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The Impossible Spark Plug and Bolt - How to get them out!

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Two puzzles similar solution. Another mind boggling, impossible looking eye-catcher made by Jean Claude Constantin. Can you imagine how to get the spark plug out of the frame? One is always wiser after seeing the solution but in reality, it's tricky even if you have the right intention. In this video, I explain you why. My Amazon.com shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/mrpuzzle When you are interested in buying this puzzle please support me by using my affiliate links. If you click the link and buy a puzzle, I will receive a commission from the seller. The commission will be not charged to you! In that way, you can support me buying new puzzles that I will present here on my channel. Thanks! Available here: http://bit.ly/2FvU9Ab http://bit.ly/2p8Bxeo http://bit.ly/2HrWUyO Amazon.de: http://amzn.to/2elSPA0 Download the free solution and print it: http://bit.ly/2FDN3Wl http://bit.ly/2p4d4I6 When you are interested in buying this puzzle please support me by using the affiliate link above. If you click the link and buy a puzzle, I will receive a commission from the seller. The commission will be not charged to you! In that way, you can support me buying new puzzles that I will present here on my channel. Thanks! Visit me on facebook for additional information: https://www.facebook.com/Mr.PuzzleYouTube/ Support me and be one of my Patrons: https://www.patreon.com/MrPuzzle Subscribe for further puzzle reviews, recommendations and solutions. Music: Mandeville von Kevin MacLeod ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) lizenziert. Quelle: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100809 Interpret: http://incompetech.com/k
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Text Comments (705)
danny davideos (5 days ago)
There called gravity pins
Carola Verwijmeren (8 days ago)
I really like to see the the solutions of the different puzzles. But what I really like to see, is your proces of solving. So make a video of you trying to solve the puzzles, and then explain it as well. The proces is even more likely to see. Like Chris Ramsay on his channel.
يامن الحموي (10 days ago)
ريتني احطن بطيز اختك
Jeo Jhun Gawgawo (12 days ago)
Tnx my friend, I found out if you are boring and getting angry just throw it, and thats it solved hahahaha....
Henrik (13 days ago)
Pretty crappy solution
Dennis Harold (15 days ago)
Love your project. I made similar with WoodPrix instructions.
Sentinal 107 (1 month ago)
that's a BS puzzle
Overspray Collector (1 month ago)
Could you explain steps only once instead of 10 times? How you talk about the same thing over and over really stresses me out.
Nong Manusjung (1 month ago)
don't like pozzle like this. make me feel like cheeting
Francisco Junio (1 month ago)
Amanhã cedo depois do almoço
Почему этак немало дизов???
Joshua Cameron (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing this puzzle. I designed and printed my own variation inspired by this video: https://youtu.be/dKaclSiJrHg
haj811 (1 month ago)
just like a bitch. usually a good smack will get them to work!!! lol
Rich T (1 month ago)
Reminds me how the Germans put there cars together. Twist pry bang smack read directions back to prying banging twisting remove front seats and engine and wham you finally get the headlamp bulb out 😜
alrescha amethyst (1 month ago)
plot twist = just break the stick*
Walter Paredes (1 month ago)
So, Any one here want some Popcorn and coffee while watching this AMAZING Puzzle video?
yankee196575 (1 month ago)
not worthy to call it a puzzle.
newbie here (2 months ago)
its not a puzzle its cheating..
pauldzim (2 months ago)
Wow, Mr. Puzzle is getting 2+ million views on his vids now!
Lígia Bonfanti (2 months ago)
How many puzzles can one create that need a smack to be solved? Boring.
pegbars (2 months ago)
Another one that's a trick, and not really a puzzle.
Johannes Gebhardt (2 months ago)
Kommst du aus Deutschland?
Alberto Moreno (2 months ago)
Que estupides
rrr330 (3 months ago)
This is the 700th comment.
Mworx (3 months ago)
If it's called impossible then it means the answer is simple but not obvious, lateral thinking is required
bullshit puzzle...
