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Ubisoft downgrades

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Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller. E3 footage is always before retail footage. Intro theme: https://goo.gl/986wk7
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Crowbcat (1 year ago)
0:26 Watch Dogs 2:33 The Division 5:58 Rainbow Six Siege 9:47 Far Cry 4 12:20 Far Cry 3
Victor Gonzaga (29 days ago)
Far Cry 3 did not have downgrade its filthy horn, it is releasing a lie to gain visualization
Mitch Which (1 month ago)
I would say be afraid of Ubisoft coming after you, but they would probably just half ass that as well.
Mpampakas Sas (1 month ago)
Do a video where you compare them but using a high end pc instead of a console
Qualin 101 (1 month ago)
Do you mean they downgrade over time after release, or compared to the trailers?
Dave (1 hour ago)
Ridículo isso que a Ubisoft faz
WarriorofGames6 (4 hours ago)
1:15 now that downgrade is just criminal
ROCKIE DEVIL (11 hours ago)
Ubisoft you deserve to be pirated your all games should be pirated AND Damn you ubisoft
Ben Slee (1 day ago)
Its looks better on pc
Fabiran joshua (1 day ago)
because they low on budget
123OGNIAN (1 day ago)
Well at least we now know what the launch ps5 and new gen xbox games will be. Just the hd versions of these games..
Normie Trash (1 day ago)
When you have to make the game available for consoles
Except for fc 3 but for plant is a downgrade :v
Lover of the Games (2 days ago)
Nice graphics comparing. cinematic trailer vs gameplay
mercie! (2 days ago)
Tbh every game looks better in the trailer than in the main game xD
BlackCat 3042 (2 days ago)
It’s making mad to see how the E3 reaveal is much more beautiful than the main game
LEGO KANGAROO (3 days ago)
In the division trailer they showed the guy playing with friends, I don't have any friends... *DOWN GRADE*
EmYouLate (3 days ago)
Far Cry 3 definitely did not look that bad when i played it.
Michael St (3 days ago)
BaconMinion (2 days ago)
To make it work on underpowered, obsolete on purpose console hardware.
Michael St (3 days ago)
azzie dreemurr (3 days ago)
Stupid Ubisoft downgrade
Inspiron Gamer (3 days ago)
Its ubisoft, downgrades are in their genes.
Erebus (4 days ago)
Sad af
zombie slayerr8 (4 days ago)
This is actually gay
Gamer Catolico (4 days ago)
Games are a business, they do this to have a wider audience, it's not like Crysis which was basically a tech demo.
Kizovad (2 hours ago)
Gamer Catolico If they want to widen their audience then they should give people what they promise, things like this is how you get a bad reputation.
ibanezgrx222 (4 days ago)
"Brace for PvP"...sigh... fuck that guy and Ubi Soft.
The Division is still good looking game.
XxGHOSTS12xX 123 (4 days ago)
Like si lo bes en el 2018
VulcanS (5 days ago)
E3 Vaas looks stupid and weird. His final version is much better.
Hunter Play (5 days ago)
Jurgen 1488 (5 days ago)
Players are no longer so trustworthy, I've recently bought Ghost Recon and AC: Origins. Ghost Recon again has a big downgrade, AC: Origins does not even come to me that there would be a downgrade there. But only at Ubisoft I will always be very careful about what I buy. I bought every game from Ubi before. At present, most of the games from Ubisoft are discouraging, just as they look like in the end. But until people buy such games, nothing will change for us. So then we do not have the right to have developers create a game that will really be AAA and where there will be no unnecessary downgrade ?!
Jurgen 1488 (5 days ago)
I like UBISOFT. But because of this approach, UBISOFT will never be credible for me, the game developer.
Harry Stallone (5 days ago)
Гарри (5 days ago)
This is fraud. I mean, when you expecting beautiful young lady, and meeting old transgender, you cannot say "Well, that's ok. Maybe the photo on Tinder was a bit outdated". Fuck no! This is a fraud.
