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Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer E3 2018

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Text Comments (261)
beautifulchampion (3 months ago)
im getting this! :D
Jessica H (4 months ago)
mikey4483 (4 months ago)
Pretty confident in this game being good
beautifulchampion (4 months ago)
i love that part with the leopard! sooo koool!! :D
beautifulchampion (4 months ago)
wow! looks cool!! i think its going to have alot of stealth. would be alot cooler if they gave us a level editor..someday
Amara Cole (4 months ago)
I clicked video and then ad was the trailer of this game😂
gucker07 (4 months ago)
nice graphics but overall pretty cringy (shit music and nothing original)
Bryson Mesa (4 months ago)
this game looks awesome but the graphics look a bit off. rise had better graphics than this, but i doubt they haven't 100% finished the game. keep up the good work! im still defo gonna buy this game as an avid tomb raider fan :)
AllukenUppercut (4 months ago)
1:40 reminds me of 10,000 BC
Asa Myth (4 months ago)
What's the name of the BGM???
Vittoria Colonna (4 months ago)
This still doesn't work for me. I miss the old confident, throw-it-at-me-life, Lara Croft. We need a re-boot.
PandaOtter (4 months ago)
Lol for the ad i got the same trailer. 😂
Etiënne (4 months ago)
this looks Hella boring
Chris Hawk (4 months ago)
Everyone ---> Super excited about The Last of Us 2 Me --> Wow, look at those graphics, and those facial animations, and don't forget the environment. I want Shadow of the Tomb Raider so badly.
priv1leged (4 months ago)
boring as f. rip good old days of sexism and machoism
OhMyBooda (4 months ago)
After watching several footage of this game, I feel some parts look really nice and some parts almost last gen. Wtf? Maybe its because my eyes are so fucking spoiled by last of us 2, spiderman, ghost of tsushima.
TS forever (4 months ago)
2:32 her triceps are bigger than me
ryan prescott (4 months ago)
Oof downgraded on the graphics have we
Mr. Savage (4 months ago)
Was never really a tomb raider fan until I played rise. It was very good can't wait to play this one and to all the people saying they are mad for desexualizing her damn I'm guessing y'all were the ones who jacked off to her in the old games huh lmfao
Arnoldo Monterroso (4 months ago)
I wont pay 60 bucks for this game. $40 It is a fair price
AFree117 (4 months ago)
Slight stutter in frame rate during cutscene, lighting looks less luminous/ saturated and mud particles on Lara’s face less realistic and more copy and paste to give effect. In positive note, more advanced puzzles, different combat animations and hopefully the last to involve Trinity. A buy is a debatable but will wait until release before the call is made. Could just be a rushed E3 presentation.
A Buzzed Whaler (4 months ago)
Damn, she thick as hell this time around.
Chloe Is A Salad (4 months ago)
Mariano Gianelli (4 months ago)
emmmmm... neh... I don´t want another ¨more of the same¨ game. Hope it delivers big time...
fdeeaa (4 months ago)
If poor Jonah is still in friendzone after this then the odds are against him
Max DeRenzis (4 months ago)
I want an open work Tomb Raider. It’d be a mix of Far Cry and Zelda
ZDRCH (4 months ago)
Pause at 1:55 👎👎her hair👎👎
cyclopstb (4 months ago)
I hope there's a DLC with her wearing her classic suit with short pants and maybe some bikinis
2BSTAR 8ALL (4 months ago)
Can u tell me about the song in this video Please
2BSTAR 8ALL (4 months ago)
William Quiney God, thank u:))))))))))
William Quiney (4 months ago)
TRILLS 'Speak Loud'
ma nigga (4 months ago)
i miss dat ass
Cecilia Ramos (4 months ago)
Don't worry, they have more time to work on the graphics. I bet it'll look great on release like Rise did. (Rise looked bad at first). :)
hollandscottthomas (4 months ago)
New Pitfall looks good, I guess.
N. Mackenzie (4 months ago)
“It was so vivid” why can’t I stop laughing 😂
WolfGaming FTW (4 months ago)
What are these graphics
Broken Typewriter (4 months ago)
I have a feeling this is going to be like the classic games. With _real_ tombs and puzzles.
Joseph Yang (4 months ago)
Lara Croft looks cuter in this one
KingWarhammer95 (4 months ago)
Not a fan of the new graphics. The character models look really cartoony. Didn't even realize the guy in the trailer was Jonah till someone mentioned it in the comments.
