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Ubisoft downgrades

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Comparison between E3 demos and retail version of recent Ubisoft games. I encourage you to not only focus on textures or lighting, but also on animation, level design, assets, physics, and sound. Recorded in 1080p at max settings on PC with a controller. E3 footage is always before retail footage. Intro theme: https://goo.gl/986wk7
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Crowbcat (2 years ago)
0:26 Watch Dogs 2:33 The Division 5:58 Rainbow Six Siege 9:47 Far Cry 4 12:20 Far Cry 3
Ferrite (7 days ago)
Crowbcat Has
GamerGuy 8796 (9 days ago)
9.1k like! :)
sama flame (12 days ago)
I’m more late to this.
It’sYaBoiiiiiiii (14 days ago)
What am I supposed to do with this information
Ослик Иа (1 month ago)
Jesus Christ dude! This music in the beginning is loud AF!
Smail Elasbihani (6 hours ago)
The first gameplay be on pc ultra settings meybe 4k that's y u feel downgrade on ps3 n ps4
CyanideGaming! (10 hours ago)
I get why they scaled them back for consoles, I mean come on, they'll never handle what a high end PC can do, and obviously companies want to show their game in their best form? So my question is, are these games shown actually recorded on their best possible platform or are you just comparing console against PC, which is a no brainer PC hands down. But as a lot of people say, all these games aren't even as bad as they're made out to be? I own nearly all on PC and they look absolutely fine to me. The division on PS4 is a bit of a disappointment I'd admit, but that's a whole separate story. The scripted conversation was stupid, no one ever communicates like that, not from what I've seen. I see people online and they're usually just chilling there, most of the time AFK, I've never seen anyone running around gunning, the environment and terrain is vastly different. Siege on the other hand, it's a great tactical shooter, but there is nothing of what they shown at E3 on the PC version. Was quite the disappointment. I'm not mad about the graphics more so, I'm annoyed at the fact they've added in so much stuff that's literally not in the game, on any version.
Money Guy101 (12 hours ago)
Nick Saxon (15 hours ago)
Who cares if the games are still quality, only idiots still care about graphics in 2018
Allan Dent (19 hours ago)
I think the worst thing about these downgrades is that games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Witcher 3, God of War, Spider-Man, Gears of War 4, Hellblade etc have all come out since and look WAY better than all of these games. Some of the games I listed have been downgraded slightly but no where as near Ubisoft's games. We still have Last of Us 2, Gears 5, Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077 and more coming out, and they make these look like last gen games.
Tahira Yasmeen (19 hours ago)
watch dogs downgrade is not bad as it looks
Petter Blakstad (21 hours ago)
The gamerspeak is so bad.
CPC_RedDawn (1 day ago)
Basically, they create a concept version of the game that can only run on a high end PC. Then they scale it down for the consoles and make the whole game, they only make a few levels/areas for the concept as it costs a lot. This ultimately gets their game green lit my ubisoft executives. Then to sell the game, they show the concept version to build hype. Just goes to show the consoles are underpowered, and shows how far we would be a long in terms of IQ if all devs made games for PC. Its also a very dirty business tactic in order to over sell a product.
Elias Nicolas Miranda (6 hours ago)
another idiot who don't know nothing seems like you have very low IQ Ubisoft are the responsibles of these downgrades and not the consoles example The Witcher 3,the Sony or Microsoft exclusive games or motherfucking Red Dead Redemption 2 A FUCKING CONSOLES ONLY GAME im tired of people like you in the comments blaming the consoles than the FUCKING COMPANY
Kaidan Dobbs (1 day ago)
Far cry 3 looks better on release
Elizabeth Danger (1 day ago)
Watch Dogs didn’t even look that different, and it’s still a great game, graphics wise, as well. It looks great, especially for when it was released.
ZreX Gaming (1 day ago)
indonesia:NGENTOT KAU English:Good Channel Bro
iVenomBrinco (1 day ago)
For this shit, piratery should be legal
NéO-TeCH (1 day ago)
I feel like farcry 3 was upgraded
FK A (2 days ago)
At this point I feel like there should be ‘only PC exclusive games’ cuz it’s due to those consoles that gaming companies tend to downgrade their games. Remember how good Vampyr looked in alpha footage only to look like a potato later on release. Maybe PC and console version of the same game should look be optimised differently.
Fuck you Bugisoft
G.A - Tutorial (2 days ago)
Cuidado com processo da empresa
Craig Ian Smith (2 days ago)
Why did the dumb down the graphics
Jerome Yudiet (3 days ago)
Farcry was a real far cry..from the demo to the exact game
Preoximerias (3 days ago)
Huh, it’s almost like they had to downgrade for the console release of these games. And that the E3 demos were all done on a custom high end PC. Which honestly sounds stupid as shit but guess it’s somewhat a reason for the horrific graphic downgrade. A lot of these games deserved so much more than they got. It’s a damn shame that games like The Division and Watchdogs were tainted by the touch of Ubisoft. Edit: Alright, my comment was made a few seconds into the video. Now that I have finished, I honestly can’t defend this. Much of the graphic and even gameplay differences can not be chalked up to making the game fit with console from PC. There is too much of a difference, holy crap.
