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5 New Best Android & iOS Games : January 2017

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Top 5 New Mobile Games for January 2017- Part 2 "Best android and ios games of the month" Welcome Back to season 2 Episode 2 of our most popular series on this channel. "Best android and ios games of the month" where we pick 5 of the best games released for android and ios during a one month period and showcase them. Hope you enjoy this January Episode and part 1 for February will be released soon so subscribe. Enjoy the video? Leave Like! and a comment! Games presented with download links: ______________________________________________ I promise you, the links are all leading you to google play store and ios appstore and are safe. (just click "skip ad" at the top head corner. it helps me a lot with you-tube stuff. thanks. ______________________________________________ TIMELINE: INTRO- 0:00 - TITLE EXPLAIN- 1ST GAME- 2ND GAME- 3RD GAME- 4TH GAME- 5TH GAME- OUTRO- i spend a lot of time getting the download links done for you. why not leave a like :/ CASTLE CREEPS TD: Apple App Store: http://bit.ly/2jhUw14 Google Play: http://bit.ly/2jstjMy Amazon App Store : http://bit.ly/2k6qa6m Sky Dancer endless runner Google Play:http://viid.me/qhpUQM Apple App Store :http://viid.me/qhpOiX Shadowblood: Google Play: http://viid.me/qhpOGZ Apple App Store: http://viid.me/qhpAuZ Squad Wars: Death Division: Google Play: http://viid.me/qhpAh1 Apple App Store: http://viid.me/qhpS0N Guardians Codex: Apple App Store: Google Play: http://viid.me/qhpNZQ Apple App Store: http://viid.me/qhpN9A Tags: Top 5 New Mobile Games for January 2017!, Best Games, Anykinds Matthew, Top 5 Best Android Games For January 2017, Top 5 Best iOS Games For January 2016, best android games 2017, Top 5 New Mobile Games for January 2017, Best android and ios games of the month, Anykinds Matthew, Top 5 Best Android Games For January 2017, Top 5 Best iOS Games For January 2016, best android games 2017, Top 5 High qaulity Games 2017, Best android games january 2017, best ios games january
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Text Comments (34)
《《 GLOCKU 》》 (1 year ago)
You do this to the wrong cop on the wrong day there going 2 pull u up out your car beat your ass & probably put some dope under your seat.might get a bullet in your head.its best 2 just answer the question & keep it moving!!!!
Jason (1 year ago)
Hi, your video is so good, i am playing one addictive mobile game, "Call of Beauties", do you interest it?
Donill Trumm (1 year ago)
Shadowblood is pretty dope, I started playing it a few days ago, it lives up to the hype
Lil D3pr3zz3N (1 year ago)
shadow bloods not available in my country 😭
Skuid (1 year ago)
Where's BulletForce and Critical ops
Helen Root (1 year ago)
I have just watched your video. You are awesome. I will follow up you channel. As for me I downloading games from play.mob.org You could use games from this site for your feature reviews.
Lunatic Gamer (1 year ago)
Soundtrack link
Jessica Ashely (1 year ago)
your video
Jessica Ashely (1 year ago)
I liked or video
Omega (1 year ago)
what is First game name
Daniel Velasquez (1 year ago)
Should Check out Vainglory its for ios and Android
petai petai (1 year ago)
Daniel Velasquez yea that was great game
dian permadi (1 year ago)
what music on the opening this video
Billy Bo (1 year ago)
Abstract - Reasons if I'm not mistaken
Vclous (1 year ago)
song name? why u dont place it in descrip? your own song?
p3chvog3l (1 year ago)
Play Kevin to go   ....  4Free update 1.5 Online more fun and more improvements  ...https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HOOgames.kevintogo
Gamer Blakk_Ganstah (1 year ago)
Whats the song 4:55
Gamer Blakk_Ganstah (1 year ago)
Samad Khafi thx man
Samad Khafi (1 year ago)
Mr_Dopeboy25 Stafford darude - sandstorm
Gamers Arab TV (1 year ago)
good games
globoi vance (1 year ago)
some pretty sick games
White Rabbit (1 year ago)
Hard GP (1 year ago)
<<<<click aqui e ganhe+12inscritos Basta se inscrever no meu canal!
THAT GUY (1 year ago)
Shadowblood isn't on the app store yet 😔
Jonathan Perales (1 year ago)
Roderick Brooks it says it only available in Canada
THAT GUY (1 year ago)
You put up some pretty good games this time
Big Oof (1 year ago)
bruh where dat SAO game at?
Big Oof (1 year ago)
Mr Krewl nah
Mr Krewl (1 year ago)
Megamanxz Gamer but it is lol
Big Oof (1 year ago)
Endive4857 kill urself
Peel Peyl (1 year ago)
Megamanxz Gamer SAO is trash
AF25 (1 year ago)
Once again a shitty month with no triple A titles
Marie eve Beaudoin (1 year ago)
at least we do have Shadowblood as a snack in waiting for the massive drops of ios mmos this year
Inyourface Star (1 year ago)

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