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8 New Upcoming Horror Games 2017 & 2018 | PS4,Xbox One,PC

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Here 8 of Bests New Upcoming HORROR games 2017 & 2018 will release for Ps4, Xbox One and Pc . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (1028)
Breno Cipriano (1 month ago)
I was waiting a Fatal Frame Collection for PS4, PC And Xbox One 😭😭😢😢
Jon dow (2 months ago)
I love horror game's 😊😊😊😊✌✌✌✌👍👍👍
Jon dow (2 months ago)
Cody Rung (3 months ago)
Ad infinitum please come out already!!!!
Lord Dabs (5 months ago)
all i wanna see is RE2 remake
MrFree2BeMe1 (5 months ago)
Allison Road and Visage are the same game, they just change the name to Visage.
Brad Archuleta (6 months ago)
name of games thuo
armiesofbts (6 months ago)
And i am watching this on 5 am ..G R E A T
Helium Purple (6 months ago)
Did I miss the thumbnail pic despite watching the whole video or was it a clickbait? I think the thumbnail pic looks the most impressive part in the video.
Stereo7Up (7 months ago)
first person? aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggg
BufferZone Games (7 months ago)
Appreciate the info! Thanks for the video!
Haryadi ajja (7 months ago)
8:01 ps3 controller ♥
Dendy .S (8 months ago)
Game List : 00:00 Visage 01:58 Remothered Tormented Fathers 02:57 Ghost Theory 04:40 Welcome To Hanwell 05:51 Ad Infinitum 06:47 Allison Road 08:39 Daymare 1998 09:26 Survive The Nights
jason boschetto (8 months ago)
to much like silent hill
طه حسن (8 months ago)
Why you change the style playe of the game
nor 9 (8 months ago)
لا تزال افضل العاب الرعب هي التي كانت على ps2 😢💔 ذكريات 😩
Aye Co Breeze (8 months ago)
I thought Alison road got cancelled.
Ghost Murmur (8 months ago)
After playing Evil Within 1 and 2 and loving them... we need more 3rd person survival horror games
Wahyu Prayudha (8 months ago)
_________ (8 months ago)
in 2017 i quite satisfied with re7 , outlast 2 and evil within, cant wait 2018
Toto567 (8 months ago)
How many PT influenced games have there been since PT was cancelled?!?!
jafs65 (8 months ago)
I can picture more terror in a Jar jar binks game than in this shit.
24tro (9 months ago)
Well, the clickbait throw me direct to Rule of Rose or a kind of remasterization game
Random Falla (9 months ago)
nothing seems to satisfy me anymore 😧
justf0rnow (9 months ago)
That first one looks scary. Hopefully it won’t be a shite like RE7
side2 Side (9 months ago)
Oh man... The gaming industry over used "Samara" from the ring figure so much it became lame and boring
김원영 (9 months ago)
드디어 나왔다 꿀잼
Osmose Noire (9 months ago)
Has it already been said before? But the woman in Remothered very briefly reminds me of Clarice Starling. Sure as hell the old dude does not remind me of Anthony Hopkins though...
Emo Josh (9 months ago)
Remothered is too damn demanding. Even after upgrading my RAM, it still lags beyond belief even on the lowest of settings..
Mark Angelo (9 months ago)
they all look similar
Constance Leclercq (9 months ago)
Hungry hay remain tremendous mental stock religion chart proportion change half will.
Nabil (9 months ago)
360p squad is just some kind of bullshit ☺
left behind (9 months ago)
I thought evil within 2 was awesome
Victor VonnDoom (9 months ago)
It's a shame that "Visage" will be in the first person ... I suffer from motion sickness and can not play games like this.
Javier Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Remothered is the "Clock Tower" Reboot, so that's one thing to surely look forward to!
Joshua Taylor (9 months ago)
Most to all people that play PC for games have a rude awakening coming. PC will be no longer having games made for it because PlayStation has bought out Microsoft Xbox division and are in the process of buying out PC gaming rights and moving everything to cosole. The reason is cause cosoles will be made with Ten times the better graphics than PC every thought about making and are stopping the ability to switch out internal parts. PlayStation has been holding out on doing this till after they buy out PC's gaming rights and owning all of the gaming industry. There is the cold hard truth and it has already been in the works and PC is selling to PlayStation.
