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12 Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android & iOS 2018 (Battle Royale)

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With the arrival of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile on Android and iOS, let's see how they rank in the top 12 of the best online multiplayer games for Android & iOS, battle royale style! ;) Drop a like! ❤ Help Android Gamespot Reach 100,000 Subscribers http://bit.ly/AndroidGamespot ❤ Support Android Gamespot https://www.patreon.com/androidgamespot ❤ Subscribe to our other channel: Android Plays http://bit.ly/2n8MWrR #12- Battle Game Royale (Free) Android http://fave.co/2jlTFys iOS (Not available) #11- Battleground's Survivor (Free) Android http://fave.co/2AagBZB iOS (Not available) #10- Vast Survival (Free) Android http://fave.co/2joj0I7 iOS http://fave.co/2Bt0UfA #9- Pixark (Free) Android (Removed) iOS (Removed) #8- Grand Battle Royale (Free) Android http://fave.co/2A9X77B iOS https://fave.co/2E9CCbn #7- Survivor Royale (Free) Android http://fave.co/2C1lUOV iOS http://fave.co/2jiK3ET #6- Last Battleground Survival (Free) Android http://fave.co/2AaXjU6 iOS (Not available) #5- Fortnite Mobile (Free) Register for a Fornite Mobile invite (Android - iOS) http://fave.co/2pipxrw #4- Knives Out (Free) Android http://fave.co/2jlOqPy iOS http://fave.co/2jad4Dg #3- Rules of Survival (Free) Android http://fave.co/2C1etqR iOS http://fave.co/2BvHbff #2- Free Fire (Free) Android http://fave.co/2C3r7G4 iOS http://fave.co/2C0daZv #1- PUBG Mobile (Free) Android http://fave.co/2GcTByJ iOS http://fave.co/2Ghwsev ❤ Help Android Gamespot Reach 100,000 Subscribers http://bit.ly/AndroidGamespot Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars Follow Aero Chord: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAeroC... https://twitter.com/TheAeroChord http://soundcloud.com/aerochordmusic http://facebook.com/AeroChord Follow DDark: http://www.facebook.com/ddarkonline http://soundcloud.com/ddark http://twitter.com/ddarkonline http://www.youtube.com/user/DDARKTV Krys Talk & Cole Sipe - Way Back Home Krys Talk ➞ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Krys-Ta... ➞ SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/krystalkmusic ➞ Twitter http://twitter.com/TalkKrys Cole Sipe ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/colesipe ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/colesipemusic ➞ SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/colesipe
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Text Comments (111)
Wolf gaming (1 day ago)
Pubg Is the best ever
SAWAGE GAMER (3 days ago)
subarababa (9 days ago)
fortnite and rules of survival is best
suci novita sari (10 days ago)
omg fortnite in android?!??!!?!?!??!
The Rose Wall (12 days ago)
Some Battle Royal games, the graphics are so childish, so many hackers, so many bugs exploit etc. But PUBG is the only one the best!!!
CherryNash Tan (18 days ago)
Bruh pubg mobile is supposed to be number 1 and fortnite 2 and then ROS 3
Bu kadar saçma bişey hiç görmedim hepsi çöp...
Christopher Perez (19 days ago)
What about Pubg mobile
Harshu Jiwnani (21 days ago)
Bhan ka lauda tu khel
Dylan Muncal (21 days ago)
103k subs!!!!
Android Gamespot (20 days ago)
Warriors be unstoppable!
Cobain Floyd (23 days ago)
Pubg server not optimised properly
Ginrey Cadiz (26 days ago)
the perfect is knive out
First Everthing (26 days ago)
Hey this has the most horrible quality games execpt fortnite PUPG AND ITHER RIO OFFSSSSSSS
Zeda Kun (27 days ago)
I hate this its all battle royale😑😑😑 its great but i want another best online game not battle royale game
HAkYah IDK (30 days ago)
WTH Fortnite is there??! I think there's no use on Android: ( I want to play Fortnite but I can't;( help me
Eivann Claude Barbosa (30 days ago)
"Pubg" mobile and "Fortnite" are the best. because Its the popular game and high graphics.
Wasim tahir (1 month ago)
I need pixark how I can download pixark on android?? Plz reply
Rifky Kw (1 month ago)
Pixart pc?
