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Every X-Man Ever

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Dive into our video timeline infographic detailing everyone who ever joined Professor Xavier's team of X-Men. Yes, you read that right: This is Every X-Man Ever! Watch Every Avenger Ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zsm8b_8TZ4 Watch Every Jedi Ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLT0aAguUmw ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN #xmen #everyxmen #everyxmanever #wolverine
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Text Comments (8008)
kevin singkit (5 hours ago)
There was a mention of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but they weren't included in the timeline :/
Sunprism (13 hours ago)
Jubilee isn't a vampire anymore, thank X-god
Rohit Bhoria (1 day ago)
Make a list of all X-Men we have seen in movies only
rodney adams (1 day ago)
captain marvel , mis marvel , marvel girl. real work on names. if girl got crap ton powers give marvel stamp
rodney adams (1 day ago)
is just me or does shair or what call alien bird race. find weird none them but eland sister have work wings. think how much angle loved if there entire world of people with wings. it hard sell with professor. he point jean say well people fly with out wings or something. get go back earth.
Christopher Mysnyk (2 days ago)
I love the theme sound behind the video Whats the name of the song
The Void (3 days ago)
The Song Name ?
Brandon Martinez (3 days ago)
Christopher Ellis (3 days ago)
Love it
adam smith (4 days ago)
the juggalo the power to pruswade...
Jerry Cole (4 days ago)
Seth Rollins (5 days ago)
What about Deadpool! He is in the x force
Seth Rollins (3 days ago)
i guess you can say that
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
Right!.... BUT not in the X-MEN
joshua sanchez (6 days ago)
Was Daken ever on the team?
Ywer Joseph Yalung (8 days ago)
Multiple man?!
Coleton Winslow (8 days ago)
Dead pool and torch and domino
The6-ifybat (10 days ago)
I think that the title should be "every X-Men ever"
Rico Hades (10 days ago)
Pinheadz Blackson (13 days ago)
you forgot Forge and Chambers
komujimaru (12 days ago)
AluTheHungryGhost (13 days ago)
Pinheadz Blackson Forge is in the video.was Chamber an X-man? I thought he was from New Mutants or smth.
Glenn Tapp (13 days ago)
He also forgot all of X-men 2099, which included their leader Xi’an Chi Xan. Oh, and I don't remember if he said the mane Legion too.
Ernst Joshua Mangio (14 days ago)
Blink, Wolfsbane, Tempest
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
Blink is not a X-MEN, she first appeared and was killed too in the "Phalanx Covenant" crossover The Blink I guess you are talking about is the one that merges in the alternate universe called the "Age of Apocalypse"
Trinidad Marin (15 days ago)
Forgetmenots power is as forgettable as him
Charles Fajardo (15 days ago)
Was Caliban included? If he was, I was just probably amazed with how many of them I didnt know and missed it.
Aaron B. (15 days ago)
Luke Evans (16 days ago)
and morph
Luke Evans (15 days ago)
what about pyro
Luke Evans (15 days ago)
if you count changeling as morph then yes soz
AluTheHungryGhost (16 days ago)
Luke Evans both are in the video.
Luke Evans (16 days ago)
And Multiple man
Dee Kay (17 days ago)
Forgot one of my favs Archangel..
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
Nope! Here.... check it out! 0:40 Angel = Death = Archangel = Warren Worthington III
Figueiredo EZtec (17 days ago)
you forget Morpho
Bleu Cheese (17 days ago)
Bleu Cheese (17 days ago)
mr sinister
LavishLee (17 days ago)
Where is Spike?
AluTheHungryGhost (17 days ago)
LavishLee he doesn’t exist in comic books.
Nezih Salah (18 days ago)
Quicksilver AND Scarlet witch
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
They are not X-MEN They were members of the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants then later they became Avengers
Wraith Lord (18 days ago)
u forgot omerta, fantomex, EVA, dust, longneck, wolfsbane, dark beast, forearm, irina, and ink
Wraith Lord (18 days ago)
oh and meltdown, bloodhawk, krystalin, desert ghost, skullfire, metalhead, cerebra, and xi'an chi xan, with various other members of X-Men 2099
Trevor Ford (19 days ago)
You forgot warhead
Jennifer Vincent (19 days ago)
Colossus, Deadpool, teenage warrior
Noah Allen (20 days ago)
You forgot forgetmenot
john doe (20 days ago)
Amber sen (20 days ago)
Magneto joined so late?
Austyn Vinson (20 days ago)
Anole, and rockslide
Geza Balog (21 days ago)
Arcee Cordero (21 days ago)
Some info are wrong.
