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Session - Game Preview - New Skateboarding Game 2018

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LINK TO KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS IT IS LIVE! DO NOT FORGET TO DONATE ON NOVEMBER 14TH! Session (previously known as Project Session) is a brand-new, independently produced skateboarding game by the Canadian-based company "Crea-ture studios". The people over there were kind enough to let me try out a prototype of their game and I was pretty impressed, to say the least. Please NOTE that the version I am playing in this video is not the final game, nor even a proper demo, but simply a "work in progress" prototype that only featured one level. Despite the circumstances, I was generally impressed by the game. Do not forget to back the project on November 14. Twitter: https://twitter.com/icebears4ever Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Icebears4ever
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Text Comments (161)
JusticeLeagueTv (1 month ago)
Ill wait for skate 4 the control are gonna piss me off
BloodEdge 765 (2 months ago)
Hopefully it will see a home console release...
RAINBOW_ CAKEz (3 months ago)
I'm praying this will come to ps4
wingman games (3 months ago)
I want skate 4!!!!!!!!!!!!
y is this guy goin so slow!?
Elijah Rios (3 months ago)
this looks like garbage, nothing like skate, trash, the tricks look shittier than Tony hawk. just make skate 4, and dead space 4, EA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING????
Honestly, it doesn't look like my kind of game. I prefer the traditional skating games with combos and points over something that's meant to replicate real life.
I'm on My llama shit (4 months ago)
Tyler Hazelwood (4 months ago)
You can play skate 3 on ea pass. Rather just keep playing it lol
Zacthes Tipsy (4 months ago)
Hmmm, the new control scheme sounds very orginal and intresting
nonya buisness (5 months ago)
Not for PS4 :(
David S (6 months ago)
Looks like a p.o.s game
MehdenMax (7 months ago)
The thing that they got wrong is the ragdoll even in tony hawk new games and skate ... IT IS NOT A DEATH Fall. You don't fall motionless. Make the fall more alive like trying to get up or hold something. Not falling like a puppet.
Regina Brown (9 months ago)
MattMully1823 (9 months ago)
Icebears Pin me
Rap pack (9 months ago)
No trick lining
Skateboarding (10 months ago)
skate 1 as known in the picture under the description
Poep Strond (10 months ago)
Iam not donation because is pc only
Tompzer1 _ (10 months ago)
okay i have downloaded the demo ....but. i cant connect my controller to my pc how can you download on ps4
mr. mcgee (10 months ago)
Omg I can't wait when it comes out on Xbox an psn
TheMightyBagle (10 months ago)
i hope theres a option to change the controls in session i might like the controls in this game but im just gonna wait until it comes out
Shayni Kent (10 months ago)
Looks sick
Felix Imadeafilm (10 months ago)
looks awful! Animations & graphics are 2008 Freetoplay with glitches and lower text.
Scootakip (10 months ago)
"Game: Skate 2007" Thanks Youtube
Jaedyn Sanders (11 months ago)
Will this be for ps4
Asher Bolt (11 months ago)
Doesn’t look as good as skate 3 which was released 7 years ago
Phant4sm (11 months ago)
this game is an IRL skaters DREAM! double swap analog flick is the real shit!
chocolate thunder (11 months ago)
This looks like the skateboarding equivalent to steep, and that game was boring as fuck
Sun Levi (11 months ago)
Graphics looks perfect.
Maximum Carnage (11 months ago)
Gross. I hate the physics.
Fabulous hotdog (11 months ago)
LINK! https://drive.google.com/file/d/14piTikuREYzVrlulMmzx6z5yu5XOIhAh/view?usp=drivesdk
English Harry (11 months ago)
cool video but when you said no point system is risky you couldn't be more wrong. Either you don't skate or you dont understand skating but in reality you don't get 350 points for a kickflip and so on... its arcadey and childish and not what skating is about. Session is a skaters game where all it matters is to skate and land sick shit wthout the bullshit that THPS and EA couldn't resist to throw in to gain more money from children.
English Harry (9 months ago)
i meant skate is arcadey and adding point systems and games to compete by earning points is arcadey. Theyve made it clear they are staying away from that.
