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$30 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller!

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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a cheaper alternative now in the Switch Horipad! *Gear I Use* Camera: Sony A7S II: http://amzn.to/2t6Q8qR Zeiss Lens: http://amzn.to/2v4ql3N Macro Lens: http://amzn.to/2sIAfax Wide angle: http://amzn.to/2t6vBT2 Sound: MKE 600 Mic: http://amzn.to/2v4w6yv SD Mix-Pre 3: http://amzn.to/2tHcqRR Cable: http://amzn.to/2ub5krW Other: Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2v4O5F3 Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Text Comments (825)
Solar Fire (3 days ago)
What is the dock setup
Renzosucks 1 (6 days ago)
Nah I’ll stick to the pro controller
Acer_ Playz (9 days ago)
Oh god why are u advertising cough cough I mean reviewing this it’s horrible he he horri it’s hORRI BLE
Levi McNeil (18 days ago)
The real controller is the ekit! It’s wireless has motion and rumble! And it’s cheaper than that one! I got 2 for 44$!
Mr.Pickleknotts (19 days ago)
Is this compatible with your computer? I'm interested in using it for emulation and such.
the switches battery is small but now because the hori controller is wired the battery will deplete much faster
MEUProductions (28 days ago)
Saw the d-pad in the thumbnail. No thank you.
Chris Stokes (1 month ago)
Just bought one yesterday after taking my zelda breath of the wild pad gave up after 4 months
Dane Finley (1 month ago)
Man, my brother found a wireless Pro Controller for Switch at GOODWILL for $30. He gave it to me knowing i got a switch.
KhaotikX HD (1 month ago)
I‘ll get both. I want a smash party with my homies!
Yomayra Fernandez (1 month ago)
It was an immediate turn off when I realized that all I play is splatoon 2 WITH motion controls -_- rip
Adam Ryan (1 month ago)
I found it for 14 bucks at The navy exchange. Its a pretty good and cheap alternative to the pro controller.
BobnosaurusSteve (1 month ago)
Does anyone know if the beboncool is any good?
Lay Claymore (1 month ago)
wired means your button input is faster than the pro controller but people are dumb so lol
SIR (1 month ago)
Wireless works well enough for Splatoon 2
bgk gaming (2 months ago)
K i have one how do i connect it and turn it on what do i press
Wayverlee Just Dance (2 months ago)
You should make a video with everything Nintendo has, which are: The Switch itself and standard content (dock, charger grip, etc.) The Joy-Con and wrist bands (all colors :D) The 3 Pro’s The accessories (carrying case, Joy-Con Charger, etc.) I’m wondering how much there is that Nintendo created And maybe add the HORI stuff, like the stand and this pro
Laurel Dunn-Scott (2 months ago)
0:40 a feature nobody asked for.
*Wilson 4 four (2 months ago)
superarsenal009 (2 months ago)
The D-Pad seems terrible.
Dimentive (3 months ago)
Misleading title. Makes it seem like the official Pro Controller costs $30.
BOSS CHEN (3 months ago)
For me it was 20
Kawaii Goomba (3 months ago)
That is just xbox 360 controller's skin.
Omega Dark Mage (3 months ago)
Can this be used for pc games?
Tommy Ohlrich (3 months ago)
these things smell like a tire fire in a dog hospital. so bad. its six feet away and I can smell the chemical plastic smell from the crappy ABS that constantly off-gasses
Browin Dieumegard (4 months ago)
yay i can eat wiers now
NoganNaul (4 months ago)
So to take it around with me i have to spend an extra £20? I could have just got a new pair of joy cons...
Kara M (4 months ago)
Can you charge this one on that controller charging dock??? My brother has this one and he said it wasn't working, so I'm assuming it can be charged???
TheMasterRiolu15 (4 months ago)
The one I got was 19.75.
SimpsonsFan (4 months ago)
It's good for Mario kart
SimpsonsFan (4 months ago)
I like this controller, except I can't really play Splatoon 2 with it, since there's no motion controls. It's good for a budget controller though.
Archie G (4 months ago)
Ist a ripoff
Gaming Master18285 (5 months ago)
Dropped it once, broken piece inside. Didn't affect gameplay though.
Jai Slouf (5 months ago)
Yeah, I’ll just pay the extra money for a wireless controller. That will set me back about $110
0:44 O MY GAWD!
S4frin (5 months ago)
Can i use this Controller on pc?
Dominik Kozaczko (5 months ago)
It's lighter also because of the absence of battery.
Hugo Stiglitz (5 months ago)
are there any switch controllers without the retarded offset sticks? I have symmetrical hands so I don't need one stick in a different spot than the other. I don't know why Nintendo and Xbox are designing controllers for circus freaks.
