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Desktop Gamer Vs Ps4 Gamer

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Desktop Gamer Vs Ps4 Gamer This video made only fun purpose . I don't offend anyone . I am just showing the Desktop gamers and laptop gamers advantage and Disadvantage (Pc gamers vs Console gamers life}. If you like this video, then share it with your friends and tell my mistake. Encourage me to create more awesome videos by subscribing to my channel New Avatar, inspire from explosm.net if you have and problem this video or i have used something that your own , Email me : mrsumon976@gmail.com Watch My another VS video : https://goo.gl/JvJNGy Sound and music use this video 1/ Thug Life #1 Sound Effect [HQ][Free Download] 2/ Ice Flow - Kevin MacLeod (No Copyright Music) 3/ Suddenly - YouTube Audio Library 4/ [No Copyright Music] My mind - Peyruis (ft. Sandrah) 5/ [Free Music for YouTube] Confessin' - John Deley 6/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Fluffing a Duck 7/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys 8/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Sneaky Snitch 9/ Funny Sound Effects For Videos _ Full Package _ Latest _ HD 10/ ASMR Controller Noises - Tinglezzz?? 11/ ASMR 7 HOURS KEYBOARD RELAXING SOUNDS 12/ Complete Gaming Sound Effects (The Gaming Lemon, Vanoss Gaming, MessYourself and more) 13/ [STREET FIGHTER V] Ken's Theme - FULL COVER by Nock & P - DASH 14/ ??Hello Darkness My Old Friend?? ?Compilation? - Edição Lixo #1 - DASH 15/ At The Fair - The Green Orbs (No Copyright Music) 16/ BLACK PEOPLE REACT 1080P REMASTERED 17/ Nightcore - Decadence 18/ The Great Avenger - Silent Partner (YouTube Royalty-free Music Download) 19/ Dr DRE ft. SNOOP DOGG - STILL DRE - SIMPLE PIANO TUTORIAL - THUG LIFE MUSIC 20/ Thug Life Bike 22/ Top 10 Non Copyright Intro _ Outro Music + Free Downloads 23/ Eddy Wally says 'wow' for Videos, Edits, Montages, Parodies etc. 1/bensound-clearday | 2/bensound-moose | Link : https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music 3/bensound-sexy | Video use 1/ THE EVIL WITHIN 2 - O FOTÓGRAFO PERVERSO - TRAILER OFICIAL | 2/ Uncharted : The Lost Legacy - Homecoming | Episode 3 | gamplay under Creative common license 3/ Middle-EarthShadow Of War Ride On Olog-Hai | Gamplay 1/ Evil Within 2 2/ Uncharted The Lost Legacy 3/ Assassins Creed Unity 4/ Battlefield 1 5/ Middle-EarthShadow Of War All music , sound , effect , poster , image, gamplay under Creative common license 3.0 Read- Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Video inspire from codfish Follow Me Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tech-Pathagar-1540528352671939/notifications/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paaglaagemaar Thanks For Reading Plz Stay with "Pathagar"
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Text Comments (13575)
Sparky (1 hour ago)
Dear PC Eliteist assholes: We just wanna fucking play our PS4 games in peace. Can you, like, stop please? We're sorry our £250 slim af box cant compete with your £500 giant heavy loud box. "But PS4 doesn't have free online" we don't care if it doesn't have free online. If we cared we wouldn't have got a PS4. Thank you for your time -Sparky PS: this comment is NOT adressing ALL PC gamers. Just the eliteists who want to start a war.
Kill Switch (8 hours ago)
This vid is stooped cuz you can upgrade pc not p4
Technical Master (23 hours ago)
PS4 is better than PC
star kitty (7 hours ago)
Technical Master prove it
AHMED GOLEM (13 hours ago)
Technical Master yes but not a 2k pc im with you ps4 is better than 500-900 pc
Funny Smoothies (1 day ago)
Ps4(300euro) -5 years hardware that play every new game at full settings Pc(800+euro)every 3 years you need upgrade
Dude fix ur grammar, I can tell ur an Indian from ur name and the way he says IDEA! Just fix ur English man
salmandra tang show (1 day ago)
Talal Warraich (1 day ago)
I have both
vasilhs apostolou (1 day ago)
u cant play uncharted is pc
Phuck You. (1 day ago)
Pc players are fucking nerds who can’t leave their house, stuck on stupid. Console u can take anywhere in a last minute like a tornado, try to take apart a pc when a tornado is outside your house or whatever your screwed. Died bcuz of your gay computer. Twitch if for gamers with no support or friends. Also no money 😂
star kitty (7 hours ago)
-so just cus u play games on a pc means your a nerd and can't leave your house, well that point was certainly a logical one -twitch is for streamers, dumb fuck -and you should be able to know when a tornado is coming before hand along with that gaming laptops exist, which are much easier to pack at a last minute time than consoles also pc has better graphics more games cheaper games free online more than 60FPS superior controlls more customizability etc.
kittenshortlegs YT (2 days ago)
thank god i have ps4 and pc both
007spudman (2 days ago)
I love PS4 but I also love my PC your life your choice. I'm both none of them are better than the other just be happy what u have.
