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Halo 4 - Theme Song (Full)

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This music is a remake of ''To Galaxy'' but its pretty good so we can call it the Halo 4 Theme Song. Make sure you Subscribe here for all the music about Bungie's new game called ''Destiny'' and for Halo 5! HALO 4 FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Reclaimer-Trilogy-Halos-4-5-and-6/268021409889440?ref=hl Kash117 recreated the video. Channel of Kash: http://www.youtube.com/user/kash117
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Text Comments (3665)
TD 40 (22 days ago)
Kick Ass Master Chief!!!
Manuel_who Gamer (27 days ago)
Increible like y nuevo sub gg no se englis
Ronin (1 month ago)
Hey you guys here for Destiny...oh wait wrong chat. LOL
Good song but it sounds way out of halo. It can fit other games but halo lol halol
Eli’s brick Trainz (3 months ago)
I’ve been wondering why did we get ditched by bungee and end up with this shitty 343 industries stuff at least bungie tried to make their halo music good like damn halo 6 better be good or else I’m fucking quitting playing halo
Fucken Chief 1620 Z (3 months ago)
Fuck 343
much PinkTentacleGod (3 months ago)
Weak shit is this?
Steven Bagel (4 months ago)
This has nowhere near the impact of the original trilogy music.
Koala Solitário (4 months ago)
when i get my x360 my brother broght halo wars thinking that was like all the other ones and them when we started playing...... '-' shiet
Juan Pablo B312 (6 months ago)
halo 4 y halo reach saben los que es tristesa y no tanto de epico pero si sountracks de paraisos increibles oh asi lo siento yo otros si son epicos como esta o la de halo reach que sale en halo 3 odst
FakeAndGayOfficiaI (6 months ago)
Geometry Dash (7 months ago)
Fan of halo: please sub to my channel
kosrules (7 months ago)
Fun fact halo 4 theme song scored 50 on billboard 200 list.
Fox Swat (8 months ago)
vexed (9 months ago)
all destiny games suck ass
vexed (9 months ago)
halo is 100% better in all ways
William Alpha (9 months ago)
Tony the Tiger (1 year ago)
All of you just shut up and enjoy the music
this is the spartan ops theme not campaign
CreativeSimling (1 year ago)
CreativeSimling .no the theme is trash just stop
the Tortilla man (1 year ago)
halo CE theme:great halo 2 theme : Awesome halo 3 theme: master piece halo 4 theme: ehh... halo 5 theme: wait theres a theme?! since when?
Mr.Mr. & More Mr. (1 year ago)
what do you know? you only command ducks >:C
Eclipse (1 year ago)
Its not a bad song, but its just not halo enough. Its missing the male choir and doesnt really give you the feel the original theme did.
Greatness Hits (1 year ago)
how halo has fallen this theme is nothing like halo 1-3
Thanos (1 year ago)
trash wasn't even in the game
DevoidKitsune (1 year ago)
This is absolute ass.
Clint Potts (1 year ago)
This song is my favorite out of the 30 songs from the halo saga. :)
Mr.Mr. & More Mr. (1 year ago)
Aman Rawat (1 year ago)
5 years ago. I am feeling Old
Whoareyou Myson (1 year ago)
Same here. Yet it's a shame that such an amazing game is going downhill with the release of Halo 5. It has it's perks, but it's just not the Halo we all knew.
DCVK (1 year ago)
Remember when this WAS the halo 4 theme?
Monique Houle (1 year ago)
Halo 3 Was the best of all music
joker angel (1 year ago)
joker angel cool
TUTOSANDROID _MX (1 year ago)
i love all the intros of HALO
K. Bermejo (1 year ago)
Man, I remember playing the last level of Halo 4 with this song playing in the background and damn I felt legendary :')
VV DA1 (1 year ago)
my top 3 favorite. 1 halo 4.num 2 halo 2 3 halo 3
TRAP Boy (1 year ago)
halo 1 is perfect ever no compare with halo 4 ,5
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Yes, it was when there was not so much to speak about aliens (Elites, Grunts, Jackals, Hunters). They were new, fresh, and they were simply alive. Now, at Halo 4 and 5, you can see this Prometheans. Why in hell did 343i have no creativity? I would have preferred to see living Forerunners acting as legendary gods fighting in favor (or against) Chief instead of such characterless robots, who 343i say insistently that are no robots :(
whats this shit?! 343 ruined the legendary soundtracks!
