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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - All Trailers (1080p)

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt by CD Projekt RED. Over 800 Awards. Game of the Year! Best Storytelling! Best Visual Design! Best Gaming Moment! Masterpiece. 1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - TV Spot (0:02) 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic trailer - Killing Monsters (0:26) 3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic trailer - A Night To Remember (2:31) 4. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Opening Cinematic - The Trail (6:48) 5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Elder Blood Trailer (9:30) 6. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Rage and Steel Trailer (10:51) 7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Beautiful World of The Witcher Trailer (12:42) 8. Epic Year for The Witcher 3 - Official Trailer (14:53) 9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Hearts of Stone (launch trailer) (17:04) 10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine “New Region” Trailer (19:07) 11. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The - VGX Trailer (21:39) 12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - E3 2014 trailer - The Sword Of Destiny (22:44) 13. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, The - Debut Gameplay Trailer (24:56) 14. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Official Gameplay Trailer (26:41) 15. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Wolven Storm - Priscilla's Song (multilanguage) (31:19) 16. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Recap Video (35:31) For more information about The Witcher visit: Buy now: http://buy.thewitcher.com Facebook: https://www.fb.com/thewitcher Twitter: https://twitter.com/witchergame Homepage: http://thewitcher.com/witcher3 Instagram: https://instagram.com/cdpred Copyright disclaimer : I own NOTHING of the content I upload. All rights go to their original creators.
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Text Comments (1809)
Shion Aoki (2 years ago)
"If I'm to choose one trailer and another, I'd rather not choose at all..."
RuralTowner (1 month ago)
RuralTowner (1 month ago)
Ya know...I could see that. Though they'd have do some hefty makeup for get the complexion right. Momoa would otherwise work great. Has the stature...build...and voice. ATM though the series they're working on uses the recent superman actor.
Prosperity Gruesome (1 month ago)
Ayakashi Hadate ok
Ayakashi Hadate (1 month ago)
"a trailer is a trailer, 1080p, HD, 4K. make no difference. the pixel count are arbitrary, the FPS number is blur. if i was to chose one trailer between another, I rather not choose at all..."
Prosperity Gruesome (2 months ago)
Idk that one girl getting her ass beat then saved was pretty neat
yykk n (6 hours ago)
i bought it but not doing it....because i dont like Geralt's body type and hair style(uninspiring, dull)... nexus customize? there is no the diversity..
Elemel PL (1 day ago)
Vgx and hearts of stone best
ybkin (3 days ago)
Now, fix roach
Anakin Zhong (3 days ago)
Dominic Michaud (8 days ago)
Just finished the Witcher 2. Downloading The Witcher 3 right now and I am so stoked already !!
volk dukh (12 days ago)
So are people just gonna ignore 0:37 , the lady was being Hung for a reason XD
petaludas88 (12 days ago)
TW3 > RDR 2
Lalafua (17 days ago)
this should be the series, exactly in this graphics.
Dominik Vidakovic (18 days ago)
When my friend told me that Minecraft was better then Witcher 3 I tried to kill him
-ulik akkuliev (19 days ago)
God bless Poland
Ft Music (19 days ago)
Axel Jansen (21 days ago)
Where is the Mission in the Game, that you See at 16:08 in the Video?
Elemel PL (1 day ago)
Its a part of campaign
Bruno vago (25 days ago)
Some Donkus (27 days ago)
thx to the Witcher 3 the phrase "Expansion Pack" has meaning again. ;-; can't wait for cyberpunk 2077
solmyr2 (28 days ago)
they still have balls. nowadys they cut all the good shit and it just breaks the immersion.. Where is the immersion if after killing a bunch of monsters and cutting them to pieces .. you go to an inn get drunk and fuck your woman ?
Ciel (1 month ago)
Anyone else watching after the Soul Calibur 6 beta or am I the only one?
