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Minecraft Hololens demo at E3 2015 (amazing!)

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Jump to the 2:25 mark. It's really awesome. Minecraft is a game we’ve seen countless times before. And yet! The virtual reality demo showcased by Microsoft today makes the game almost seem brand new. It's amazing. We do live in the future. Read more: http://kotaku.com/microsofts-holographic-minecraft-demo-is-stunning-1711435689
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jacob fischler (1 day ago)
i can imagine being in my room and my dad tells me i need to get dinner and he sees me just moving my hand around weirdly.
Dungeon Troll (1 day ago)
Wait she says moyang not mojang
MGOWNER1 (4 days ago)
Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh HoloLens
LEGOPRO 9864 (6 days ago)
MasterChief 4750 (7 days ago)
I’ve used one at ISEF 2017 and it was amazing theirs this one game where it maps the room your in and little robots break through the walls and you have to dodge lasers and shoot back at them.
Numerous Normal (7 days ago)
This is great for cinematic views of your worlds
IgnitedZucc 25 (7 days ago)
Dolan dark is going to fucking love this
Jacob (9 days ago)
With the hololense you basically turn into god (in minecraft)
GamingGrub 09 (10 days ago)
Lol Minecraft Chick
Brayden k. Dragon (12 days ago)
Did it ever come to flourish?
Hein (13 days ago)
Pure varporware
Wildy (14 days ago)
i will sell my soul where do i buy it
Awesome Aaron (22 days ago)
Never talked about it since
Seb Sports (6 hours ago)
Awesome Aaron did it ever release?
Awesome Aaron (13 days ago)
Btw this is why I quit on Minecraft
Aryan Shrivastava (25 days ago)
So many years playing this game and I never knew the company name was pronounced "Mo-yang"
GLWI TV (25 days ago)
What is this witch craft
KarstDeViz (26 days ago)
Why is she screaming so hard?
COBY RICE (26 days ago)
Are they going to do something similar with mine craft but in VR?
Luke Gutman (23 days ago)
COBY RICE gear vr
Da Musikal Wae (1 month ago)
Next, on black mirror...
Emperor Fredbear (1 month ago)
Chicken Fingers (1 month ago)
Minecraft sucks ass in my opinion.
Alice Bradshaw (1 month ago)
Imagine it. You can actually play god on your own minecraft server. Just the thought is crazy! If and when this is available to nearly everyone, just imagine the extreme freedom and authority over worlds this can bring. You will literally be a god in your own world.
Christopher Franko (1 month ago)
this just gave me an insane idea....
노숙너구리 (1 month ago)
이런걸 판매했으면 댈것아니냐..1.5.2 왜건들여,, 진짜.. 상위버전으로 갈게아니라 마크를 접을거같지않니..?
Apollo Fox (1 month ago)
If I had that I could be the BEST ADMIN EVER!!!
ƬψƬΩiiXinnex (1 month ago)
Hey guys. Let me ask you a question. Do you think, the new decade will be holograms?
hi hi (1 month ago)
How does the audience see it without the hololens
CatMaker (2 months ago)
If only it wasn’t 6000$
Ty Talks Tech (2 months ago)
lexi vlogs (2 months ago)
the ghost gamer 2017 (2 months ago)
The world on the table option is very futuristic
Tan Rew (2 months ago)
"imagine seeing your own worlds like this..." for 1 grand
dothemathright 1111 (2 months ago)
That's not what is displayed to the Hololens user. This is massively processed as a VR, not AR.
So I can become Zeus and shoot people with lighting
Stars227 (2 months ago)
Mason Leitch (2 months ago)
This put a literally spin of “spectator mode”
Cohen Carter (2 months ago)
Why do you have to scream girl
Peace Out (2 months ago)
Why do they say "Moyang" instend of Mojang
AJ (2 months ago)
2 and a half years later and still nothing. I call vaporware!
Jexll Wuff (2 months ago)
Jexll Wuff (2 months ago)
some of the things in there were a llie. if for example you tried to look on the inside the objects would unload.
Bad Youtuber (2 months ago)
This sum gay shit
Pablo Castrillo (2 months ago)
Super Bobr (2 months ago)
И где это? Не вижу в продаже!
We are now 2018
GiantPenguin Seven (2 months ago)
Sans (2 months ago)
Minecraft Is DA BEST!!!
madu Batista (2 months ago)
Gravy Gamer (2 months ago)
Juan Carlos Monroy (2 months ago)
"Minecraft chick"
Juan Carlos Monroy (2 months ago)
Minecraft: God Edition
Amine Aboutalib (2 months ago)
now can someone make the adventure time card wars into this?
Kirstin Burns (3 months ago)
This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while! Omg 😮👌
Cam Smitty (3 months ago)
These pigs need an upgwade
Wildfart (3 months ago)
PlayStation gets VR and exclusive stuff.....well Xbox has its own little creation come our way!