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Bungie old people (not the new ones) were legendary. All Halo 4 and 5 soundtracks try to even focus soundtracks on graphics and environment details. But, old people who built Halo old games, used to make soundtracks focused on ambientation and emotional turns. That is why we all perceive this whole songs senseless. When I listen to the only new song Revival, it makes me to feel some sort of savage and wild nature song, mixed with Forerunner greatness; when Didact died, I forgot all such greatness. Songs are no longer remembered after you complete campaign!
Beastly Heroic (1 year ago)
FranKlin GameZ and yet they bring it back in halo 5 good God just up and enjoy if not don't watch the video moron
Marcusisonxbox (1 year ago)
FranKlin GameZ bungie's was legendary, 343's is just heroic
FakeAndGayOfficiaI (1 year ago)
AnnoyingGamersNL (2 years ago)
4 years ago already Jesus crist
AnnoyingGamersNL Now 5. Life goes by too damn fast
GAME GREAT8 (2 years ago)
I think Halo 3's theme song was the best (PERSONALLY) The main part of the Halo 3 theme song even started after 1:17. 1:17 = 117 = Chief's numbers.
+Juan Lopes Okay, I see now, just have a few anger issues at times. Last night I was fucked.
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Nope. I just believe there are some songs in new Halos that keep such original essence from old games. But, the rest is ruined. I agree with you.
+Juan Lopes Did you even listen to it? You are fucking insane if you prefer Halo 4 and 5 that the earlier ones.
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
pro4skill (2 years ago)
This music sounds like great achievement or a military award ceremony. What victory happened in Halo 4? Humans got their asses kicked by Forerunner and Cortana died! This song does not foreshadow or represent ANYTHING that happened in Halo 4. This song is fine as a stand alone track, but does not represent Halo 4 in any way, so it's a terrible Halo 4 theme.
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Sure, some songs such as Belly of the Beast will make a blind gamer to believe the Flood invaded Halo 4. But, really, those were the Covenant. Such song rythm was exclusively for the Flood! 343 Industries lacks characterization and objectivity.
yes if someone hear it he wouldn't think in halo 4
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Sure, the old ones who built the first trilogy (people involved, specifically I am not crediting Bungie trademark) were amazing. They used songs as Hollywood style, and also gameplay focused on placing Chief as not a single supersoldier but also a cowboy. That is what we all miss! Chief making impossible things to become true, to stereotype and characterize such kind of people who has no words to say, and no kind of weakness to show, for demonstrating he can make everything posible, with his own actions!
stinger913 (1 year ago)
I think you're looking at this from the wrong point of view. At this time, or rather before the Didact was encountered and Cortana lost, humanity has become the Galaxy's superpower per se. They have completed their mightiest warship, over 5 miles long (I think) with 4 MAC guns. It could plow through Covenant light cruisers, and it even had room for ten internal, shielded, missile frigates. Not to mention a usual escort fleet. Covenant fleets could easily be obliterated now. It represents humanity's newly found power in the Halo universe.
Trey Johnson (1 year ago)
its if you were lost, which you were for about half the game, so it fits well
Carlo Warlo (2 years ago)
Zeine (2 years ago)
Shut the comparing and enjoy.
the Tortilla man (1 year ago)
nothing to enjoy about this theme.
Death Sin (2 years ago)
wasn't this theme in the trailer of halo 4
iamfalcondude82 (2 years ago)
this is what they played when they were introducing the infinity in that short trailer
Death Sin (2 years ago)
I liked halo 3 theme bungie made the halo games awesome 343 industries no
Marha Madara (2 years ago)
Jamais joué à un Halo mais qu'est-ce que c'est bon niveau musique.
La Reine du BBQ (2 years ago)
je confirme, tu devrais essayer ^^ sinon si tu ne connais pas vraiment les Halo, je te conseil de regarder Game Movie Land, voilà 😉
limx s 09 Berhaut (2 years ago)
Tu devrais sincèrement
felix Rincon (2 years ago)
halo 2 theme was the best
L3nnardOXG (10 months ago)
felix Rincon easily
Tin diamond (1 year ago)
felix Rincon nah combat evolved is better
Fireskull9 Emerald (1 year ago)
felix Rincon all songs in the original trilogy where epic
Beastly Heroic (1 year ago)
felix Rincon agreed their all amazing but loved the retro in halo 2
Postman Chat (2 years ago)
This wasn't in the campaign was it??!!
spartan3601 (1 year ago)
Well not this exact piece of music, its actually a remix of To Galaxy in Halo 4's OST. If you skip, in to galaxy, then you will find a very similar piece to this.