Mohamed Kamli (1 month ago)
Aaron Humphrey (1 month ago)
These trailers were as amazing as the game.
yacksen gaming fifa (1 month ago)
16:16 did she get pregnant in that😅 minute:D
Holden Hutto (1 month ago)
I love how the trailers with game-play are original and not edited.. cough cough ubisoft Seriously, its false advertising how much they change the appearance in their "game-play" trailers
DarkRedKitten (1 month ago)
Blaviken Butcher (1 month ago)
This is better than watching a movie
nikola jurican (1 month ago)
Vesemir would make much better main character for witcher prequel.
cyber slave (1 month ago)
7w7 16:08
Lori Ann White (1 month ago)
It plays like a movie.
johnny cash (1 month ago)
I just started playin am I too late? =(
Dean The Stronghold (1 month ago)
Tim Van Rensburg (1 month ago)
Vampire in Crypt: Is it 1358 yet? Geralt: Nooooo.... Vampire in Crypt: Then Fuck off! Me: Dying of laughter
Hadrian (1 month ago)
1:43 Lambert like this
Kacey Dragonborn (1 month ago)
I. FUCKING. LOVE. THIS. i dont think i could physically or emotionally love anything more than this video. i get chills every single time.
shadow fiend (1 month ago)
Elven rebel cut is the best
Hound (1 month ago)
damn Nikolaj coster-waldau is a perfect cast for Geralt
Arthur Lin (1 month ago)
I love this game very much!!!! The best game!!!
PoorTroubleMan (1 month ago)
Emptiness that linger after finished the game..damn..
Turtle (2 months ago)
Best 39 minutes in my life.
MrBluestreak70 (2 months ago)
This really is one of, if not the greatest RPG ever made. From the story, the gameplay, the DLCs, the Lore.. Witcher is the GOAT.
QueenBee (2 months ago)
triss❤ is mine...stay away frm her...
Adam Strix (2 months ago)
I want to play Witcher Iv with this graphics
Maynard J. Keenan (2 months ago)
Can anyone tell me (plz just yes or no) is that hook of his ever show up in the game? I know I’m late but I’m playing it right now and I’m at the point where you kill the botchling of the bloody baron. I see these trailers tho and recognize most except the hook. Thanks for your time and fuck u if u spoil shit for me.
Martin Septim (2 months ago)
Vesemir old bastard
trikZ Ji (2 months ago)
I played this game with my old video card but I can't optimize for 60fps even tho it's all low settings, I have spent hundred hours of gameplay but haven't finish the dlc2 yet. And guess what?! I bought asus 1080ti went to geforce experience, press optimize, launch the game change resolution to 2560x1440p and make sure everything is in ultra settings, I gotta say damn man looks so beautiful then I play new game again. Best game I've ever play time to finish the DLC2! SOrry for my bad english :)
MJB (2 months ago)
Best game, but still the hardest!
jeco F (2 months ago)
Attila Camdeviren (2 months ago)
It's 2018 and I can hardly imagine a better game than Witcher 3. What a masterpiece!
Darkschool6 (2 months ago)
As if this game didn’t have me hyped enough. I watch this vid and want to get right back to playing.
Thus Words (2 months ago)
Why the hell i see Gutts in it ..Why ????
Qopiq q (2 months ago)
You just know this is getting a remaster in 10 years and it will look so fucking good
TrumpCat (2 months ago)
27:25 "Drink with me you Cocksucker" How could you refuse such a polite little fellow , i certainly didnt.