Mr Marvel (21 days ago)
You've missed spider man
Matt Krovic (21 days ago)
You left out a few. I don't know if you want to count Mesmero or not. You remembered Tom Corsi, but not his friend Amanda, both of whom were changed into sarcee off panel during the demon bear saga in New Mutants. I would argue that Moira never joined. You don't have to go alternate reality X-Men to impress me because that would be tough. Shatterstar joined up. What about Uncanny Annual #10 where the New Mutants had to be the X-Men? That includes Cypher and Warlock. I think you left out Wolfsbane, too. In one or two, Meggan and Captain Britain are the X-Men- art by Chris Bachalo. You forgot Healer from Xtreme X-Men. There's a whole other team: Grey King, Landslide, Mercury, and a few more that premiered I think Uncanny #360 and weren't really ever seen again. I would argue Chuck never joined until Jim Lee drew Uncanny and they went to space. You forgot Korvus. And you're forgetting my all time favorite obscure team: the 198 SQUAD: Mimic's son, Hellion (blah), Tommy, Caliban, Penance, and maybe a couple more. How about a list of everyone that was asked to join but said no? Spidey, Spider-Woman, Ka-Zar, Flip, Guido, Lila Cheney, Rictor, Rusty, Skids, Talisman, (I'm forgetting a few I think). What about the 2 Honorary X-Men: Whiz Kid and Ship. I love to list this stuff!!!!!!!!!
Matt Krovic (21 days ago)
You forgot Meltdown/Boom Boom and Baltimore (Xtreme X-Men).
Jason Carson (22 days ago)
Stacey X could catch this D
Kevin Ravi Kumar (22 days ago)
Carlitos Balde (22 days ago)
Many were missing and I like it.
Garrisson Gunn (23 days ago)
Multiple man.
verhoogje86 (23 days ago)
You forgot Negasonic Teenage Warhead
Great video, but Petra's real name should be listed as Petra Kristensen and not unknown.
Reezy Bob (24 days ago)
David Acevedo (24 days ago)
BLACK sayain (26 days ago)
But deadpool
BLACK sayain (23 days ago)
+AluTheHungryGhost true true.
AluTheHungryGhost (25 days ago)
Never was an X-man in comic books. He was in Wolverine's X-Force, which is different team.
BKY Heiselt (26 days ago)
Forgot Forge too!
AluTheHungryGhost (25 days ago)
3:55. He is in front of everybody.
Nyeemah Jiminez (26 days ago)
STORM ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Vince Chua (26 days ago)
You forgot warlock
Kattlover72 (27 days ago)
U forgot about Forge
Ayon Ghosh (27 days ago)
Where are Deadpool and Quicksilver???!!
CAM8689 (19 days ago)
none were xmen.........quicksilver was part of x factor but not the actual xmen
Ayon Ghosh (27 days ago)
And also Scarlet witch
Hamza Alwajih Akiva (27 days ago)
Very nice but no one can name all the xmen
Soham Shahapure (27 days ago)
Wolverine's real name is Logan
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
Wrong! "Wolverine" is his X-MEN code name, "Logan" is his nickname. And his real name is James Howlett
Julian Gonzalez (27 days ago)
Believe Me Records (27 days ago)
Morph ?
Mantis The bug lady (27 days ago)
What about blink?
Abils randoms (27 days ago)
Ya don't forget deadpool
joesalazar321 (27 days ago)
Sean Gold (28 days ago)
We need an xmen pokerap.
sean sean (28 days ago)
Daniel Leggett (28 days ago)
You forgot morph he died in the cartoon remember a sentinel killed him
rustyshield (21 days ago)
Daniel didn't watch all the 90's Xmen seasons ;) , We later find out, much muchlater, that he is still alive.
AluTheHungryGhost (28 days ago)
Daniel Leggett they didn’t. Morph is known as Changeling in comic books.
Nicholas Dean Xanthis (29 days ago)
Where's Morph?
AluTheHungryGhost (29 days ago)
1:14 They changed his name to Morph in cartoon.
William Valenti (1 month ago)
What about Morph?
zerocool1ist (1 month ago)
Funny thing is Xavier never referred to himself as an Xmen ever.
Nazariah Gatal (1 month ago)
The One Above All can make all of them disappear. That what matters
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
You're right! Even the Beyonder and Dark Phoenix too.
Russell Davis (1 month ago)
Worth noting that Cloak and Dagger, while they were technically "Dark X-Men" aren't even mutants. Osborn just knew no one would notice. Which is kinda hilarious.
Avengers Unite (1 month ago)
You forgot War head and Kid Couragouse and Kid Appacolapse
bannanas in pyjamas (1 month ago)
What happened to archangel , storm
Vince Chua (1 month ago)
And you forgot one thing and that is stan lee
Salvadore Leone (1 month ago)
You forgot Shoenice
Hebert Brietzke (1 month ago)
Super Sonic mega teenage warhead??
AluTheHungryGhost (1 month ago)
He is at 3:55
Chance Paladin (1 month ago)
Did I miss Forge in there somewhere? :(
Comic Book Guy (3 days ago)
3:53 He's in front of everybody!
LHI 666 (1 month ago)
Morph, and Multiple Man, and Cannonball???
