also find it interesting how much flak people give WBM for Origins when they actually managed to handle villains like Bane and Deathstroke better than Rocksteady did.
Rohan Pendurkar (3 months ago)
I always wanted a good superman game but that's not possible given how OP superman can be. So, what if Superman was the villain of the upcoming Arkham games? What if in future Rocksteady bring out characters from the entire DC universe in the Arkham games and build a kickass DC universe in games like what Marvel is teasing from their new spiderman game.
HB plays (3 months ago)
Make the main villain slade it be cooler
V (3 months ago)
What I want is a Batman Arkham game set around year 3-6. I want an adaptation of the Long Halloween sprinkled with some Court of Owls as well. Just imagine if Holiday was actually being controlled by the court of owls, or if Holiday isn’t the killer but its actually a Talon. Would make for a great detective/classic Arkham Game.
Eagle's Perch (3 months ago)
I think Rocksteady or WB should produce two more arkham installments. The next one being Arkham Insurgency nods to Batman's earlier years with the Court of Owls as the main antagonist and then one of the side villians being Joker of course. This is a perfect opportunity to throw in the old Robin that Arkham Knight used to portray. It could show how it all happened to him. For the one after that, make it take place a night earlier from Arkham Asylum. That way the official series can conclude where the first one left off.
Damian The Bat Son Wayne (4 months ago)
I hope the robin we play as is Damian wayne
LEGIT_ LEONIDAS (4 months ago)
Why should the DC Universe get rid of Robin? I'm not sure he realized how many interesting stories each Robin has, plus Robin in general is bad ass, I would love to see Jason Todd as Robin in this game and still have Nightwing
calebzbleeding (4 months ago)
Origins was shit. Please dont.
W Radford (4 months ago)
I really hope it won't be a prequel. Usually by the time prequels come out they are strictly cash-grabs.
Gabriel Calliste (4 months ago)
Naw smd. The Bat Tank was fire af. Smd
rr 8097 (4 months ago)
Dude the tank battles were sick..
Andy Williams (4 months ago)
one thing i dont like about arkham is how when there are cool bosses like death stroke always get knocked out bye a punch like in a tank battle when he came out of the vehicle he just go knocked out just like that
Julius Jones (4 months ago)
Batman tank fights were cool to me, especially when u had to fight Slade in it And I believe that them putting joker in the game as a figment of imagination is genius, it's way to not forget about joker but give other villains some shine
The !st Winner (4 months ago)
What about all the rumors concerning Damian Wayne carrying the mantle of The Bat?!... His Batbike as a means of transportation around the city? Having the game be a PREQUEL "kind of" invalidates that idea... :P
Top Dog (4 months ago)
I hope its not that gay fucking Superman game they are suppose to be working on!!!!
Gooch stank (4 months ago)
Is this game even real?
Island GAMER (4 months ago)
It will probably end with Jason Tood being killed by The Joker if its a prequel especially if a Robin plays a bigger role and Batman taking Joker to Arkham Asylum just to tie directly into the 1st game
operoverlord1984 (4 months ago)
There should be a Batman universe set in the future metropolis. Have a Bat suit that's more like a streamlined iron man that's silver with a black cape. Maybe even go outside the planet....?
Daulat Naveedd- - (4 months ago)
May be the next Arkham game is arkham world
Langford_artist (4 months ago)
Did this idiot just say Robin should be banned from the batman universe.
Young W.I.C (4 months ago)
Also, make sure we can free roam the ENTIRE city of Gotham! We we're promised this with Arkham Knight but only got like 50% of Gotham's entirety. I wanna be able to explore the entire city if this game does ever come out
Jacob Laurion (4 months ago)
I wanted to be multiplayer game play as Batman Robin Nightwing and Catwoman
Israel Delgado (4 months ago)
Can we face the fax,the game isn't getting made
Isaiah Rucker (4 months ago)
Troy baker sucks as the joker
YOU-5-IVER (4 months ago)
Origins was the weakest of the series, if Insurgency ever happens, it could make up for Origins’ weak entry and be a better prequel
Time is Reality (4 months ago)
Batman’s voice actor in origins didn’t click am i the only one?
It would be cool if you could play online, first player/host is Batman and second player/guest robin
Daniel Gibeault (4 months ago)
I'm betting people are are gonna disagree with me on this but honestly I think the new batsuit is going to be the same as the one in arkham knight. Again just saying my honest opinion nobody get pissed at me I just prefer the suit in knight I hope it's the same
Adrian Preston (4 months ago)
I heard the bat bike was going to be the main vehicle don't know how true that is but would be something new and fun to use.
MAD LAD (5 months ago)
Jokers hairline gets me every time
saintlugia (5 months ago)
fuck you Robin is cool
Kostas (5 months ago)
I would love to see Dick Grayson pick up the mantle or something of the sorts. But a court of owls arc would be AWESOME. I mean we got some serious batverse stuff that would be great in Rocksteady's hands. I'm all for new games!
