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Top 10 Best Wii U Games

1206 ratings | 151489 views
The top 10 most popular and highest-rated video games on the Nintendo Wii U console so far. Whatoplay is your source of the latest, most anticipated and the top pc, console & mobile games today. Watch more of the Latest PC & Console Games at http://www.whatoplay.com/ To keep up with the latest & the best video games, subscribe now to: https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Check out your favorite games' playscores, the combined rating of critic & user scores from all over the worldwide web at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/whatoplay, Twitter @whatoplay https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay and Google Plus https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/. "Early Riser" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Text Comments (305)
Slightly Athletic (27 days ago)
Good God your voice is annoying!
Flying Blue dragon (5 months ago)
How to settle a fight play Mario kart 8
TheNintendo Pioneer (1 year ago)
Alex Ascuna (1 year ago)
number 1 super smash bros
Ryan (1 year ago)
I only got number 5 4 and 2. 😂
Rocky Eich (1 year ago)
I can't get into smash bros. game play is good but just boring
Bravlio Rico (1 year ago)
The song that plays during super smash is just awesome and goes great with it.
jpgamer (1 year ago)
Notice the end: Batman Arkham KNIGHT Armored edition 😂
Keegan Hopkins (1 year ago)
its funny that 3rd party games like batman arkam Knight are put on the Wii u and people go crazy. while the people who have a ps4/xb1 are meh about it. just shows how the Wii u gets bottom of the barrel 3rd party support
Valerie B (1 year ago)
super mario 3d world levels are a surprise. almost every level is really different
Jasmin Hamel (1 year ago)
Mario Maker? Otherwise agree with top 10 Surely Zelda Breath of Wild in March 17 get 1st place
whatoplay (1 year ago)
Super Mario Maker has a PlayScore of *9.30* on Wii U. It was mentioned on the updated version of this video. Please click this link to watch the video: https://goo.gl/vfDfwM
Brenden Sniezak (2 years ago)
Pikmin 3?
A (1 year ago)
is there any game with are a play score of 10.0?
Brenden Sniezak (2 years ago)
whatoplay oh. I thought it had a 9.something
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Currently, Pikmin 3 has a PlayScore of *8.63* on Wii U.
Tim P. (2 years ago)
Um splatoon wasn't released right?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
So far, Splatoon has a PlayScore of *8.91* on Wii U. The game wasn't released yet when this video-ranking was published.
Flipyap (2 years ago)
where's pikmin 3
whatoplay (2 years ago)
Pikmin 3 sure is one of the great games on Wii U. Currently, has a PlayScore of *8.64* and almost made it on this list.
Azzon Fire (2 years ago)
Splatoon and Mario maker. always a blast for me.
Dragon Killer (2 years ago)
watch dogs is on wii u were is it
Davide galeazzi (2 years ago)
I want a Pokèpark 3, the first 2 were amazing
Shenzy Brosee (2 years ago)
THAT I can agree w/
Son Omni (2 years ago)
Number 1: Saw that coming
WolfBlitzer (2 years ago)
I don't own a Wii U. But if I did, I would probably play most of these games.
Saktuscactus (2 years ago)
Mario Maker was no released?
Mihail Doychinov (2 years ago)
Check the date of the video
WolfBlitzer (2 years ago)
+Saktuscactus It was either released late summer of last year or fall of last year. So no, it was not out yet.
Saktuscactus (2 years ago)
MrViral20 (2 years ago)
I swear to god Wind Waker is the most overrated game in existence, and I thought Ocarina of Time was bad but Windwaker, good lord
MrViral20 It is overrated, but not as much as OOT
Mihail Doychinov (2 years ago)
Wow you must suck at Zelda games
Tony Lutador Stanley (2 years ago)
+MrViral20 Ocarina Of Time was bad?
Schoko Mit Nüssen (2 years ago)
i want a new mario galaxy : /
Chess TownKing (2 years ago)
Mario kart 8 saved the system lol
Saktuscactus (2 years ago)
Yeah, I wouldn't have my Wii U without that game, not a chance.
Choucas Swiss (2 years ago)
Smash and 3D world did
brandough crox aka ogb (2 years ago)
I have 9, 5, and 2
RipTidE Potter (2 years ago)
Mario maker splatoon?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Andrew Potter Hi! Super Mario Maker and Splatoon weren't released on Wii U yet, when this video-ranking was published to be included for ranking. None-the-less, Super Mario Maker has a PlayScore of 9.27 and Splatoon has a PlayScore of 8.89 on Wii U by far.
Nancy Myatovich (2 years ago)
Koala Joey (2 years ago)
This is the absolute bottom of the barrel game journalism gamexplain GameTrailers and Screwattack but you to freaking Shame
readysetgame (2 years ago)
I was expecting splatoon
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+readysetgame At the moment, Splatoon has a PlayScore of 8.89 on Wii U. The game was recently released at the time we published this video and don't have a PlayScore yet to be included on this ranking.
