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Crash Bandicoot 2 N.Sane Trilogy Remaster PS4 vs PS1 Graphics Comparison

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In this Video, we take a Graphics Comparison of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy on PS4 vs Original Crash Bandicoot 2 on PS1. It is First Level Hang Eight Playthrough. Hope you like it Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UltimatE-GamerZzz-293172180798127/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/abdurr9871
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Text Comments (308)
tj2gaming (7 months ago)
They made everything look so much better in the final version! 😁
Lil Slayer 21 (9 months ago)
What's the difference 0:59
Isaac Tuohey (10 months ago)
the ps4 version looks very dull compared to the ps1
4SChris (1 year ago)
Not that ugly this game on PS1 !
Horzeeya (1 year ago)
The boxes look better in the old one but crash looks better In the new one m I the only one who thinks that?
Gangue Dos 3 Unidos (1 year ago)
Camila Belloni (1 year ago)
Win ps1
lIghter (1 year ago)
The finished product makes the version used here look kinda ass.
Reddevil4gud (1 year ago)
looks beautiful. hyped for the release.....only 1 more week 🙌🙌 hopefully if sales are good they'll remaster the other games as well.
Hgg Fhh (1 year ago)
think how cool the ff7 remake comparisons will be. ..... in 2025
chainsawcraig (1 year ago)
The music rules
luvgzus4ever (1 year ago)
This game got the lucas treatment, improved graphics, lighting and effects, reduced color, cartoon influence and nostalgic charm. It's like when 3D graphics started becoming mainstream and Mario went from Mario world to Mario 64, the jump to 3D looked great, but that was because it was coming from simple graphics, but Donkey Kong in 3D seemed like a step down because the original games already looked great, same with that 3D Metal Slug, To me the game always felt like a cartoon so a remake should have been more colorful, more cartoony and maybe some cell shading wouldn't have hurt
Daniel Grimes (1 year ago)
they need to use More Dark Colors
I am the only one that prefers the original soundtracks and sound effects ?
Who Is Louise Records (1 year ago)
What is happening with the camera at 1:29 & 1:59 in the N.Sane version when it goes through the fall/tunnel?
Black Ursus József (1 year ago)
Despite the old resolution, the old Crash game holds up pretty well. Naughty Dog is indeed making the best looking PS exclusives since the beginning. The first Crash was one of the best looking games of the PS1.
Rudeus Greyrat (1 year ago)
The atmosphere isn't the same it looks much cleaner but graphic details are missing. If they took this remaster seriously it would have been a blast but now it's just "good". Also I have a problem with the HUD too. I don't know but this remaster seems unprofessional. It looks like it has been done by a team of indie developers.
dechaphet (1 year ago)
the ruins need more cracks and dirt
Simpsonphile (1 year ago)
ps1 have better colors
modms11 (1 year ago)
It's like when you have a crystal.. and you tried to polish and smooth it so much it lost all edges ,shape and color. Thats what is this game for me. Sorry but I still prefer the old colors and soundtracks.
R. T. (1 year ago)
Excited but the colors are dull, the new spawn animation sucks compared to the old one, and the old character model is more expressive/better looking
Oscar Zamboni (1 year ago)
New movement animations deprive of "insanity" the character. Camera and lighting don't transmit the DANGER instead. Uncharted 2 transmits that crash feeling, not this. The N in Naughty Dog stands for NONONONONONONONONON
Bryrida (1 year ago)
New tile texture bugs me, it looks plastic now instead of weathered stone. And water needs to be murkier.
zadose (1 year ago)
In the beginning they gotta fix Crash's teeth too and make him more pointy. Not too round.
QuiteStrangeIndeed (1 year ago)
Looks great but the only thing that needs improved is the color. I love how the colors stand out in the original so I hope that can be tweaked a bit. If not, it still looks great
Murillo Moraes (1 year ago)
Jesús Pineda (1 year ago)
Los colores de ps1 son mejores
RICKEYDD (1 year ago)
you see this is what happens when you do a comparison there's NOTHING like the ORIGINAL... im not hating on the games comeback but i just can't play the new one..
RICKEYDD (1 year ago)
ps1 looks way better
RICKEYDD (1 year ago)
ps1 kilked that shtt...