BIGFOOT'ED HUNTER UK (3 months ago)
MR PUZZLE !!! that's cheating !!!!!
an-internet-user (3 months ago)
Und wieder ein Vollidiot, der keine Ahnung hat, wie man English spricht. Wenn Du es nicht kannst, bleib in Deiner Muttersprache, Du Spastiker.
Eman Retzun (2 months ago)
an-internet-user Danke! Wollte es gerade selber schreiben. Meine Ohren kotzen regelmäßig bei sowas.
slurpyman20 (3 months ago)
Not a puzzle but just a trick toy
pretol1 (3 months ago)
Here's another puzzle... Look this car won't stop, but then... you put the brake fluid, and the car stops now... Oh gee... show me more puzzles. Look the door is superglued, so you can't open it, but if you wack it really hard, it opens... WOW!!! More.. MORE "PUZZLES"... Look at this, when you put a condom on your dick, your girlfriend doesn't get pregnant!!! REALLY, you must be some sort of magician... But that's not all! Can there really be more amazing puzzles like this? Mind - BLOWN...
Its very pryk
Santa Clause (3 months ago)
I wonder how many of these types of puzzles come unlocked from the abuse they receive in shipping.
Lee Bee (3 months ago)
I hate puzzles like this and there's no logic involved. I wouldn't even call it a puzzle.
Doggeslife (3 months ago)
Disappointing. One would assume the pins were permanent. It's a trick device, not a true puzzle.
Jerry Smith (3 months ago)
Fester Blats (4 months ago)
Impossible you say? Bye bye then.
Moi Pham (4 months ago)
Not that amusing really.
Miss Seaweed (4 months ago)
I've watched these for quite a while, and I go back to them occasionally. I only noticed just now that I wasn't subscribed.
burned oils (4 months ago)
dumb puzzle put that in the trash
Cam McBrearty (4 months ago)
wood = made of wood wooden = looks like wood, but not made of wood
East Coast Sage (4 months ago)
A Fleshlight? 5:09
A A (4 months ago)
Two nuts not bolts,common mistake. Just smack it up side someone's head, it comes right out,cool!!!!!!
MalcolmCooks (4 months ago)
i have another solution - cut through the wood
Alexscended (4 months ago)
They must have glued the top and bottom part of the wooden frame.. clever..
Richard Makuchete (4 months ago)
Why did I watch this?
Ashley Bruton (4 months ago)
Hello I was wondering have u ever tried the Excalibur puzzle
brandon bentley (4 months ago)
Some one should buy multiple spark plug variation puzzles and take them to a mechanic and hand them to them for their engine tune up and video tape their reactions...also a good way to test the mechanic abilities of the mechanic!
Azfar90 - A2ZGames - (4 months ago)
Well to be fair, this puzzle definitely involves some physics element on it, because you have to use FORCE on it..
easy (4 months ago)
I wonder if yo screw it from the middle outwards so it pushes the wood or maybe the bars bend or move! I think the wood or bars move and then can come back! EDIT: I was wrong :(
VAPO (4 months ago)
7 minutes to just say that you have to smack it, god you talk way too much without any need
Phil Tanics (4 months ago)
Man how can all these people dislike these vids? This guy is the man and more clever than 99.99% in this braindead society. Give the guy some love.
Simon Richard (4 months ago)
Gasoline tourist head phase ever scatter volunteer capture pension deny.
Mais um inscrito meu like 💎🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒💖😁
Ian Ókami (4 months ago)
In my eyes its a riddel not a puzzle Thats a diffrent
Amy UNTOLD (4 months ago)
Well, these are, crap actually...
Ashutosh Arora (4 months ago)
Stupid video
Jason Webb (4 months ago)
I got the spark plug out but now my dick is stuck in it.
Facehunter2003 (4 months ago)
German (auto generated) thanks YouTube, would like english
Donald Parlett jr (4 months ago)
Nothing that a hammer and extreme violence can't solved. Yep works every time.
