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Pillars of Eternity 2's ships are its best new feature | Josh Sawyer interview

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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is making some exciting changes to the classic RPG formula. We spoke to design director Josh Sawyer to find out how Obsidian are making the game more fun, reactive, and customisable. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/pcgamesn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (243)
PCGamesN (9 months ago)
Do you think Obsidian's new ideas will make Deadfire a better game? Let us know what you're excited for!
Radio Raheem (8 months ago)
Hoping to hunt sea monsters in a further expansion!
Anodyne Melody (8 months ago)
Pillars I is the best RPG I've ever played, and I've played almost all of the cRPG's available since the early 1990's. I backed Pillars II as soon as it was announced on Fig, and the developers have not disappointed in their frequent updates. I'm most excited for the overland exploration being player-choice, the new sea exploration, the larger game world, the improved/clarified combat, the Obsidian story and writing's amazing work, and the visual overhaul. This will be a game that totally immerses me for several months or longer, and I can't wait for Deadfire! :)
Rawsawn (9 months ago)
Less constant loading.. not excited about a new "castle/ship" that for whatever reason made people pile money at a project that really had as little impact as it did in NWN, also not a fan of bonfires entirely, i hope the story is a lot better than in the first one
Taylor Hill (9 months ago)
Love Pillars and White March, bought both. I look forward to playing Deadfire with my original characters! I hate starting over... Good job!
PCGamesN (9 months ago)
The background music is copyright free music from Epidemic Sound!
Wary Trout (1 month ago)
Sid Meiers Pirates! Obviously, haven't even watched the video yet and it's pretty clear.
Ordinary Human being (2 months ago)
As well as a ship can we get a stronghold too? And more character creation faces.
Tera Elektra (5 months ago)
Most RPG game makers stink....so we been waiting for a company to make a ship sailing RPG game since ultima 5, most RPG makers just make a one character party, we might as well watch cable crap TV, but thankfully POEII Deadfire is a great game for us
Zeoz (5 months ago)
I like the first game. This one looks good but the story.......THERE IS TOO MUCH FEMINISM.
Jonathan Bejay (6 months ago)
best new feature , AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
kao123456654 (6 months ago)
So the game is now out and I can safely say, the ships are one of the worst features in the game. Absolutely boring combat, not to mention bugged at the moment. Exploration is fun tho' just bogged down by the shitty resource system.
Ger (6 months ago)
I don't drink alcohol but I totally want a Pillars flask!!!!
Notsofriendly 101 (6 months ago)
Where's that cleric at eh
Shaun Flynn (6 months ago)
Lords of the Eastern Reach in the background on the shelf :D
Ariane Pimentel (6 months ago)
Super glad that are taking tactical notes from dragon age origins. That one was my favorite.
Slobodan Dzikoski (6 months ago)
Obsidian is a example of an excellent company
nemesis7884 (6 months ago)
CANT wait ...on one hand loving the smaller party, on the other hand so hard to choose the people
Sizz Flair (6 months ago)
The more I see pillar of eternity the more I see look like suikoden
Daemon Redfield (6 months ago)
Damn Josh. You've aged into Jeff Goldblum.
Jim G (7 months ago)
The only thing that really irritated me in Pillars of Eternity was having to run back to my stronghold every few days to fight something. It was needlessly annoying.
KimInChains (7 months ago)
No band t-shirt.. :|
Benedicite Sol (7 months ago)
I just want a smooth running, no crash and corrupted save at 40hrs in where I have to restart and the same FUCKING thing happens AGAIN!!@$/^&**&/ $#..version of the first game in a new location. Ships look nice.
SergeyGovno (7 months ago)
бичи ебаные я желаю больше игроков в команде а не меньше!!!! ебалваших мамок защеканцы кинчиные!
Roberto Tavares (7 months ago)
when I was practically about to push this question: we can import the saved for the previous game? I heard my answer 6:13
durkadur27 (7 months ago)
seems like the end all be all rpg and its coming to Nintendo Switch
leander_r (7 months ago)
I'm really hoping for a Manowar class ship! :D
Moonstar (8 months ago)
oh yeah!!!!
Aaron Flames (8 months ago)
Did i heard romance!!