Postman Chat (2 years ago)
+Nathan jeffery I don't remember
Nathan jeffery (2 years ago)
I heard it briefly at some points
David Hunt (2 years ago)
Comparing halo 4 and 5......... Ya 4's campaign was a hell a lot better. Who agrees?
Waffle cx (7 days ago)
Halo 4: Gameplay Is Sweet and the story, But yet the ending was really bad Halo 5: Gameplay Is Also Sweet, but yet the story was just horrible
Walker bait (1 month ago)
5 pissed me off so much
Sterza343 (2 months ago)
David Hunt no halo 5 felt more like halo and improved the oat and some things a lot from halo 6
Blit Zer (3 months ago)
At Multiplayer 4 or 5
Devashish Athawale (9 months ago)
But halo 5 soundtrack is better than 4
Mil Man (2 years ago)
Is this in the OST? I cant find it in the OST at all. Theres To Galaxy Extended, which sounds like this, but it isnt the same.
Sci-fi Gamer (2 years ago)
In the description it says it's a remake of the original
Mil Man (2 years ago)
+Arbiter0 Gaming cheers man
Realm_ Gamer17 (2 years ago)
so good
Jhoan Ghost (2 years ago)
que porqueria de cancion no son las mismas que las de los halos anteriores que hpta asco -.-
Jhoan Ghost (1 year ago)
Juan Lopes ps bueno almenos otra persona tiene mis gustos ;) espero en algun futuro sercano pongan la song de halo 2 en unos de estos halos que pronto se estrenaran si ed que salen
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Pues claro! A que no?
Jhoan Ghost (1 year ago)
Juan Lopes we sea sincero y diga que me gusta halo 1-2-3 y el 4 y el 5 me la pelan xd
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Halo fue comprada (o bien, es administrada) por alguno de esos tipos tontos que no saben como crear una franquicia, sino más bien cómo sacarle dinero a punta de disciplina y poca creatividad. Por eso es que sacan porquerías ahora. #Golddiggers
Сулли 111 (2 years ago)
I prefer it over the one we got
Faraam Knight (2 years ago)
halo 2 theme is the best!
iDIG Music Fest (2 years ago)
To All Our Fellow Musicians and HALO fans. Help us create the ultimate HALO Theme performance - and break a world record!  http://craigstuartgarfinkle.blogspot.com/2016/02/help-us-crowd-create-theme-from-halo.html We are attempting something really special for the upcoming Dublin International Game Music Festival (http://www.idigmusicfest.com), May 1st, 2016, in Dublin Ireland. We are trying to set a Guinness world record for creating the largest crowd created, world-wide performance for a music video. We have teamed up with Video Games Live to make this happen. The composition of choice is the classic theme from the game HALO. Please check out the blog posting below to sign up to perform, or share the posting with your friends who play. We need the entire musical communities support to make this happen. Wishing you all the best in your own mad adventures….
Spencer Solberg (2 years ago)
they changed the old theme song though
AtomiXx (2 years ago)
hmmm this halo song is bas not so original halo 1-3 and 5 are original titles and the best but 4... thats so sad for me i love halo but this title ruined it
onizuka tv (2 years ago)
Halo 4 ost was good but not the game :D
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Yes, Halo franchise is over for me. Consider Halo franchise was a beautiful woman loyal to Bungie, then following Microsoft (her father) advices, she abandons the old Bungie and turns into a whore with 343 Industries. A unfaithful woman, running away as a whore, from all her believes and ideology. This is the last time I will comment about Halo. It is over. I hope you understand how much aggrieved I feel watching how our dear Halo franchise is today, knowing thinking beings have mishandled it intentionally. :) Halo R.I.P. November 11, 2016.
Mini OfDoom01 (2 years ago)
Including the amazing graphics and the look of halo 4, especially the Promethian.
Mini OfDoom01 (2 years ago)
I have no problem with the new halo games. I think they are still perfect. Especially multiplayer which in my opinion no matter what halo game it is, it is a awesome multiplayer for me. Plus I do not really care for campaign. I just play the campaign to shoot enemies.
