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Every X-Man Ever

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Dive into our video timeline infographic detailing everyone who ever joined Professor Xavier's team of X-Men. Yes, you read that right: This is Every X-Man Ever! Watch Every Avenger Ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zsm8b_8TZ4 Watch Every Jedi Ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLT0aAguUmw ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #xmen #everyxmen #everyxmanever #wolverine
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Text Comments (7748)
Grace Costales (35 minutes ago)
Güneş Yavuz (3 hours ago)
Best and most popular x-men or we can just call mutant is WOLVERINE!
Kathy Dawson (4 hours ago)
Even though, I think he's dead now, Elixir was a member of the team and so was Boom-Boom and I think there was at least a handful or so of others that weren't mentioned or shown. I notice some listing Forge and Legion who were in fact shown to join with the other Muir island X-Men and someone even said Darwin who was in fact shown with Petra, Sway and Vulcan to have joined in 2006. There are still some missing, though.
Matthew Lee (10 hours ago)
Madelyne Pryor
Michael Grabowski (10 hours ago)
Gabriel Idusogie (14 hours ago)
What's the name of the song in this video?
Sonsuz Geek (16 hours ago)
No new members yes all members
Mr. Dead meme (2 days ago)
You missed Zeitgeist, who was created in 2001.
Mr. Dead meme (1 day ago)
Oh, thanks.
AluTheHungryGhost (1 day ago)
Mr. Dead meme he never was X-Man. The first and only team he was in was X-statix.
Logan Walter (2 days ago)
Juggernauts first appearance was in 1964
Logan Walter (1 day ago)
+AluTheHungryGhost yes I realized that overnight
AluTheHungryGhost (2 days ago)
Logan Walter the date shown is year he joined the X-men team.
Jacob Heavner (3 days ago)
Scarlett witch, quicksilver, and almost every mutant in deadpool 2
AluTheHungryGhost (3 days ago)
Jacob Heavner almost none of them were x-Men in the comic books. Cable and Domino were, but that just about that. Zeitgeist wasn’t even close to X-Men, he was in X-Statix. Negasonic was a student before she died, this she never joined x Men. Quicksilver and SW were always in Avengers roster as well as Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but not X-Men.
Tee Phillips (3 days ago)
You forgotten quick silver
Michael Landers (3 days ago)
Hello. Deadpool and the X-Force.
Viji G (4 days ago)
might you have missed mystique
Rustom Mohamed (3 days ago)
stratogustav (4 days ago)
I like Omega Red, he is cool.
Azazel 13 (4 days ago)
Morph, APOCALYPSE, Mr Sinister and me
Melo (4 days ago)
You forgot scarlet whitch, Quicksilver,spike,blink, eclipse
The Joe Show (4 days ago)
You forgot reptil
Dave Diaz (5 days ago)
I see a lot of people saying that all the X-Men are mutants but not every mutant is an X-Man And that’s not exactly true not every member of the team has been a mutant
MinatoNamikaze (5 days ago)
AnamIsDABOMB ! (6 days ago)
Gateway....Spike.....Scarlet Witch.....QuickSilver etc.
Jesus Solis (6 days ago)
Shuvam Mohanty (7 days ago)
Blink Scarlett witch Quicksilver
AluTheHungryGhost (7 days ago)
Shuvam Mohanty none were x men. They never joined the team in comic book.
TheFanFlipp'nTastics (8 days ago)
Wasn't Domino an X-Men for like 5 seconds?
bigdawg1 (8 days ago)
weres the merc with mouth deadpool
AluTheHungryGhost (8 days ago)
bigdawg1 he never was a member of X-men in the main comic story.
Steve Dang (9 days ago)
Forgot multiple man
Scarboi Playz (9 days ago)
What about the Y-Men
eldtube (10 days ago)
All the baby X-Men like Surge and Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) shoulda been included! Calisto was an X-Man at one point as well as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel or Warbird or Binary!
malcolm adderley (10 days ago)
Adam Sandler, not funny and still starring in 'comedies'!
John Vader (10 days ago)
i know a few ya'll fo'got.
Dolls Factory (10 days ago)
You forgot quick silver and scarlet witch
Flash Fan (11 days ago)
Flash Fan (11 days ago)
Flash Fan (11 days ago)
What About (11 days ago)
Forgetmenot is a great concept for a character, but the character's look is atrocious. 2000s X-Men had some true stinkers.