GidiNaHanNa (5 days ago)
Shit i thought it was High vs low graphics comparison until i read the comments
JINYU Man (5 days ago)
Know what's worse then the lies? The acting
Deem Winch (5 days ago)
Fuck Ubisoft
docmass15 (6 days ago)
ya'll got ripped off
CyphaBorg (6 days ago)
I wonder..... are these companies familiar with the " never cry wolf " story?. It's not just a story...
DannyGamer525 (6 days ago)
After this video i wanted refund Rainbow Six siege but i cant this makes me cry..
Actually old design far cry 3 had more details but graphics are like shit.
CyphaBorg (6 days ago)
Nigga Osas in the hizzl lol
๖ۣۜWizaRD (6 days ago)
Ubisoft as always. Downgrades the game rather than bringing optimization.
Metal Boss (6 days ago)
Why does Ubisoft keep using the same Valley Girl voice for their female characters. Its really annoying.
lFoRGoTl (6 days ago)
The fuck. How is it even possible? Is it legal?
Sebastyan Zagara (6 days ago)
next the division 2 :c
Nischay Sahoo (6 days ago)
That's why I hate ubisoft........
MR.Calmos_Couillos (7 days ago)
Ubisoft sucks for real trailer...
Biohazard Personal (7 days ago)
actually theres a detailed graphic inside the files yet for some reasson these guy at ubisoft decided to leave it there and not use it
Biohazard Personal (5 days ago)
Likely but still tho why is the file just there . Other than that i think there might be mod to enable these content
CyphaBorg (6 days ago)
Pretty sure that was used for many marketing reasons,why they didn't remove it? probably wanted people to see without alerting the none explorers lol.
Teenage Gamer (7 days ago)
I'm glad the internet and capture cards are a thing.
(7 days ago)
Can’t you see? It’s all part of a long term company strategy. Downgrade the games Wait less than a decade to launch the remastered version
Dominika Nowakowska (7 days ago)
This was played on pc or console?
Gediminas Jesinas (7 days ago)
Physics needs improovement
Inception0861 (7 days ago)
Sad how trailers are way better looking than the game itself; please ubisoft; make the game how it looks from the trailer.
Dr. Andrew Jacob (7 days ago)
Those peeps walking on stage and taking a BOW look like fucking DOUCHE-BAGS to me now lolol
فيصل mg (7 days ago)
but far cry 4 is so good
ItzAnshu TM (8 days ago)
Ubisoft makes great games but downgrades I don't like
3ombieautopilot (8 days ago)
Who can explain their decisions? Is there any logic?
fuck ubisoft!!
Jirka Frei (8 days ago)
Very sad :-(
Obi - Wan - Cannoli (8 days ago)
Y ubi
Freakshow 6713 (8 days ago)
R.I.P. some of the best looking games. Cause of death: Ubisoft downgrades
Yair Sakujo (9 days ago)
Ariel Echevarria (9 days ago)
Ubisofts games could be so much better
Wrench (9 days ago)
Is that true ? Maybe you didn't maxed the graphics ?
silkanator1999 (9 days ago)
Ubisoft... Stop lying to you’re customers... PLEASE.
Never trust Ubesoft
CrawlerSoul (9 days ago)
скажу по-русски: вот это наебалово skaju po-russki: vot eto naebalovo let's say it the russian way: this is one goddamn fucking lies
Tudor Bogos (9 days ago)
Why do you complain? Every game looks amazing... Until it comes out.
wetnoodlex (9 days ago)
Unless the side by side comparisons for the far cry games were reversed (e3 being on the right instead of the left), I honestly think the release versions for both looked better than their respective E3 ones. Other than the textures and lighting, though--yeah, they were heavily downgraded.
Spencer Whiteway (9 days ago)
They already had all those animations and models, so either they knew they would never use them in the real game, or they were too ambitious. But how can a company be too ambitious again and again and again and again and again? Eventually they would learn where there limits are.
Good Cat #UA (9 days ago)
How this possible? I don't understand...