Postman Chat (2 years ago)
+Gaming Master more like they were both bad, with a few exceptions
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
+m4thieu7q More like the other way around.
SFire Creations (2 years ago)
Everybody's complaining about this song having a different feeling than the other games soundtracks... Personally I find this song awesome. The reason it doesn't feel like classic Halo is because it's not supposed to.
Richard Ched (2 years ago)
This has to be the main theme due to it being similar to Halo 4's Advertisement film: Forward Unto Dawn,
Liam (2 years ago)
this sounds like its a transformers theme
E-4 91H (2 years ago)
Although people are complaining about how this theme song is an insult to the original, I think this is a great piece. It gives me the "triumphant return" feel.
TheRadBread (2 years ago)
Halo 4 was a good anime. But Cory In the House is still the best anime lel
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
+TheRadBread WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU HaloMaster.exe has stopped working.
REDLAND SES (3 years ago)
I think it's the best halo theme so far
Ryan Hong (3 years ago)
Original music is the best
Adeeb Abassi (3 years ago)
I love this song. The game was pretty hard.
Ryebread095 (3 years ago)
I like Halo 4, but its music is at best forgettable.  Every other Halo game, CE, 2, 3, ODST, and Reach, all had music that was fun to just listen to, and I would sometimes find myself humming the tunes after playing.  4 just isn't up to par in the music department
Sanjay Athawale (11 months ago)
Ryebread095 halo ce anniversary and 2 anniversary, Spartan assault and Spartan strike soundtracks are also awesome. Also check out halo 4 -117 and Halo 5- The Trials
:P (3 years ago)
Halo is slowly turning into an anime game
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Then the next coming game will be named Halo 7: Overwatchers! :) I hope Tanaka, Vale or bitch called Palmer to be dressed as Dva... a great suggestion.
Albert (3 years ago)
+:P nah I just can't see any girls having lead roles or anyone having abnormally huge eyes in Halo. In my opinion, rather then Halo becoming more "anime-like" I like to say that newer technology is making the graphics better with every game
:P (3 years ago)
well if you look at how halo 3 or reach is layed out compared to halo 4 you'll see that halo 4 is a bit more techy zoom zoom than before. And I expect them to take it a bit further with halo 5. even though i'm not gonna fuckin play it because I have a PS4 sadly. And by anime game I mean the GOOD kind of anime game
Khmer Boi (3 years ago)
How exactly?
Alberto Legaria (3 years ago)
awesome songs and games already played 1234 cant wait to play five
Warri0r4000 (3 years ago)
yep I agree Sajeel Chughtai
Big Smoke (3 years ago)
Every Halo is good!! Now shut up!!!
Isaiah Barness (3 months ago)
Big Smoke AGREED!
Koala Solitário (3 months ago)
yes ma dawg
Lazzor Frogz (3 months ago)
Big Smoke that’s right 👍🏻
Thicc Demolisher (5 months ago)
Big Smoke That's your opinion, sure I enjoy Halo 4 but it doesn't exactly give me the Halo vibe, neither does Halo: 5. But I still like playing them. I think Combat Evolved and Reach is the best in my opinion.
tinsilver Wolf (7 months ago)
Get into the deep lore of halo 4 you'll understand bungie would have done the same
Mil Man (3 years ago)
Is this in the OST or is it a remix? if it is in the OST, can someone tell me the song? Thanks in advance. Love this song
Tiberiu Marian (3 years ago)
This song sounds pretty good but there is one thing that bugs me. As good as it may be, I do not get that Halo feel any of the songs from the first 3 games gave me, hell, even Reach and Wars. I could listen to this track while playing Call of Duty, Crysis and Killzone, and I'd still feel the same. I guess the problem is that it's too generic.
Ozkar Hayabusaa (3 years ago)
Halo 4ever 3
Pink Demon (3 years ago)
that was the hobbet or lord of the rings
FlashHarpy 787 (3 years ago)
This game is sorta good
RosencrantzLives (3 years ago)
What the fuck is this garbage.
Jesus Morales (3 years ago)
What the FUCK is this! Halo had this supperrr cool Legendary theme that made you feel like the last hope of humanity, now...   ( i cant say more )
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
Now, they made Chief to be a recruit instead of a western armored cowboy ready to exterminate all threats to humanity. He now seems more as a UNSC marine. It is sad.