- ItsAndyy - (5 months ago)
Thanks for the review, I might consider buying one since it’s only $21 on Amazon.
jizo73 (5 months ago)
0:45 and 1:06 rewind effect! XD
shoon from the internet (6 months ago)
i can’t understand how people watch a review and say “oh guess what i’m going to complain about a controller that i haven’t used yet whooo!” you shouldn’t just assume that something is trash just because of someone’s dumb comment if you see that you might like it, definitely go check it out and see if you like it. don’t let others force you to do what they like or not.
shoon from the internet (6 months ago)
so i got this controller for christmas, while wanting to have a wireless controller but me being a kind kid told my mom that i was going to use this and not resort to the wireless and honestly i was surprised on how well it works
sir_ Cthulhu (6 months ago)
nice Atari shirt
sinco (6 months ago)
Nice Atari shirt
Endo Poopa (6 months ago)
Better than joycons tbh
Robbert van Loon (6 months ago)
Definitely the best controller for me. I never use rumble cause it's annoying, gyro sensors? Pls I'm not 12 I don't have to move my arms like a mental patient to control anything. Wired? No problem. My dock is barely a meter away. Instead I have a 6meter hdmi cable reaching my TV. I'm personally not even sure if I'll ever own amiibo's. The only game that could make me want some is smash bros. So why would I pay 70 euro's for a controller with features I won't use.
XENOTEK Mecha MIke (6 months ago)
I can't stop watching these videos. I'm getting a switch for Christmas and you satisfy my need for switch content
Nexosotii - Nex (6 months ago)
The hori is Xbox the pro is ps4
Fabian ray (7 months ago)
Can this work on PC too ??
Just an Honest Dude (7 months ago)
What the hell are you talking about??? The dpad on the pro controller is great. What do you have ginormous fingers? Get lost!
Good King Moggle Mog XII (7 months ago)
Does this work like the Dualshock 4 on PC, without needing to use any third party programs?
L (7 months ago)
I do like for the fact that when you use a wired controller you dont have to charage a battery where as the Pro and Joy-Cons you need to charge them.
SIR (1 month ago)
But the wireless pro controller battery lasts 40 freaking hours! Why is that a problem?
CatsRule05 (7 months ago)
I don't like the Hori Pad.
Yousef Khalil (7 months ago)
Start a gaming chanell
Alfonse The Askr Prince (7 months ago)
I guess this is really only good for Doom and Skyrim
Overlord Alfredo (7 months ago)
Interesting review on the technical side but in my country the Nintendo Pro controller costs 69€ and the Hory Game-Pad costs 49€ (~$55) which is almost twice the price you are showcasing here and given all teh drawbacks compared to teh original Nintendo Controller (Wireless, NFC, etc) it is *NOT WORTH THE PRICE!*
The Legendary Noob (7 months ago)
Get it? SWITCH back and forth. (Facepalm)
Sanchez Jr (7 months ago)
Can you only play whit the controllers on dock mode?
Akiira (7 months ago)
Can i use it for games on pc too?
y_m_o (7 months ago)
The D-Pad in slow motion was surprisingly good and creative :()
Michael Aguilar (7 months ago)
Like the pro
Yoshi Plays (8 months ago)
This is sponsored...sorry to those who wanted an honest opinion.
Hello Pokebowl (8 months ago)
Mr Awesome Face (8 months ago)
Reminds me of the original slim Xbox controller.
Could you put that D-pad on the Joy-cons, because it looks like the D-pad is attached with buttons.
Ozzy Marley (8 months ago)
i want that turbo button for inkbrush
ChuckCheese • (8 months ago)
Ozzy Marley me too lol
Jaxon Acker (8 months ago)
I hate motion controls
Jaxon Acker (8 months ago)
I have that controller and pro to
Branden Davis (8 months ago)
No rumble is going to limit the experience of most 1st party nintendo games as they use the rumble feature for some puzzles
Chrome Artiste (8 months ago)
I found a 20 dollar wireless one.
TechnicMaceo (7 months ago)
People cannot force me to buy a Pro Controller. I like this one so I'm gonna buy it. I don't bother all that extra stuff that the Pro Controller has. For me it's about the gameplay. It's cheaper, it has a better D-Pad, it's cabled (gives the feeling of an original xbox controller) but the best part, you can play with it. Don't let anyone choose for you, if you like this one just buy it. Stop being negative about it.
John Cantu (4 months ago)
Dat I beat the whole game without motion control..
