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Thimbleweed Park Big Box Edition for Nintendo Switch

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I'm unboxing the Thimbleweed Park Bix Box Edition for Nintendo Switch. Released exclusively by Limited Run Games & limited to only 3000 copies. This is an extremely rare collectors item for #NintendoSwitch that I'm #unboxing for you guys. Have you played #ThimbleweedPark? Limited Run Games: http://www.limitedrungames.com Toys R Us Commemorative "Always a TRU Kid" Tee: http://www.alwaysatrukid.com Support CrazyDopetastic On Patreon For Only $1: https://www.patreon.com/crazydopetastic Check Out The CrazyDopetastic Merch : http://www.crazydopetastic.com ——————————————————————— What's On My Nintendo Switch (Playlist): https://dopeass.link/2mXq0Ry Fire Emblem Warriors SE Unboxing: https://dopeass.link/2A5CJqC My Fav CrazyDopetastic Videos: https://dopeass.link/2xEuj9l Everything Nintendo Switch: https://dopeass.link/2g7998z Technology I Love: https://dopeass.link/2z5FtzZ My iPhone X Review: https://dopeass.link/2hsdgg0 DIY Nintendo Switch Joy-Con D-Pad: https://dopeass.link/2iNZANk DIY Clear Nintendo Switch: https://dopeass.link/2jX1sXz ——————————————————————— Follow TUAN X: Instagram: @TuanX Twitter: @TuanX Nintendo Switch: 4606-0713-6899 PSN/XBL: freetheunknown Music Channel: http://www.youtube.com/tuanx Couple Channel: http://www.youtube.com/themeandtushow Follow CrazyDopetastic: Instagram: @CrazyDopetastic Twitter: @CrazyDopetastic ——————————————————————— Background Music By: Aliyah Laveau - https://dopeass.link/2Hcarj4 Intro/Outro Music By: Hav Inc - https://dopeass.link/2I5Fwnp ——————————————————————— The Gear I Use: https://dopeass.link/2Wtiqje Capture Software: https://dopeass.link/2Uvndge ——————————————————————— If you'd like to send products, items or fan mail please use the address below. Tuan X 924 Bergen Ave #241 Jersey City, NJ 07306 I may unbox it in a future video! #nerdculture
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Text Comments (24)
rcshaggy 7 (8 days ago)
Mind me asking on how much is that special edition of Thimbleweed Park? Really hoping to pick it up sometime for Special Edition of this game...
Kenz Games Collection (1 month ago)
I got the standard edition, watching your cool unboxing I wish I would have got that, it reminds me of the PC box games back in the day
Nightmare Ninja (2 months ago)
A retail copy of Thimbleweed Park? Sign me up!
Valerie Minnich (2 months ago)
The phone book! That is so precious! What a labor of love.
scarletplacebo (2 months ago)
They just HAD to have a number system ... man now I need to get them ALL
Nasra Omer (2 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic I hope I win I am trying to start a dope collection
CrazyDopetastic (2 months ago)
That’s how they get ya
TheDBZSquirrel (2 months ago)
good luck everyone
Philip Dennis (2 months ago)
Great unboxing! I completely missed out on this Limited Run release! I hope to see more unboxing videos from you in the future!
Zachary Avenger (2 months ago)
I want that shirt, but I’m broke at the moment...
sunsbookishgamesx (2 months ago)
That top!!
Little Timmy (2 months ago)
Just retweeted hopefully going to win
Evil Gizmo (2 months ago)
Nice Unboxing :)
Daniel Hill (2 months ago)
Can't wait to play this. Thanks for doing such a rad giveaway!
Souper Gaming (2 months ago)
Hey brotha. I remember when you made your video about rare games on the switch. I've bought EVER. SINGLE. GAME. From limited run since. I am definitely going to enter this bad boy, because this is the only one I've missed. Thanks for the heads up in that last video, again! :)
Refluxx (2 months ago)
Always been interested in Thimbleweed Park, but I haven't had time to check it out. Those big box edition goodies are awesome! Love it when they throw in collectibles that are located within the game itself. Awesome shirt btw!
brian kelley (2 months ago)
Cool video man
Max Loomis (2 months ago)
Of corce you got the big box! I got the reg switch version and the collector flint hook and mercenary kings box with the 2 switch card holders. I think the only other case with 2 card holders in one case is the bayoneta climax edtion! So I picked 002 and 003 collectors over timbleweed.
Da_Gamers_Loft 0 (2 months ago)
Awesome unboxing! Love what limited run games are doing with digital games😍
Naiko (2 months ago)
man i love this game, great unboxing, i loved Maniac Mansion, so weird but funny.
CrazyDopetastic (2 months ago)
Don't forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of Thimbleweed Park! Oh & if you like my shirt? It's available now at www.alwaysatrukid.com!
geak (2 months ago)
CD nice shirt my dude! And this game reminds me of "where in the world is carmen san deigo" from back in the day lol
Zack Stein (2 months ago)
CrazyDopetastic where did you get the shirt?
CrazyDopetastic (2 months ago)

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