Imraan Akollo-Arenz (4 months ago)
Is it me or does Lara look a bit off model?
alex martinez (4 months ago)
The Aztec cut the heart out of the sacrifice and cut off their head before throwing them down the pyramid steps. In honor of the sun god Huitzilopoctli
leow193 (4 months ago)
WHY SO SERIOUS ??? No seriously ? Remember when Lara had fun exploring stuffs and being flirty with her ennemies ?
B Z (4 months ago)
to Jonah: Laura is never going to fuck you. get out the friend zone and move on
Hello There (4 months ago)
Why do the graphics look like complete garbage? I see a lot of this in the comments. My hypothesis, it came out earlier this year that Shadow of the Tomb Raider would run at “4K 60FPS” on XBOX ONE X. I believe that to “meet” this they had to significantly downgrade the graphics for it to run “smoothly” on the system. I think what we should do instead as gamers is demand that developers make a game to the best possible degree and then worry about downgrading it later because I guarantee you that because of this “4K 60FPS” buzz term the game will look worse on all other platforms.
Frankieblue (4 months ago)
wouldn't say it looks bad but did an apprentice create this trailer? weird cut, doesn't follow a proper story. just like someone threw in some cool looking moves...
Rita Vicente (4 months ago)
How is this game going backwards graphic-wise?? Looks so bad and usually i don’t care that much about graphics but this is awful
Repa K (4 months ago)
Looks kind of boring.. Nothing new or revolutionary.. Still going to buy it tho since I have every tomb raider already :D
Tlot Pwist (4 months ago)
1- Why they keep changing the faces game after game 2-is this gonna be another fucking xbox temp. exclusive?
Haley Fall (4 months ago)
a r m s
Symmetricblocks (4 months ago)
2:32 you're welcome
Ondřej Zuna (4 months ago)
Good, guess for HD texters we will need some sort of DLC
Aston Noor (4 months ago)
Bad Graphics.
plusmetal rise (4 months ago)
Lara face is cute.Way better than the first trailer.
1 Wolfenstein (4 months ago)
Other than whining and bitching about the graphics, gameplay, whether or not she’s sexual, etc, etc, just don’t buy the game if it doesn’t appeal to you. You won’t be missed - no one really gives a shit.
Ali Gaming (4 months ago)
graphic 👎
timezero (4 months ago)
People want to bitch about just anything omgg😂😂
İbrahim Berk Kısa (4 months ago)
same game ????
Michael Boyle (4 months ago)
Is it just me or is whoever plays Laura not a good actor at all?
Thomas Shepherd (4 months ago)
"Shadow of the Tricep Muscles"
Dalen Johnson (4 months ago)
Wow... Maybe Crystal Dynamics should have finished the trilogy as the main devs, and not Edios - the cartoon graphics mixed in? (Im guessing the solid graphics are from Crystal Dynamics contribution) :p
Jacco van Gerven (4 months ago)
loved the first two so I'm very excited for this one!
Ethxn (4 months ago)
Who else wants Tomb Raider Anniversary to be backwards Compatible on Xbox One?
Ethxn (4 months ago)
I want them to go back to the old tomb raiders where it was pure adventure: Tomb raider 1, 2, 3, AOD, Tomb Raider Underworld, Tomb Raider Anniversary. Just to name a few. These were the classic games we loved.
Dakota Colley (4 months ago)
Her face doesn’t look as good as the trailer
Brianna Phylis (4 months ago)
The environment graphics are great as usual, but the character styling is slightly different and I’m not liking it at all. It’s not as detailed and Lara looks different
ZenSpidey (4 months ago)
So she was 21 in TR 2013, 22 in ROTR, and 25 in this one?
Maor Hazon (3 months ago)
It takes place one year after Rise of the Tomb Raider, it was confirmed by the developers in multiple interviews.
STALLEX ! (3 months ago)
It actually takes a place a few days after rise because at the end of rise Jonah and Lara leave for there flight somewhere and the camera pans around Mexico
2BSTAR 8ALL (4 months ago)
WebHead No. The story continues after a few months
turbolid (4 months ago)
The guy who attacks Lara after she gets the Mayan blade is Dr. Dominguez, one of the co-leaders of Trinity.
Plush Hunter (4 months ago)
Looks a bit cartoony/comicesque unlike the previous two games but it's not a bad thing.
This makes me think that the Xbox one will be superior just the fact that they showed it off
Miroslav Daniš (4 months ago)
1:52 ???? Reversed Reflection? ...or it's splitscreen?