David Restrepo (9 months ago)
English Harry and copying some modes and one element, the scoring system, doesn’t make it like Skate....that’s an extremely basic and surface level understanding. The game’s underlying systems and control scheme already differentiates it from Skate significantly
David Restrepo (9 months ago)
English Harry I am excited for this game’s more realistic take on skating. I WANT the hardcore simulation. That’s fine for single player. That’s fine for free skating online and they could even do some creative modes that Skate has never had. BUT with modes like own the spot or whatever...that would be a pointless online mode without a scoring system....you know how gamers are. They’d never come to a conclusion and with no scoring system, they might as well JUST set a spawn marker at the same location in free skate. Having a scoring system for specific modes is necessary to add longevity to the online experience
English Harry (9 months ago)
nah I strongly disagree mate because like i said, points are arcadey. Skaters don't meet up and play spot battle/hall of meat in reality and get magically scored 333 points for a tre flip so why should we in a game. I think it could be cool if they had game of skate/skate dice etc or some other actual skate game for the "competitive-ness" you were on about, but a point scoring system is arcadey and well wouldn't fit this game. If they just copy everything skate did then they aren't their own game. If you loved skate for its arcade/childish/silly elements then chances are you won't enjoy this game half as much.
David Restrepo (9 months ago)
English Harry that certainly makes sense and I don’t dispute that, but the lack of a scoring system also means fun multiplayer modes like the Skate games had will be nowhere to be seen or they’ll exist, but he ultimately pointless without a points system. I don’t care for it not being included in single player and free skate online, but for competitive modes, it’s got to have some sort of scoring system to increase its longevity
Eitan Louw (11 months ago)
what platform is this
yo (11 months ago)
For pre alpha its not bad
Will I Am (11 months ago)
looks like it nothing like skate all pass
Virgil N (11 months ago)
If it's not EA Skate. Then its a bootleg. Like putting a Baker sticker on a blank deck and call it a Baker Skateboard
J4ZZ (11 months ago)
But you know what, if EA would bring out Skate 4 it would be complete garbage, like with any other EA game right now, so everything is better then that.
tha1g3r (11 months ago)
This is already better than Tony Hawks Pro Skater
Luke Tobin (11 months ago)
Gunna lose more money just making it for PC in my opinion please put this on console put it on all stations like any other normal game company. Would be so pumped to help this be created but agreeing with fair few people when i say i wont do it if its only for pc
Luke Tobin (11 months ago)
Deimos no probz champ
Deimos (11 months ago)
Even though the PC community is bigger than both console communities combined? I doubt they would lose money. They're putting it on all three platforms. Stop acting like a child and just accept that people play on other platforms.
Luke Tobin (11 months ago)
Yea read it a few different ways and started to realise what you meant hahah i get ya now lol. In saying of this i hope it comes to console as i only have 1 mate with a full gamimg PC and i dont want to have to go all the way to his house just to play it but yea still looks like a sick game
Lurkai (11 months ago)
oh nah i was just emphasizing on how fuckin shitty the process of actually getting a game to xbox is. i mean you literally have to come out your pockets unless you are already in the xbox program. which these guys are, so ou dont have to worry about really waiting for it to come to console so much as just waiting for the kickstarter to gain more traction.
Luke Tobin (11 months ago)
Yep no probz taken in didnt know the struggles as i thought it would of been abit of a bust putting out on just Pc but ok i suppose it'll get there and you will probably continue to speak to people like there 6 yr old trying to tell you life problems. But appart from that taken in 🤘
Cahos Gamer 279 (11 months ago)
What’s a kickstarter
OldSkool Gamer (11 months ago)
The game looks kinda weird but I'm still hyped for some reason and by the way I haven't watched one of your vids in a long time and it's great to be back cause I used to love your vids
mario pena (11 months ago)
looks pretty good so far , why not put the push controls instead of on the buttons when you push the thumbsticks is ? that way your feet are always your feet?
Charlie Weare (11 months ago)
Am I the only person that thinks this looks like complete ass? I appreciate the the movement... But oh my god
J4ZZ (11 months ago)
what? why? this is a prototype , dude.
Snow Bert (11 months ago)
Charlie Weare looks so clunky.
josh campbell (11 months ago)
nah this looks shit, ea skate was way better
Lurkai (11 months ago)
people whove never developed or worked on games just dont know shit. no reason in telling them anything. just let them continue to consume AAA trash titles
Vox Prime Legacy (11 months ago)
It is literally a prototype. From an indie studio with barely any funds. What are you expecting, a masterpiece out of the gate?
Joe Vanilla (11 months ago)
I have fond memories of getting hammered in the park at 2:30
Dolores Berry (11 months ago)
I'm gonna buy it for sure
Jager Meister (11 months ago)
Was so pumped to donate until he said "for PC mainly and might be ported to consoles"...
zozo (11 months ago)
"The primary platform for release is PC. If you're a console player, don't worry, they are approved to develop on the Xbox One and PS4."
sean patrick (11 months ago)
Basically if it doesn't have EA skate controlls then it's shit
Christopher Artis (9 months ago)
sean patrick the Tony Hawk games up until Underground 2 are like quite a bit...