Dat (6 months ago)
Just make sure you don’t use it for Mario odyssey since motion controls are really useful for that game
TechnicMaceo (6 months ago)
Not Pronouncable you havr to buy an extra stick for that to work and it's exepensive as hell here
Not Pronouncable (6 months ago)
TechnicMaceo Well, many usb controllers (as an example: wired ps4 and wired xbox one controllers) work on the switch too.
TechnicMaceo (6 months ago)
Wolf Yeezy the D-pad
The Infinite Draw (8 months ago)
Lack of Motion Controls is what kills this and the Power A pads for me. I dont wanna have to switch to the Joy-Cons anytime a motion control shrine pops up in Zelda or any other game.
Mikeoodle (8 months ago)
just buy the original one.
DolphinLegend 64 (8 months ago)
I think this one is better
spider hog (8 months ago)
It a rip off of a XBOX360 controller!!!!!
Your Nightmare (8 months ago)
I prefer ps4 controller to play on switch than overpriced shitty x360 looking controller
Justin Veron (8 months ago)
Cool review! Thanks for the informative review! I have seen it and wondered about it. Now I know , would now consider buying one more now!
Not Pronouncable (6 months ago)
Justin Veron well, many usb controllers will work on the switch so you could buy an even cheaper alternative.
Onizen (9 months ago)
So basically it's the controller you buy for your friend to play with, got it :)
Eve Smith (9 months ago)
There's another switch controller for thirty bucks. It's wireless and has turbo/motion controls. It has all the same buttons and in the same button layout. And I think it has the dpad of the official pro controller. It's a J&top, you can get it on eBay brand new and I think you can on Amazon too.
Phoxxel (9 months ago)
I know what game I can use those turbo buttons... Minecraft Cross-play! Because it doesn't have weapon cooldown like the ones on PC 1.8
Phoxxel (9 months ago)
Still... Hori(ble)Pad
That turbo botton would be really nice for cuphead
Chillypar (9 months ago)
Does it have motion controls?
robot gaming (9 months ago)
Uhh I just got a YouTube add saying go to YouTube but I’m on YouTube and this isn’t YouTube ref
SpikeShroom (9 months ago)
Motion controls are vital for me. I can’t aim for shit with joysticks. Gotta get that precision.
magnawaves (9 months ago)
I was going to pick this up, but the lack of the motion control killed it for me. I bought the pro control pretty much for splatoon, so there was no sense.
Bodelo44 (9 months ago)
i think it should be woth $5
Dobro I zło (9 months ago)
Why always you have a hat?
Winka (9 months ago)
I just got this controller, it's pretty good but the d-pad is annoying
derpD2 (9 months ago)
You forgot to mention that the A button is slightly on an angle.
Dgrios 02 (9 months ago)
Sounds good for pokken
Monsi - Gaming (9 months ago)
Which stand did you use in the video? I would really like to buy this stand. Is it (the one) from Hori too?
BlueBlaze (9 months ago)
Some ppl complain about controllers being wired, but doesn't that wire help prevent button input delay that wireless controllers have?
Jose Relvas (8 months ago)
Well Just use the regular one wire tarahhhhh
KING ICEE (9 months ago)
My local GameStop sells the pro controller and the horri pad for 70$ wtf
ImMichael (9 months ago)
KING DOGE mine 2 rip
Charles W (9 months ago)
I was sold until you said 10 foot cable
Supernatural_Avocado64 (9 months ago)
WARNING! DO NOT GET THIS CONTROLLER! The GameStop I went to said they had numerous returns because it smells like machinery and plastic. And if I was in the same room as that thing. I'm would start to get extremely nautious. Also, it is HUGE! You have to take your hand from where it is and bring it up to the top of the controller to reach the + and - buttons. Also, in certain games like Zelda, the L button kept glitching out and I could hover use a rune.
Hugo Stiglitz (5 months ago)
that is the dumbest reason to return something I've ever heard.
A simple FISH (9 months ago)
do it work on pc
LSSJ Gaming (9 months ago)
I need that hori pad. I don’t use the nfc or Hd rumble much but I love that turbo
Cruz 51 Dinoco (9 months ago)
I just picked mine up at game stop and it's amazing, it almost feels as premium as the pro controller
The Galactic Mapper (9 months ago)
That d pad looks awful
Ball Lol (9 months ago)
Jiltted magic 222 it’s better then a pro controller d pad.
Tanner (9 months ago)
Wait you use analog in splatoon 2
chanyeol burger (9 months ago)
thank you. this video was helpful. was on the fence about this, but i think it’d make a great player 2 controller
NintendoCousins Melara (9 months ago)
575c 2k 114 131686v

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