Firex (2 years ago)
+Jesus Morales Listen to The Trials from Halo 5's ost
Jesus Morales (3 years ago)
well you are right the fore runner culture was a thing that you could only saw on the books...
S. Miley L. ulz (3 years ago)
Besarse you are not longer the las hope if humanity in halo 4, Humanity has become a force of natura with great capabilities no Its not legendary but epic The forerunners are no longer a místery. New trilogy New main theme that give you the feeling of al epic faction War between humans Covenant and forerunners it is comino to an en, and this theme sus it all
Black Rock Shooter (3 years ago)
+Jesus Morales You do realize this is just a remake of To Galaxy, right?
C J (3 years ago)
wish the old halo theme was brought back (different style)
chris hill (3 years ago)
you know I kind of want to see halo and mass effect work toghter.
obwolf (3 years ago)
i liked halo 1 - 3 better but thats just me oh and reach
Nitroglycerine1000 (3 years ago)
This doesn't sound like it should be a halo theme song.  It's too...unoriginal.  Halo 123 themes stood out, as did their other soundtracks.  This isn't Halo anymore.
TyrannoWright (3 years ago)
Not the theme.
Reclaimer (3 years ago)
This has nowhere NEAR the same impact as the original Halo theme. I wonder when the new composers will find something as iconic as what Martin created.
SuperKnalxz Grey (2 years ago)
+Philippe As someone who generally disliked halo 4 up until it's change in MCC I can say the only good things from it was Crimson and it's new type of music. Gotta disagree with you pa.
Nikolai Kravchenko (2 years ago)
+RosencrantzLives We have our loved theme back in Halo 5. I liked the Halo 4 music. you would think the copyrights transfer when you sell the rights to a game.
WantaFig (2 years ago)
+Philippe Ill look them up, probably have just heard them in game without knowing their titles.
Reclaimer (2 years ago)
+WantaFig By the way if you haven't heard of the tracks I've mentioned in my comment above do look them up, their honestly fantastic for any Halo fan, and almost all are nothing like the main theme. 
WantaFig (2 years ago)
I wish I could find that one epic song in CE that comes on at of the bridges where a hard battle takes place but I havent been able to find it :S
CaMo NuKe (3 years ago)
this theme song is gay
Elmendiux (3 years ago)
Halo mjolnir  mix is better >:(
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
If 343 Industries uses no rock, then Halo is nothing! If 343 i makes chief humanly humiliated, then Halo is nothing! If 343i keeps focused on graphic details forgetting about characterization, then Halo will die!
Mighty Kitten (2 years ago)
*The best
MegaTheChieftain (3 years ago)
I prefer the old theme song. To me this theme is like a new series but Call of Duty and Crysis type.
MegaTheChieftain (3 years ago)
+Dan .B Yeah.....I get ur point
Deni (3 years ago)
Lol does cod even have a theme?
gipro1 (3 years ago)
Imo this pales in comparison to Marty's godly work, but it's still fucking awesome.
SkunkyCheezWizz (3 years ago)
The other three themes are better than this one
DabMasterAboveAll (3 years ago)
i like this song it sounds so good and halo halo 4 the game with thruster  pack instead of evade so much better. And i love thrusters the best. :D
Crumbsly (3 years ago)
Halo 5 is basically cod with shields and vehicles :(
XSniper 2000X (2 years ago)
+Beenubs farewell
Crumbsly (2 years ago)
+XSniper 2000X Well it was fun, so long!
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+Beenubs indeed
Crumbsly (3 years ago)
+XSniper 2000X But now we have nothing to talk about.
XSniper 2000X (3 years ago)
+Beenubs he look at this we are getting along
Robbie Prietzsch (3 years ago)
just finished halo 4
Lucas The Noodle Pot (3 years ago)
It's a good piece, just not halo at all!!!!
Ironically (3 years ago)
If they had kept this as the final version of To Galaxy, and used it near the opening & closing of the campaign, it would've boosted this game's scores on all it's reviews a full point. I swear. Because damn, back before this game came out, this is the video I used to get me pumped. One could imagine how disappointed I was to see that not only was the final version not as good as this, but the majority of the piece not even being used anywhere in the game. Why did they throw this away? This is the only piece in Halo 4 that is as good, if not better than what Martin O'Donnel could've produced.