Stefan Jansson (8 months ago)
Nice romance confirmed.
Metro 432 (8 months ago)
wunderfull, whats the name of this soundstracks in your videos?
PCGamesN (8 months ago)
Hey - it's from the music library we use called Epidemic Sound.
Really, I'd rather not. (8 months ago)
"Actually Quite Sunny Sea"
stacey wilkie (8 months ago)
The most important question .............. Can I romance ?
dawgyv72 (8 months ago)
I'm playing FF12 remaster now, and this is a pleasant surprise. Yes! Can't wait!!
Lexi L (8 months ago)
what is a name of that music is that from the game?
Taneli Mäenpää (8 months ago)
Still no bg-like online multiplayer co-op? Disappointed.
KeepSmilin88 (8 months ago)
Josh rocks a nice beard. Good interview aswell !
Funk Enstein (8 months ago)
I am really looking forward to playing this game.
Atrahasis7 (8 months ago)
Cant wait to tom murder pallegina.
Wessel vd Broek (8 months ago)
The behavior editor is gonna take me back to Dragon Age: Origins. Can't wait for this game! Loved the first one.
Ladislav Popelka (8 months ago)
Stronghold in poe 1 was big disappointment, I rather wouldn't bring that up.
The Last Game Bender (8 months ago)
Nice interview, Josh is awesome but why the random loud music during questions?
LilPorcelynDoll (8 months ago)
I'm foaming at the mouth for this game. What an amazing upgrade from the first.
Multishape (8 months ago)
I hope the writing is improved from the first.
Nibiru News (8 months ago)
So. there's no actual graphical ship-to-ship combat, it's all done through those annoying chose choice 1,2,3,4 screens?? blah. A step backward in design development. Seems horribly boring.
The Cook (7 months ago)
you mean you actually have to READ??? absolutely blasphemous
Vladimir D (7 months ago)
Moonstar (8 months ago)
Nibiru News then create your own game then
The Trusty Sidekick (8 months ago)
You can apparently board another ship and fight the crew but I was also hoping for some broadside action. While I understand this isn't that type of game, it still was good to have considering it is technically naval combat.
Funk Enstein (8 months ago)
There is ship-to-ship combat when you board another ship you have a battle. It's not just chose your own adventure, you battle the other crew.
корабли??? кастомизация корабля???? мдеее это ведь этак забавно... Дайте ещё возможность строить свои городка... это ведь этак круто...
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
Sorry I don't speak vodka
Gerythion Argarys (9 months ago)
:/ this all seems to have come at the cost of character progression choices...
Gerythion Argarys (8 months ago)
Mac Park Have you played the beta? Because subclass just gives you a second class feature, aka healing hands or the fire thing for Paladins, as well as a slight change to the feature. Nothing really new there. Multiclassing cuts your level in half and doesn't really count because each class still only has a handful of options each to begin with. Compared to NWN 2 this game's level up progression seems barren.
Mac Park (8 months ago)
WIth the subclasses and the multiclassing it seems to me that their are more level up and progression choices than ever.
Gerythion Argarys (8 months ago)
... a) that is a marketing gimmick and does not NECESSARILY have to be true if the lead developer says it (see the hype train that was "No-Man's Sky" if you need an example of a dev saying something that contradicts the end product). b) you refer to choices, but I am talking about level up progression (I think you are referring to story?). There seems to be fewer choices when you level up than there were in the original. c) the beta is just not giving me any hope/reassurances.
Mac Park (8 months ago)
Gerythion Argarys What? Did you not see him say that character progression and choices are deeper than ever?
exorder2005 (9 months ago)
Would be nice if they actually made some Evil companions for an evil playthrough, though I doubt it...
Aldiggy2000 (9 months ago)
Original Sin 2 and Pillars 2 .. man it's great that we can still get the games we love today
Hambone (9 months ago)
UGHHH. I can't wait. Pillars 1 introduced me to cRPGs. I then went and played the Shadowrun games, Planescape, Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, and more recently Divinity: Original Sin 2. I still play the occasional Rainbow Six: Siege, Witcher 3, and now DBfighterZ... but cRPGs are my favorite. Thank you Obsidian. How soon do we get keys from backing? lol
M M (9 months ago)
this is a beautiful and very addictive game.
