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6 Embarrassing Videogame Scenes You Don't Want Your Mum Walking In On

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Rob presents our list of 6 embarrassing videogame scenes you don't want your Mum walking in on. Fell prey to any of these? Can you think of any we've missed? Let us know in the comments! Ultra Rare Trophies We Can't Unlock: bit.ly/1Z9WkJh 8 Games That Take Us To Our Childhood: bit.ly/1LvbnLw 6 Compulsive Videogame Habits: bit.ly/1XQDNAo PlayStation Access TV brings you the latest UK PS3, PS4 and PSVita news, events and goodies each week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest games and events on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (2549)
Scaitan (9 days ago)
Saints Row 3...the mission where you have to stumble through a pimp house, drugged, puking and naked. Or the mission involving the pony carts... ...then and there I really appreciated Alt+Tab. (Yes, I play on the PC and infiltrated your cozy channel - don't be so bloody funny if you don't want me to come here.)
George Sampson (10 days ago)
South park could be this top 5, the parents multiple sex scene, the alien probing, the 3 different houses with the inappropriate sex scenes, the sex scene in Canada
Neon Rain雨 (14 days ago)
Why isnt Quelaag or Geynevere on this
SUPER RAD (15 days ago)
How about the shower scenes in heavy rain?
Mar Hawkman (20 days ago)
OBJECTION! Leblanc isn't Yuna's archenemy. She's complicated... also the embarrassment level on that scene is capped by how everyone is fully dressed.
sniperbyker (1 month ago)
i don't get the king mardan joke why is it weird?
C Bones (1 month ago)
I must of died laughing at this. Rob & Dave are my favorite. Lol
schadow010 (1 month ago)
Every bathhouse scene of god of war?
Tim Clark (1 month ago)
doa volleyball
Lars Vd reep (1 month ago)
the guards are bulls in thieves in time so you could say they are horny guards lol
nobledonkey17 (1 month ago)
Mine is mass effect 3....i was romancing kaidan becuase i achievements and right when he and me male shepherd started to get it in boom...mom >_>
DarasuumArray (1 month ago)
Sod's law is called Murphys law here in the states
Zuzu Petals (2 months ago)
Poik poik squish
Neighbor Prism (2 months ago)
Basically anything in GTA
Fires Sparkling (2 months ago)
While I was playing Mass Effect, my mom walked in on the romance scene between Shep and Liara and I felt really embarrassed. This didn’t happen in the 3rd game where I got up early enough to play it and got to watch the romance scene. A similar thing almost happened at the start of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood where Ezio and whats her face who I can’t remember were doing it and my dad was in the other room eating pasta.
Squinky (2 months ago)
Any time I had to fight Nagi in Bloody Roar 4 my volume button got mashed down so hard i could feel the circuitry of the remote underneath it. Every time you hit her it sounded like she um....enjoyed it, we'll leave it at that.
Stephetheon (3 months ago)
My mom is a gamer too, so if she saw anything PG-13 or worse she'd probably just make fun of me and go play something on a different platform
Jarred Reneau (3 months ago)
Be a grown man and move out your mum's house and get your own. You damn baby!!!!
lameduck (4 months ago)
The opening to shadows on bo3 zombies
AkiraPoland (4 months ago)
Catherine. Whole game.
Limbo Bilbo (4 months ago)
i know one entry, *ahem* ‘dead or alive, all of it’
Paul Hampton (4 months ago)
It's not embarrassing or weird when that cross dressing moment comes up in FF7 but the remake is gonna make it feel weird with the up to date graphics
Nivan (4 months ago)
Heavy Rain the whole Madison dancing for that guy scene >.<
Ali Talebpoor (7 months ago)
Man i had to mute my phone just by watching this 😂😂😂😂😂
BossKarp (7 months ago)
Do you guys ever branch out beyond the games you favor?
DjVolume (7 months ago)
"The Division is a proper game". Mate, mate, mate...