CX (1 year ago)
Well they didn't took the original code, but they surely rewrote it.
lollol695 (1 year ago)
I'm so glad they didn't made remastered soundtrack, original FTW
MiddleClasshole345 (1 year ago)
The new one has bad colors and a creepy "feel", like it's artificial. The new one also has slower mines, which makes me worried it's easier. The new one is also MISSING things from the old one, like Crash being "reconstructed" as he warps in, or the dying effect when drowning. The old one still looks really good to this day, so the new one can't have these problems on release. Frankly I hope they fix it, but of all the games to remaster, Crash is not one that needed it, and they need to really impress to get me to buy it instead of just playing the old ones. We'll see...
MiddleClasshole345 (1 year ago)
1:43 You can also see that the old one has better lighting in the corridor. Perhaps the lighting contributes to the creepy artificial feel of the new one, but for an on-rails game like this, I should think that it would make the most sense, and look the best, to have preset lighting rather than real-time lighting. You can manually set the shadowy look of the corridor and it will almost certainly look better than a real-time automated lighting.
Ghfjaufb Fhwhy (1 year ago)
old better with sound effects too new effects suck
Jorge Caler (1 year ago)
Remastered ??? It's a fucking remake
Trสpper (1 year ago)
Jorge C. ....
ECDT1089 (1 year ago)
Good god these comments are pathetic. Just a bunch of whiny, nitpicking, blind nostalgia "fans". Time to give Karma Ext some new material!
ECDT1089 (1 year ago)
+RavenOner Does the truth hurt? You're one of those whiny blind nostalgia fans too? Okay...
RavenOner (1 year ago)
and you are...? some one who cant except other opinions? ok
Peter Johnson (1 year ago)
Crash games havent aged so much graphically!
zadose (1 year ago)
In the beginning they need to fix that. In the ps1 version it was fast paced when it came to those glowing hoops and Crash was LITERALLY being warped into the level looking like he was transported piece by piece like a stack of pancakes. lol.
Sketchy (1 year ago)
I guess it's really not that bad. I actually like a large percentage of it. I still prefer some elements of the original such as the color choices and the motorboard noises, but that's a very small list, isn't it?.
DarknoorX (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who prefers old Crash? I admit what they did is cool but I guess I expected better.
Andy Frost (1 year ago)
didn't look bad in the old days. Or does the new one not look that good?
ProPlay 3556 (1 year ago)
It's already been confirmed when it's going to get released, in the graphics on the PS4 they're not fully done yet that's all they just released the clip how it's gonna look like because they're still working on it in, the PS1 I like the graphics because it has more detail when the PS4 one like I said they're still working on it
SNJ (1 year ago)
The coloring on PS1 is way better.
Gaming With Alan (1 year ago)
CypheTV Again, it's in development. Remember how the colors changed in N. Sanity Beach? They're gonna fix it, just give them time.
Chris Woods (1 year ago)
Gaming With Alan We can't just sit idly by as Sony releases the Crash trilogy with boring colors and subpar lighting on Crash
SNJ (1 year ago)
+Gaming With Alan Lollll. We're still gonna buy the game. We can be critical!
Gaming With Alan (1 year ago)
ジュリアン You probably haven't even tried. Plus, the game is still in development, so be patient and stop complaining for a change!
Luxanji (1 year ago)
@Gaming With Alan If he turns up the freaking contrast, the coloring on PS1 will still look better
Data4664 (1 year ago)
Plzz answer this: Is Crash N.Sane Trilogy more easy?
LittleBigPlanet 2 (1 year ago)
@2:00 LOL! PS4 Crash barely touches the water, yet he drowns with oxygen! XD
OneMoreStory (1 year ago)
PS1 Version is better . Also This project seems copy/paste stuff
pureOwarrior (1 year ago)
Make new levels please and make CTR online!!
JORELLE Miletus (1 year ago)
both graphics sucks oh wait im on 120 p
chevalier (1 year ago)
Game looks alright BUT: 1. The newer Crash looks a bit expressionless compared to the old one. 2. The old one looks like it had way more precise controls. I remember playing the old one, you could get Crash EXACTLY to where you wanted, the newer one looks a bit more loose? Not sure if I phrased it correctly, it just doesn't look as tight (the movement).
fr3aky0u (1 year ago)
chevalier like he's gonna take another half step after u stop pressing buttons. almost like to finish the animation of him stopping kinda. i see that.