Ronaldo Ramos (2 months ago)
Wildfart stfu hololens is expensive
Coral _ (3 months ago)
Mojang not mooyaa
ALPHUUR (3 months ago)
Well where the fuck is it boi.
MijnPindakaasIsOp (2 months ago)
ALPHUUR yeahh!! Where is it!!
Colby (3 months ago)
what happened to the hololens? lol.. oh wait ... it failed!
Colby (2 months ago)
lol it sure did
Miho Biloglav (2 months ago)
Colby No it did not
Akira (3 months ago)
i wanna play rollercoaster tycoon with this
-VOXWP- (3 months ago)
and thennn this is just a bullshit
R3D DUCKLING (3 months ago)
Lol but I can't afford that, that's too bad for me
Bradigans D (3 months ago)
Betch wat
KarkyDoesGaming (3 months ago)
Klumsy Kameleon (3 months ago)
KarkyDoesGaming That's the correct pronunciation.
master gaming (3 months ago)
Just if you weren't autistic enough to play it on the screen now you have more autism to play on the table.waoh
Tupac Shakur (3 months ago)
Lydia is not made for public speaking.
HorriblebooTM (3 months ago)
Imagine googling something on the hololens! You just press buttons and watch videos projected into the air
Sam (3 months ago)
she sounds like microsoft brainwashed her
Kameron the great (3 months ago)
this is the only reason i would start playing minecraft again
GamingWithViro -Viro- (3 months ago)
Her monotone ish voice is annoying you can tell it’s forced and scripted and it makes me wanna slap myself. Sax or whatever his name is has a way better speaking voice, much more natural.
Star Killa (3 months ago)
supercyberfunk (3 months ago)
Is a full version available for the Hololens now?
no this is fack
Chaos Overseer (3 months ago)
I Could see a mini game of this, Where he is like LINK the Objective, And you hear Cortana say, *Marking*. And it would mark where you are looking, and even make it where if you do a command Cortana would react and say it to your teammate such as "Cast Lightning, Cortana would say, "Air Support Inbound")(Or marking something, "I have Displayed your new objective!"
Vid Bitz From Bentley (4 months ago)
You could build a D&D world. Get your mates round or play online!
FUZIN FUSION (4 months ago)
Tony start is their somewhere
Michael Greco (4 months ago)
She sounds like the Copy That guy
OLD CHANNEL (4 months ago)
I'm get this before June to show of in front of my class
Fi Ts (4 months ago)
Microshit Hololens (4 months ago)
Some of you that Buy Hololens and others Don't get Hololens product please Boycott Hololens forsaken Conker's Death Hololens must Rot for having Minecraft Did not Deserve too Get abuse From those Jack a**s Idiots Microsoft is in Huge mess of Trouble worse Then Downfall Please Boycott Hololens Don't buy It
Microshit Hololens (2 months ago)
Miho Biloglav Hololens are Evil
Miho Biloglav (2 months ago)
Microshit Hololens What the hell did you try to say?
Hykan 1 (4 months ago)
Those x-ray hackers...
Gloria Rivera (4 months ago)
I hate mincraft but with this i will play mincraft
officertem88 (4 months ago)
i want this. maybe i could go to minecraft back again lol.
A.S.K343 (4 months ago)
it is fake
Johnnywho1 JW1 (4 months ago)
Please say mojang right or piss off Microsoft have ruined minecraft
flosset (5 months ago)
Zorrogamer Nebulous (5 months ago)
Eso es del diablo v: khemen a los niños rata :v
João Pedro (5 months ago)
this was 2 years ago and there's nothing right now...
Chante Moody (5 months ago)
Okay, my question is, how much does HoloLens cost? My kids NEED this LOL. :)
Anatoliy Volkov (5 months ago)
The Insomniac (5 months ago)
I hate the way they say Mojang.
Aelia Yousaf (5 months ago)
it is now oct 30/2017 so where is this?
Christopher Vargas (4 months ago)
They have it but for $5000 on there Microsoft site
quaralblast (5 months ago)
Moyang I thought it was Mojang
vc everything (5 months ago)
They souled put mortalkombat as one of the games on it. I think that would be cool.
vc everything (5 months ago)
And it well most likey get Microsoft more money.
ConvictionRage (5 months ago)
Skaldas (5 months ago)
m o y a n g
G Barlos (5 months ago)
From VCR to this. The world never ceases to amaze me.
CooLite (5 months ago)
Kip Loretta (6 months ago)
Wow the new biggest looser.
ItsFrenzius (6 months ago)
I wonder why I haven’t heard much of hololens after this video
Calamiro Asjcobeti (6 months ago)
that cringy voice of Lydia...
funkierfawn budgie (6 months ago)
for 5000$ nah fam
Miho Biloglav (2 months ago)
funkierfawn budgie 3000$. and that is the Dev version.The consumer version will be cheaper.

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