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Text Comments (188)
The Headless Horseman (13 days ago)
Lineage 2 is crap the game literally plays itself it's a bot simulator
European Guy (18 days ago)
I am from germany and I am recording mobile games in english, can you let me know your opinion?
jayjay santos (24 days ago)
What mmorpg android games I can play to earn real money by selling gold and items?
Suria Nikki (1 month ago)
Crusader Of Light the best! Tho it can get boring once you do all the quest and events..
Grock legends (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnnPhOVjoAc Help him become like vin, it would be an honor if you can sub to my little brother channel He just started his channel. Thankyou so much guys
İlker Yüceler (1 month ago)
Korean mobile games = pile of shit and garbage
RAZU HASAN (1 month ago)
Download the Best Games Now! https://www.cpagrip.com/show.php?l=0&u=150542&id=17609
jordan purkis (1 month ago)
Top 7 free mmorpg lol almost every single game you chose has a VIP system which is the most p2w you can get
iNfamos Wordz (1 month ago)
So here's some corrections. Sword and magic is actually ERA OF ARCANIA in the Google Play Store. blades and runes is actually BLADES AND RINGS in the google play store.
Ricky Sardido (1 month ago)
what you recommend aside from lineage 2... im sick of enhancement system on thay game
TsUnaDe 20 (1 month ago)
Crusaders of Light is the best and fun 😊😀
[MY]gaming Movie (1 month ago)
How do you get rise of god in english version.. ?
Aeolus Anemoi (2 months ago)
Avabel still the best.....
Maruke Faifuxe (2 months ago)
dragon revolt 😎
dudz edward (2 months ago)
Lineage 2 revolution is the best im already @ lvl 136 join us DeathSquadPH clan 🤟
Nikko Reodica (2 months ago)
dudz edward pa join sir
Mark Anjoe Brier (2 months ago)
All graphics lol.. nothing good..
Rockerhappygamers (2 months ago)
I am starter which one should I pick I am getting mixed up so please give me good suggestion
vncom zlc (1 month ago)
Abhishek Bisht toram online
jon Doe (2 months ago)
I don't like Chinese made games it kinda sucks their CP rating system
Engrave (3 months ago)
Top 7 watch your screen while it does all the actual gameplay automatically
No Sana No Life (3 months ago)
Dq GamerX (3 months ago)
Which Game Is Offline
くまKumiKo (20 days ago)
Dq GamerX //Seriously? -,-
do you even know what MMORPG means dude? wtf.... the key words are MASSIVE MULTIPLAYER ONLINE...
Android/IOS Gamer (3 months ago)
+Dq GamerX no one.. All online bro hehe please stay tune on my youtube channel for every update thanks
Irish Margallo (3 months ago)
Is Sam Sword and Magic still Worth playing?
Taewoo Kim (3 months ago)
You forgot to mention Aeioth RPG
Adreana Sofea (3 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer (3 months ago)
Adreana Sofea try from apkpure.com you csn download it there n play it
Alexander king (3 months ago)
What are the games that are like Avabel?
Alexander king (3 months ago)
Athar Bot Do you know when it's supposed to be fully released?
Aratacchi (3 months ago)
already one whole year since the Alpha test, damnnnnnnn
Android/IOS Gamer (3 months ago)
Wait for gate of rebelion bro
Aratacchi (3 months ago)
nothing atm, I've tried searching for a similar game but can't find anything. (maybe there's one but with KR or CN language, who knows??)
Alexander king (3 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer I mean ones that aren't cp/power
richard clash (3 months ago)
Qual é esse jogo
chris chris (3 months ago)
which ones don't have auto features?
Android/IOS Gamer (3 months ago)
+chris chris toram online.. And avabel.. Hehehe please stay tune on my youtube channel for every update thanks bro
Ouro Boros (3 months ago)
I'm really tired of order and chaos 2. Can you guys recommend me something rough? Please
euqirnE G (3 months ago)
Ouro Boros try out elemental Knights online
Hesham Osama (3 months ago)
Crusaders of light
Ouro Boros (3 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer thanks to you
Android/IOS Gamer (3 months ago)
+Uro Boros taichi-panda 3. That awesome mmorpg please stay tune on my youtube channel for every update thanks bro
The schoolboy made his game, you can see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SpecialDreamsGame
Lalsangzuala Chenkual (4 months ago)
Dragon Revolt is the best Guys
Android/IOS Gamer (4 months ago)
Lalsangzuala Chenkual how about toram online??
Vidur Badam (4 months ago)
I’m what way is crusaders of light open world?
Jovelyn Castellanes (4 months ago)
Best Rpg is Stellacept online You'll die getting gold hahaha
Vanmir Adeed (4 months ago)
I play flyff imtired of lineage
Space Time (4 months ago)
1: Choose either warrior/mage/long range bow user/ 2: do quest by clicking the quest link at the right side then character will do it, sit back and relax 3:watch ur character increase cp after quest until u get tired of the same shit happening in the game and the last 10 games u just played. still searching for something like toram online, that's why im here Toram>everything so far.