Ponte Ryuurui (3 days ago)
And the downgraded version of division has lower fps... demo was simply a narrated cinematic
Daniel Paredes (3 days ago)
Wish Ark could've look nicer
Myers (3 days ago)
Stefan MVP (4 days ago)
Same with Hitman
Elias Nicolas Miranda (5 hours ago)
uuuhhh wut?
asfandyar suleman (4 days ago)
Havent played a ubisoft games for 2 years and not playing to play any soon
Reon Uiriamuzu (4 days ago)
This saddens me.
Colonel Burton (4 days ago)
I just remembered how they advertised "The Division" having access for mobile players ("Tablet Companion") that can tap in at any given point flying a drone around to support their buddies and then tap out again. The entire thing was scrapped, of course....
MOTH _m (5 days ago)
Rainbow was so cringy
Sleekbog 23 (4 days ago)
MOTH _m same thing with Recon Like who the fucks says “prepare for pvp”
Sleekbog 23 (4 days ago)
MOTH _m same thing with Recon Like who the fucks says “prepare for pvp”
Tracer Bullet (5 days ago)
They're sneaky snakes aren't they
UltraEgo (5 days ago)
Adrian Pallamar (5 days ago)
well that scene with Vaas where Jason gets thrown in the water is the only that was better ingame than the demo
monkey (5 days ago)
Holy shit. I no longer play Ubisoft's games for other reasons, now this is my new and best reason to keep staying away from their titles.
PC Principal (5 days ago)
What they did to watch dogs and division are the reasons why I haven’t bought a Ubisoft game since. 😯 plus Im not a fan of the direction they took assassins creed on. UNITY was a beautiful disaster. But they should do something like Desmond/Ezio. That shit was perfect.
Yi Hammond (5 days ago)
When i played on pc with ultra setting, i find this video is soo terrible. The downgrade is not this bad. My only issue with ubisoft is their game not so optimize.
Tabula Rasa (22 hours ago)
That's after patches years later.
Krishna Reddy (6 days ago)
12:28 Nice
Just4kl (6 days ago)
Division is still ok. And it runs smoothly.
Dick Damage (6 days ago)
"Brace for pvp"
Mangel M (6 days ago)
Click bait trash video
Chean Arcales (7 days ago)
9060 dislike and counting from ubisoft.
Julian Reimer (7 days ago)
Fuck Ubisoft and EA For doing shitty games, dlc garbage, 100$ preorder gold delixe bonus ultra editions, downgrades and not including far cry 3 blood dragon for far cry 3 classics on the ps4
Chaziz (7 days ago)
1:25 Carlos Solari
Alessandro GM (7 days ago)
❤️ R O C K S T A R ❤️
agent-gaming (7 days ago)
But... why?
Prized Toco (5 days ago)
what u seen was clips for E3 to hype the game for sells .. in order to make the game good as they showed , it woulda took more money and time.. but they made a cheaper quicker version of it..
Freancisco Pastrana (7 days ago)
Watch dogs was a garbage as a whole
Swag Alot (7 days ago)
*I want the left one.*
Azuwerath (7 days ago)
Call of Ubisoft: Black Recycling 4
IsaiasSoldier2 (7 days ago)
Farcry 3 was the only game that, although got a downgrade on vegetation, did get an upgrade in graphics which makes the game look better than it was presented. And i think this was the last ubisoft game they gave us without sending trash. Especially Siege was a major disappointment for me. Terrible downgrade in graphics and features
MasLoff (7 days ago)
I don't blame Ubisoft, it's the people who keep buying their games that's the problem I'm actually amazed that people keep buying their games year after year after year
Isaiah Vigil (7 days ago)
Rainbow six seige got it the worst I would say it used to be a real tactical shooter now its basically a 5v5 cod match
ConneR J (8 days ago)
just f uc ki ng jokers
Xavier Blanc (8 days ago)
Well, just boycott UBI's games. Simple as that.
Asteroid Arts (8 days ago)
Did I ever show you the definition, of a downgrade?...
EnlightenPanda (8 days ago)
When you get an assassins creed mobile ad in the middle of the video
Amir Amsyar (8 days ago)
This video is very satisfying even if you've watched it many times.
Suck Your ass (8 days ago)
HellNo video (8 days ago)
What the fuck happened
Kazyro (8 days ago)
thats why i didnt bought rainbow six siege, saw the trailer was amazed and than played the beta and there grafics were shit
That's why we all love you Crowbcat.You put the facts like a man!