Venkat Sai (1 month ago)
Seriously dude??? Did you ever played Critical ops on mobile? It's not even on your list... I'd give it the first place
Venkat Sai (29 days ago)
xSaiyan YT nope but best 3d multiplayer FPS...dude u will get addicted for sure
xSaiyan YT (29 days ago)
Venkat Sai Is C-Ops a battle royale game?
Josua Hasvilli (1 month ago)
All of them are the same copy of PUBG plagiatism
Jamer Alim (1 month ago)
No fortnite in android
Phuah Yong (1 month ago)
The worst thing my phone is only 1 gig of ram and fortnite need 2 gig of ram so that’s why I join 7 iPhone giveaways 6 iPhone Xs And one 7 giveaway
Player 4 Life (1 month ago)
Whats the first music?
Candido Lopez (1 month ago)
These are all just games that are similar to fortnite
Gabriel 1140 (1 month ago)
Rules of Survival is Best!
Deltagamer 456 (21 days ago)
Gabriel 1140 right
Kush Sadwal (1 month ago)
The fortnite is avilable in mac or windowns
Extreme Yumnam (1 month ago)
Nice PUBG on top. Realistic graphics and gameplay.
Zoro Xxx (1 month ago)
Anybody what that song name ?
Tushar Raj (1 month ago)
if try' fwd assault ' these are nothing
PUBG MOBILER (1 month ago)
Why Fornite need's verification stupid games
B -Dog (1 month ago)
Free fire now is better then these games
ᅦᄅ라 ᅦᄅ라 (1 month ago)
want to play a game and earn, win up to $1000 Click the link 👇👇👇👇💰💰💰💰 https://www.skylom.com/akoy
Liar,fortnite is not on android stupid,it will come in few months
DZ Migos (1 month ago)
Wtf free kills
hangmaster17 (2 months ago)
So you just picked every Fortnite Pubg wannabe game and thats it...
Bronze Cellar (2 months ago)
Real Thug (2 months ago)
Fucking RoS garbage game,
Homma TV (2 months ago)
see top 5 online multiple games for android and iOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGFeHEDVYbA
THE REALKOD (2 months ago)
Ok guys fortnite may not be ouf for modile but still sighn up so they can email you when its out its not to long thats all i know
Nikhil Rajput (2 months ago)
Pubg mobile is the worst, bcoz they are using bots😐, I think fortnite will save us.
Jorge Barraza (2 months ago)
BR has taken over :(
Moyzuddin Choudhury (2 months ago)
you cant play fortnite on android you need to wait few months epic games will do a android device fortnite in a few months.
dami_damian (2 months ago)
I want pixard 😭😭😭
John WalkerRC (2 months ago)
Those games are good. But not enough to reach RED CRUCIBLE coolest 🤗
RG Playz (2 months ago)
#1 PUBG Mobile #2 Fortnite Mobile # 3Rules Of Survival Fortnite mobile gonna be the best when it comes to Android and when you can customize controls cause the shoot button is on the left which is weird 😐. Rules Of Survival: NEED to fix the lag,they gonna bring out FPS soon too which gonna bring them back up. PUBG mobile is good right now but needs to remove bots😐. Out of these my favourite game is Rules Of Survival cause PUBG Mobile isn't challenging...Too many bots but still one awesome game. Fortnite Mobile never played it cause I'm on android😭 Good video keep it up! But why are some of these old trailers of the games?
Slav Jr. (23 hours ago)
ros sucks you just have to level up in pubg till there is no bots it’s just so new players know how to play without dying
Slav Jr. (23 hours ago)
your just a low level in pubg so it has bots but once you level up it gets harder
Efren Efrone (27 days ago)
RG Playz if it comes put i wont play it
lance Lawagon (30 days ago)
How to download fornight
NJ TToons (2 months ago)
RG Playz when you level up it’s almost impossible to win cuz it’s bots when on a low level
I Quit UTube (2 months ago)
Your smoking something strong fortnite is not 5th it should be 2nd or 1st FORTNITE IS BETTER TGAT ALL THOSE pubg is fun and has better controls but fortnite is better in general so yeah fortnite wins
Efren Efrone (27 days ago)
I Quit UTube no pubg has atleats better graphic and also doesnt alot of wifi and they already released a new map called Miramar Desert Map and its been active longer than fortnite (but that doesn't really matter)pubg even has a arcade mode to pick *Quick Match or *Sniper training for yoiu can get better to get a winner winner chicken dinner fortnite is just a rip off of pubg (my opinion so dont get mad) thats all i gotta say.