DMAN 62102 (1 year ago)
*Nitpickers in a nutshell* Hmmmmm...the graphics are on point, the animations are swell, the SFX are good, the gameplay looks promising....uuuuummm... "TEH COLURS AM WRONG!!!!"
Ryder Nibba (1 year ago)
I dont like the Entering of the level in PS4 version ._. Take a look and compare it to PS1: 0:00
Ryder Nibba (1 year ago)
Hillary Naranjo ??
Hillary Naranjo (1 year ago)
Crashin' Games we
xris905 (1 year ago)
Was never a fan of Crash, but I did own one of the games and I must say watching the game being played with its old graphics made me feel nostalgic.
Pachel ` (1 year ago)
se ve muy bien el remake (aunque no tenga ps4 y si, el ps1), no me gustaron algunas cositas como la manera en que corre y que le hicieron mas grande la boca o esa es mi impresion, pero son solo pequeños detalles que a mí, esos pequeños detalles son los que hacen la diferencia, aunque para algunos se vea bien.
Matthew Wylie (1 year ago)
I think they did as good a job as you could on remaking this game but there's just something about the magic of the ps1 version. Graphics were insane for that time and still feels perfect. With all that aside I'm hype to see how this turns out in June. Guess the engines are far too advanced now for games like ps1 Crash but the creativity is unrivaled from back in the original videogame days from the 80s through the mid 2000s.
NomNomerz (1 year ago)
Oh. I was expecting a remake, not a clone. Even the obstacles are exactly the same.
Toasty (1 year ago)
Lol, i seen a youtubers impressions of recent hands on gameplay, and one of his issues was the camera was 'too close to crash and low', just looking at this comparison, i really don't know what that guy was smoking, looks completely fine. Looks almost like a nice improvement, from what i'm seeing.
Suzy94 (1 year ago)
Love this game and I love its being remastered. But what the fuck is wrong with contrast and saturation in newgen games??
Delsin Rowe (1 year ago)
why do I enjoy the old graphics way more? Even though it's lower res it just seems more entertaining that the new one
Paulus Quagmire (1 year ago)
I dont see difference
SuperSaiyan3985 (1 year ago)
I freaking love this, it looks so crisp 👌🏼
Tema Baker (1 year ago)
is this game single player?
Ultimate Gamerz (1 year ago)
OwnageGaming (1 year ago)
my mind is blown by how fare we came from the 90s-2017 graphics wise. wow
yosof ahmad (1 year ago)
This video proofs that the content of a game is more important of its graphics. I would love to the remastered version. However, I could still enjoy the game even in an outdated graphics version.
Sasuke Hokage (1 year ago)
No se porque demonios siento que usaron mejor contraste en el PS1, siento un poco de desepcion en este nivel, espero que no arruinen el crash bandicoot 3 ( y los demas niveles del 2)
PS3POWERFTW (1 year ago)
I want to like it... But it seems soulless and childish?
Il Profeta (1 year ago)
hmm just a question...how is supposed to be funnier as the o riginal one? i mean...is just the same game whith improved graphic.
catherine (1 year ago)
le décor change un peut mais pour le jeu ça reste le meme pas bcp de changement c'est dommage 🤦
Daniel Cobos (1 year ago)
ojala tambien salga crash team racing :')
VEZTEX0102 GAMING (1 year ago)
what I like most is that they kept everything the same except the graphics but it look amazing it's cool that the new generation get to play games we grew up play
DarksaintCJ (1 year ago)
What if they kept the hidden Spyro The Dragon demo in warped confirming his return haha. Now Im rubbing Salt in the wound
DarksaintCJ (1 year ago)
I hope they re work the racing levels in warped, they can be a lot better
TTB Gaming (1 year ago)
I still have the original version, does anyone have it?
TTB Gaming (1 year ago)
Loler lolerloler (1 year ago)
TTB Gaming me 2
Cool Gamer (1 year ago)
TTB Gaming ME!!!! 👍😎
Mayks Spark (1 year ago)
For some reason i'm a nostalfag who prefer old one instead an unfinished remastered.
