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Ubisoft downgrades

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Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller. E3 footage is always before retail footage. Intro theme: https://goo.gl/986wk7
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Crowbcat (2 years ago)
0:26 Watch Dogs 2:33 The Division 5:58 Rainbow Six Siege 9:47 Far Cry 4 12:20 Far Cry 3
Ernesto Vazquez (8 days ago)
+Arsène Lupin shut the fuck up. Nobody cares. If you fight over which port is better then you are definitely a loser. Go out be someone... Do something important for mankind. I bet you dont even know how to live on your own you peasant. Fuck you
StarFox85 (16 days ago)
& ghost reacon
KuhanaKokica (26 days ago)
Crowbcat e
ColetheKing2002 (28 days ago)
Thank goodness Ubisoft doesn't downgrade their games anymore.
Tez10 (1 month ago)
🐐 move
soulbytes (14 minutes ago)
after they close ghostrecon phantom ... i stop looking to any of ubisoft game ..
hamdu gamer (32 minutes ago)
Why Unisoft fk everythink
Massive™ (4 hours ago)
27 vol (6 hours ago)
난 옛날께 더...
Hayden Jay Tenno (14 hours ago)
Even though this makes me pissed, the downgrade clips cracks me up
night C0BRA (15 hours ago)
I most where how they wanted the game to be not gameplay
ZemniGames (16 hours ago)
In my opinion, rainbow six siege suffered the most in graphic design in this list
Majapahit (21 hours ago)
Can anybody legit explain why such company would downgrade so hard?
QuiccKer (1 day ago)
Ubisoft for me is ridiculous, I never believe in their presentations shown at E3. For example I doubt that The Division 2 is what appeared in E3, I highly doubt Ubisoft is a liar.
COCONUT MLG (1 day ago)
They downgrade because whem they show the gameplay, they use the NASA computer to show, but when they are producing the game , they use window 98 and some GPU CPU from trash
John Rulez (1 day ago)
What a disappointment. That’s just lazy and outrageous.
John Rulez (1 day ago)
The Ubisoft community makes the dark souls community look like saints.
Ye4rZero (2 days ago)
too harsh on Rainbow Siege man, they've supported it awesomely, it's been 3 years and they're STILL rolling out new operators & maps, they've patched & balanced it quickly and well and I've had to pay ZERO for all DLC. I can't speak for PC, but all online multiplayers on PS4 should run this model
Tom G (1 day ago)
Ye4rZero and this was made two years ago lol?... it had lots of issues back then that a full release shouldn’t have :-)
DavidXlte 01234 (2 days ago)
13:59 they even downgraded the dialogue
Daniel B Pratomo (2 days ago)
Remember don't pre order game again
Marty Venkman (2 days ago)
look at 13:02 its not a downgrade its actually an upgrade.
real WiLDCAT (2 days ago)
let me say this: the E3 demos, trailers and everything are *rendered* with special lighting effects.
EliteDeltaTeam (2 days ago)
Man, the old concept for Siege was better.
Mz6 (2 days ago)
Funny shit how they put voices in rainbowsix to make it more interesting
Brian Palmer (3 days ago)
Looks great
Muhammad Rizky (3 days ago)
why they downgrade the graphics? because they care about your potato spec pc. LOL.
Jaeblack (3 days ago)
How do you get the graphics to go from Battlefield 4 to Fortnite smh
ILLmfnMILL (3 days ago)
Guard Passer (3 days ago)
Some disney level acting here
Slobodan Dakic (2 days ago)
I _love_ how "PC" is the multiplayer speech audio dialogue in "The Division" gameplay demo. Total SJW BS. In reality it would be more like Snoop Dog's rant on Woodley vs Daren Till fight, or Snoop's take on post Mayweather vs McGregor for that matter.
Hungrey Doggo (3 days ago)
imma be real farcry 4 was an upgrade
Muffin Mcstud (3 days ago)
This is ultra graphics vs low graphics not downgrades
therealchich2 (3 days ago)
Anyone else just wondering where is brothers in arms??