Guo Jing (4 months ago)
I really miss the Uncharted game.
Guo Jing (4 months ago)
Yep, I like Tomb Raider too, but this trailer is a little bit unserious I think, the graphics of the game looks like 5 years ago...
Wisnu Aditya (4 months ago)
Are you one of those Uncharted fanboys who can't handle the truth?
john angelo (4 months ago)
The graphics is so bad. It's even worse than the 2013 version... I hope this is not the final result.🤞
SuperBlackcesar (4 months ago)
Dunno why but to me pretty much all of the trailers look like shit, both in terms of directing and gameplay scene. Maybe it's the E3 or simply that I'm growing.
Yussof Ross (4 months ago)
I can't help but feel strange that every bad guy has to be a guy..
Carfilliot (4 months ago)
I think the replies here are really missing the point! If you can actually name the female villains then that’s proof how little there are! How about some generic bad ‘girls’ in with the bad ‘guys’ ....Lara can face off against an army of 100 like in the first two games and they all are Male.
hazarddex (4 months ago)
umm first game was himiko the goddess mummy thing who was a girl. also ana was an antagonist.
Caoimhe Grace (4 months ago)
I'm a Celebrity (4 months ago)
Yussof Ross Ana
Space Leopard (4 months ago)
Was this trailer made on an Etch-a-Sketch? And if the reboots are anything to go by, it will just be another run off the mill third person shooter masquerading as a Tomb Raider game. And her tits are too small. #NotMyLara
Edivaldo Araujo (4 months ago)
looks interesting... but... hmm graphics... sup with that?
Edivaldo Araujo (4 months ago)
they look a bit "cartoonish", not like the new reboots...
UltimateRhino (4 months ago)
Edivaldo Araujo changed palette colors maybe
Alexandru Ivas (4 months ago)
The graphics are really bad for a 2018 game....I had high hopes for this one
Elyssa Madeline (4 months ago)
OMG this game is my jam
The Regret Man (4 months ago)
I learnt fuck all. Graphics seem a tad worser. That is Jonah ?
aLonzoBieberDog (4 months ago)
1:39 Alien 3 scene.
xDvvid (4 months ago)
aLonzoBieberDog Rofl
Izzy Boi Draws (4 months ago)
1:58 when they finna gonna hook up tho
Renato Judas (4 months ago)
Puzzles, obstacles and environments feel more dangerous, challenging and exciting. There is also a scenery with civilians, tons of temples/ancient locations, numerous ways to face the enemy and tons of weapons and gadgets. I feel like this game will finally top the 2013 reboot!
Jayde Amella (4 months ago)
Nice can't wait
Gereksiz Hayat (4 months ago)
Far Raider 3
Cock Norris (4 months ago)
Gameplay over graphics, people. They probably do that so your old machine can maintain stable at 30fps 😂😂
Al (4 months ago)
The only problem I see is that they put together a shitty trailer which probably does no justice to the game or gameplay mechanics. The weird mirroring and the music choice aren't really good if you're trying to impress the demanding E3 audience. They could've done much, much better. The game is vibrant, beautiful. It has the classics feel to it due to being developed by Eidios. This trailer ruined it.
Joseph Vegas (4 months ago)
If you think I'm exaggerating... Pause it at 1:43.... Looks like PS3 textures!!! WTH man 🤔
Stammer091 (4 months ago)
this will be the arkham origins of tomb raider
Joseph Vegas (4 months ago)
Why do some parts look like a PS3 game. Where are the uncharted 4 like graphics!!!!??
Jon Ida (4 months ago)
why it feels like in Unchartered?
EpicMango (4 months ago)
Yay Lara's back
Reiner Rynolds (4 months ago)
so many good games, but so many responsibilities :'(
A Buzzed Whaler (4 months ago)
I swear, she getting thicker every game, and I ain't complaining.
A Buzzed Whaler (4 months ago)
Naw, there something right with her butt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Neo (4 months ago)
True i had the same thinking i mean there is something wrong with her butt
John Raisor (4 months ago)
I cannot WAIT for this!!
Thomas Tran (4 months ago)
Time to research the Mayan and the Incas cultures before the XBOX One, PlayStation 4, and PC premiere in September. Looking forward to this game!
Thomas Tran (4 months ago)
Yes because Lara and Jonah are going to Peru.
Dward Oval (4 months ago)
Its just Maya culture. Incas?