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
D) you like your own comments
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
A) your a and b points were the same B) the points you made a and b are the same C) all I'm saying is that you can't say that something Is good before you KNOW if it's good, you can speculate but you cant say something as blatant as "It's addictive" so DO me a favor and gtfo
M M (8 months ago)
a) how on earth are you comparing no man's sky with pillars of eternity 2 b) hello games devs are totally diferent from obsidian devs, what on hell are you talking about. c) pillar of eternity 1 was already extremely good, they already have proven their quality in rpg games, so give me a favor gtfo
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
I don't know man, No man's sky also looked promising but look how that turned out. Just, wait In saying how good it is before playing it.
M M (8 months ago)
because hardcore rpg players can foresee their endless hours playing the most ambicious game Obsidian ever made.
Ryan Bissonnette (9 months ago)
I skimmed through quickly. I know it's gonna be great. It's honestly more worth discovering it yourself. Obsidian is exceptionally talented and I'm really looking forward to this!
Bobro Bobrodobro (9 months ago)
I think it will FAIL the last game was too boring. I don't think they will be able to change it this time
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
A lot of people liked the last game, so I don't think so.
Ingerimm (9 months ago)
Love ships, love pirates, sailing and exploring sound wicked fun! Can't wait for this one!
Rafael Bernard (9 months ago)
time to finish pillars 1
Dawid Kryspin (9 months ago)
I think there supoustu be a dark and normal version, huge hype and great idea! In that case money helps 😂
barbyfn (9 months ago)
I love all in this interview, except 10:00 . People want traditional western forest in RPGs, including coast, mountain and ice, then when I reach "exotic" environments the game starts to turns unpleasant. Look real life, nobody wants to live in jungles, deserts, swamps, lava... I hope Pillars 2 will include big many solid green grounds, at least in the main areas.
Rodrigo Santos (9 months ago)
Amazing! I would love for them to make a sci-fi rpg now... with your own crew and different planets to explore...
Viking II (9 months ago)
The ship is one of the bests additions, I've made my own mod to add my Ship home in Oblivion, ships > castles, ever.
User (9 months ago)
Why is the music between questions so loud?
User (9 months ago)
I love you Josh! I'm sorry for what I said about you not really having good reasons to reduce the number of party members. Looking forward to Deadfire in a way I haven't for a game in a long time.
Gary Proudfoot (9 months ago)
Got to say disappointed that the ship is now being used as an stronghold replacement, would of preferred the castle feature remained and there were more options to upgrade and build on it the ship just doesn't have the same feel as an land base.
Filip Kunic (9 months ago)
Holy shit. They know that people play their games for complexity, they wont go down the Bioware road. WOO HOOO! This is awesome! I can't wait to play this but i want Tyranny 2.
Nathan Resick (9 months ago)
I really like the idea of having ships be our bases. I liked everything in this video except the weird old school D&D ship fight mechanic. That seems a little lazy although I suppose preferable to a ship battle mini game that just sucked. Makes me think they tried to make a mini game there and it didn't work out for whatever reason.
Rawsawn (9 months ago)
I never saw the point of having a base in an adventure game like this, care to elaborate?
Blizzy (9 months ago)
Wondering if you import your save file from PoE, can you remake your class and character? Does it only import the choices you made on the world or your character (and the class you chose) as well?
Xaos Bob (9 months ago)
Josh went from looking like a dude my daughter would date to a dude who looks like my dad. lol Not a criticism, man, from either direction.
Aldiggy2000 (9 months ago)
hahah ya he's got to ditch the dad sweather
Ivan Jovanovic (9 months ago)
Are they trying to make assassins creed pirates or Badurs Gate, why are soo naive. If we cant skip ships I will not play this - wasted time, idea. They could add just woice acting
EroticOnion23 (9 months ago)
Why waste so much time building a companion AI when all you had to do was make it turn-based...
Lung_Wa 12 (8 months ago)
Because that's not the rpg they want to make it's a CRPG not final fantasy
Mac Park (8 months ago)
EroticOnion23 Becauae then the identity it was going for would be gone. Not every game needs to be turn based. Real time combat with polish and easy to understand depth and complexity is amazing
Boondock (9 months ago)
take my motherfucking money
Grimah (9 months ago)
I really loved the dragon age origins companion ai system.... apart from the tactics being locked behind skills.
