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Forza Horizon 2 [PEGI 7] - E3 Gameplay Trailer

1152 ratings | 179674 views
Forza Horizon 2 is an action-packed, open-world driving game filled with beautiful vistas, amazing music and the world's greatest cars, including the video game premiere of the Lamborghini Huracán.
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S1mo745 (12 days ago)
The song is perfect for this trailer !
Shaun Heyel (1 month ago)
Still gives me goosebumps even in 2018
Vert Gaming (1 month ago)
Hello im from the future. Now we have Forza Horizon 4
Wojtek Play (1 month ago)
pedro martinez lozano (1 month ago)
Revolution, nervo
kara k (2 months ago)
Ps4 fanboy here and here is my story. I bought an Xbox One X a week ago and i am loving Forza Horizon 2 and preparing for Forza Horizon 4. Sorry 4 my English ✌
metallicak5 (2 months ago)
FREE TO PLAY FOR XBOX GOLD MEMBERS IN AUGUST!!!!!!! This trailer is amazing. Listen with earphones and be blown away by the roar of the engines, the rubber burning on the tires, the rain as it hits the ground and the festival music.
WB bLueYe (2 months ago)
Horizon 2 is still the Best Forza.
MIISTER COOKIE (2 months ago)
Petr Vainert (3 months ago)
Thiago Henrique (3 months ago)
Eu quero um Xbox one
Master XX (3 months ago)
please make fh4 like fh2
Vizourcz (4 months ago)
Man, I remember when this trailer was brand new and amazing. Now we have Forza Horizon 4.
Geilson inacio (4 months ago)
Um dos melhores Forza Horizon
Z3U5 (4 months ago)
Forza horizon 2 trailer best by far !
Kieran234_ (5 months ago)
2018 Anyone???
Katsuma XD (1 month ago)
John Lemon (2 months ago)
it's already on this 'games with gold' titles omg
Feyt (2 months ago)
Hyper Active (4 months ago)
Lambodriver217 after the trailer dropped yeah. But 3 weeks ago there was art realesed showing honk kong so that why i said china
Lambodriver217 (4 months ago)
Hyper Active it’s in the UK
thegrassmaster2 (6 months ago)
Best Forza game graphically
Ascari KZ1R (7 months ago)
1:24 & 1:33 Those sounds 😍😍
just hi (15 days ago)
Rb26 guys wait it dett
lämp (7 months ago)
I want this game so much for my xbox 360
lämp (5 months ago)
pittbulldawg no jusses i know it's not xbox 360. it even says it in the trailer
pittbulldawg (5 months ago)
Alex Modin trust me you don't I have the 360 version and if you think what you see in the trailer is what's actually in the game I'm sorry but you'll be very disappointed if you can just get an xbox one and a copy of it its a whole lot better
لوف قيم (11 months ago)
*1:24** 2G Engine*
Snipaa - Roblox and More (8 months ago)
I don't get it.
safa alhamwi (1 year ago)
Trailer was cool
safa alhamwi (1 year ago)
Who is watching this 2017?
racing4 the limit (4 months ago)
Andrew Lapadat (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, but this game was so much better then horizon 3. I was never bored playing this, horizon 3 makes me bored out of my mind.
Matrixthehedgehog9 (26 days ago)
Are you crazy?
Oscar Favela (4 months ago)
They did not put enough interesting roads. Its a huge map with a small perce tage of roads.
Jayden J (4 months ago)
Horizon 1 beats them both in my opinion.
juan arias (4 months ago)
Andrew Lapadat the roads of fh2 were better than fh3
everytime I watch this, and I here that p1 roar, it sends chills down my spine.
Kuruma Designs (1 year ago)
that p1 roar was not game sound tho sadly
cheetahautomotive (1 year ago)
FH2-115k views in three years, FH3- 5.7m in a year. wow
Felipe Augusto (10 months ago)
cheetahautomotive yeah, Microsoft is giving so much emphasis on the Forza series now that it has become popular
Gabriel Beck (1 year ago)
é muito legal
Gabriel Beck (1 year ago)
eu tenho esse jogo
Polski Rusek (1 year ago)
nice music
Cristheoz (1 year ago)
Is that an Microsoft Corporation game because if isnt a Microsoft game then i dont understand why its not on ps3&ps4
Sam the Ham (8 months ago)
It says on the loading screen “Made with Turn10 and Microsoft Studios
[GoldenD007 ] (1 year ago)
Cristheoz ps sucks
Fabmic96 (1 year ago)
+Cristheoz Dude, Forza is THE XBox exclusive racing game. Sure it's a Microsoft production.
AJ Muhammad (1 year ago)
Microsoft made Xbox 😜
DigitalHIFI09 (1 year ago)
Cristheoz it is a Microsoft game
James Pearson (4 years ago)
so its like need for speed?
Harry Plays (1 month ago)
James Pearson 100% MORE BETTER
Normal Fag (2 months ago)
way better
Joseph Machado (8 months ago)
but better
DesertFox (10 months ago)
James Pearson seems like need for speed payback copied some stuff from forza horizon so yeah..
سعد التميمي (1 year ago)
James Pearson ohohoho. Never...
Jamie Garrow (4 years ago)
I just wet my self over this video
abzeltoks kusinskis (4 years ago)
Song plys ;)
FruiitLooop (4 years ago)
Anyone know the song?
Paul Lambert (4 years ago)
R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan - Revolution
FruiitLooop (4 years ago)
Dinonumber (4 years ago)
It's called "Revolution" by some people I can't remember. It's on youtube, though, so you should be able to find it with the name.
Not2Day (4 years ago)
 song: Revolution R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan 
natalie p (4 years ago)
cannot wait to get an xbox one and play this
SpeedStrengthJames (4 years ago)
ahh its like Gumball 3000 but in a game
SpeedStrengthJames (4 years ago)
I may have to get this just because of the Pagani Zonda Cinque <3
Smashed Knight (4 years ago)
It's going to be a long 4 months...can't wait!
Azenyx (4 years ago)
Already pre ordered it
TheDJ007Dude (4 years ago)
This is amazing!!! :)

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