Chris Ortiz (11 days ago)
X-Men have better histories than Avengers and characters, superpowers too. I don't know what will be happens when they get into a MCU. Will be Avengers the mighty superheroes of the earth the principals of MCU. I hope No. Will be unfair
ken andress (12 days ago)
you forgot blink and wolfsbane
La Banda del Sargento (12 days ago)
deadpool is not really a mutant and he was never really an xmen.... he did wore jean greys marvel girl uniform, yellow skirt and all, while helping the xmen, but i think that is as close as he came
Nevan Zoller (12 days ago)
You forgot shatterstar, toad,
Remy LeBeau (13 days ago)
There is so much mis information here... must be where singer got his info
Remy LeBeau (13 days ago)
Banshee os from scotland... not ireland and polaris didnt atart put with havok she was with bobby
Emjay Espiritu (13 days ago)
Would love to see all X-men exclusive characters in this video in a fighting video game... 😊
Linda Soto (13 days ago)
Apocalypse counts right?
Jayden Trout (13 days ago)
You forgot inferno
The Dark Reaper (13 days ago)
0:27 that's my name!! im serious guys!!😮😶
Timur Alexachin (13 days ago)
I think deadpool was in X men for few issues
Sarah Browning (13 days ago)
No wolfsbane?
Raven Gaming (14 days ago)
Landon Martinez (14 days ago)
You forgot zero
Landon Martinez (14 days ago)
Artie has a lizard tongue
Landon Martinez (14 days ago)
Pyro and apocalypse
Spencer Kissel (14 days ago)
Blink, Deadpool, Pyro, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver.
K 2 (15 days ago)
Angel Salvadore
Oscar Sanchez (15 days ago)
Deadpool of course
AluTheHungryGhost (15 days ago)
he never was an x-man in main comic books, though.
zoomorph1000 (15 days ago)
Raven DragonML (15 days ago)
Who is a Kitty Pryde fan ???
Dreamer 123 (17 days ago)
U forgot the stepford cuckoos
The mega futura Pro (17 days ago)
Wow it’s ever x men ever not x man ever by the way a forgotten x men character is Xman
The mega futura Pro (17 days ago)
AluTheHungryGhost but what I meant is he’s a forgotten character
AluTheHungryGhost (17 days ago)
The mega futura Noob singular of “X-men” is “X-Man”. The character you mentioned appeared on 5:08
Kevin Allein Zu Haus (17 days ago)
Scarlet Witch
Tobias Reid (17 days ago)
Where’s Quicksilver
Rosa Mendes #MEGHUN (18 days ago)
I remeber Forgetmenot....wait...what I was saying?
Brent McAllister (18 days ago)
Beak wasn't on there
Yeet Yeet yolo (18 days ago)
You forgot quicksilver
AluTheHungryGhost (18 days ago)
Yeet Yeet yolo no he wasn’t. He was member of Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and after that he joined Avengers. Only X-teams he associated himself with were X-Factor (Governement founded one) and X-Factor( the one funded by millionaire). But he never was X-Man, so wasn’t his sister.
Yeet Yeet yolo (18 days ago)
AluTheHungryGhost yes he was I’m not dumb
AluTheHungryGhost (18 days ago)
Yeet Yeet yolo he never was member of x-men in the comic books.
Elijah Charlton (18 days ago)
do every justice league ever
Elijah Charlton (18 days ago)
Michael Brown (18 days ago)
Shadowz 100% Ninja (19 days ago)
is Ink xmen?
Stanley Turner (19 days ago)
You forgot Dredge
Dileep kumar (19 days ago)
What about deadpool
AluTheHungryGhost (19 days ago)
Dileep kumar he never was a member of the team.
El Jr. (19 days ago)
Where is Legion?
AluTheHungryGhost (19 days ago)
El Jr. 3:55 , he is behind Siryn.
Preston Benjamin (20 days ago)
deadpool and shatter star
Tomackabron (20 days ago)
What about northstar, how could you!
[S8] SniperGaming8144 (20 days ago)
Who was that gloating green blob
Marcin K. (20 days ago)
Juggernaut 's power comes form the Magic Stone of Cyttorak - a magical power that was born in the Dark Dimension (Strange / Mordo arc). But he IS the X-Men.
MrMinechest (21 days ago)
Juggernaut And Spider-Man were before your dates
AluTheHungryGhost (20 days ago)
The date shown states when Juggernaut joined X-men, not when he first appeared in the comics.
Rebel XL4 (21 days ago)
What about Dust, Nega sonic teenage warhead, Caliban, Spike, and Strong guy and Multiple man
AluTheHungryGhost (21 days ago)
Rebel XL4 Dust, Strong Guy and Multiple Man are in the vid. Nega Sonic was just a student when she died, she wasn’t X-Man, Caliban , funnily enough , didn’t join the team, and Spyke didn’t exist in comic books.
helena wolf (22 days ago)
Ship dismiss bring zbznap prior electricity monthly reservation retire mail.