Xean Cruz (1 month ago)
i think "INK" is an Xman too..
Warcy (1 month ago)
What about Cypher? He's been with the original New Mutants since forever!
Melanie Foster Martell (1 month ago)
Mike Horn is the real hero in here... damn those graphics!
Tom Maldonado (1 month ago)
How did a skrull from the thumbnail became an x man?
AluTheHungryGhost (1 month ago)
Tom Maldonado he took place of Wolverine.
bazil bourgeois (1 month ago)
Forgot me!
Liam Hart (1 month ago)
You forgot blink and pyro
Jan Mike Rebullante (1 month ago)
You forgot Deadpool and mega sonece teenage war head
AluTheHungryGhost (1 month ago)
Calderonruben suavesito01 they never were x men in comics . In fact, negasonic was a background character who appeared(and died) in less than 10 issues. No one cared about her , so screenwriters could write any story for her and change her powerset entirely( she was a telepath with an ability to see future).
Elai Park TV (1 month ago)
You didnt even show scarlet witch and quic silver u only mension there names why huhuhu
AluTheHungryGhost (1 month ago)
Elai Park TV because they weren’t x-men in comic books. They started as enemies of X-Men and then joined Avengers.
MARK JACKSON (1 month ago)
TheTractorjaws (1 month ago)
Love the editing!
SavageRabbit (1 month ago)
Yulanda Thomas (1 month ago)
Moofus brown (1 month ago)
hinrich24 (1 month ago)
Morph, Mr. Sinister, lady deathstrike, mojo, toad, omega red,
metcalfe kids (1 month ago)
Sleeps Da Builder (1 month ago)
Lol where is dead pool
Salvatore - (1 month ago)
the nex x-men were given full X-Men status by Emma Frost after House Of M. So you missed that team. Consisting of: Pixie, Anole, X-23, Rockslide, Hellion, Elixir, Prodigy, Surge, Mercury, Gentle and Dust.
Catrell Grinnell (1 month ago)
You forgot cable
Kiki Mink (1 month ago)
Franklin Richards (Rachel's husband), New Mutants - Wolfsbane, Cypher, Warlock, Rictor, Boomer, Feral, Firefist, Skids, Outback - Gateway, Jubilee, Alchemy, Shatterstar, Generation X - Skin, Blink, Synch, Mondo, Penance (Monet Twins), Leech, Gaia, Artie Maddicks, Pete Wisdom, Bolt/Maverick Chris Bradley, X-Statix - Spike Freeman, Coach, Zeitgeist, Anarchist, U-Go Girl, Mr.Sensitive, Bloke, Dead Girl, El Guapo, Henrietta, MFB, Phat, Vivisector, Spike, Anna, Venus Dee Milo, Lacuna, Ram, Plazm, Nuit, Gin, Sluk, Bedlam, Magma's Paragons - Match, Preview, Trance, DJ, Wolf Cub, Karma's Alpha Squadron - Indra, Anole, Kidogo, Network, Rubber Maid, Loa, Wolfsbane's/Moonstar's New Mutants Squad - Wind Dancer, Surge, Elixir, Wallflower, Prodigy, Frost's Hellions - Hellion, Icarus, Tag, Wither, Rockslide, Mercury, Cyclops' Corsairs - Specter, Dryad, Quill, 3-in-1, Rogue's Advocates - Naiad, Umbra, Pinpoint, Boggart, Trovao, Xenon, Wing, Gambit's Chevaliers - Flubber, Bling, Rain Boy, Onyxx, Foxx, Iceman's Excelsiors Spike, Choir, Aero, Squidboy, Eosimias, Hydro, Gloom, Carter Ghazikhanian, Longneck, Skywalker, Beast's Exemplars - Kid Omega, Glob, Overlay, Radian, Redneck, Slick, Tattoo, Xorn's Students - Beak, Angel Salvadore, Basilisk, Ernst, No-Girl, Esme, Dummy, Toad, Storm's Squad - Gentle, Shadowcat's paladins - Armor, Wing, Silicon, Tantra, View, Sunspot's Young X-Men team - Ink, Graymalkin, Blindfold, Dust, Cipher, Hope Summer's Five Lights - Transonic, Primal, Velocidad, Zero, Oya, Ward, Zeeshan.
Kiki Mink (1 month ago)
X-Factor - Valerie Cooper, Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Wild Child, Siryn, Layla Miller, X.S.E. - Shard, Fixx, Greystone, Archer, Recoil, Trace, Malcolm, Randall, Hecate, Fitzroy, X-Men 2099 - Desert Ghost, Cerebra, Krystalin, Lunatica, Meanstreak, Bloodhawk, Metalhead, Serpentina, Skullfire, Junkpile, Sham, Driver, Cyclops Guerilla Squad - Tempus, Goldballs, Triage, Morph, Hijack.
Trevor Mathews (1 month ago)
Nega-sonic teenage warhead?

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