Nina Connor (9 months ago)
0:58 inside the Millennium puzzle in yugioh.
the3orpdeenyse (9 months ago)
I just want zombie shit to disappear already holy shit it’s so overdone
Han Hang Haw (9 months ago)
rules of rose anyone?
Marcus Crassus (9 months ago)
Boring. And first person? No thank you....
Drunk Supervisor (9 months ago)
Hmm, we need them to remake The Suffering that was one of the best horror games I ever played , also Deadly Premonition was a good one
Tanya Degurechaff (9 months ago)
There better a dead space 4 damnit
Tanya Degurechaff (9 months ago)
There better a dead space 4 damnit
Tanya Degurechaff (9 months ago)
There better a dead space 4 damnit
MrMomoitin (9 months ago)
Dude is that Jodie Foster
cosmic trail (9 months ago)
visage, michael here
frank v (9 months ago)
Visage when?????
Skäggulk Bergström (9 months ago)
Next lame games, the graphics are more horrible then the actually game... or my grammer =S
Kevin Burrell (9 months ago)
In case anyone wants to say anything. I am a happy owner of PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo DS so.... Man. Why is there little support for the Switch? Switch is coming back to a point where the Wii and other consoles were at like the Super Nintendo. In fact it sold 10,000,000 units and this should be enough to let developers know they can create great horror games on the side for the switch. Smh
Peidi Grimes (9 months ago)
2:14 this one looks good, third person is always better
Mun Keen (9 months ago)
The school prison??
Dogg O (9 months ago)
hopefully pewdiepie would do a gameplay on one of theses cos his content sucks nowadays
Aiden Macleod (9 months ago)
They make these trailers so damned boring, and trailers show the highlights of the game, so I can only imagine how mind-numbing the actual games are.
Hassan Saleem (9 months ago)
The last game should be on PS1 ...
Rani (9 months ago)
The forest is pretty fun, especially with friends. :P
Candypie 2010 (9 months ago)
They all look wack !!"
Vicente Velasco (8 months ago)
Marlon Romero gurl, Allison road is fantastic!
Marlon Romero (9 months ago)
Candypie 2010 if u watch the actual long trailer for visage, tht shit is wild
Спид в моде (9 months ago)
i think the best horror is outlast and those games are not like it
Lord Krythic (9 months ago)
11:44 How about a zombie game where Zombies are docile at night, and combative during the day?
Anuj Kamble (9 months ago)
Well.....2017 is almost over......and non of these got released...😭
iHaveContrl (10 months ago)
Visage looks the same as the Allison Road...
Deus Cognito (10 months ago)
Gotta love these silent hills/ resident evil rip offs
Sunny Al Capone (10 months ago)
I need another game from Fatal Frame series.
Devin Hite (10 months ago)
Why is Allison road on here? Shit was cancelled a minute ago!
Chante Johnson (9 months ago)
Devin Hite it was cancelled then put back into production a few months afterwards
Cool Coyote (10 months ago)
they should make a proper 'Pinhead game( Hellraiser)but real dark and scary or an 'it' game but very dark again
Cool Coyote (10 months ago)
they should make a proper 'Pinhead game( Hellraiser)but real dark and scary or a 'it' game but very dark again
Lee Pemberton (10 months ago)
The female lead from Remothered: Tormented Fathers, is very similar to Svetlana Beilkova from Resident Evil Damnation. They have the same hair & outfit, the faces are similar to each other & the age in the faces are also similar.
Lavender Townie (10 months ago)
Holy mother fucking shitballs I can't wait!!!
Cesar Campos (10 months ago)
All games is for PC
ruba rabania (10 months ago)
ad infinitum looks creepy as hell but i gues it never come out or its some kind of vr demo
Ladislav Bereščík (10 months ago)
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Ladislav Bereščík (10 months ago)
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Denis paz (10 months ago)
El unico que habla espanol😐😐😐😐😑😒😒
Angel Ortiz (10 months ago)
I hate first person view games
Michael Goldstein (10 months ago)
name of games ?