Johny Kohny (4 days ago)
Even if they downgraded they still the best game making company
a cute pest (4 days ago)
I more like the old one more realistic
Deltaphonic (4 days ago)
This is hilarious! 😂
Con BJ (4 days ago)
다운그래이드 왜하는거지... ... 게임위원회에서 다운그래이드요청했나? 게임중독자 생긴다고 지금와서 겜이랑 현실구분못할까봐서? 시대가 어느시댄데 그런등신이 있을까... 있다면 그장애인들 때문에 우리가피해보는거네
medu za (4 days ago)
that is so funny, at first they show you an awesome game, beautiful lighting, shadows etc, then BAM... there you go. That all we got for you today :D
Toxicfever (4 days ago)
Vass looked more animated and more lively in the E3 showcase
Gay Little Boy666 (4 days ago)
Wow and you fucking losers still buy these games,,,shame on you,,,you deserve these shit games because of you,,,that's the real fucking problem,,,it's you sacks of worthless shit buying there half ass games
Natic Aliev (4 days ago)
we can blame ubisoft all we want but at the end of the day we know exactly why these downgrades happen the devs create works of art and then the french canadian pussy CEO be like "PS4 and Xbone can't handle these graphics, so.. make it look like shit as long as it plays on 30fps on a shitty Television" and then the dev teams go home and cry themselves to sleep
Dixon Cider (4 days ago)
Watch dogs downgrade was so egregious
NobleWarrior 04 (4 days ago)
To be honest thanks to Ubisoft it is now an unspoken rule for me that a teaser trailer or a beta will always look better than the final game.
Sky Stalker (4 days ago)
Watch dogs and siege are the worst. They literally added shit that didn't happen In game
nasha thedog (4 days ago)
This is why I usually wait and buy their games on the cheap.
My Username (5 days ago)
Why did they remove the NPCs in Watch Dogs 1? It looks so empty now.
Kiei Luahi (5 days ago)
When I tell people don't get hyped too much during E3 with all the trailers they tell me to stfu.
aflac82 (5 days ago)
The Division actually looks almost exactly like it was presented. Still one of the most beautiful game out there.
Wdowa94 (5 days ago)
Wait a moment... Far Cry 3 looks like it's a Crysis
HunterFreak 25 (5 days ago)
Why?thats the most disappointed ever
Sky Void (5 days ago)
i love how the voice actors sound so dramatic xD
Wdowa94 (5 days ago)
2018- Even "Predowngraded" version looks bad
黑狮子 (5 days ago)
T3CHN01200 (5 days ago)
And stupidly enough, they make it stupidly obvious that they downgraded their games.
Suraj Mehta (5 days ago)
Who else is watching on 144p?
Eduardo Lacerda (5 days ago)
misleading advertisement
Fabio Romero (5 days ago)
Dead Juice (5 days ago)
As a veteran fan of Ubisoft. That was an absolute perfect opening. You cannot contain all the good and all the much more bad than that.
HARD ZBOR (5 days ago)
Эт че выходит нас наебали???....
Ed TM (5 days ago)
Sony downgrad up
Jesus! And here I was, thinking that Marvel's Spiderman took a big hit to the graphics... These downgrades are disgusting.
TheLionBoss (5 days ago)
It hurts to watch this 😢
bhargav blaze (6 days ago)
R u gays in the ubisoft watching this ?? If so then kill urself cheaters 🤢🤮🤮
TheTokelosh (6 days ago)
Firstly, why? Secondly, isn't this false advertising?
Zakura Blade (6 days ago)
Watch dogs actually could have looked like that if ubisoft would have held off releasing it till after the PS4 and Xboxone came out. But they made it with the PS3 and Xbox360 im mind. And for anyone saying the PS4 or xboxone can't have it looking that good i guess you never played spiderman or last of us
subash rai (6 days ago)
I fucking hate ubisoft!
Paul (6 days ago)
Far cry 3 wasn’t downgraded tho
Dang Nguyen (6 days ago)
Ubisoft didn't lie. They actually told us that they downgraded WatchDogs
Dang Nguyen (6 days ago)
Far Cry 4 is actually upgraded at some points though.
Sero Ross (6 days ago)
Itis only shit
AlaskanWolf (6 days ago)
It's like this is a joke lmfao why do they do this
Demon Samurai6666 (6 days ago)
Dont trust e3
Tzeff NL (6 days ago)
NEW PERSONAL RULE: If the NEXT new game's graphics gets *downgraded (*looks AWFULL in comparison with pre-release in-game footage) I won't buy it!