Afro bistrot (10 months ago)
you should try it's actually harder and so much realistic cause right stick = right feet and left stick = left feet more realistic than skate even if it's a prototype this is not even a pre alpha and game is going right on kickstarter if you re a real skater you should love it trust me this game will be better than skate 4
akbarfajarmaulana (11 months ago)
Well dont play it then
Graham Roth (11 months ago)
What are you talking about?
Badusername2000 (11 months ago)
That's not true in any way, the THPS games have far better controls, this new game is gonna be a nice change of pace from both of them
Scene Records (11 months ago)
looks glitchy and like id rather play skate 3 for 4 bucks
DVP3 (11 months ago)
Scene Records its still... A pre pre pre alpha, a work in porgress. They are still working on it. Theyre not going to give it to us just like that
Daproyals (11 months ago)
Its only gonna be on pc? Thats a bummer bro
Deimos (11 months ago)
They said they'll release it on consoles too.
akbarfajarmaulana (11 months ago)
They will released mainly on pc, but soon they will released on console too
Daproyals (11 months ago)
Vox Prime Legacy cause i dont have a pc lol
Vox Prime Legacy (11 months ago)
Ayskim Official (11 months ago)
2018 ??!!
shitsfucky (11 months ago)
Skate 3 is alredy out
Trevor Donegan (11 months ago)
This legit could be such a kick ass game. But yeah, there are definitely things that need to be fixed. Physics being one of them. For sure. It looks like a slightly smoother version of tony hawks pro skater HD. The controls seem like something that will take getting used to. But hopefully they will fix some glitches. The first thing I noticed when it was on when the skated was doing a 5-0 on the rail, his tail went through the rail. And hopefully they can make the Falls look a lil more realistic as they sorta look like rag dolls. Now with all that being said, the new controls look nice. Because if it used the similar controls as in tony hawk or skate, it’d be criticized for being unoriginal. So that’s good. This level looks so much fun and playable! Lot of nice lines. Honesty, if they just fix some of the things to make it smoother, this Could be the answer to those who prayed for a new skate and those who prayed for a new tony hawk game! I can’t wait!
Trevor Donegan (11 months ago)
Me as well! Altho to me, nothing can replace the tony hawk games!
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
Trevor Donegan I hear you, man. All those shuv glitches and weird animations(especially the prat falls lol) will be smoothed out and looking lovely for the full game. These guys at Creá-ture Studios aren't playing around. They are us, basically: sick of playing games like skate and Tony Hawk and wanting/expecting more. My palms are sweating as I type this I'm so pumped! XD
Trevor Donegan (11 months ago)
No I saw its a prototype. im not judging at all! This is just my opinion! thats all! I know this is gonna be a great game! 2
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
Trevor Donegan holy hell... It even says at the bottom of the screen that it is an early prototype. This is before a pre-alpha stage. Compared to a ton of indie games in their alpha stage, this is really fucking great for a early prototype. I suggest you follow more closely to what Creá-ture Studios has in mind...
4drturbo85 (11 months ago)
Why not just use a proven control scheme from the skate. series? Why make it complicated and more difficult?
Alaric Ross-Wagenknecht (11 months ago)
A good reason to make it complicated and more difficult is that it will be all the more rewarding when you pull off a hard trick. I have always gone for realism and played skate in 'hardcore' mode. So this could be a great feature
Grey God (11 months ago)
4drturbo85 the flick-it controls are copyrighted by EA. A new control scheme seems refreshing anyways, there'd be no challenge with something you already know. And the control system makes it so you have to actually learn tricks and it allows different tricks to be done (nightmare flips, 360 double flips, 540 flips, impossibles etc)
djksmile (11 months ago)
Just do thrasher with better graphics and levels.
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
djksmile yeah, but 1,000x better. Lol
Adam DiSalvo (11 months ago)
Really want to play it but I don't really want to use those controls they should have used the skate controls
Douglas Show (11 months ago)
They have hardcore and another control mode. Hardcore mode, left stick is for left foot and right stick is for right foot. The other mode left stick is front foot and right stick is back foot. In hardcore mode you have to be conscious of what way the character is facing because the controls for Ollie wouldn't be the same if you're switch.
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
Adam DiSalvo flick-it is a copyright of EA.
KingIce3518 (11 months ago)
The bear is baack
Rad Rat Video (11 months ago)
Man, I'd love to get my hands on that. Looks like a great start!
Fabulous hotdog (11 months ago)
LINK! https://drive.google.com/file/d/14piTikuREYzVrlulMmzx6z5yu5XOIhAh/view?usp=drivesdk
Tyler Baker (11 months ago)
I actually came here from your video. What a small world.