Miku Jonhson (22 days ago)
Toxic Duz It (22 days ago)
Magma’s real name is Amara Juliana not Amara Aquilla
Thyago Matias (22 days ago)
Artie and leech
Damian Holder (22 days ago)
Yes santa claus missing
Eli Schonrog (22 days ago)
Deadpool,yes he was an x man.
AluTheHungryGhost (22 days ago)
Eli Schonrog he wasn’t tho.
Hankstoyreviews (22 days ago)
Aileen Kretzschmar (22 days ago)
Where are blink , Scarlet Witch , Quicksilver , Riptide , shaw , Apokalypse and Eclipse , ...
Tim Devaney (23 days ago)
What about a stryfe cables twin brother or speedball
Scorched (23 days ago)
"Fan-favourite writer Brian Michael Bendis", lol.
Samuel Samonte (23 days ago)
Where's Pyro
AluTheHungryGhost (23 days ago)
Samuel Samonte because video is about X-men - the team, not about all mutants or x-men villains and enemies. All the characters in the video are members of that team.
Samuel Samonte (23 days ago)
you know Azazel who belong to the hellfire club why he's not in xmen universe but that's in the movie
AluTheHungryGhost (23 days ago)
Samuel Samonte also villain, he is Black King of Hellfire Club although he supposedly redeemed himself.
Samuel Samonte (23 days ago)
And Shaw??
AluTheHungryGhost (23 days ago)
Samuel Samonte he wasn’t X-Man in comic books. He started as a villain.
Eugene Lagura (23 days ago)
Its x men not x man
AluTheHungryGhost (23 days ago)
Eugene Lagura Singular from “X-Men” is “X-Man”
Irfan Ullah (23 days ago)
you forgot dust and morph
AluTheHungryGhost (23 days ago)
Irfan Ullah Dust is at 6:50. Morph was known as Changeling in comic books , he appears at 1:13
Steven Amos (23 days ago)
I always thought Blink was in the Xmen... I might be wrong though... don’t hate me!!
Kazenshi (24 days ago)
This doesn’t even include the various “wings” of X-Men teams. Like X-Force, Excalibur, Exiles, Alpha Flight? (It was referred to as a branch of X-Men so I guess).
AluTheHungryGhost (24 days ago)
Kazenshi but they are not. I mean sure, because they predominantly have mutants in those titles, you could put them under one umbrella. But this video strictly talks about one team.
Kazenshi (24 days ago)
AluTheHungryGhost On a technical and purist level sure. But it’s a book about largely mutant characters with “X” in the title. Even if they aren’t TECHNICALLY affiliated with the X-Men...they’re X-Men stories. Ya feel me, right?
AluTheHungryGhost (24 days ago)
Kazenshi because those are different teams and not X-men. Excalibur and Exiles has even less with X-men than Alpha Flight. It’s not like Avengers and West Coast Avengers who are the same organization.
Gamer 50177 (24 days ago)
What about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
AluTheHungryGhost (24 days ago)
Gamer 50177 none were X-men. They started as enemies of X-Men and were members of Brotherhood of Evil. Then they became staple characters of Avengers,coming in second roster of team called Cap’s Cooky Quartet.Since then they were mainly associated with Avengers. Quicksilver eventually joined X-Factor, Scarlet Witch, however, became enemy of mutantkind for what she did in finale of “House of M”events. Hence none of them ever joined X-Men.
Bichou Amousse (25 days ago)
where is spike
AluTheHungryGhost (25 days ago)
Bichou Amousse he doesn’t exist in comic books.
phantom115cw (25 days ago)
were is blink?
AluTheHungryGhost (25 days ago)
phantom115cw she wasn’t x Man in comic. She was invited to the team, but refused.
john hrock100 (25 days ago)
Some of my favorite X-men is Bishop, Storm, Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Night Crawler and Forge. They should of done more with Sunfire. I'm surprised they haven't done a movie with Forge yet. Forge was the high tech wiz. Rogue was the sexiest X-men on the 90's cartoon, whoever did her voice accent on the show brought her to life. The 90's cartoon set the tone on how we perceived it these characters, I love the accent that they gave Storm as well.
mayo (25 days ago)
Im waiting for deadpool😴
Gaming with MJShorty (25 days ago)
You forgot squirrel girl
AluTheHungryGhost (25 days ago)
Gaming with MJShorty she wasn’t x-men member.
Kiki Deibler (26 days ago)
Angle Salvadore
Albert Henri (26 days ago)
I waiting X-Men joining MCU early. 😁
The Supreme Team (26 days ago)

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