AKAHimself (3 years ago)
I wish they would have done this as the main theme yes (with maybe a few more more bits added in), but I do actually like the new version. I like how it is more fast paced and has a greater sense of danger, but it's not as heavy sounding on the motif (nor do you hear it as often) which disappoints me. Using both could have worked very well.
Sir Crusade (3 years ago)
i hope that they bring back halo 1 and 2's theme song they where mid-battle like. Legendary. This one seem like it was missing something. The beef in your jerky was missing in this one.
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
Eh, it's ok, but no where near as iconic or catchy as the original. They should have just used an altered version of that.
Juan Lopes (1 year ago)
I think old Halo songs were longer than this new trilogy one that 343i is managing. I will say you how (my opinion): Halo CE has 9 iconic songs. Halo 2 has 7 iconic songs. Halo 3 has 8 iconic songs. But, Halo 4 has 5 iconic songs, and Halo 5 recently has only 4 iconic songs. All the others are simply not so iconic, just I dont love the rest. But, you can see there are more iconic songs on older Halo games than in new ones (as I said, in my opinion)
RosencrantzLives (3 years ago)
+Cherry Pauper Hell, Mjolnir mix was, IMO, the best and it was a remix of the original theme. There's no shame in keeping something people love.
Beanrballz (3 years ago)
yea it feels very cliche i like halo 4 but music is no where near as good as the first trilogy it kinda sucks that halo 4s theme could have been another remix of halo 1's theme like bungie did with 2 and 3
Cherry Pauper (3 years ago)
+Rom Fried I've heard the main one, as well, and I still feel the same way.
Sajeel Chughtai (1 year ago)
To me Halo 4 is an incredible game, a new saga born and has taken me away.  What a beauty of a game, 343 did an incredible job cant wait for 5!
Arijr04 _ (1 year ago)
Jay's Stop motion and more! I know right.
Sajeel Chughtai (1 year ago)
Halo 4 was amazing yet halo 5 was a huge flop.to me. Shit story. Shit characters. Awful armour (looks like plastic as it's too shiny) and pretty crappy music. Multiplayer was ok to me
halo 5's story was terrible.
Thanos (1 year ago)
Skilled warrior Panda sorry pal halo 5 here and it's disappointing
Aidan Hessing (1 year ago)
Don't delay. pay today
Leandro Baten (3 years ago)
343 idershtrets suck!
The Cold Tomato (2 years ago)
+Leandro Baten k
Sonic and Shadow (3 years ago)
best theme ever
Donald Trump (3 years ago)
0:01 The spartans are seeking for the aliens in the forest... as well as they see a phantom roaring ahead dropping grunts and elites from its side 0:34 the spartans run up ahead one grabbing an elites throat and shooting its head with a shot-gun also them planting bombs and throwing cluster-grenades 1:03 trees burning...bombs going off seeing corps going everywhere 1:13 trees falling down rockets going everywhere making the aliens last call for help.1:20 the phantoms arrive they raise their body above the spartans and destroy their base the chief fired his spartan laser at one phantom to his left and making all their passengers die 1:33 the other phantom roars as it flies away fast as it can but chief shoots a rocket at the mastering phantom and falls on his/her previous passengers with a THUD and the spartans base falls on top on most of the spartans and they run up to the aliens and give them a couple of shells in their disgusting skulls 2:19 the final phantoms arrive and blast the rest of the spartans into smithereens...2:32 but master chief and his friend are hiding against the wrecked base"their dead!" cried the commander. "Spartans never die! there just missing in action" the chief replied back 2:50 they bolt outside throwing grenades everywhere as the commander takes his own method... he camps behind a tree camping for grunts... 2:57a brute walks in front of him stabs him in the chest while there is a phantom landing in the distance master chief shoots a rocket aiming for the phantom and it explodes killing all the aliens!!  Thank You All For Listening!  Regards The Ultimate Goosebumps Fan!
Seanin Hall (3 years ago)
Really good, not the best, but let's not talk about that, this is still epic and still Halo!!
Donald Trump (3 years ago)
Halo:Reach : Those Aliens Started The Fight For Our Planet.  Halo 1 :We Have Fought For Our Planet And Out-Smarted The Aliens. Halo 2 :They Have Brought Their Supplies And We Will Fight For Our Lives. Halo 3 :It Has Become The Final Battle Of The War We Have Chosen. Halo 4 :They Are Too Powerful To Defeat So We Build Up All Our Spartans.  Halo 5 :The Battle Continues... 

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