Kek, PS4 has Bloodborne, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, Uncharted, and The Last of Us. I play on pc too, but I’ll admit I find console better. I don’t understand pcmasterrace, mouse and keyboard controls are horseshite and online games are full of hackers. The only good pc exclusive game in my recent memory was Hollow Knight.
Manju Soni (3 days ago)
Ps4 is best than pc
star kitty (7 hours ago)
prove it
Sanjiban sil (3 days ago)
But pubg is pc is only for pc
star kitty (7 hours ago)
Sanjiban sil it's also on xbox wtf
AHMED GOLEM (13 hours ago)
Will we have difrent games like horizon
Sparky (2 days ago)
And XBOX and mobile.
Assassins Creed (3 days ago)
I'm a ps4 gamer
A.L (3 days ago)
I hate these ppl saying that you should buy either pc or ps4..just buy both
A.L (3 days ago)
For every pc gamer here: ps4 PRO has 60 fps and 4k graphics
Lloyd kpo (16 hours ago)
And gaming can play 4k and ultra graphics, both are good
LPS Arzeri (18 hours ago)
A.L 500€ ps4 controller 100€ and 4k television about 500-1000€
V.Z channel (3 days ago)
I think he has pc!!
JaImEd13__ (3 days ago)
In ps4 the lag is good for u thats y there is a thing called xlag most gta players use it
Google suck balls (3 days ago)
30 fps means "smoothly"? Ok then, looks like you are from another reality.
star kitty (7 hours ago)
30FPS is shit
Sparky (2 days ago)
30fps is smooth actually. I installed half life on a laptop and played the whole game thinking it was smooth. I then installed an fps counter and found out it was locked at 24 this whole time. 30fps is smooth if you just play the fucking game instead of bitching about how good it runs.
LentiKiller123 (4 days ago)
On ps4 you can also buy with paypal...
Ketan Hemnani (4 days ago)
Well PC is best. Have experience with both. The FPS PC can give PS can never. PC FPS even in highly demanding games is 45+ but PS just give max 30 in demanding games. And the gameplay too is better in PC. Mouse and keyboard combination is better than that small remote controller.
Vishnuvishal Lingala (4 days ago)
Bro I need torrentbd membership. Can you help me
star kitty (7 hours ago)
also pirating games will likely result in a virus
Sparky (2 days ago)
Stop pirating games dick hole, you are the reason RDR2 will never release on PC.
Paddy 04 (5 days ago)
Yeah PC Gamer ❤️
\ (6 days ago)
Why you need so much time to AIM at someones head!
Bruno gamer (6 days ago)
Xbox one win
Billy Johns (4 days ago)
Bruno gamer In your wet dreams lol
STAR WARS (7 days ago)
Your beliefs of PC Gaming apart exclusives,are Bullshit.Pc can do all of that stuff and more,Your graphics card must be pretty shit at running games.
MegaGamer22 (7 days ago)
Why in the comparison the Ps4 had the PC controls?
Sparky (1 hour ago)
Idk... biased?
YassGaming (8 days ago)
u can always get emulator for ps4 and play those games
Sparky (2 days ago)
But the PS4 is still in production, so its illegal.
LuckFence (8 days ago)
Remember the good old days when it was all about console instead of PC?
Sparky (2 days ago)
Yeah I miss those days
Billy Johns (4 days ago)
LuckFence Lol kiss those days goodbye
TypicalBlank (8 days ago)
Петър денов (9 days ago)
ahhh... anoder (non logical)mind-blowing (original ofc) gaymerZ video
Nathan Hodges (9 days ago)
What torrent website is that lol
10 years later my phenomII still rocks and the ps3 sucks LMAO
ANIME ONELOVE (10 days ago)
В конце целый пиздёшь
Raven Gamez (10 days ago)
You didn't compare fps... You compared graphics
Sparky (2 days ago)
Billy Johns Lol you deleted your reply, even you know you're wrong. And learn some english grammar.