Icebears4ever (11 months ago)
It's great, looking forward to your preview.
Rad Rat Video (11 months ago)
Heard from them today! I'll be getting the next build
tEliitezz (11 months ago)
Rad Rat Video you should email cre-a-ture studios or contact them I’d love to see a video of you reviewing it
bumbolish Bobobobo (11 months ago)
Looks really cool
Trevor Donegan (11 months ago)
Missed you Icebears!!!!
Eric danial (11 months ago)
finally a new video!,what happened to proving ground part 4?
AZI THE MLG PRO (11 months ago)
O God another God damn stick controlled game!?
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
AZI THE MLG PRO and, it's gonna be amazeballs.
NFLDude56 (11 months ago)
Looks promising, I'm definitely gonna be backing it.
Raisin (11 months ago)
Damien Lapinski (11 months ago)
02:13 Is that a DAB? ok ok, I am sorry for acting like a 12year old.
tEliitezz (11 months ago)
Damien Lapinski lol 😂
Mayo (11 months ago)
I hope that u can change controls
taku uzamaki (10 months ago)
Darren Callaghan it's essentially like spider man by using 2 triggers to wing instead of one which is unnecessary imo. If it ain't broke dont fix it, skate 3 had a better understanding of control's and physics.
Darren Fenyyx Callaghan (11 months ago)
LaTharien Kelson it's not complicated at all
Kino K (11 months ago)
The objective is to make the game fun. If it’s to complicated then the less fun it’ll be. I think it should have the skate 3 controls.
Darren Fenyyx Callaghan (11 months ago)
Mayo I think these controls are far better than skate. Being able to control both feet you can do more innovative tricks. Like a big flip
Noah Zimmerer (11 months ago)
14. Of November is my birthday so I might actually be able to donate a bit :D
delfino plazza (11 months ago)
yayyyy he posted a vid
Callam001 (11 months ago)
Was interested roll you mentioned the Controls. They sound awful. I can imagine it being a massive hassle just to do the most basic thing. If they have a classic control scheme too then I'll probably go for it. But I refuse to play a game where you have to use the analog sticks for tricks. That's the reason I've only ever touched a skate game once and never again
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
Callam001 sucks to be you. I can't wait for another two years when the online community is huge and people are making real looking skate footy. Skate is a joke...
tEliitezz (11 months ago)
Callam001 it’s a realistic game that’s why. It’s better too because it’s like in real skating to kick flip you have to pop with your left foot (if goofy) and flick off the side with your right, so the game is more realistic because you pop with the left stick and flick with the right
DRiB (11 months ago)
Very good video! I'm so fucking hyped <3
beunjoris (11 months ago)
I really dislike the Skate-ish camera perspective.
Kool Cool (5 months ago)
Badusername2000 nba 2k try to do tv prospective too but I always change it
Kool Cool (5 months ago)
DudeManBro options should always be a choice
Kool Cool (5 months ago)
Lasangra _ then it should be first person dumb bitch
Maximum Carnage (11 months ago)
beunjoris Should have Thrasher Skate and Destroy's camera.
Dylan Higgins (11 months ago)
Hey buejoris no one has ever heard of redcat
Brian Jules (11 months ago)
Supreme Ghosty (11 months ago)
finally skate is getting boring and i started playing th american wasteland
Jinseng (11 months ago)
Ghosty American Wasteland is godly
Noah Zimmerer (11 months ago)
Ghosty Same but for me it's THPS3 lol
Hawkamania (11 months ago)
happy that u uploaded
Hawkamania (11 months ago)
cant wait for this game
chadster123 (11 months ago)
Yack JG (11 months ago)
chadster123 someone doesnt understand software development
Some Dude (11 months ago)
chadster123 It is literally a prototype. From an indie studio with barely any funds. What are you expecting, a masterpiece out of the gate?
Edgy-Chan (11 months ago)
Thwartus NeinShmidt (11 months ago)
Kickstarter campaign? Dammit, they better not pull a Mighty No. 9 on us.
hockeyfan288 (11 months ago)
I don't think they will, they've been working on this game for years and it looks like it could already be finished soon
NoJahns (11 months ago)
keiji inafune isn't involved so hopes should be high
ITS NOOBTUBE (11 months ago)
Controls will cause it to flop
Senik Nine (11 months ago)
ITS NOOBTUBE lol people said the same about Skate...
Aidan Kerr (11 months ago)
cool, any news on the documentary you are making?
Iron Hawk (11 months ago)
Wow this looks freaking awesome, I can't wait for the kickstarter, im definitely going to back it
Jinseng (11 months ago)
Watching this in class cause you make the best videos
Ernest Jimenez (11 months ago)
Looks rad!

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