Trolol Chuckler (4 months ago)
Some graphics look kinda cartoony but they have like 5 months to change the graphics Edit never mind 3 the pressures on
DarkN (3 months ago)
Trolol Chuckler no graphics are already ok. I think they should focus on the gameplay because a videogme isn’t a cgi movie.
Chaz Strain (4 months ago)
Still looks like more fun than the previous two though.
PoptartsIsMyName Gaming (4 months ago)
Trolol Chuckler (4 months ago)
Lea Haris well I can see what your saying but you got to admit some areas especially Lara's face looks not as good as rise of the tomb raider just in my opinion
Lea Haris (4 months ago)
TheSixSilence 22 Y'all on the best drugs in the world
ZombieARTig (4 months ago)
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH :O Can´t wait to play it already <3
Mister White (4 months ago)
does anyone remember the lara croft from the ps1 games?, like the original one?, i wish they kept her instead of making this soccer mom
Mister White (4 months ago)
@ "russian name i cant type" dunno how to describe the current lara otherwise tho :D @ Space Leopard yh those two very obvious reasons were also in my consideration while making the comment :D :D, but yh, i miss this badass chick who gives zero fucks about any t-rex and whatever is in front of her..like the games in which lara is very young, i understand she isnt badass, but later on she should be as badass as back in the day. but as it seems they stick with the soccer mom/ whiney cunt version :/ @Ayoxin Blake haha :D, to each his own i guess xD, but well, nowadays they wouldnt be triangular i figure :D :D
Ayoxin Blake (4 months ago)
You must really like triangular boobs then :D You have an interesting choice in aesthetics.
Space Leopard (4 months ago)
Right there with you, my dude. Not just because of the two very obvious reasons (ya know what im saying), but also because new Lara just seems like a whiney cunt all the time. Strong Lara is best Lara.
Alpha Luna (4 months ago)
Why does this game looks worse than previous entries? :/ - The art direction is awful. There is so much black and muddy textures that I'm not sure if it's really a main game in the series.
Al (4 months ago)
Alpha Luna it looks 10 times better than the reboot
radchoco (4 months ago)
This game is gonna be just like the last game, just a different scenery and villains. Why can't they do something actually different with tomb raider? Add more interesting allies that don't die at the end of the game. Actually show some cool tribal stuff and lore about underground traditions. It just feels like the game is Lara croft is in a different culture where the baddies are taking over the world and she defeats the baddies and goes home with her jewels. The only difference this game has is that her ass is bigger. I thought this remaster will tell us about Lara croft more but instead its just rehashing the last game without providing any new lore.
radchoco (4 months ago)
Yeah I hope so
diasflac0g (4 months ago)
Though it's true that these 3 games seem to be the same in terms of gameplay but all 3 of them have a unique story. ROTTR is very similar to Tomb raider 2013 in terms of gameplay. It's basically the same but with better graphics and more things to do in terms of leveling skills and weapons. ROTTR left in somewhat of a cliff hanger, because when Lara confronts Anna at the end a trinity member snipes Anna right before she says she loved Richard Croft. According to Trinity soldiers, trinity was also present in TR 2013 they went in and "cleaned up" the island where Lara was at in the first game. From what we know so far is that Trinity has been fucking with Lara's family for years way before TR 2013 happened. They were the ones responsible for Lara's father's death and they were the ones who ruined him in the public as well. My hope for Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is that we can finally get some closure to this whole trinity thing. I hope Lara can stop them for good. That said in terms of gameplay it does look like the other 2 but that's fine IMO. Once this trilogy ends I would like something completely new and fresh though. Maybe something more like the older games but with modern graphics and physics :)
radchoco (4 months ago)
I know, its bad to judge the little information given but I'm just worried that it might be the same as the past games. I guess its better to wait and see
diasflac0g (4 months ago)
According to the developers this game is the final one in the trilogy. This is the game that will turn her into the Lara Croft that everyone knows (the one from the old games). This is just a trailer. Of course it's not gonna answer all those questions you have. If the trailer answered all your questions then we wouldn't have to buy the game now would we? I personally don't mind that it's still the "same" as the first 2. I'm perfectly fine with it. This is a trilogy. The next Tomb Raider would have to be something new and fresh though. This is the last one of the trilogy so i'm glad it's still the "same" as the other 2. Lastly I think your reasoning for being upset is stupid as fuck. This is a 3 minute trailer they aren't going to explain her whole story in a trailer lol. I don't mean to sound harsh or be a dick but come the fuck on now...
Solaf Mohammed (4 months ago)
no please my heart is dying this is so hype my heart hurt me

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