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Top 10 Female Supervillain Costumes

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How well do you know the Caped Crusader? Then check out our Hardcore Trivia for Batman Fans and you might even win some goodies from CultureFly: https://www.watchmojo.com/trivia/GrHHWboBe_g Top 10 Female Supervillain Costumes Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD and also Ring the Bell to get notified // Have a Top 10 idea? Submit it to us here! http://watchmojo.com/suggest Supervillains have some of the coolest costumes in all of comics, and that's especially true of female supervillains. From Harley Quinn to Hela, both Marvel and DC female supervillains come prepared with awesome costumes. Here are the best Female Superhero Costumes of All Time. List Rank and Entries #10: Enchantress (Marvel) #9: Morgaine le Fey #8: New 52 Cheetah #7: Killer Frost #6: Mystique #5: Poison Ivy #4: Emma Frost #3, #2, #1: ? Have an idea you want to see made into a WatchMojo video? Check out our suggest page at http://watchmojo.com/suggest and submit your idea. Check our our other channels! http://www.youtube.com/mojoplays http://www.youtube.com/mojotalks http://www.youtube.com/msmojo http://www.youtube.com/jrmojo http://www.youtube.com/watchmojouk WatchMojo's Social Media Pages http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo http://instagram.com/watchmojo Get WatchMojo merchandise at shop.watchmojo.com WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.
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Text Comments (263)
WatchMojo.com (11 days ago)
How well do you know the Caped Crusader? Then check out our Hardcore Trivia for Batman Fans and you might even win some goodies from CultureFly: https://www.watchmojo.com/trivia/GrHHWboBe_g
Natalia Chavez (5 days ago)
Andrei Bordei Batman
Andrei Bordei (5 days ago)
Batman VS Black panter
Natalia Chavez (9 days ago)
WatchMojo.com I tried to sign into the trivia thing of Batman but it did not let me in because it says I'm not subscribed but I am to all of them
Rick C-134 (9 days ago)
consider checking indulge.gift
Ms. Mia (10 days ago)
Charles Tyner i know right
Gerrit van Vliet (4 days ago)
Cheetah often looks like a naked woman in bodypaint, not a human-cheetah hybrid.
Andrei Bordei (5 days ago)
Batman VS Black panter
Jia Tang (6 days ago)
I like the video but it's a bit of an ignorant video. Maybe I'm just a little too much of comic book fan.
Mr. Amazing 3D (7 days ago)
Thought enchantress was DC but 🤷‍♂
Laura Rhoades-Stovall (7 days ago)
I miss villain Harley Quinn
Zero Accountability (8 days ago)
I guess you could say Hela's costume is HELLA COOL!
danicawolfe (8 days ago)
Harley is #1! YASSSS!!!
Vinjo (8 days ago)
Pretty sure Women have made it clear every halloween that Catwoman and Harley Quinn are the top
Jacob Drileck (8 days ago)
Can’t emma Frost be considered a antihero though
Sayanka Biswas (8 days ago)
Plz do another top 10 anime kisses
Aysel Tina (8 days ago)
Bro thats better that previous video about that!
Mojo Khan (8 days ago)
Poison Ivy's costume is number 1 for me just because how hot Uma Thurman looked in Batman and Robin. I would love to see Christina Hendricks as Poison Ivy in DCEU.
Keegan Kopcik (9 days ago)
Can we really call Cheetah look a costume? True the first cheetah did wear a suite, but the latter and current incarnation don’t actually wear clothes, as there entire body is covered in fur.
AmiMizuno2 (9 days ago)
Cheetah wasn't a suit in the second or New 52. That was them turned into a human werecheetah.
1:34 That bitch ain't wearing armor, she IS armor
Dennis Cleary (9 days ago)
No one beats wonder woman’s iconic outfit
Comment Man (9 days ago)
Catwoman and wonder woman. Two hotties of all time!!!
King Ivan (9 days ago)
Tried doing the trivia. Damn thing would skip answers.
Lulu Alvarez (9 days ago)
I'm a simple girl. I see classic Harley Quinn, I click
David Castillo (3 days ago)
Lulu Alvarez and I am simple man just waiting for Harley Quinn to return to me
haifaa H (9 days ago)
Good list , but i just have this feeling as if something/someone is missing in this list
Hardy Farnsworth (9 days ago)
Emma Frost as a villain but not Catwoman?
LighttoneGryphStar (9 days ago)
3:30 Marvel... MCU... Dumbass. One, she not even in MCU, two, she looks nothing herself comic book self in the movies.