Gecko (8 months ago)
Funny. My mom thinks GTA is a nice driving simulator, because she walzed in, when I tried driving like in real life for a minute. ...on the other hand she changed her mind about South Park. "what a nice game - not like the stuff you usually play!"... then she opened my door whilst I fought the underpants gnome boss....
SapphireGlaceon FunWins (8 months ago)
the game is dark cloud 2 not dark chronicle
Tathiko 1792 (8 months ago)
How about every God of war game were you bang an almost unlimited amount of red orbs out of sexual partners
The Radio guy (8 months ago)
Try to Get platinum on Knack
Noony (8 months ago)
The Yakuza 0 'videos' ..u know the ones right guys! 😏
Genji Shimada (8 months ago)
I literally just started playing FFX-2 last night...I'm scared now...
Lydia Robertson (9 months ago)
I actually feel like playing ffx-ii now :/ xD
Freddy McShreddy (9 months ago)
Dave plays Robs mom... Rob plays Daves dad i dont know how to feel about this.
John berardi (9 months ago)
Dark cloud when you have that old bat plant her crotch on your face for her 'Pumpkin Panty fortune time' was a bit when my Dad and Mum seen it, now me and my Dad make fun with it
Mama Rusie (9 months ago)
Heavy Rain... Every time someone is naked. Or Every time Etan starts screaming. Or every time there is a kissing scene. I can go on and on...
Werewolf Gamer (9 months ago)
A certain dance in saints row 4
Metal NEKO (9 months ago)
Mum walking in playing Senran Kagura
nobodyinterestingyou (10 months ago)
Final Fantasy X-2 was truly the bane of my teenage years...I love the game but It was so...Girly and I felt ashamed of enjoying It at times.Especially when my mom would be In the same room when I was playing this and she really didn't understood what was so appealing 'bout It gameplay wise.She seem convinced I was just perving on the over the top sexy outfits*She wasn't that far off,but still* ...
Praveen Sharma (10 months ago)
That's Dragon Ball Super, Rob Ur mum has chest hair
GrayHoodiee (10 months ago)
OH GOD I remember playing that massaging part in FFX-2 and my aunts and uncles just had to visit and all of them were watching me playing it in the living room. I was sick too so I couldnt(wouldnt) move much to change cd for another game. It was awkward.
Cra ig (10 months ago)
isnt it called murphys law?
Dylanus91 (10 months ago)
I remember far cry 3 With that indian Villian
Creesher 310 (10 months ago)
yan tang (10 months ago)
Kees Verbroekem (10 months ago)
Beverly Missions GTA V......
Sport RS (10 months ago)
my mum walked in on the luca laughing scene in ff10 i panicked and muted my tv "because i couldn't hear her"
Joeseph Moore (11 months ago)
If you want to prevent parents from hearing the stick of truth one just turn off the TV and go get a drink.
Just casually watching Gunbuster(I heard its like a prediseser(how spell?) to Gurren Lagann), my door wide open , and then, EVERY ********** EPISODE, boobs flop out. No one walked in. Then I watched Gunbuster 2 : Daibuster. Less boobs. thankfully. Still no one.
Antonio Brother (11 months ago)
Go to the boss's chambers and fulfill your duties
Yvonne Donohoe (11 months ago)
Still your funniest video
DrRitsu B (11 months ago)
You totally look like Andy Serkis
Casey Locklear (11 months ago)
What about nearly any fight in dead or alive 5 or anything that has to do with the Dlc outfits
EaqIe (11 months ago)
the over exaggerated fakeness of the background spoils it.
Jackson W (1 year ago)
First person. Prostitute. GTA5. Nuff said
¿Do Geese See God? (1 year ago)
My mom walked in when I was first playing Silent Hill 2 and Pyramid Head was, uh... doing some questionable things with the leg monsters over a kitchen sink. :|
Iwo DEU (1 year ago)
Conker Bad fur Day, anyone ?
Every mgs 3 scene with Eva
Shuaib Mohamed (1 year ago)
Played the opening of Duke nukem forever with my dad in the room
it's anto stow (1 year ago)
2:21 gta yeaaaaàaaa
Hedi Zaoui (1 year ago)
"Why would I play Dark Chronicle over The Division ?" to not play The Division :)
I enjoyed this video far more than I anticipated.