Sparky (2 days ago)
Who would win A valid and thought out argument (original comment) Some faggot swearing tryna be hard
Billy Johns (2 days ago)
Sparky Lol and just who in this greeny godamn world asked for your certificate of tolerance? PC is so hated? Hated among you peasants lol. And just shut the fuck up loser i am not talking to you, go play duck hunt on your 1889's nintendo you little rascal, get em ducks real hard with your dildo like fake plastic gun you gullible turd. I eat you peasant inbreds for breakfast with Mayonnaise so don't fuck with me.
Shaw358 (2 days ago)
Billy Johns Nice
Archer Q (10 days ago)
This was painfully slow
Youssef Z (11 days ago)
It’s obvious your trying to make pc win and consoles look bad
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Yeah no... also, grammar
Billy Johns (8 days ago)
Lol why so? Can you prove anything shown in this video wrong?
Hoover11 (11 days ago)
Vladimir Putin (11 days ago)
With pc you can upgrade your parts. PS4 you will have to buy the next one. Last one makes no sense.
Pirushu (11 days ago)
6:33 You have to be pretty dirty if the PC gets so slow in such a short time
Jackerman327 (11 days ago)
Look closely at the controls at 3:55 or a little later when the ps4 and pc goes against each other the “ps4” is clearly just a worse computer No hate just saying
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Jackerman327 Good point
Silber Dust (11 days ago)
the last point, is not quit right, the pc performance dont decrease over time
Silber Dust (11 days ago)
smoothly? i dont think you can call 25-30fps smooth but okaaaaay
Silber Dust (2 days ago)
Sparky 24fps is the bare minimum for a "moving" picture if you are tellimg the truth i feel pitty for you
Sparky (2 days ago)
Yes you can. In fact, 24 is smooth for me.
PC can run at 8K and more then 60fps and you can get a PC around 300 that runs more then 60 fps I prefer PC over PS4 and PC has free multiplayer and you can just get free links of the games to download on MediaFire and we have CS GO (COMING FROM A PS4 OWNER) so stop using those exclusives of yours as a excuse PC is always better.
Doge Minedoge (12 days ago)
3:59 it's desktop gameplay xD
vElite Nova (12 days ago)
I play on an 8 year old pc no problem
XxBlazeGamingXx (13 days ago)
Is ps4 original Have 480p Graphics, And Ps4 Slim And Ps4 Pro Have 4k And 1080p Graphics
Billy Johns (8 days ago)
Lol its gonna get outdated soon.
Ch Racer (14 days ago)
PC is Best
La_Chica_En LLamas_VLc (14 days ago)
Ps4 Money plus online Pc - no
Jesse Musgrove (14 days ago)
Jesse Musgrove (14 days ago)
JACK RAIDER (14 days ago)
mouse are Enjoyable!
JACK RAIDER (14 days ago)
Money is Better Than PS4 and Desktop!
Martin Nolte (14 days ago)
And of course, you can do other stuff with your pc(work, etc.) but with a Playstation you can't, you have to buy an PC to do that
Ralph Daher (14 days ago)
I guess u meant 20 years later cuze desktop last way tooo lonnggg
cheshnut the cat (14 days ago)
2:56 is ps button lol you lying
102ro1 (15 days ago)
Cringe... Please watch BulletBarry, maybe one day misinformation will stop about pc...
Edzz Soon (16 days ago)
Edzz Soon (16 days ago)
marez 2222 (16 days ago)
Victor Valdelamar (16 days ago)
It depends on PC because mine does not run or the minesweeper xd
Abbi Nur (16 days ago)
Capri Panda (17 days ago)
I will get ps4
akshay baburaj (18 days ago)
i like your editing
Asphix (18 days ago)
2:51 I love how it says pc gaming but in the game you need to press buttons on a controller to do special moves
Asphix (4 days ago)
mm you must like donuts you fat piece of shit
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Asphix Yeah no fucking shit dumbass, he's watching a live stream you god damn donut
Jerom Milad (18 days ago)
when you did assassin creed and you wanted to see the difrence both of them was on pc there was no ps4 if you look to the controls on top right you are going to find that you have to us space and mouse so that was not a ps4
Cyka Blyat Idi Nahui (18 days ago)
PS4 is shit, people only buy these consoles because they can't afford a good pre-built PC, or they don't even have the knowledge of building a PC. They also use exclusives as excuses.