Retsel Leerts (1 month ago)
Vahn Vallain people with job/school can still play games without auto play.
Aratacchi (3 months ago)
already 1 year after the alpha test, i guess it took another whole year to develope it.
Vahn Vallain (3 months ago)
Only people with no job like you can play without auto play..
Kuruto Kuruto (3 months ago)
Asobimo is still the best android mmorpg developer I love all of their games
Android/IOS Gamer (4 months ago)
+Space Time wait for gate of rebelion bro.. Same company as toram onlinr
Junaidi Putra Ginting (5 months ago)
Toram and avabel are the best among all mmo. In terms of balance.
Junaidi Putra Ginting (5 months ago)
Im sick of anime style toram. But in term of crafting and customization no other match
Android/IOS Gamer (5 months ago)
Junaidi Putra Ginting yes TORAM online is the best in 2017 so far no auto attack and auto quest
роман иванов (5 months ago)
Dragon Revolt -the best mobile mmo.)) i play in this game.
Luis Almonte (3 months ago)
Lalsangzuala Chenkual yes but that game was dead by end of summer 2017... dragon revolt was fun when there was big faction wars but that died out cause they had 3000 servers... they eventually merged them but by then it was too late
Lalsangzuala Chenkual (4 months ago)
There is faction base in this game right. I want a faction base game. It's more fun for PVP
Android/IOS Gamer (5 months ago)
роман иванов what server are u playing?? This game one of the best in 2017 but not in 2018 i think lol
cahyono yono (5 months ago)
bon ajero (5 months ago)
No. 3 i recommend all of you to play this game.. It has self leveling which means even if your not playing it your character will manage to level up.
usman arif (5 months ago)
Nothing beats aurcus online
ramil mijares (6 months ago)
Rise of gods the best .. so far
Mario Tran (6 months ago)
Do i can play game by gamepad ?
Android/IOS Gamer (6 months ago)
Yes brkyou can
Truong Tran (6 months ago)
why i can't find line age 2 revolution (EN) on the market?
Rick Leangle (4 months ago)
Of course u cant, lineage is not global not every country ,for android download it apk, for ios u have to download from apple store that country have lineage 2 so u need make new apple id (taiwan,singapure,filipine,japan,china and many but not global
Francisco Nisihura (6 months ago)
Truong Tran lineage 2 global launch is nov 15-16
My love affair with Lineage II is OVER. At first I really loved it, but the grind beats the fun. My current faves, by far, are Dragon Nest 2 (when the server isn't too fuck in lagged to play), and Final Fantasy: Awakenings. Been playing Legend of 9 Tails for a day or so, and it's fun. My latest upload shows very fun combat in the field including a boss fight, so check it out. Downloading SAM as we speak, and I'll upload a video tomorrow
くんマフムード (7 months ago)
12:56 that darksiders asset flop made my eyes bleed. :'(
RandomGuy x (7 months ago)
im playing rise of god and its so cool nice gameplay
banchanVIP (4 months ago)
BlackJem x is it good?
Android/IOS Gamer (7 months ago)
+BlackJem x thanks bray..
Darkfyraproductions (8 months ago)
What would be the best and least pay2win ios mmo available on the store with a decent story?
M. HRIDOY (8 months ago)
which is the best
Im Asian (4 months ago)
M. HRIDOY there was a better version of crasher
Android/IOS Gamer (8 months ago)
Yes u should that game quite uniqe 3d game mmorpg bro
M. HRIDOY (8 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer should i try crasher
Android/IOS Gamer (8 months ago)
M. HRIDOY i like Lineage 2 revolution ofcourse hehe
Jojomar Adajar (8 months ago)
You dont have Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love?Seriously? Lol.
CASROK (8 months ago)
https://youtu.be/iv6hYn_SIdo DÊEM UMA olhada agradeço desde já
not emil (9 months ago)
Whats the thumbnail?
Darkfyraproductions (9 months ago)
When will they learn that westerners don't like auto play and want to play the games themselves.They also look all the same,nothing new,original or different and for lore and story fans....there's nothing,all the stories are generic and basic.
Edwin Chua (28 days ago)
Darkfyraproductions yuaap9
Darkfyraproductions o
Fragorix Iruna (6 months ago)
Darkfyraproductions most japanese game doesnt support auto play
Darkfyraproductions I love auto play and I am western XD
s o r u t o c c h i (8 months ago)
well because it isn't mainly marketed for western players? most of these types of games came from a korean/chinese versions and were only adapted to english because of the requests.
Joshua Uy (9 months ago)
What Name 1st Game?
Christopher Budge he doesn't
Christopher Budge (8 months ago)
Joshua Uy do u not know how to read?