Shree Desai (2 months ago)
waiting for fortnite on android cuz pubg mobo and its servers are not properly optimized.
JL Ownz (2 months ago)
Free fire must’ve paid to be number 2 on this list it looks like shit compared to ROS yet ROS is 3rd lol nahhhh
LoliLover 69 (2 months ago)
Not really...
ZaneGraal 8115 (2 months ago)
Fortnite at android .-.
Homma TV (2 months ago)
see top 5 online multiple games for android and iOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGFeHEDVYbA
Husain Gamer (2 months ago)
Help me i am a new youtuber
RvGD (2 months ago)
Great vid
FRESH ARMY (2 months ago)
How do I get pixark?
CRAZY CHANGO (14 days ago)
No it just got removed
Badrplays (2 months ago)
Its a pc game
A. Stubbs (2 months ago)
FRESH ARMY same how?
praba karan (2 months ago)
free fire is a best game ever but in this video admin used very old version . now free fire have awosom grapix and awosom profamans
Deltagamer 456 (21 days ago)
I play pubg mobile,rules of survival,and freefirs on my iPhone x but I would tell that pubg mobile and ros are far more better than free fire but freefire it's The best on 300mb games and it cant be compared to 1.12 and a 1.2 GB game
praba karan (1 month ago)
Extreme Yumnam graphics dose not matter
Extreme Yumnam (1 month ago)
praba karan sure but please check out pubg. Graphics are amazing when u play ultra HD
praba karan (2 months ago)
free fire is a best game ever but in this video admin used very old version . now free fire have awosom grapix and awosom profamans
Matthijs B (2 months ago)
Free fire is a good game, but the trailer in the vid is from a way older version. There are a few new guns, and the graphics and gameplay are improved!!
Homma TV (2 months ago)
see top 5 online multiple games for android and iOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGFeHEDVYbA
DidiX (2 months ago)
Pubg mobile is best !!!
Milan Srbulovic (2 months ago)
All other games are rip-off but there are some really awesome games
FRESH ARMY (2 months ago)
DidiX yup
FoxMs 37 (2 months ago)
Dude I was play pubg mobile and there was a last guy alive and I knew where he was and same for me then he came out to shoot me and I shot him and he died and then my game froze at his dead body and game just kicked me out xD I think we 2 died now it says server doesn't response lol I guess there has to be 1 alive
Arosifu (2 months ago)
Pubg is overrated
A. Stubbs (2 months ago)
FoxMs 37 update the game bro to English version it works very well for me it still laggs even if wifi green sometimes it changes red/yellow/green ping drops and then gets a little higher but that's it
pista krizz (2 months ago)
Vast servival is the best android game i ever played but the hacker kill the game
Lil Ramen (2 months ago)
Rules of Survival is better than Free Fire
Deltagamer 456 (21 days ago)
Guys don't compare freefire and rod I play both in my iPhone x but the reason That ros is better is because its 1.12gb game and your gonna compare it to 350mb game fuck off there both good
Lil Ramen (2 months ago)
SNOW HORN (2 months ago)
Lil Ramen Free Fire is better than rules of survival
Fackyou (2 months ago)
Hopeless land is best
Rares96 (2 months ago)
Best top videos ever 😂 good music :)
Ment VN (2 months ago)
Download pixark pls
XDanielX XD (2 months ago)
P.s. epic video👍
XDanielX XD (2 months ago)
How can i do to play PUBG mobile on samsung j5 2016 without lag?
Matthijs B (2 months ago)
U can, just set graphic settings to low and smooth
Rauf Sabpa (2 months ago)
XDanielX XD u cant. Updgrade ur phone
Indra Jombang (2 months ago)
Link for pixark please?
Xxgamer20LP (2 months ago)
luis Zapata (2 months ago)
Xxgamer20LP next month I'll be for android trust me
Amine Bouziker (2 months ago)
SuperCrazyMishaBe67 MG (2 months ago)
Awesome video buddy ☺☺
ZackerGames (2 months ago)
PixArk iOS Android Removed?
luis Zapata copiar videos
Mr.Toxic66 (1 month ago)
Bronze Cellar wow really told him
Homma TV (2 months ago)
How did you sir
Bronze Cellar (2 months ago)
Homma TV Dude not you i told to syed
Homma TV (2 months ago)
sorry sir i am new and i want to learn English speaking
Rose Blanche (2 months ago)
LIKE LIKE 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Eduardo de Guzman III (2 months ago)
First :D

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