Антоша (9 days ago)
farcry 3 become better, lol
Simon (10 days ago)
Я понимаю, что Ubisoft делает даунгрейд для того, чтоб в такие игры можно было даже на страшно слабеньких компьютерах поиграть, однако чёрт подери, отчего невозможно сделать возможность даунгрейда самим юзером по мере надобности... дали бы избирать НАМ какие опции устанавливать. Убер низкая графика для слабеньких машин, и сверх высочайшая графика, будто на Е3 для самых массивных ПК. Неужели этак трудно? И претензий бы не появлялось ведь...
Pbcups (10 days ago)
so fun
schleichfahrt41 (10 days ago)
Far Cry 2 also had a huge downgrade. Check out the pre alpha build videos and you will see what i mean.
Darcheur V2 (10 days ago)
it's normal they are french
Mongoose (10 days ago)
I pre-ordered the gold edition for Siege just because of the reveal Fuck was I dissapointed, but none the less I still love the game for what it is now.
Jacob Makarsky (10 days ago)
wow how fucked is that, it's almost criminal. false advertising. real shitty on their part. where did the effort go?
TegarZapp (10 days ago)
Didn't mean to ruin the joke but the perfect reason for this is graphical limitations. This is because not all pc gamer are high end PCs.
Kane Wang (10 days ago)
FarCry 3
Mo & Sa (10 days ago)
pc vs console*
The Man In White (10 days ago)
Why is his leg missing in the thumbnail
Mutekiro Kun (10 days ago)
When i see R6 trailer and see the actual gameplay and i think " is this some kind of thing that try not to laugh challenge?" Seriously im fkin laugh when the hostage part xdd
Avicenna Shinoda (10 days ago)
The Rainbow Six:Siege one makes me go LoL so hard
Avicenna Shinoda (10 days ago)
But still, if they keep the House map like that, i don't want to play this game
Harish Babu M (10 days ago)
What if they did it reverse , Worst gameplay trailers but best graphic games 🤔😉
Normie Trash (1 day ago)
The trailers would be so bad that people would be like “Who the fuck would buy this crap?” Their sales would then go down until their budgets made the games look like the horrible trailers
Game Clips (10 days ago)
Productivity is many times more important
dion smith (10 days ago)
I'm surprised they don't get sued for false misleading advertisement
dion smith (10 days ago)
I hate the way they speak to each other in game. Like seriously no one speaks like that.... Ever.
Kevin F (11 days ago)
I agree with alot of this, since I've played most, however the division, while different, is still alot better than in this video. I've ran into enemies yelling at someone, the map is 3D like the demo, except your character isnt visible. Etc
Panda (11 days ago)
now play these games on pc
Lil Mayo (11 days ago)
I'm honestly mad about the seige downgrade. After playing the game then seeing this, I'm pissed.
WeBe Flexin (11 days ago)
If they had just released the game exactly how it looked in the trailers, they would have game of the year EVERY YEAR!
Rock Solid (11 days ago)
Hey Ubisoft, you're a fucking joke.
Armand Pulicari (11 days ago)
Thank you ubi
Grivera lml (11 days ago)
on pc those games actually looks like announced... on consoles looks like the downgrade version.
No wonder you are doing it on console
Richard Velasquez (12 days ago)
The most depressing ones are always from the Clancy games because they promise you diamonds but then make you settle for copper and then they profit off of the scrap metal you buy through the season (dlc)
Jhonsinho (12 days ago)
The thing is, when you see two versions of the game, the final looks okay, but when you compare them side by side the release looks shit compared to the trailer
Nicholas DaRocha (12 days ago)
Vaas. The only thing that changed for the better in Ubisoft's history.
I still enjoy these games nevertheless. And appreciate the graphics I get. Because none of these could hurt as much as the Halo 2 E3 2003 demo. Not even close for me.
Cat Boi (13 days ago)
Just take another fucking year or two to make it like that Jesus Christ Ubisoft
Jung (13 days ago)
Only ac unity no downgrade
Kersen TV (13 days ago)
Meh, still looks good

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