Fist Fire (9 months ago)
which one the best guys? im getting tired grinding in linage ii
Vinezo (4 days ago)
Fist Fire try playing Crasher
Arunav Bordoloi (1 month ago)
Fist Fire I agree, l2r is full of intense competition
Android/IOS Gamer (9 months ago)
Fantasy-chronicles-hd for me ??
John Alvarez (9 months ago)
How to play flyff legacy if im not from philipines?
Paquita Mopwitmo (9 months ago)
#4 should be 'War of Rings'
Aditya Raj (9 months ago)
give google play link
KoZio Player (9 months ago)
Mmo rpg on mobile = fu***** auto and cp
Fragorix Iruna (6 months ago)
KoZio Player toram dont have auto and cp but no pvp
英良Yukio (9 months ago)
waaah im playing crusaders of light 😍
くまKumiKo (20 days ago)
英良Yukio //um so?
banchanVIP (4 months ago)
Yukio 英良 is it good?
英良Yukio (9 months ago)
wolf night storm waah what's your name 😐😂 hahaha
_ CrazyBoyGamer _ (9 months ago)
Yukio 英良 same 😂
Zulfikar Pamungkas (9 months ago)
Asobimo > All
Kikai Gazerock (9 months ago)
Sword and magic is the best openworld game...
banchanVIP (4 months ago)
Kikai Gazerock hmm really? is it really good?
Jiel yel (9 months ago)
Aratacchi (3 months ago)
If only they put back trade system, goshhhhhh why can't trade anything????
waifu -natalia (4 months ago)
Jiel yel try avabel online. Best mmorpg in my opinion
Anthony Vernon (9 months ago)
When these going to exist for western world folks? 😒
Mike Wazowskii (9 months ago)
what name opening song
Rhy Buccahan (9 months ago)
It just sucked that it need access to all your private files and shit.
Cloudeater (9 months ago)
Too bad almost all the iOS are only Philippines
Dora Nidora (9 months ago)
Auto attack?
LufCupid Alone (5 months ago)
Dora Nidora คุยข่าวเช้าช่อง8
Android/IOS Gamer (9 months ago)
Dora Nidora emm.. You can check directly on the video 😀😀
Twenty 4 (9 months ago)
why the vision for rise of gods in Chinese? I check on play store in chines mode.
gelo martinez (9 months ago)
For sea only?
Gaming 4 lyfee (9 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer south east asia
Android/IOS Gamer (9 months ago)
+gelo martinez sorry what os SEA stand for??
Andre Pontes (9 months ago)
Toram online > all
doomscyte (1 day ago)
Vinezo cuz Toram sux balls
Vinezo (4 days ago)
Andre Pontes hey any help my fucking toram online is stuck after the vharacter costomuzation on the start no idea why
Nijoge Enterprise (7 days ago)
Just sad that game revolves around mino skin farm :( Love that game but they should consider adding diff elements in the game. If they do, def will play again xD
Zanethell (1 month ago)
Franchott Barnwell Jr. You should check out aq3d
Jack T (10 months ago)
Only rise of god , sword and magic and lineage 2 picked my interest O_O
Faul Pol (12 days ago)
Toram is all about farming got bored of it just pick mage and get the tornado skill then spend weeks of farming
くまKumiKo (20 days ago)
Jack T //Srsly you only interest in auto mode game?
Roy Milla (1 month ago)
Those who like lineage 2 also likes to pay to win
Saeko HOTD69 (3 months ago)
Jack T yet all of them are grind based auto play bullshi
banchanVIP (4 months ago)
you can try lineage 2 revolution.. so far its the best open world mmorpg i've played..i just stop becoz the new updates and contents are too mucb for me
Blåçk Hėárƫ (10 months ago)
Can't see or feel the resemblance of flyff legacy to flyff pc unlike ragnarok online mobile, you will definetly feel that it is the ragnarok pc classic and the great thing is, that ROM has better graphics than the ragnarok pc. I was hoping that flyff legacy will be much more of like the flyff pc graphics and it's okay not having better graphics but this mobile version is a trash and the only resemblance is monsters and the npc I guess and a few etc. other than that it doesn't feel like the original flyff.
Blåçk Hėárƫ (9 months ago)
Osvaldo Zetsubou I am a fan and a player of flyff pc classic, don't expect too much though bec. you will get dissapointed.
Osvaldo Zetsubou (9 months ago)
Blåçk Hėárƫ don't take me out my Hype :''v I still playing flyff PC, and wanna try flyff legacy :''v
Android/IOS Gamer (10 months ago)
Lackbheart Eaceplove agree
Un parmi d'autres (10 months ago)
There is a mobile MMORPG look like path of exile ?
Android/IOS Gamer (10 months ago)
Un parmi d'autres pick 1 from all of those game dude
Clipse989 (10 months ago)
Android/IOS Gamer (10 months ago)
Clipse989 congratulations dude lol

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