Best Experiments (9 days ago)
Female Supervillain hahahahhaahahahheeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy.!!!!
felix wood (9 days ago)
Why is Emma frost on the list?
felix wood (9 days ago)
Morgan le fay is marvel not dc
felix wood (9 days ago)
They should've used enchantress in the mcu by now
yocampout (9 days ago)
Let's do "sexy" male villains next
Steven Kurtz (9 days ago)
mind is poison ivy
Heidi Fedor (9 days ago)
Up until the 1970’s, all Batman villains wore purple and green.
Baqer Amar (9 days ago)
DC is the best
James Robb (9 days ago)
Mystique was never in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was in the Fox X-Men movies. The MCU isn't all Marvel movies, just a series.
Captain Captain (9 days ago)
Harley quinn isn't exactly a villain anymore. She's now classified as an anti hero. In fact, there's been several instances in which she was literally a superhero, like when she teamed up with power girl. I hate how the average fan only knows harley from suicide squad and the arkham games, when she was a villain. She's so much better as an anti hero. So much more complex. She is by far better off without the joker character wise. She's not a villain people! Get it right!
The Dab Is Dead (9 days ago)
"This sinister sorceress also know as a moron " 😂😂😂
MisterD90 Gaming (9 days ago)
Best Harley is the jester :D
jcfgykjtdk (9 days ago)
Harley <3
Mieszko Kańka (9 days ago)
Harley Quinn <3
Tanya Flanagan (9 days ago)
So no catwoman? Wtf! Harley....as cool and awesome she is....is completely overdone! Catwoman deserved to win.
OptimisticBleach (9 days ago)
Hi, I'm here just to look at hot chicks
Edward Masino (9 days ago)
WatchMojo sucks
whyz yttf (9 days ago)
There's a marvel version of enchantress what!!?
DammitDanni ! (9 days ago)
I think Harley's New 52 look is so much better than the classic
Autum Breeze (9 days ago)
4:47 unless she makes you forget. Telepath, remember?
WRATH2501 (10 days ago)
You realize that two of the Cheetahs were not in costume, THEY WERE NAKED! Also Mystique is naked in the first few MCU X-Men movies.
Sjono (10 days ago)
I still consider Catwoman a villain
Zukai Pureex (10 days ago)
RyderOrRiot1 (10 days ago)
3:34 mystique is NOT in the Marvel cinematic universe! She’s in the Fox X-men Marvel universe
Robert Ortiz-Wilson (10 days ago)
I like Harley Quinn‘s classic costume way better than the one shes currently wearing.
Robert Ortiz-Wilson (10 days ago)
I like Harley Quinn‘s classic costume way better than the one she wears now.
Robert Ortiz-Wilson (10 days ago)
I like Harley Quinn‘s classic costume way better then her current costume now, if you could even call it that.
soo taliaoa (3 days ago)
I love all her costumes even her new one but yeah her original costume will always be the best no matter what
Dani Lang (10 days ago)
Silver Swan...a less known Wonder Woman villainess. I loved her outfit.
FOC Grimlock (10 days ago)
Harley Quinn so hot 😍😍😍
Tay Lah (10 days ago)
AND WHERE WAS CATWOMAN?! i thought she would be no.1 or 2
Adam Taurus (10 days ago)
There's about to be a lot of "research" going down tonight
i love killer frost poison ivy and harley quinn
captainstrike141 (10 days ago)
both hela and loki have a green suit, green cape, and a horny helmet me: thor are you sure your not the adopted one?
Joseph Calabrese (10 days ago)
Am I the only one here, Who hates it when WatchMojo puts the number one choice as the Thumbnail for Top 10 videos? Because why bother watch the video when you already know what choice is the number one? Every other choice before that becomes mediocre.
Keithkmarshman (10 days ago)
Mystique is not in the MCU, she is Fox. Also, you needed to show off some cosplayers.
Joey the Cockroach (10 days ago)
Harley Quinn ;u;
A Ghost. (10 days ago)
Harley Quinn hype died like years ago. Using her for clickbait does the opposite cus it's boring. What's next? Sassy Deadpool compilations? Stop
digunder14 (10 days ago)
mystique has not appeared in the MCU at all yet, do to being an xmen character and a mutant, the fox deal with Disney only recently occurred and she has yet to make an appearance in film since the deal
Since when mysitue from x men is in the marvel cinematic universe
Peter Gibney (10 days ago)
why No Black-Cat?