Loramurax (1 year ago)
In the Oldenburg One When u Ar in a Cave or somethimg it was a Bit darker I Kinda like that When you can't See all In the Part all is Bright.
mickeynotmouse (1 year ago)
ps1 is better in literally every way except for how like the edges of the polygons look blocky. But everything else, the designs, the colors, the animation, the timing... The original was a fucking masterpiece. They should have just updated the graphics without actually changing the design. Maybe that would have worked
David Gomez (1 year ago)
playstation y nintendo jajaja
RappingBeanieDog (1 year ago)
personally, I'm just happy Crash is back. IF they were to fix anything, I'd say make the colors more..saturated. At the moment, they feel a bit too light and don't pop out as much.
Ramiro Panfilo (1 year ago)
i like the original ps1 look better because crash is a very cartoony character and in the ps4 hes more clean and polished for example 90s spongebob compared to modern day spongebob
David Aguilar (1 year ago)
Totally unnecessary remake that is only conceived to make money.
TheAlexGamer2001 (1 year ago)
Ignorance has no limits now...
Definitive Dubs (1 year ago)
The last time they did that we got Wrath Of Cortex. Without the original designers, it's fucked.
NomNomerz (1 year ago)
Exactly. While a new crash game would be nice, does it honestly need to be a remake? Can't they do the same formula as the first three games except actually do a new game?
bradderzpartridge (1 year ago)
David Aguilar This comment needs more likes
orangreeffect (1 year ago)
original is still better
Booco (1 year ago)
ps1 crash looks good AF still <3
Silver_Arrow (1 year ago)
Lol I guess this is the part of the decade where everything gets remastered or remade. Films included. They need to leave the classics alone. Truthfully I would have just been happy with a 1080p port. Doesn't feel authentic enough for me
FlaringRose (1 year ago)
Silver_Arrow personally this complete remaster makes me wanna buy a ps4 for this alone, i kinda like it all being updated and fixed up to make it a bit more fun
Andrew (1 year ago)
people are seriously complaining about the color of the boxes and shit? Just be happy we get our Crash back!
tj2gaming (7 months ago)
Andrew Hooven well I mean...They fixed everything now so lmao
NomNomerz (1 year ago)
Taz (1 year ago)
NomNomerz don't buy the game then
NomNomerz (1 year ago)
What do you mean "get out crash back"? This game feels like it's just a quick cash-grab. It is bringing nothing new. They are the exact same levels, exact same obstacles, and all that with better graphics. Just better graphics. I would much rather a brand new Crash game than a better looking version of something I can already play no problem.
Andysyc (1 year ago)
NeoDark93 has a point. some animations seem real off or arent as fun as the original. and thats jush one part of it. but as long as i plays like the original and can live up to the name, then everything's cool i guess.
Zigzabor (1 year ago)
I think the graphics of the PS1 version look more consistent and appealing than the remaster. The saturation and contrast is much higher, making the world pop out of the screen - the darks are darker, and the colours are richer - while the remaster has a soft filter over everything. Also, is it just me, or do the boxes look plain and out of place into the environment in the remaster, while in the original they match the style of the graphics mentioned above?
Mohammed Muhi Uddin (1 year ago)
ps1 version looks so much better and crash character in ps1 looks bettee than the ps4 one
WH250398 (1 year ago)
They should put those waves on the sides of the water back in. The water looks stale without them
Kakarot (1 year ago)
Crash bandicoot never ages i mean it's been 20+ years and the PS1 version looks and plays so well, i'll still get the PS4 version of course but there's just something special about the PS1 version which cannot be remade ever.
Trสpper (1 year ago)
+Kakarot for me it's the opposite. In music, remastered means the mix was redone with newer technology, thus improving the quality of the sound. Remake to me seems like it's been recreated like the original game, but with features added and/or changed.
Trสpper (1 year ago)
But there's more
Kakarot (1 year ago)
This is a remake not a remaster, do you know what they both mean?
Trสpper (1 year ago)
Kakarot remastered not remake-_-
Kakarot (1 year ago)
Ooh yeah i forgot about the cheats in the originals, hopefully they add them on this too, maybe some new cheats relating to the old games and Spyro too, lets dream haha.
Jordan Dolosais (1 year ago)
the right one is the noneps4 version
PerditionedPossum (1 year ago)
I wanna know if you can still slightly glitch the jump, when you slide then spin and jump at the right time and get a higher jump than normal. Who knows but it'd be great if it still was in the 2 and 3
The FBI (1 year ago)
PerditionedPossum I don't think so. They may have patch every glitch that were in the original Crash games. If not then they may have an update fixing the glitch but I could be wrong
faat (1 year ago)
Ps1 seems to have more character
BluePhantomPro (1 year ago)
Piterixos I know right
Piterixos (1 year ago)
Wut??? xDDD Who do you try to deceive? xD
elin111 (1 year ago)
I just noticed now the remake has the camera at a slightly diferent angle and it lets you see further ahead. Good.