Melih Koç (18 days ago)
Comments section = WW3
Matyas Brtek (18 days ago)
somebody noticed that in 4:21 he plays on PS4 but when you look up so you know it is set as on PC
ChamzPrayoo (19 days ago)
100 Pc gamers Can use only one Disc together but Ps4 Cannot,they must have everyone each Disc!!
Shaw358 (21 hours ago)
ChamzPrayoo Yes yes, blast my to hel. Yes veri god Onglisj
ChamzPrayoo (1 day ago)
+Shaw358 Finally u proved that u are such kind of Idiot!! God Blast u!!
Shaw358 (1 day ago)
ChamzPrayoo what are you? A negro?
ChamzPrayoo (2 days ago)
+Shaw358 At list u realize!! Gooooooooood!!
Shaw358 (2 days ago)
ChamzPrayoo Yes me no speak Onglish, veri veri sori. Im ChamzPrayoo and u spek no gud Onglish yes yes.
vishwa cr7 (19 days ago)
We have God of War, the last of us, uncharted
star kitty (13 hours ago)
nice opinion u got there
AHMED GOLEM (13 hours ago)
star kitty they arent better than ps4 exclusive
Father Gascoigne (3 days ago)
To be fair, Uncharted 1-3 are on PC with PS Now, God of War is heavily inspired by Devil May Cry which is on PC and The Last of Us is massively overhyped.
star kitty (15 days ago)
and we have way more exclusives?
Gavrilla Eunike (19 days ago)
Glad i have both pc and ps I can play Uncharted, and i can play AC smoothly😂
mayank sagar (19 days ago)
Ps4 is much better than pc in gaming
star kitty (15 days ago)
no it's not
Axel Games (20 days ago)
PC has fps and graphics but all PS4 has best exclusive games
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Like which ones??? Name a few
star kitty (15 days ago)
exclusives are all subjective
Miguelvs (20 days ago)
Smoothly? 30fps is a shit
Miguelvs (20 days ago)
I play Uncharted The Lost Legacy in my PC. We have all consoles emulator
Collin ARATA (20 days ago)
This is the worst video of all time tbh
Collin ARATA (20 days ago)
The last one is terrible
Lucy León (20 days ago)
I can see why PC is good, still prefer PS4 tho
bluszcz pl (20 days ago)
no i but pc for 700$ and i Play 6year
Alex (20 days ago)
5:20 song please?
The god of Noob (20 days ago)
3:58 but it's a pc
Verkino ‘ (20 days ago)
This is stupid
Dumpling (21 days ago)
After 3 years you have to buy the ps5
Muqtada Chasib (21 days ago)
The PS4 is for playing games but the PC for business men
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
You're dumb lol
star kitty (15 days ago)
Mauro Santos (21 days ago)
I think he forgot to say ... After 3 years you need to buy new ps5 and all your games are worthless (specifically digital). At least on xbox there is the backwards compatibility
Pritish Gulati (21 days ago)
RLD! only PC gamers know this lol
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Pritish Gulati Skidrow though
Maont (19 days ago)
Pritish Gulati Ah thats Why i know this name
Pritish Gulati (19 days ago)
Maont There is a scene release group called Reloaded that makes cracks for games on PC. In most games their username is RLD!
Maont (21 days ago)
Pritish Gulati Whats that
Manav Singh (21 days ago)
Can anyone tell me about any good site to download games for pc...
The Very Theory (21 days ago)
Vinod Kumar (21 days ago)
Computer is wireless
Geert Wilders (22 days ago)
I love Torrent
Shaw358 (4 days ago)
Geert Wilders Je bent arm
Brutal Sam (22 days ago)
I have both B)
JinMation (22 days ago)
youre are lier all the games are played on pc i can see the letter except uncharted you toke video from youtu e
Raihan Satrio (22 days ago)
seriously pirating games ?
Kevin Frank (22 days ago)
Raihan Satrio I agree that this is wrong but PC players can also just buy the game on a steam sale. There is one right now. Evil Within 2 is only 24€ right now
Mirwais Shinwari (23 days ago)
1:50 haven't you hear d about something called JAILBREAK PS4?!!
Mawklii (23 days ago)
after 3 years no more ps4 :) but PC GAMING can ran any game bro :)
Marc Molina (23 days ago)
star kitty (21 days ago)
and more
Kevin Frank (22 days ago)
Marc Molina don't forget Arma 3
BigBoiMo1995 (23 days ago)
Cmon now instead of piracy you should have went on G2A and have bought a legit grey market key for cheap at least lol.
Fiveteen (24 days ago)
3:54 Play on computer, look at right
of the beasts Kaidou (24 days ago)
Pathetic grammar.

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