Croz Raven (9 months ago)
The AI improvements & tactical management system is definitely something that I always wanted since first PoE, especially considering the devs taking inspirations from FF gambit system or DAO tactical commands.
Hawkknot's Gamecave (9 months ago)
Traveling by ship looks really fun, and the AI system sounds AWESOME! I love being able to customize how my party members act in combat. I'm doing a let's play of Tyranny at the moment, and the only real drawback is how much micromanagement I have to do in combat when playing on Hard difficulty.
Jimmie Lovett (9 months ago)
I mean, there are game publishers that come out with an IP and it's amazing and then they improve some stuff in the sequel, but Obsidian is just like you know what, fuck it... let's go all out, improve every little aspect of what we did last time, crank it up to 11, and just go with it with each of their games. So much love for the studio. Deadfire and Wasteland 3 are the next rpg's I'm looking forward to, I know Wasteland 3 is gonna get ported to console, which I love console ports of CRPG's because they still look really damn good and the controller UI is awesome, so I hope Deadfire, at least it's complete edition gets ported over like Pillars 1 did.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
I play the Beta, and despite some expected improvements that needs to be done : It's taking the right direction to be what Baldur's Gate 2 was to Baldur's Gate. The only thing missing to confirm this, is the actual Story, but the Plot looks great & intriging. Chasing the God of Light, Rebirth & Redemption to figure out why, [What seems to be a Kind God], is on a rampage ? I mean... What could go wrong if it's Godsidian who's holding the helm. [Pun Intended]
Borbali (9 months ago)
I really hope none of Tyranny's combat carried over...
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Cooldown Mechanic on Spells
Nathan Resick (9 months ago)
Why? Tyranny combat was basically just POE combat but with bugs fixed and different spells.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
It doesn't, However a cool thing borrowed from Tyranny is the "highlighted text hyperlink" for strange languages, remind you who is who, etc.
Ivan Jovanović (9 months ago)
Why we must to loose our precisious time on stupid shipfight and repetitive decisions?
Rawsawn (9 months ago)
He prolly ment that as a useless event like "you have been waylaid and must defend yourself" Ohh noo 2 rafts, i dont know if this large ship could possibly just ram em and sail on, could it?
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Zac Hawkins (9 months ago)
Make Fallout : New Vegas 2 already... stupid Bethesda.....
Arcanum Elite (9 months ago)
my question is... can you still make custom mercenary characters in deadfire?
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Yes you can !
TribalN7 (9 months ago)
Wait. We have romance now? Such a throw away line but that's kind of gargantuan news for an Obsidian title...
Vladimir D (7 months ago)
As long as they're sworn to carry my burdens.
Vladimir D (7 months ago)
would've* or would have*
Dex Games (9 months ago)
This isn't Romance for the sake of making Romance, he clearly explained that to us [Backers]. You shouldn't worry, it won't be "you can fall in love with any companion in the game", à la Bioware. Repeating myself but, it's a "Relationship System", it going to evolve around bonds, camaraderie, and "Eventually" Romance. Quote : "Only if it makes sense". It can happen between you & a companion, but also between the companions themselves. Or not happen at all. And also, I wanna add that It's going to be well written, way better than what you can experience in Mass Effect or Dragon Age for exemple. It's the interactions between the characters that will be interesting, not necessarily the romances.
TribalN7 (9 months ago)
This isn't BioWare. I trust them to do it correctly, relationship dynamics are an amazing way to create deeper characters. To be honest that was what was missing from Pillars 1, I struggled to care for the party members at all. They were just following me and had some things they needed sorting. If they grow to dislike and like each other, leave or even get romantically involved (you know, like real people) that would make me invest a lot more in their stories.
Gary Proudfoot (9 months ago)
Would of preferred they stay out of romance considering all the bs that will follow on from it.
Caio Pontes (9 months ago)
Reduced party size? Why? Fucking why? Hopefully an endeavoring modder will bring it back to where it should be.
demonsangells (9 months ago)
I wish they completely changed the combat to be like Temple Of Elemental Evil or Divinity Original Sin.