SaNdMaN 02665 (5 months ago)
yo what if we got to play as Jason Todd robin
SaNdMaN 02665 (5 months ago)
maybe have troy baker as joker and keep Kevin Conroy as batman
ʟɪʟɪᴀ x (5 months ago)
Fuck I really need a new Batman game
WWe#1fanlover 101 (5 months ago)
Can't wait!!!!
\\ Quinten_2005 // (5 months ago)
I would love to see that you could make your own choices (something like the teltale series) so you could chose for instance "Robin is captured by the ridler and he drops Robin in to a pit and try's to escape" than you can choose if you "save Robin" or "capture Ridler" but I didn't like the fighting in the teltale series so... they can put the fighting from Arkham Knight into it... I mean, that would be pretty sick... right? Did that even make sense to you. I hope so. 😂😂😂
Red Hood (5 months ago)
Kyle Penney (5 months ago)
This whole video is a bit of a headache to listen. The core concept of a Batman game is to play as Batman. Which is the main reason why I loved playing it. Arkham City combined a few ideologies to accomplish a really strange yet remarkable feat: a portion of the city sanctioned off for criminals and the criminally insane. A place where Dr. Strange and Ra’s Al Ghoul could be gods. Did that happen in Arkham Knight? Not necessarily but it managed to push Batman to his limits protecting Gotham. And that’s the main story: Bruce Wayne as Batman. Anyone else is just a footnote and should definitely be treated as such (which they were in Arkham Knight)
thehumanthathid (5 months ago)
I loved the reveal in arkahm origins they can't top it
DarkLaughterGaming (5 months ago)
It's supposed to take over a few nights instead of just one. It's not a prequel and you play as Damian Wayne who's also the Demon's Head and now has immense power (that scare thing at the end of Arkham Knight).
Jonathan Watson (5 months ago)
Batman dies at the end of Infinity Wars
Lil Tac (5 months ago)
Add a boss rush
Brad Willey (5 months ago)
What about a Thomas Wayne arc?
Theboss_7400 (5 months ago)
Arkham origins was fucking terrible, it doesn’t even count as an Arkham game at this point
JChockey22 (4 months ago)
It clearly is within the Arkham universe direct references are made to it in Knight such as the Firefly mission, black masks evidence, multiple references to Anarky , Death Stroke mentions the events and a few others I dont recall off the top of my head. Personally I think origins is flawed game in some aspects but I liked the story etc so its also underrated at the same time but that part is just my thoughts .. In a perfect world I would love to see it remastered and the bugs fixed and such
Theboss_7400 (4 months ago)
JChockey22 what? 😂
JChockey22 (4 months ago)
umm about that
KrazySaiyan (5 months ago)
Is this game still happening?
Barer (5 months ago)
hey comeone put a spoiler alert i just started playing Arkham city and you spoil the death of hugo!?
Carlos Lang (5 months ago)
I would like possible loot boxes that fall from enemies and you can get different skins for your characters like batman, robin, nightwing, and others.
Martin Lipari (5 months ago)
Need co-op that lets you be the entire bat family...planning attacks together...it would be slick
Only Fortnite (5 months ago)
Man we need it let's go
Dirtyturtle10 DT10 (5 months ago)
I'd prefer Troy Baker as Batman.
Mr Number 1 (6 months ago)
I love the Arkham series to death I hope they some features like earning skins by completing side missions and maybe some have their own abilities like a special gadget or upgrade and maybe they can show rips and damage like the main skins
Daniel Brooks (6 months ago)
It should follow the events of Arkham Knight, with Dick Grayson donning the Cowl as Batman. Then, at the darkest point of the story, Bruce Returns.
Long lasso stuidos (6 months ago)
I want to be able to make a costum batsuit or bat vecial.
Eetu Halmela (6 months ago)
Things that i would really like to see: -A completly new main villain, who is just something different like a corrupted police or something -Smaller but more detailed open world -*Real* batcave
Jordan Steele (18 days ago)
Eetu Halmela Don’t forget a flyable Batwing and free roam as Robin and Nightwing
xdarkknight05x (2 months ago)
Darkseid is all I’m saying
Eetu Halmela (4 months ago)
The !st Winner yes. definetly
The !st Winner (4 months ago)
There was one episode of The Animated Series (I think it was called "LOCKUP" - the title as well as the name of the villain) where a former Arkham Asylum guard went rogue, all berserk. Perhaps THAT would be interesting to see, an interpretation of that in the Arkhamverse :)
LONEBOi (6 months ago)
Kazanna 12488 (6 months ago)
What we need is a batcave that you can go to and not a fast travel batcave like origins. I want to be able to drive out of the city and into a secret door that goes to a cave. They teased it with knight way early and I was so disappointed
knightmare 2k20 (6 months ago)
They should do a full justice league game by rocksraedy
John buckley jnr (6 months ago)
They have to let the joker go as much as I love him he's been done to death. Give another character the limelight.
