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Minecraft Hololens demo at E3 2015 (amazing!)

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Jump to the 2:25 mark. It's really awesome. Minecraft is a game we’ve seen countless times before. And yet! The virtual reality demo showcased by Microsoft today makes the game almost seem brand new. It's amazing. We do live in the future. Read more: http://kotaku.com/microsofts-holographic-minecraft-demo-is-stunning-1711435689
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José Manuel Alavez (6 days ago)
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WeeWeeJumbo (11 days ago)
Isn’t it bad to tell lies so you can steal your competitor’s thunder? Does it matter if you make empty promises again and again, or does MS get infinite passes for their fraud?
Lodomir (6 days ago)
Well actually holo Lens is still in the dev phase and is proven to work
Henry The Pro (12 days ago)
Henry The Pro (13 days ago)
IM GONNA MAKE A GAME CALLED RICHCRAFT But... Let Me Tell You About It If Your Punching A Dead Bush It WILL Shoot John Cena Heads If You Have 1.3 Billion Dollars You Will Spawn Harmony Of The Seas If You Have 900 Million Dollars You Will Spawn Queen Mary 2 If You Have 1000 Billion Dollars You Will Spawn The Ultimate Redstone House If You Have 7.5 Million Dollars You Will Spawn Titanic If You Have 7 Million Dollars You Will Spawn Queen Mary If You Have 5 Million Dollars You Will Spawn Britannic All Furniture For 1 Dollar Blocks And Items Realistic No Mobs Allowed Mansion For 2 Dollars And Finally..... Traps For 3 Dollars
DjSquirrel33 (14 days ago)
Totally scripted at 0:09
Nick Chambernator (15 days ago)
Is this feature around yet?
Jacob Persico (17 days ago)
Hope they fix the poor FOV (HoloLens Minecraft Demo was Misleading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCeguKin1iM)
Alexander Anderson (20 days ago)
I think I have fallen in love with the future.
Shlan Games (22 days ago)
Moyang, or Mojang...
Not a leopard (1 month ago)
Too bad the minecraft is flooded with people who dont know what they are doing
NeXonical. (1 month ago)
*oh god jarvis!!* *jarvissss help us*
George Reider (1 month ago)
Could you imagine playing pen and paper games like AD&D or MechWarrior with this stuff?? damn i was born like 40years to soon!!! =(
Jay Khan (1 month ago)
I am an emotional mess right now. This literally made me cry.
Sarang Rawat (1 month ago)
Back In the good old days we used to play it on PC.
Nightcore Fusion (2 months ago)
From watching this the only thing that I have learned is that building in minecraft will be a lot easier in VR. However, it's 2018 and this isn't a thing.
Moral (2 months ago)
why is it so fakkeee
James Boyce (29 days ago)
because Microsoft fucking sucks dick my friend and never truly innovate
Brian Medina (2 months ago)
Hahahaha and it all was BS
James 1137 (2 months ago)
did this thing even still a thing or dead?
SunnySzeto (1 month ago)
still a thing more and more company is using, and the next gen. is coming.
Master Mati (2 months ago)
Please guys. Hololens is shit! Literally shit. Two main reasons are: 1. 13 degree of FoV. Try to play any games with that and share your experience! 2. Hololens only ADDS light on its screen! If you see some dark places on any Hololens demo, you can be 100% sure it's scam.
nguyenhoang long (2 months ago)
this real ? BLACK MAGIC ?
James Boyce (2 months ago)
AAAnd it never got released...
Phantom_Pain450 120 (2 months ago)
Can't wait to play the Last of us with this oh wait...
Jakub Komorowski-Marcjan (2 months ago)
Steel Xcaliber (2 months ago)
"Look at all this amazing technology!" And then they did fuck all with it. Well done guys.
L3R (3 months ago)
Wait so can people without the holo lens see that stuff
Alexander Anderson (20 days ago)
Tenderonies (3 months ago)
cringey but awesome
MrExtreme (3 months ago)
What's the render distance
Kevin Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Has this come out yet?
Kemily Play (3 months ago)
super beijo
Jason Grim (3 months ago)
can't wait for the Black Mirror episode based on this
Inocular Gaming (3 months ago)
I want that now!
King scoville xx (3 months ago)
His full name is ball sacks
SaltShaker54 (3 months ago)
I cough need to cough buy this now
Michael (4 months ago)
If only people would get this excited about Trump de Jewing America...or Europe being overrun with Islamic savages. By the way Minecraft is lame.
ahmad yusof (4 months ago)
Now we can play real Sword Art Online😅
So where is this for three years? Pipe dream from microtransgendersoft.....don't hold your breath xboxy fans maybe by 2021 you'll have a beta released with a 500$ hardware upgrade..sony will see God of war2 before you get to play with this...
Homo Sapian (24 days ago)
and here comes the sony pony
J Bush (4 months ago)
I hate that woman
Its Ender (4 months ago)
Now it just needs it to be that if you punch it blows stuff up
Lionel Walker (4 months ago)
It’s not magic it’s technology
Alexander Little (4 months ago)
Remember when THIS!!! was what AR was supposed to be like!? still waiting 3 years later. Even the "Mixed reality" hasnt got AR or at the very least, this level.