Titty Titty Poo Tang (8 months ago)
Nathan Resick.... Huh. I do not believe you have played these games because the combat systems are wildly different, and although I enjoyed Divinity OS, The character class system was very surface level boring. There was no difference between any of the classes, You could make a sorcerer or a fighter and they could be identical in terms of stats and skills. There was no point in having different classes. There could have been one class in that game and it wouldnt take anything out of it besides the name. It would still be the same game. In Pillars its impossible to make a class the same as another. Thats how it should be. Pillars had a far larger scope of character customization as far as how you built them and played them. Divinity clearly focused on story mostly, which I liked. I also liked the combat system but in Pillars the combat is much more diverse depending on how you want to play.. but yea there is not much similarities between the two games other than they are RPG's, especially not the combat, so im not sure if you are just getting games confused or never played them at all.
Arjo Munnik (8 months ago)
You should check release dates ;0
buccaneer (9 months ago)
you take that back
Nathan Resick (9 months ago)
Divinity Original Sin has a very similar combat system to POE but I am sure the one in POE2 will be just as good. (also pretty confident that POE was the inspiration for Divinity Original Sin including the combat system)
ricky4567 (9 months ago)
I would love ToEE combat but hate Original sin combat. ToEE had depth in its characters (D&D classes/feats/etc), and combat options (grappling, charging, preparing for action). Original sin is flat and unsatisfying
Ron Simons (9 months ago)
Obsidian has totally regained it's focus and desire to make a great RPG.  I loved POE and will buy this. Great job Obsidian.
Can't wait!
Ondřej Šebek (9 months ago)
I love the paper choice minigame before optionally going to hack those pirates to pieces in person! Ships overall look gorgeous <3
Arcanum Elite (9 months ago)
well... you can be a pirate as well... attacking innocent merchant ships is an option.
Aykioh (9 months ago)
Ay thanks for this, some awesome new info!
irish rover (9 months ago)
more voice acting would be nice. if i want to read a novel i'll just buy a book.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Me too mate, me too. At least we know for sure the Game isn't fully Voice, I can confirm that.
Johnathan Era (9 months ago)
Dex Games well that's fine. But I like the reading. Having more VO is good. But I don't want more of it, than reading
Dex Games (9 months ago)
One of the Stretch goals was "Double the VO". So essentially, double the voiced lines compared to Pillars I.
Arcanum Elite (9 months ago)
they are already adding more voice acting than the first one from what i read.
Johnathan Era (9 months ago)
irish rover good god no, I mean they could add more. But I by no means want this game fully voice acted
Third High (9 months ago)
Pillars of Eternity: Black Flag
Zebulin Shelton (9 months ago)
Obsidian KILLING it. Can't wait.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Call'em by their real name man, it's Godsidian ! :)
Blank (9 months ago)
The music is way too loud
Kronus X (9 months ago)
I will take a Black Ship, por favor :D
Kronus X (9 months ago)
I don't mind chasing ships lol. Keep those ships nice and tidy to build an armada and dominate on the sea
Rawsawn (9 months ago)
shhh thats their expansion name, we heard you like ships, so heres a ship to chase down ships so you can build ships while you hunt for bigger ships. And you have to fight Le' Chuck in the end.
yosharian (9 months ago)
dude.. it's a joke
Kronus X (9 months ago)
lol you totally missed the reference. Congratulations. Ever heard of the Black Pearl?
yosharian (9 months ago)
Kronus X racist
Bhaal Lord of Murder (9 months ago)
Does anyone know will be bonus stats from poe1 imported to poe2? For example gift of machine or gods blessings?
Dex Games (9 months ago)
No Problem ;)
Bhaal Lord of Murder (9 months ago)
Dex Games thank you for the answer! I'm glad to hear that:)
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Yes it will be carried over in Deadfire ! However, what Josh exactly said about this is that : "They'll come back in one form or another". We don't know more about it yet
[Dominic] (9 months ago)
If Deadfire plays anywhere near as good as the mentioned FF Gambit system or DAO, then it's a 10/10
Dex Games (9 months ago)
The AI System is working pretty rock solid atm. You'll enjoy it for sure it you take the time to set it up :)
[Dominic] (9 months ago)
I don't think i've ever seen JW look more hipster, (and that's saying alot) and i love it. Bravo playboy, POE 2 can't come soon enough
Second World Redneck (9 months ago)
Sounds good so far. I hope this game will deliver.