Tzeff NL (6 days ago)
EA is also downgrading Battlefield V(agina) by removing the cool ray-tracing Nvidia effects they were showing off a few weeks ago! (I won't even buy that game!!!) How can these developers be SO STUPID??? Don't they know that lower end PC owners can lower the graphics if their computer can't handle the framerates? Ohhh....they are doing it for the CONSOLES! Damn it! Why can't they do like in the past; make PC versions AND console versions? Answer: It costs less to make the graphics equal for ALL gaming platforms. These decisions are so annoying!
Soulless512 (6 days ago)
wow i do not see their reasoning behind doing that
Скейп Play (6 days ago)
They are assholes, Activision was doing the same thing with CoD WWII.
Gary Rios (6 days ago)
Moraleja de la historia nunca comprar algo de ubisoft :v
Raven Moore (7 days ago)
You can make all your games look like this if you own a 1080 and I5 8600k 16gv of ram and above
Rzejdi (7 days ago)
And this, my friends, is why I never buy EA and Ubisoft games.
Stoogs (7 days ago)
brayth for pvp
Stoogs (7 days ago)
the acting in that division promo was such garbage lmao. they tried to make them sound like they're actually patching in on radios
Yazdan MV (7 days ago)
Watch dogs.......it still hurts
m109094010 (7 days ago)
Good animation company.
Random Dude (7 days ago)
Lol they just lie and then bank on preorders then fuck your face
Sir Fortesque76 (7 days ago)
Siege is such a fucking disgrace... Why couldn't we have just gotten Rainbow Six: Patriots?
Juan Luna (7 days ago)
Bugisoft vs DowngradeSoft vs lyingSoft vs Microsoft... oops my comment is breaking!!!
Matheus Corrêa 2099 (7 days ago)
Coloca o downgrade de homem aranha ( spider Man downgrade )
Hydra Jamm (7 days ago)
The lighting is way better in the released version of farcry e though. Less foliage though
FusionTechCinema (7 days ago)
This is disgusting glad I don’t buy Ubisoft games anymore
will S (7 days ago)
Fc3 looked more cartoon like in its E3 appearance
Malcolm DuBose (8 days ago)
Always remember to watch this before every E3.
karma tam (8 days ago)
How about Modern warfare to black ops Look at how treyarch went so classic with their game so downgraded It’s the most black ops selling game ever
Samuel Ortiz (8 days ago)
Thats how ubisoft think we play rainbow six?
Skilledgamr123 _King (2 days ago)
Samuel Ortiz Lol that’s what they always make their online players sound like lol.
L0L (8 days ago)
the watchdogs e3 graphics were actually turned off in the game
toast week (8 days ago)
big fucking deal
Nelson Painço (8 days ago)
If you actually expect "presentation gameplay" to be the same in real gameplay you are just ignorant... A presentation gameplay is a cinematic, not real gameplay at 60fps...
Doxie (8 days ago)
Takes the piss doesnt it. Yet when we mode our game files with graphic modes like Dedux etc they ban you if you go online with it. Every game they show you on the release is not the game they sell you. Its a con. Huge thanks to the modding guys who make our games beautiful how they should have been sold in the first place.
Mr. ManHatMan (8 days ago)
2:15 kills me every time.
VR FOB (8 days ago)
Wow you opened my eyes
Terra Firma (8 days ago)
2:27 Its a plane, its a bird... its a handjob
Cereal (8 days ago)
Far cry 3 was barely a downgrade tbh
Jack Hawkins (8 days ago)
A very misleading video, the lower quality video is obviously from a console and and higher spec one from a PC. Dont get mt wrong i thought the game was a disappointment but if you are looking for high end graphics a pc is what you need
Jack Hawkins (5 days ago)
+MadmanJoE100 I'm not sure what spec your pc is but I've got a GeForce 1080ti and the quality is brilliant nothing like the lower quality video we are seeing on here. If anything my graphics are slightly better. I'm not saying that previews for games don't lie at times but the examples shown here are wrong
MadmanJoE100 (5 days ago)
No it's not. On my pc these games were barely any better looking. This was Ubisoft using tech demos as game trailers. It's that simple.

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