Robert Ofenloch (10 days ago)
Can Harley Quinn really be called a supervillain, though? She's more of the Catwoman sense of morality nowadays and she's (mostly) gotten over Joker.
James Michael Harding (10 days ago)
#1 spoiled again
Sarasti S (10 days ago)
Catwoman should be #1. She’s the most iconic female comic book villain of all time.
Red Demopan (9 days ago)
Shes always going back and forth from 'hero to villain. I like to think of her more as a neutral character, that just does whatever she thinks is right.
Mystique no. 1. Why I hear you ask? Well she don't got one, she's naked 😂
Ana Agurto (10 days ago)
I knew that thumbnail WatchMojo used for the video is a spoiler!
SCOOP NATION (10 days ago)
For those who are facing Snapchat crashing issue. I just made a video about it on my channel.. few easy steps. Enjoy snapchatting. Peace✈️
M Malpeli (10 days ago)
I hate how everyone bases it on cleavage/most skin shown. What about style points?
Kamdan (10 days ago)
Harley Quinn? You mean Prank from The Flash?
The K (10 days ago)
stupid so they leave cat women out but not Harley or emma frost, mystique and heck even ivy have all been good and have their own moral compass that makes them not totally a villain
assassindb9 (10 days ago)
Damn I wish Skitter from Worm was on the list. Maximum protection + insect design that just screams VILLAIN.
TheTribalOne (10 days ago)
"Hey! Her name is a play on harlequin...so we should put her in a ton of random outfits that have NOTHING to do with harlequins!"
ryan green (10 days ago)
You clearly sidestepped Mystique's dress. Even though you showed it you didn't talk about it.
CookiesOnaMilkyRiver (10 days ago)
irina1296 (10 days ago)
1. Dark Phoenix 2. Enchantress (DC) 3. Poison Ivy & Killer Frost Lady Death, Vampirella, Huntress, Elektra and Catwoman are still the coolest
Volvagia1927 (6 days ago)
Lady Death. The earliest stories...absolutely a Super Villain. Villain Protagonist, and a corruption tragedy, but Super Villain. Her end GOAL is human extinction. Yeah...not a hero.
Mojo Khan (8 days ago)
Catwoman is like a anti-villain
irina1296 (9 days ago)
SSSNNNAAKKEEE!!!!!!!!!! You're absolutely right. I guess I meant anti-heroes are the sexiest and the coolest
irina1296 Catwoman is very rarely an actual villain though.
alex blend (10 days ago)
Nice choices
rafael pozo (10 days ago)
Mcbabbitt44 (10 days ago)
Harley looks great in most of her coustume shes the best
nosferatu (10 days ago)
Mystique isn't part of the mcu
Hancok (10 days ago)
Hey, it's Adrian from RabonaTV again! I love that guy
Catwoman has a great costume
Some Random Name (10 days ago)
Killer Frost makes my dick harder than an ice wall.
P L (10 days ago)
Cheetah has a costume?
all the basic bitches of fandom clicked for Harley Quinn. Poison Ivy FTW <3
Like in Channel Satirando
smally1986 (10 days ago)
Top ten YouTube channels running out of ideas - number one: watchmojo
Tranny Bane (10 days ago)
9/10 for the quiz. whew.
Benoit ALLIGIER (10 days ago)
Will you do the same video for mens supervillains ?
Ja Nee (10 days ago)
Guess who just busted a nut?
Kosta Jovanovic (10 days ago)
Charlie sheen
Sunset Shimmer Gaming (10 days ago)
Leggings *AREN'T* pants! And that's coming from a legs-and-butt guy
Kyle Davis (10 days ago)
I'm a simple person, I see Harley Quinn, I click.
Madawii Al-Robia'an (10 days ago)
J Son (10 days ago)
They didn't put Catwoman yet somehow Emma Frost, Mystique, and Harley Quinn made the list?
Sunprism (10 days ago)
I'm sorry, did you just call Hela's costume Realistic?
Leshartey Robertson (10 days ago)
Jamey Risse (10 days ago)
Shima Luan
jljackson1990 (10 days ago)
Cheetah is naked
Damian Prock (9 days ago)
jljackson1990 you think? XD
TheVixenGamer Abby (10 days ago)
I see the designs of all these Female villains from the past to now and I just think...did they all get breast implants!?
Jacob Morrison (9 days ago)
Emma Frost did, and admittedly so. The rest, who knows?
Mikael Hinkkanen (10 days ago)
TheVixenGamer Abby Hehe! Lol! 😁😄😆

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