Joe Shmoe (4 months ago)
or you could smash them with a brick or hammer.
destroyer 2195 (4 months ago)
I found out how to do the bolt before the spoiler break 😁👍
Dark Sun Empire Record`s (4 months ago)
wooow thanks for waisting my time , why you dont use a hammer ??? itss sooo much easyer ahahhaha
pippo spano (4 months ago)
That was totally lame af. No puzzle here, just a gimmick. BOO !
Wyvern (4 months ago)
Kinda funny, you solve it with the most primitive of solutions, if you fail to get something to work or open, hit it!
Hikaru (4 months ago)
I love how you explain and show every detail! Very interesting!
Inthevicinity (4 months ago)
it looks deceptively easy
YZMOTO 80 (4 months ago)
I solved mine with fire.
Hiiamyu (4 months ago)
I know you are the russian hacker
Kennnedy Ayacko (4 months ago)
was waiting for a mind blowing solution.. but all it took was to smash the fucking pin.
prueb1 (4 months ago)
To be honest a combination padlock is as much as a puzzle as this. And even then more straightforward.
Water Bear (4 months ago)
Water Bear (4 months ago)
What are you some kind of caveman smashing about? Silly human with a low intellect, be a monkey and smash your way in life hahahaha lol you dujmmbe
8_Ball_Pool Pro (4 months ago)
I know another solution foe the first
NeilLB7 (5 months ago)
Just take a hammer and smash it. Then the bolt comes out.
karlc267 (5 months ago)
You broke it.
Дебилы, блядь...
Dimitris Kontoleon (5 months ago)
is looks like lv 7 broken radio...
Mario Game (5 months ago)
Co to je za blbost totalni sracka... Dokaze fakt nasrat
ariesmars29 (5 months ago)
These puzzles are just like the "Escape from Alcatraz" Puzzle with the ball bearing and four metal rods.
Ranpreet Singh (5 months ago)
Shear non sense....... No brain involved.... Total rubbish....
☣ Tsjernobylol ☣ (5 months ago)
not a puzzle. Its a mechanical trick. not a proces of the mind
H B (5 months ago)
FSAUDIOGUY (5 months ago)
This not a puzzle, a true puzzle has a set of reverse steps to solve it. This is just a physical trick to remove the object.
pazzo x (5 months ago)
c he cxxzata inutile
Роман Динго (5 months ago)
Mr.L.A. (5 months ago)
yo u can use a hammer it makes for a great key
S Prince (5 months ago)
ferazen stellar (5 months ago)
I'm curious to know if you're actually narrating while solving these puzzles or do you go back after you've recorded and then dub. Just curious.
Antoine Toma (5 months ago)
Go to 5' !
Luna Protege (5 months ago)
My first instinct wasn't that far off from what you did... Minus the bar jiggling. Basically, my idea was to tighten both parts of the bolt/nut around the bars, and then SLAM the bottom part so it forces it to take the bars with it in the short movement upwards... A bit brute, yes... But I have this weird glee at solving puzzles in manners not unlike the Gordian knot.
Diego Volpe (5 months ago)
Nycrea (5 months ago)
What a lame puzzle tbh, there's no out of the box thinking required, just some random guessing that you could not have known by any manner of reasoning. Pretty disappointing. Enjoyed your video tho, just a shame the puzzles are so disappointing.
Jordan Councillor (5 months ago)
I came to find hot babes in this comment section
Shaun mcinnis (5 months ago)
Lame, sorry
Diego Garcia (5 months ago)
ted rebel (5 months ago)
I got these for my girlfriend for christmas, we were drinking and decided to try them out..... she got frustrated and threw them into the fire. next morning im cleaning out the fireplace and found the magnet with the plate and the bolt.... well.... she solved it lol. through the fire and the flames.
RRE Designs (5 months ago)
Just give me a damned hammer and I'll show you how to do it the right way
Ticky Tocky (5 months ago)
I have a bolt with two nuts too.
The Saborwolf (5 months ago)
That was very unique I enjoyed that. Things that make you go duhhh

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