Zach Rogers (6 months ago)
I kinda hope they don't make another batman game. I'm sure it'd be fun and all (get rid of the tank 😂) but I would love to see something like a Superman game with a few cameos. I think Arkham Knight was a good way to end the Arkham series
Marvel Is Life (6 months ago)
Now okay if Troy Baker voices joker I’m alright with that but nobody can replace Kevin Conroy
Ari karl Aspelund (6 months ago)
no more cobra tanks!!!!!
Kristopher Wallace (6 months ago)
sooooo cool
Khaleeq Mohammad (6 months ago)
I hope we can play as the villains and they get there own game style Example: Killer moth:has he’s own bat arranges which can explode or can be remote control, can deploy a moth like drone only 3 times till it fills up which can deploy missile, shock an enemy or use to take surveillance, take cover, use cocoon gun, silent takedown, take vantage points, hide in grates, grapple hook, remote claw and he can fly. Type of missions: assassination missions, stealth missions, combat missions, bank robbery, and warfare missions Riddler:bullet proof force field, laser from can, explosive grenades, and can summon he’s giant mech suit Type of missions: warfare missions and combat missions Two face:guns planted on arms, bullet proof shield, tactical vision, and snap flash bombs. Type of missions: warfare missions bank robbery, and combat missions Twiddledee and twiddledum:they can use there guns and snap-flash Type of missions:warfare missions, bank robbery, and combat missions Talon, can glide, use ball troops, daggers, sword, infrared vision, take cover, enter grates, take vantage points, and smoke pellets. Type of mission: stealth missions, warfare missions, combat missions, bank robbery, and assassination missions DLC Mad hatter:can control minds, take cover, stun people, he can’t use a vantage point, use smoke bombs, silent takedown, deploy explosive cards, can throw he hat at enemies and can hide in the vents. Type of missions:stealth missions, combat missions, bank robbery, and warfare missions Black spider:web sling, take vantage points, take cover, silent takedown, hide in vents, dual pistols, shot webs, Infrared vision, and daggers. Type of missions: warfare missions, assassination missions, combat missions, and stealth missions Scarecrow:fear bomb, fear glove, scythe, silent takedown, take vantage point, tactical vision, and hide in vents Type of missions:warfare missions, bank robbery, assassination missions, and combat missions Mr freeze:cryogenic gun, infrared vision, cryogenic grenades, and take cover Type of missions:warfare missions, bank robbery, and combat missions That’s all I can think of for now
sting the undertaker (6 months ago)
James Vader9 (6 months ago)
I know to people this would be dumb but like in the TV Series Gotham the new Batman game can have a dlc campaign of Bruce's backstory and have him train and grow into the Batman
It should be a direct sequel to Arkham Origins
Umbrellaguy (6 months ago)
Needs a proper batcave.
larry mc (6 months ago)
We need another fucking Arkham game
YOUR ENTERTAINER (6 months ago)
idk why you remind me of gameranx.
RikuKelev (7 months ago)
Hopefully no shoehorned in online bs
Michael Brent (7 months ago)
Please put The Creeper (Jack Ryder) and Metamorpho should definitely be in the Game if it created because you have Stagg in who created Metamorpho and you have Jack Ryder in the Ark hammers.They should definitely make Harley Quinn Anti-Heroine.
Buzzsaw Louie (7 months ago)
Troy Baker's Joker impression is kinda overrated tbh... he laughs too much during diologue compare to Hamill
Cyrano Crimson (7 months ago)
So.... No Superman? Lame.
Cameron Cutler (7 months ago)
Arkham Knight was CRIMINALLY underrated. Best Superhero game ever made, no other game captures the Superhero experience so goddamn fantastically. Can live out all my childhood dreams of being Batman in any scenario. So great
Generic White Male (6 months ago)
Cameron Cutler The story was boring and repetitive.
Pug Dude Studios TM (7 months ago)
So many people are saying they want a Batman Beyond game, tbh I find Batman Beyond boring as hell
thomas280901 (7 months ago)
I want a open world batman game with the batmobile and the batwing and maybe the batboat and that you can go from gotham city to the batcave without a loading screen and that you have to press a button when you let´s say a kilometrer or 500 metres away from the batcave the door for which vehicle you are in opens and that you can customize and maybe upgrade your batcave with certain skills for you to unlock new gadgets and weaponry. And that you can get the parts needed for the upgrades through doing side quests.
callum m-v (7 months ago)
lol the thumbnail is my pc background
TWISTED_ AZTEC (7 months ago)
Without joker is boring
Luc Carlton (7 months ago)
I miss the Damian Wayne idea
New Beginning (7 months ago)
U forgot moder warfare3
roachxyz (7 months ago)
troy baker was also Lego batman so he could be both characters.
MB18 (7 months ago)
No Robin or any sidekicks please

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