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12 New Upcoming 2D Games 2017 & 2018 | NINTENDO SWITCH

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Here 12 of Bests New 2D games 2017 & 2018 will release for NINTENDO SWITCH. Action, RPG, Adventure, Platform and more . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (45)
libertango lemelli (1 month ago)
Nintendo aprueba 1:25 eso? Que paso? Jaja
alpernatif35 (1 month ago)
1:26 so sick i like it
Gideon Lee (2 months ago)
🎮😲😲😲😲😲😲👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏no. 1
Gideon Lee (2 months ago)
zure it (3 months ago)
knuckles was always waaaaaaay cooler of a character than sonic, dude can glide, climb walls, run as fast as sonic, turn upsidedown and climb, just 100% better
black skull (3 months ago)
Are they gonna be available for switch? I had axiom for vita 2D GAMES ARE LOOKING GREAT😃😃😃
Jeff Mitchell (3 months ago)
Switch is perfect for those boring commutes on the bus or train
MarmotaTorres (3 months ago)
Puta que chingon :V van a sacar puros juegos con gráficos de la cola para una consola este 2018...
Álvaro Guedes (7 months ago)
Remember me Chakan in a way...this Blasphemous.
Kevin DeLuna (8 months ago)
Demonic shit
Hsaen Hany (8 months ago)
can't wait to play this game on handheld consol
oneshark (8 months ago)
Hey, how does one get on the list? 😊
S. Solomon (8 months ago)
Would’ve been a hit in 1993.
도륜 (8 months ago)
dot is love !!
Guillaume Crico (8 months ago)
Monster boy is wonder boy eco+ child version
Uncle Ryan (8 months ago)
Blasphemous looks boring
jackle (9 months ago)
Enter the Gungeon is such a good game on PS4 definitely getting it on switch.
Full Jacket (10 months ago)
blasphemous holy shit!!!! that looks unbelievable
Master Rabi (5 months ago)
Jacob Trubey If you want another dark and bloody game just play mortal kombat X!! You'll love it!!
Jacob Trubey (8 months ago)
I just finished their previous series, The Last Door, and based on that, I think blasphemous could end up being one of the darkest games I will have played so far.
The Winter Mole (10 months ago)
Can't wait to get stardew valley If'v always wanted it but I never had a good Pc
REE ANIMATION (10 months ago)
What the name of that upcoming which game where you are a shop keeper, in a binding of isaac type of gameplay? I saw it somewhere but forgot it
Thegamingengineer youtube (10 months ago)
Nintendo is the most child friendly gaming company out there it's all for children no blood here haha Goes to the first game on this list Well then my child's not getting the new Pokemon
Nikunj Majithia (2 months ago)
Thegamingengineer youtube in the first title there was some blood nintendo is not child friendly if it was the rpg game wouldn't take month after month to complete
Alan Xu (10 months ago)
switch should havge all retro style game. let alone new ips, i can just live with current existing ips that can be ported from another platform to switch. seriously man
jackle (9 months ago)
So basically you're saying every single game should be retro style, you do realize half of retro games where absolutely horrible. All these games look amazing.
Monster boy is a wonder boy rip off...
Atro785 (10 months ago)
Made by the same people. They couldn't use the Wonder Boy name anymore though. Some legal garbage and they lost the rights to it. But same people essentially and it's basically another in the line of Wonder Boy games
Emishimaru - Sama (10 months ago)
Imo, the most attention getting games were Celeste Enter the Gungeon Axiom Verge Dandara ... although Axiom Verge Is a very huge exception since It's already launched on many other consoles a long time ago.. (Huge because It's a pretty damn great game)
Carson Hew (10 months ago)
where is all the 3D games .....
Nikunj Majithia (2 months ago)
Ash Force (9 months ago)
Says it on the video title, it's specifically 2d games.
Atro785 (10 months ago)
I think this is purposefully a 2D showcase vid.
Nick Cantu (10 months ago)
damn blasphemous looked wild. I really liked the graphics of the game.
AradiceSatur (10 months ago)
Chucklefish, bring Starbound to the Switch, now!!!!!!!?
Sami Dante (10 months ago)
did you called these things games these is Sega mega drive games not switch games hell!!! are those 8 bit games or switch
ZaNniEntertainment (10 months ago)
Monster Boy seems nice it has good gameplay flipping death has nice graphic style axiom verge seems like a retro mix and stardew valley is a good game to chill so much great 2d games
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
you gave me strength ^^ Thanks a lot
ZaNniEntertainment (10 months ago)
F Game Killer it isn't easy to make such videos with the perfect length which doesn't make it lame
F Game Killer (10 months ago)
thanx, i' m glad you like it ^^
Antonio Loiacono (10 months ago)
Can't wait for blasphemous and enter the gungeon!!!
ArngrimTV (10 months ago)
Man Blasmphemous looks awesome. Like a mix between Castlevania and Dante's Inferno. Hopefully it's as fun as it looks.
Antonio Loiacono (10 months ago)
BlueGirly wow*wow69 you are soo right, Salt and sanctuary is perfect for the Switch!!! We want more of these games!!! I also wish that FROM SOFTWARE will release a porting of dark souls for the Switch (even a trilogy), it will be soo exciting!!!
BlueGirly wow*wow69 (10 months ago)
Antonio Loiacono yes👍 also Nintendo needs to port Salt And Sanctuary to the the Nintendo Switch! man id go crazy for that game on the switch.
Pasi. (10 months ago)

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