TheKraige (9 months ago)
I love how he's willing to admit so freely that they took inspiration from FF12's gambit system and the AI setting in DA:O, game developers are so unwilling to admit that usually. Also really love those systems so glad to see it getting use after EA and SE abandoned the depth of the system.
Coda (7 months ago)
All I can say is thank goodness, and I hope it comes to Tyranny 2 as well. Complexity is all well and good, but without player tools a lot of the PoE combat was simply tedious since you have to micromanage everything all the time.
choog (8 months ago)
Yes,some people surely give a fuck about vanity.Learn from other game studios and make masterpiece. that is how things work.
Really, I'd rather not. (8 months ago)
I like that he recognised the problem of visual effects obscuring wtf is happening in combat.
G3rq (8 months ago)
Player controlled AI scripts have existed since Baldur's Gate.
Abc123rage (8 months ago)
I fucking love DA:O AI setting!!!
100 Grizzly Bears (9 months ago)
Love PoE but not a huge fan of seafaring nor pirates. Gonna definitely buy this, but just hoping there isn’t tooo much emphasis on a pirate identity.
Rawsawn (9 months ago)
I can already smell the "loot island treasure quest" You need to scavange the world and get a special sea captain that only wants to join you if you do this list of near end game where you dont really need to make use of the items anyway. Castle v2, im totaly calling it here i think
wongoli wongo (9 months ago)
I was afraid the game was going to focus too much on ship stuff but I'm glad that he said the most important feature was character building, freedom of choice, and npc relations since that's the bread and butter of rpgs.
yosharian (9 months ago)
Blaximus ! Who said you have to be a pirate? 0_o
wojciech strzelecki (9 months ago)
'Bioware went with smth a little bit less standard ' well yes 'a little bit less' not make it a fantasy sid meier's pirates out of it's sequel! I liked the world being set in universe similar(not even close as good tbh) to baldurs gate/icewind dale(in expansions which I didn't even got to coz main game bored me endlessly half way) and problem was that it was a quickly patched up kickstarter game with not much time/big team/well tested & developed engine/interesting plot or intrigue(vocabulary in the writing was kl though)/ forgotten realms rich universe and general game atmosphere behind it. Now seems like you guys have most of those things you were lacking in 1st pillars but still very much missing that rich interesting universe, but now- plus for me & others into old infinity games- an unfamiliar uninteresting setting :/ Might be a decent game on it's own but still very much feels like a wasted potential here...#rantover Ps. Forgot about boring contrived combat system, that was just an overloaded uninteresting shit show with no ability to play solo multiclass in satisfactory way (IWD2 Heart of Fury mode pls come back!❤ )
PJ (9 months ago)
"gods not really being true gods is problematic for Polish guy ;)" I'm Polish and I have no idea what you are talking about, can you elaborate ?
yosharian (9 months ago)
Not gonna comment on most of this but the combat has been significantly improved from PoE1 from what I've seen
Skret2 (9 months ago)
That is your opinion. I liked the world & lore of POE lot more than any D&D bioware game I played. But I undestand that story about - gods not really being true gods is problematic for Polish guy ;) As for combat & character system. Stop being nostalgic, it's just plain better than in BG or IWD. Not saying it is perfect. It will be a lot different in POE2 so we'll see.
Vaniglia Carogna (9 months ago)
If Pillars 2 will be to Pillars what Baldur's gate 2 was to baldur's gate 1 than I will be a very happy man.
Benedicite Sol (7 months ago)
Mr. D by far
choog (8 months ago)
That's the thing I've tried to forget.
kwboo 199x (8 months ago)
Fallout 2
Narold Hixon (8 months ago)
Divinity original sin 2
Emriel (8 months ago)
Most important, that it will be FIRST sequel of their own game, while they made great sequels of other games
FortuneHatter (9 months ago)
OH BABY YEAH! SHIP HOMEBASE ARE THE GOOD LIFE! It gives me that Suikoden 4 feel all over my body.