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
Each game is named after 10 seconds
Ers Zen (10 months ago)
Best PT like game Allison Road, same style stilk waiting for launch
bruno garcia (11 months ago)
Pokémon le film 2017
Hi Hey (11 months ago)
György Klutsik (11 months ago)
Remothered is an unfinished game.
Tommy Riot (11 months ago)
TBA 2107?
Ve nom (11 months ago)
Visage and Allison Road will never come :(
Umie Fatihah (11 months ago)
What about Agony?
Aiden Macleod (9 months ago)
Agony sucks as a FPS.
Casey Pipetti (9 months ago)
I feel so starved for quality horror games any more. Despite being pretty desensitized over the years, I still love a really well-thought out, fully developed game, even if I don't necessarily consider it "scary." I am personally not impressed by all of these regurgitations of what seems to be the trend in the horror genre: high-action fps games with a lot of military influence, or watered down P.T. mockeries with zombie-esque half-developed creatures. Honestly in my personal opinion, I want to see more horror games that incorporate psychological horror elements. I believe Silent Hill did this best, and while I'm certainly not perpetuating that we try to continue beating that dead horse any further, I think developers who take influence from that franchise do it without any thought and just steal from it rather than using it as an inspirational reference. The unpredictability, disturbing and unfathomable scenery, and lack of high-powered weapons really made that game a masterpiece, not to mention the symbolism and layouts/camera angles that made the player feel uncomfortable. I think players feel too comfortable in most modern horror games where you get a basic arsenal of guns, you're blowing heads off, collecting ammo and just shooting things apart (Don't get me wrong I loved Resident Evil 4 and other similar games.) I find that the player ends up running all over the place and missing any subtle details that could have been implemented, especially if it were designed to be a slower-paced game. If there's nothing more substantial added into the game such as an interesting plot, macabre visuals, or intimidating experiences, it really robs the game of the whole "horror atmosphere" which was the initial point of wanting to play such a game. Just some thoughts.
apavoramentoz (8 months ago)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.IronSilver.WeightofSouls good horror game
Marik (9 months ago)
Casey Pipetti kik me jarardx
Frozen Fan (11 months ago)
meh Looking forward to Scorn and Visage - Nothing else really interesting they all look like pt.
IkeEvents (11 months ago)
You forgot something! FNAF!!
Tintenfisch95 (11 months ago)
A game with Jodie Foster as the protagonist? I'm in! :D
damemphizundaground (11 months ago)
Why is the majority PC only?  FFS man... Im still pissed about P.T getting canned.  I want a truly scary/terrifying game too come out
Sip The Ocean (11 months ago)
I’m getting a Lara Croft/Solent Hill vibe from the second game.
Kyla McNamar (11 months ago)
survive the nights looks awesome!!! looks like it's multiplayer?? regardless super excited for that
AMERICAN IVAN (11 months ago)
Daymare 1998 looked like RE2 remake, that SAKURA sign on a burning street...
Samuneed Paz (1 year ago)
it looks like one big trailer of the same game
Oliver Reim (1 year ago)
Estonia wow i live there
Anonymous one (1 year ago)
Most of these are PC!!
Ray Jezrell Suarez (1 year ago)
Who here played Rule of Rose? That shit should be remastered. It was a masterpiece.
Muhammad Prabowo Negoro (4 months ago)
The game scared the shit out of meh
Paola Sanchez (9 months ago)
Ray Jezrell Suarez agreed 😢😭
Brandon Santos (11 months ago)
Ray Jezrell Suarez unfortunately so little people know about it, the game was fucking amazing nonetheless though and I’d kill to see a remaster.
Robriana Kotnik (1 year ago)
Earn easy money! No gimmicks http://bytyredrtela.win/3584475241144/
I am tired of these kinda games I want a michael myers video game or a freddy kruger game I am happy that they made a Friday the 13th game
Kairo (1 year ago)
Do we even know what PT stood for? And why did it go under??
Liam Campbell (1 year ago)
I thought Allison Road was cancelled?

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