tracy pabis (2 months ago)
yes I see the 'doors' and the dude, tard.  / 7:26 - 7:40 , muahaha. / 7:46 - eh, henh - found that book that 'key' that other stuff, and??? / 9:56 - 10:01 , yeah I bet scum, and? surprise, bitches. whoops! / 10:04 - whoops! / 10:14 - 10:21 - heh / 10:24 - 10:28 eh henh / 10:37 - 10:42 - pfft - yeah, it's already been written that you lose, and? I mean look at you douche, we're both dead and - you're that hideous thing and i'm a badass stud slaying the fuck outta creepy shits like you. next? and that 'broth el' -better be free-  < - hey, bullshit fuckery > better not be one at all and not goin there, freewill babes where ya at? / 15:40 - put down that shitty evil kinda black magic bitch 'phil e pa i'll heart' - eh, henh / 16:20 - 16:25, sweet! and this dope ass shit is happenin when, magic babes???????? make it real 'damn' soon. / 17:20 - 17:31 oh, yeah douchefuck imprisoning scaring no option giving scum, it's a 'deal' alright - don't mind when I break it. / 18:29 - non fully informed tards yappin bout creeps in 'masks' - yeah and  there is also cool wolf ones and batman vigil ante style, creeps getting REAL fuckin creepy against the ultimate scumfuck creeps / 18:30 - whatever age style whoaing /  10:50 - 10:56 yes, of course. and, bitch? / 20:26 - 20:46 - sounds good ya'll , wait a minute - wtf? ugh! / 21:23 shitty ass month of may, eh - imagine that, scum / 21:46 - 22:05 oh, ok douche - your cold dead ass has 'been here before' and you say you 'watch' as we yap yap, yet - YOU 'half to' repeatedly keep coming back as you already said, cuz we keep mutilating the shit out of you every  'time'.  getting 'out' , you never will - no matter how many times we gotta do it - which is never again after this crazy shit been throwin down round here, scum /   21:41 - 21:43 romantic interlude / 27:01 - you're stupid but hay / 29:06 - you're stupid / 29:21 - piece of shit scumass 'current' masons with your well - ugh, fuck you - but also , you have got to be fuckin kiddin with those gay as fuck meaningless never used never honored 'swords' of yours with whatever kinda 'ruins' you want to put on them - you cant do shit, ya never could - little pansy ass faggot ass raping douche wanna be fucktards from hell. 'magic'. - pfft - you'll sea some alright. / 29:56 - 29:58 having to be in that goddamn 'dress' is reason enough for that 'explosion / 30:52 you fuckin babes better figure that little triangle out real soon, not 'j/k' ing. heh. you're gonna represent  a 'symbol' - ya fuckin use it  / how in gods name is this creepy evil devil fuck shit even supposed to be appealing in ANY way? die whores. / 32:19 - maximum lute babe age.
프로젝트S (2 months ago)
위쳐3 모두 엔딩을 봤지만 트레일러를 보니 새롭네요.
Nick Currie (2 months ago)
Casting Charles Dance as Emhyr was a masterstroke.
ari wiguna (2 months ago)
true masterpiece!
Faisal Nasti (2 months ago)
In future we will have gameplay better than those cinematic trailers. That's what's keeping me alive
Richardsen (2 months ago)
Best game ever made.
David Paes de Almeida (2 months ago)
go team Triss
Anthoni Gardner (2 months ago)
I have never clicked a like so fast! Thank you for this.
OUEDERNI NIZAR (2 months ago)
MrHornet85130 (2 months ago)
Music at 23:24 please 😉
Talal (2 months ago)
Just search "The Witcher 3 Hunt Or Be Hunted"
Gaunter O'Dimm (2 months ago)
Amazing detail when he removes his hook before lying down!
Acasys (2 months ago)
Perfection, is that you? I currently finished the books, searching for content about, makes me sad tho, too fucking good.
Duong Van (2 months ago)
Best game ever
oğuzhan orbay (2 months ago)
Best 38 minutes of my life.
L.J. Kommer (2 months ago)
_"Killing monsters."_
usb usb (2 months ago)
Gosh! The 2nd trailer is flamboyant! Was the main character using some CQD movements just like Snake did?
Naveena Vice (2 months ago)
Eskel is such a badass
Naveena Vice (2 months ago)
Every time in game some punk decides to challenge Geralt, and I’m like: who in their right mind would entice a fight with a witcher who’ll smear you across the wall like a fly ‘cause he kills monsters on daily basis? Then get their arses handed to them and still threaten to kill Geralt “next time”... Ok, come at me, bro... Silly NPCs...