Muh. Faris (8 days ago)
I think only far cry doesn't look so bad 😂
Angel Ferrufino (8 days ago)
Ohshitjpg (8 days ago)
So i have a powerful pc. is there any way to get the same graphics on watch dogs on pc as in the shown trailer ?
- Silver Crow - (8 days ago)
para hacer comparativas debes mostrar la misma escena en los 2 cuadros si muestras 2 momentos distintos no sirve
Peter Saburov (9 days ago)
maan what did they do to R6...
Carlos Roberto (9 days ago)
Far Cry 3 looks better.
MiguelOpina (9 days ago)
All this games deserved to be purchased with fake money.
Berk Karşı (9 days ago)
If they keep doing this I'm going to boycott Ubisoft.
XIX (9 days ago)
10:47 , do you want my own AI system to talk to you cowards for lying and laughing for it ?
kingkongb1 (9 days ago)
This is mainly because feminism,the employers are being replaced by women(feminists).
Unknown Soldier (9 days ago)
kingkongb1 jajajaja
ichschwoersosehr (9 days ago)
This is why you don't buy games from UBISOFT. EVER.
Pacman's Little bitch (10 days ago)
This makes me depressed
Metal Quintessence (10 days ago)
FarCry 3 seems like a mixed bag, the rest however... maybe FC4 was relatively the closest one.
Metal Quintessence (10 days ago)
If anything, the Voice over in FC3 demo was way better than the comic relief of the actual game. xD
Trisnoadi Wikantoro (10 days ago)
Far cry 3 was an upgrade man
lxCRON1Cxl (10 days ago)
Ur a sucker if u bought any of these games.
Dragon's Armory (10 days ago)
Ubisoft is hope genocide
Scorpio Sex Lord (10 days ago)
Adam Wiśniewski (10 days ago)
Division hurts to look at compared to first gameplay
The Creator (10 days ago)
Самые огромные пиздаболы в истории, не то что RDR2
Rani Kushwaha (11 days ago)
But bro...it's Ubisoft!
Dwi Rahman Soleman (11 days ago)
This video needs crickets
Duhreel Vlogs (11 days ago)
Ubisoft can scam people but can't get non cringey dialogue
Duhreel Vlogs (11 days ago)
Why can't they just give us what they show
Duhreel Vlogs (11 days ago)
They need to be stopped like seriously we need to all make this known into a big discussion
Wolfeschreit (11 days ago)
the sad truth, but i'll give it to developers theses day, because of this whole bullshit; game developers have strayed away from showing theses ultra graphiced games that are being ran on pc. xD even though they say they're being ran on the consoles we all know that's complete bullshit watch dogs was a great example. looks like shit on console looks great on pc.
Thats sad.....
Derrick Wekesa (11 days ago)
Ubisoft have been at this little song and dance from the days of sc conviction and those old rainbow six titles. Great job you're doing here exposing it but truth be told very few people will actually take action and boycott ubi, they'll chat you up with the occasional 'this is an outrage!' but they'll be first in line to buy the next ubi release and ubi will keep doing their little song and dance because they know no matter how many videos like these are made people will always line up and pay to take a wiff at their shit
yannick BLLNS (11 days ago)
Rockstar does it better
gustavo gonzalez (11 days ago)
Cómo puede ser que todavía hay gente que le compre juegos a Ubisoft?
VR Ready Pc Fan (11 days ago)
Elias Nicolas Miranda (5 hours ago)
Red Dead FUCKING Redemption 2 brainless PC retard i hate people of your class in the PC community
Saif Ali (11 days ago)
PaperMoon (11 days ago)
Rayne On Sound (11 days ago)
Aren’t you playing on an Xbox? I think you’ll get similar quality to e3 footage of you were playing on a pc with ultimate settings.
Olisoda (12 days ago)
5:23 "Brace for pvp" im gonna say that in every game i play now :D
Katsuki Bakugo (12 days ago)
Shit, he's right! I should download the older version of Far Cry 4....
Darkanims (12 days ago)
It makes you wonder if there ever was a build that looked like the E3 demos or if they were just animated and rendered separately from the game engine.
Daniel Combs (12 days ago)
And still some of the best looking games...
Leonid Isachenko (12 days ago)
it's very well known that Ubisoft is a garbage company but still someone wonders about it and still buying games from them. ridiculous, how a company with such a bad reputation still can exist and earn money from gamers, how?
DarkMesa (12 days ago)
6:58 I just can't take it
SG pro (12 days ago)
Try ultra setting with GTX 20 series card instead of a absolute shit console.
Benjamin Puschert (12 days ago)
Ubisoft hasn't been shit since AC2
n0way07 (12 days ago)
How the fuck does u ubisoft get away from this misleading bullshit but when colonial marines came out they got thrown around and paid the price for it

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