Trสpper (1 year ago)
elin111 remastered not remake-_-
The FBI (1 year ago)
elin111 I noticed that too and i like it
Mimighster (1 year ago)
The graphics are obviously much better but I feel like the colors/lighting aren't quite right. Why are the boxes a pale brown instead of orange/brown for one example. Maybe it will change in the final release though...
Mimighster (1 year ago)
Whimsical Penguin Well they've changed it to at least look closer to the original now and it looks much better.
Fernando Raspante (1 year ago)
And they did 😂
No (1 year ago)
With all the extra detail they've added and the adjustments to the lighting, they couldn't have kept the same colors for everything. They color of the boxes needed to match the lighting and the color of its surrounding. The boxes would look weird with their original color
Logan Howe (1 year ago)
I actually find the lighting to be highly improved and I really like the additional detail shaders bring. I'm a bit iffy on the color, but I wonder if this could be solved by changing the display settings on a tv.
Churros (1 year ago)
ROTMGmimighster to me the remaster looks foggy
Nikita 95 (1 year ago)
старенькый крэш лудше
FutureCoco 2021 (1 year ago)
I would have preferred to do Crash Landed instead of N.sane trilogy.
Esteban Menchaca (1 year ago)
Funny how the PsOne Crash games have more detail in 240p than the remaster in 1080p lol
Jay Lorelei (1 year ago)
Underrated comment^
DVJFan (1 year ago)
Esteban Menchaca Retard
Typhoon792 (1 year ago)
+Esteban Menchaca Who mentioned anything about gameplay?
Esteban Menchaca (1 year ago)
Graphics have liitle to do with gameplay, gameplay looks really good
Typhoon792 (1 year ago)
+The Gray Kirby I hope that's true, because it would have needed much improvement from this point not to feel as lifeless as it does.
MrKuukeli (1 year ago)
Is this the best graphics for the PS4 can bring these years? Lame indeed. That's why I want to invest in a computer for gaming and graphics to bring the best supply
MrKuukeli (1 year ago)
Question Mark yes, im stupid idiot and grazy at the sametime! what else you can bring with your lovely behave?
Question Mark (1 year ago)
MrKuukeli i am sorry, i am pc user myself, but you literally had no idea about graphics and your comment make yourself look stupid, i mean what do you expect, a realistic graphics on cartoon style game? idiot
Mussari (1 year ago)
MrKuukeli this game is coming to pc
MrKuukeli (1 year ago)
nickwhiterhino Yeah not bad at all.. When i was lookin this video, I was thinking about Doom 4 and this.. If i want to play this game i should play it playstation 1
nickwhiterhino (1 year ago)
MrKuukeli I think it's meant to still look cartoony, but look at uncharted 4
crashpal (1 year ago)
it's times like i wished Activision would give it up fully to Sony.
SomeguycalledSmithy (1 year ago)
crashpal the game would be exactly the same either way though
Lucho Farinhas (1 year ago)
Definitivamente, ese juego estaba adelantado 10 años como minimo a su epoca... Mi juego favorito de infancia....
Роман JKL (1 year ago)
лучше пойду возьму уникальный диск и поиграю чем буду резаться в это
Nokell Ru (1 year ago)
Роман JKL на чем ты поиграешь в креша?
Errol246 (1 year ago)
Something is off about the way Crash looks when he warps in to the level. Why does he open his mouth so much? And there are no special effects. Everything else looks pretty great though, except for when he enters the warp room at the end which just looks like he goes through a dust cloud.
Sateda (1 year ago)
"Something is off about Crash" Besides the fact that he looks stoned? Do tell :D Stoned Crash Bandicoot
Joshua Coy (1 year ago)
Like Ty was saying, the animation could either be unfinished, or maybe they were trying to go for a more distorted look like most warping animations are, kinda how you see somebody look like they're almost "stretched" in a way if that makes sense.
T&D Productions (1 year ago)
Errol246 I think it's mainly because the game isn't finished yet- I'm sure that when it releases in June that the Warping animation will be fixed and look closer to how it looks in Crash 2

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