RsXen RDio (9 months ago)
*insert I see you're a man of culture meme*
Leon Bennett (9 months ago)
Man as soon as he said “Final Fantasy gambit system” I got Rock Hard!
Dex Games (9 months ago)
It still needs some "UI Frendly" tweeks, but man it's already pretty solid ! I'd say it dives a little bit deeper than FFXII, Great Addition nonetheless. Oh ! And Deadfire is gorgeous !
OpposingForces (9 months ago)
maybe obsidian can make their own mass effect style game at some point. doesn't seem likely bioware will be around long enough to do that again.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Obsidian reserved 4 website domains a few days ago, for something called "The Outer World". So it's probably the game that Tim Cain & Leonard Boyarski are working on atm at Obsidian. Given the name, it might be what you expect. :D
Roley (9 months ago)
GOTY 2018
Frans Jacob (8 months ago)
Dude it's not even out yet
koffinkat666 (8 months ago)
You look like Rasputin Bro.....
minos121 (8 months ago)
i hate them but still red dead 2 looks out of this world and i didnt liked gta 5
Glueless Rug (8 months ago)
minos121 not if they add lootboxes, which they probably will.
koffinkat666 (8 months ago)
So long any chance at finding a new Girlfriend *Sigh*
Totally Scrooge (9 months ago)
So the entire ship battle is on some text book screen? That's incredibly disappointing... not to say pathetic! I'm disgusted by that. I understand placing some little "choose your adventure" bits during gameplay sessions, but the entire mechanic that's build up to be a big part of it? I knew I'll get disappointed. What's the point of playing video games if you still have to imagine what's actually happening. Let's not bother with showing any visuals - just shove some text on screen!
MawilliX (7 months ago)
Kinda dumb how some people on youtube want to play as a living ship, or micromanage 12+ characters in real time, rather than taking the role of a commander.
Dragon Slayer Ornstein (8 months ago)
Kinda dumb how some retards on pc and consoles want interactive books and movies rather than real games.
Naristrana (8 months ago)
WTF, that kid is really arguing with how works this RPG ? KEK.
Dex Games (9 months ago)
Josh said, [not here], that there will be an option to directly board an ennemy ship for players who don't wanna bother with this system. However the trade off is that your ship will suffer "undertermined damage" each time you do that. But, just like if you would do tthe actual ship combat interaction, so no big deal.
Arcanum Elite (9 months ago)
i believe there is a way to skip the ship combat and just board the enemy ship and fight them normally... though you do still have to go thru the text every time with multiple turns until you are close enough to board them...
Alexander Ström (9 months ago)
Thank god that Obsidian is around to make great rpg's and no lootboxes in sight.
koffinkat666 (8 months ago)
First Island you get to has a Dwarf Pirate that sells "Booty Boxes" CONFIRMED
Mr9TalesFox (9 months ago)
Turning into dragon totally fine, cool unpractical armour, heresy.
PBnicos (9 months ago)
Chris it's far from being a masterpiece. 1st Divinity was better in many ways, coz they ruined every fights aspect in 2nd with stupid unlogical armor
Mr9TalesFox (9 months ago)
Devil is nice guy. EA is more like Skaen.
Chris (9 months ago)
Larian Studios too! Divinity OS 2 is a masterpiece.
Jobeer (9 months ago)
Might be a stupid question but is the music playing in between clips from poe 2 soundtrack?
Jobeer (8 months ago)
Lindsay Harrup great investigation! Thank you! 😊
Lindsay Harrup (8 months ago)
Ahah! Found it. Army Of Angels 1- Johannes Bornlöf
Lindsay Harrup (8 months ago)
I asked on Facebook. They replied: "I'm afraid that song is from Epidemic sound, a library of songs we pay to use for our video content. We aren't able to send it out and I don't think it is online anywhere. It's a great piece though!" Bummer. But such a great song.
Lindsay Harrup (8 months ago)
I'd like to know the song name too :) It's pretty epic.
Jobeer (9 months ago)
PCGamesN well I would appreciate if you would tell me the name of the track. It's quite epic :)

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