Leo Facio (1 year ago)
What about that one part in kingdom hearts two the little mermaid musical stage?
PixlPlayer (1 year ago)
My parents walked in when Geralt was taking a bath
Dragonslayer Jude (1 year ago)
Sasuke • (1 year ago)
Its nothing... In GTA V..... there is the scene...where Trevor f**** his gf
Sasuke • (1 year ago)
She'll Kamehameha me
Rob L. (1 year ago)
7:02 Yes. Yes, I do.
Tabish Arif (1 year ago)
SmackDown 2 on PS1. Those loading screens.
giannis psillias (1 year ago)
Let's be honest gta v has way more than 1 moments when you wouldn't won't your parents around
Sarah Bethards (1 year ago)
YOU FINALLY MENTIONED SLY COOPER. I am so thrilled you guys know about it. i absolutely ADORE that series!
James Murphy (1 year ago)
I didn't know you could enter the Honeybee inn until over a decade after my first playthrough.
sino (1 year ago)
Every 5 minutes of Witcher 3.
Nathan Jones (1 year ago)
no leisure suite larry?
xTomLox (1 year ago)
Lol I saw the reflection of either Dave or Nathan. (At 20 seconds when hes on the phone, look at the screen).
Alltribeslady17 17 (1 year ago)
Rob is very disturbing. Lmao
Jude Stock (1 year ago)
Anthony Guerrero (1 year ago)
Rdr sex scene in mexico was so embarrassing xD
Melvin johansson (1 year ago)
Well, don't get full bond with quiet in mgsv when your parents är home
Andy C (1 year ago)
MSG4. any boss fight ending.. skin tight vinyl.. camel toes... "UUUUH! HURT MEEEEE!"
Dampesthydra Ever (1 year ago)
I love how when he is on the phone to that one doctor or whatever you can see Nathan in the reflection of the tv
Megan P. (1 year ago)
I had a bloody heart attack when Sly Cooper came on. I absolutely adored those games growing up
QxeerRobinHood (1 year ago)
me and my boyfriend were playing nekopara once and his mom walked in during an h scene
Skull thunder (1 year ago)
the Aphrodite scene from GOW3...
zombie kids (1 year ago)
My Mom once walked into to room while I was doing a strip dance using male character on "Saient row 4". And once when my Dad pick up hooker in GTA V, He Immedietly said:"It's misson!!!!!!!!" XD
Heathcliff (1 year ago)
Huh, I always heard it as Murphys law.
Amr Kamal (1 year ago)
what about my dad lol why just moms
Martin Findley (1 year ago)
Every time u load in Shawdows of Evil in Black ops 3. If you've played that map u know exactly what I'm talking about
Mr.Noo Noo (1 year ago)
I was playing The Witcher 3 and my dad walked in when Geralt and others are in the bathhouse in Novigrad during one of the story missions. Standing there. All topless and only wearing a towel. Only men were shown. He was concerned and still is to this day.
limewire1990 (1 year ago)
Pretty much the whole of the game "Catherine".
Donny Spofford (1 year ago)
I think that bit in Final Fantasy X where Yuna and Tidus laugh for 5 minutes was incredibly embarrassing.
Slywolf 217 (1 year ago)
Watching this during my siesta
cat scar (1 year ago)
in GTA V I was doing the mission where you record the sex tape and my mum walked in how embarrassing
Talu (1 year ago)
Leo Calm Down (1 year ago)
Haven't finished the video yet but getting pushed out Maria's fanny in AC2
Lola Gudgeon (1 year ago)
I'm more concerned about excessive horror and gore, actually (real mum comment)
The division sucks tho
Dillon Haggett (1 year ago)
Love seeing Sly: Thieves in Time and Dark Chronicle.
Portable Penguin (1 year ago)
I was playing Fahrenheit on PS2 while my dad was in my room and the sex part came up....
jesus christ that massage was cringy as hell. Imagine your mom walkin in lol

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