Timothy Lontok (2 months ago)
the thought that there will never be another witcher like geralt makes me sad😭
PeTiT Prince (2 months ago)
It’s really better than skyrim?
Sidney Msi (2 months ago)
Hell yeah it is!
Best TF suport (2 months ago)
what what , what are you doing ? geralt : killing monsters HOOOOOO HOOOOO you fucking boss
ShadowFlame (2 months ago)
is it normal for a game to have such high ratings? and is the gameplay as cinematic as the trailers?
Mo JABA (2 months ago)
Wouldn't it be cool if the new witcher seris was about vismeer when he was younger
flaminga mahinga (2 months ago)
28:33-28:40 funniest 7 seconds in the entire video tbh. Vampire: "Is it 1358 yet?" Geralt: "...No?" Vampire: *glares* "then fuck off."
Talal (2 months ago)
yea ahahahaha, I don't remeber that part in the game tho
Mattias Tapper (3 months ago)
the wild hunt armor.... i want it!!!!
Satish Kumar Jha (3 months ago)
Wha-wha-what are you doing? Watching.trailers
Sukun Unosawa (3 months ago)
The bards gf sang in multiple languages and voices lol
Jekiss (3 months ago)
omg hear of stone so much epic!!!
Jacob Wilske (3 months ago)
Easily my pick for the greatest game of all time. Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn gave CDPR a run for their money, but didn’t quite get there. I’m anxious to see how RDR2 and Cyberpunk 2077 will try to topple this monstrosity.
ika s bramantya (3 months ago)
Geralt, the most badass protagonist in gaming history, and Gaunter o Dhimm is the best villain in video game, imo
painfull life (3 months ago)
best game ever made my all time fvrit
Haroldo Ribeiro (3 months ago)
the best video game ever made of history !
Jerko Majetić (3 months ago)
What are you doing?? Killing. Monsters.
Lawliet river (3 months ago)
song singed in 8 languages i think
Rebecca RE Evil (3 months ago)
Damn I didn't see most of them! Thanks for publishing this. I also realized how Orianna ends up... ^^
WaRRior29 Grom (3 months ago)
Made in Poland.
Bryant Melton (3 months ago)
They should make The witcher movie in full cgi not live action... just saying
TrashxGod _ (3 months ago)
never thought I'd Stan a game the way I Stan the Witcher 3 I've even started reading the books because of this obsession
DomedSky (3 months ago)
Hüseyin Polat (3 months ago)
Türk Yok mu ?
fourkey (3 months ago)
Robert Mccutcheon (3 months ago)
love the game i only wish that there was a level where you got to take part in a major battle. like be trapped in the siege of novigrad which happened off screen, also to change units around after you beat the main campaign. so if niflguard won in the game have the unit skins in novigrad change to emperial troops, perhaps add in some damage to the city and show that the mages are not being persecuted any more
Isaiah Corbin (3 months ago)
Totally better than beowulf by far
khalid bustan (3 months ago)
who's playing still in 2018
d2drumer (3 months ago)
The Best Game!
Esther Lategan (3 months ago)
This was truly a well-crafted game. Kudos to the developers for their hard work
Mandy Comer (3 months ago)
Ok guys I have a question!!! I found this game looking for other games for my son and I am convinced I need this for myself. My question is do I go back and start with the first Witcher game?
Mandy Comer (2 months ago)
+cloudstar772 I can't thank you enough for responding!! I haven't gotten either cause I have no idea what to do cause I'm the type that I like to start from the beginning but I also know in video games and how quick they out date that it might not have been worth it. Thank you so much.
cloudstar772 (2 months ago)
You don't have to. I've played a bit of it and it is VERY different gameplay, a little hard to get used to
Duchess Coachman (3 months ago)
Is there a man, in this world like Geralt?!
Agrega Mais (3 months ago)
jogão da peste!!!
Kateřina Podrazilová (3 months ago)
Zbožňuji Zaklínače😘

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