Jerod Brown (4 months ago)
SpaghettiSpirits (4 months ago)
The future of Minecraft -porn-
Brydant (4 months ago)
what happened to this and now minecraft is dead R I P
Tywild 327 (4 months ago)
I fucking hate mincraft but this is cool wow that's sick is it compatible with other games or just minecraft
Kodokush (4 months ago)
Can't wait for Virtual Reality FNAF.
The_Damienator (2 months ago)
Casspir I’d probably start screaming and give my mom a heart attack if I ever got jumpscared
WAR10RDUNLEASHED (5 months ago)
Her voice is annoying, and he looks like a spirit yoga coach dude lol
Sir Buljo (5 months ago)
An admins wet dream.
Firestarter (5 months ago)
So Microsoft.... Where the hell is this tech? It's 2018, soon to be 2019, and nothing to show for it....
RomBomb (4 months ago)
check their website people have even made vids reviewing it
RomBomb (4 months ago)
its already out
kyra benally (5 months ago)
the future
Speedbun (5 months ago)
I need it. I will not die before I get this.
Dimension Awesome (5 months ago)
Question for you
Tarcisio Mello De Paula (5 months ago)
Dentro d pouco tempo pode acessar o auge das vendas este produto
Rahmat Ideris (5 months ago)
That real
Olivia Sjödin (5 months ago)
I summon... WINGED DRAGON OF RA!!!
SendLewds (5 months ago)
only for the low low price of your life savings
jacob fischler (5 months ago)
i can imagine being in my room and my dad tells me i need to get dinner and he sees me just moving my hand around weirdly.
Dungeon Troll (5 months ago)
Wait she says moyang not mojang
MGOWNER1 (5 months ago)
Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh HoloLens
Korblox Crew (5 months ago)
CommunistBread (5 months ago)
I’ve used one at ISEF 2017 and it was amazing theirs this one game where it maps the room your in and little robots break through the walls and you have to dodge lasers and shoot back at them.
Numerous Normal (6 months ago)
This is great for cinematic views of your worlds
IgnitedZucc 25 (6 months ago)
Dolan dark is going to fucking love this
Jacob (6 months ago)
With the hololense you basically turn into god (in minecraft)
GamingGrub11 247 (6 months ago)
Lol Minecraft Chick
Brayden k. Dragon (6 months ago)
Did it ever come to flourish?
MISTER へいぬ (6 months ago)
Pure varporware
Wildy (6 months ago)
i will sell my soul where do i buy it
Kool-Aid-Jamma (6 months ago)
Never talked about it since
Gamesforus (4 months ago)
The Hololems is still in development.
Seb Sports (5 months ago)
Awesome Aaron did it ever release?
Kool-Aid-Jamma (6 months ago)
Btw this is why I quit on Minecraft
Aryan Shrivastava (6 months ago)
So many years playing this game and I never knew the company name was pronounced "Mo-yang"
it’s puppetry (6 months ago)
What is this witch craft
KarstDeViz (6 months ago)
Why is she screaming so hard?
COBY RICE (6 months ago)
Are they going to do something similar with mine craft but in VR?
Luke Gutman (6 months ago)
COBY RICE gear vr
Icarus Kirota (6 months ago)
Next, on black mirror...
Emperor Fredbear (6 months ago)
Chicken Fingers (6 months ago)
Minecraft sucks ass in my opinion.
Alice Bradshaw (7 months ago)
Imagine it. You can actually play god on your own minecraft server. Just the thought is crazy! If and when this is available to nearly everyone, just imagine the extreme freedom and authority over worlds this can bring. You will literally be a god in your own world.
Christopher Franko (7 months ago)
this just gave me an insane idea....
너구리 (7 months ago)
이런걸 판매했으면 댈것아니냐..1.5.2 왜건들여,, 진짜.. 상위버전으로 갈게아니라 마크를 접을거같지않니..?
Apollo Fox (7 months ago)
If I had that I could be the BEST ADMIN EVER!!!
ƬψƬΩiiXinnex (7 months ago)
Hey guys. Let me ask you a question. Do you think, the new decade will be holograms?
hi hi (7 months ago)
How does the audience see it without the hololens
CatMaker (7 months ago)
If only it wasn’t 6000$
Ty Talks Tech (7 months ago)
Brendon vlogs22 (7 months ago)
the ghost gamer 2017 (7 months ago)
The world on the table option is very futuristic
Thamtastic (7 months ago)
"imagine seeing your own worlds like this..." for 1 grand
Alexander Anderson (20 days ago)
Really? This only cost a grand? Hell yeah, where do I buy?
dothemathright 1111 (7 months ago)
That's not what is displayed to the Hololens user. This is massively processed as a VR, not AR.
So I can become Zeus and shoot people with lighting
Stars227 (7 months ago)
Mason Leitch (7 months ago)
This put a literally spin of “spectator mode”
Cohen Carter (7 months ago)
Why do you have to scream girl
Peace Out (8 months ago)
Why do they say "Moyang" instend of Mojang
AJ (8 months ago)
2 and a half years later and still nothing. I call vaporware!
Jexll Wuff (8 months ago)
Jexll Wuff (8 months ago)
some of the things in there were a llie. if for example you tried to look on the inside the objects would unload.
Bad Youtuber (8 months ago)
This sum gay shit
Pablo Castrillo (8 months ago)
Super Bobr (8 months ago)
И где это? Не вижу в продаже!
We are now 2018

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