Smithy Chris (2 years ago)
really good list but the narrator is fucking awful
ScarceCoyote 173 (2 years ago)
I got all the games she said
Rainbow Sam (2 years ago)
Shovel Knight awesome game but they just copy pasted NES graphics ? Lel
The Professional Idiot (2 years ago)
+Yadeehoo It's supposed to be a throwback to games of that era. But you are right. It is awesome.
Joshua Oxenford (2 years ago)
this chick is trying way too hard with the voice-over
Darwin Watterson (2 years ago)
It's called commentating
Camden S. (2 years ago)
Bonnie Wells (2 years ago)
no splatoon? why
Bonnie Wells (2 years ago)
+whatoplay oh no wonder 😀😀😀😀😀
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Bonnie Wells Splatoon was released few days after we published this video. That's the reason why Splatoon wasn't included on this ranking when we finalized the list for this video. For now, Splatoon has a PlayScore of 8.89 on Wii U. It's one of the best FPS-game on Wii U.
Bonnie Wells (2 years ago)
no splatoon?
lucienne kretzler (2 years ago)
i hate splatoon
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Bonnie Wells Please check our latest video where Splatoon was included on the ranking. Please click this link: https://goo.gl/k456x6
Bonnie Wells (2 years ago)
no splatoon?
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Bonnie Wells Hi! Splatoon wasn't released yet when we published this video, for us to included it on this ranking based on PlayScore. Having said that, Splatoon currently has a PlayScore of 8.89 on Wii U.
Exploding Pixels (2 years ago)
I was screaming YES when she said windwaker!!!!!
Dawn Gagnon (2 years ago)
Dawn Gagnon (2 years ago)
Absolutely love it and hope to see more in the future :D
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Dawn Gagnon Bayonetta 2 sure is a great game on Wii U with a PlayScore of 9.31 as of now. For the latest updates of PlayScore of the newly released video-games. Please connect with us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay Twitter: https://www.twitter/whatoplay Google+: https://plus.google.com/+whatoplaychannel/posts Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatoplay
NobethZ3 (2 years ago)
no splatoon or mario maker? hmm
NobethZ3 (2 years ago)
ahhh, makes scence
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+NobethZ3 At the moment, Splatoon with a PlayScore of 8.89 and Super Mario Maker with a PlayScore of 9.27 both in Wii U. Both games were released after we published this video last March 2015.
ajcruzer92 (2 years ago)
I like your voice:]
Slightly Athletic (27 days ago)
Baconmemes (2 years ago)
splatoon srry
Baconmemes (2 years ago)
splatton is the best wii u game...
EJ AND BEAN (2 years ago)
+Baconman572 hey just wanted to ask what is your nnid? mine is koolsquidkid
Baconmemes (2 years ago)
k thx
EJ AND BEAN (2 years ago)
+Baconman572 just wanted to let you know
Baconmemes (2 years ago)
EJ AND BEAN (2 years ago)
hey baconman the thing is splatoon was not out when this vid was made
wilroth2403 (2 years ago)
Cheesy voice acting? Yeah, they really need to have a better person doing the voice.
Cienna Meinert (2 years ago)
EmanuelKarl (2 years ago)
omg i suckat MHU3
Itz Jeffro (1 year ago)
hieemanuel007new monster hunter is love and life it broke my heart to see the regular Wii version shut down had so many hours on it ;-; I remember when I I first killed lagicrus I was flipping the hell out
Sahel Shaheen (2 years ago)
Max Caulfield (2 years ago)
I love supersmash Its my fav game :33
Max Caulfield (2 years ago)
+gp misaelcogaming Yeah we could do that..
thatonegamingchannel (2 years ago)
+DryTheCoward Gaming +DryTheCoward Gaming we should play online
Max Caulfield (2 years ago)
+gp misaelcogaming Yeah..
thatonegamingchannel (2 years ago)
You have Nintendo network
whatoplay (2 years ago)
+Max Caulfield Hi! We love that game too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :)
luisfernandolt (2 years ago)
Donkey kong gives me rages
Some One (2 years ago)
I want... DKC: TF-The old SNES DKC games were gr8. These newer ones seem to be stemming from that same old formula, which ought to make for a good game.Shovel Knight-I just want to try it. I've heard ggod feedback about it. It seems reminiscent of some classic NES style games.Rayman Legends-The game looks awesome. Rayman games are usually underrated. I'm curently having fun playing through Rayman Raving Rabbids.Super Mario 3D World: You can't go wrong with a core Mario game. I want to at least rent it... sounds fun.Super Smash Bros Wii U-I'm wanting this game the most. The only other Smash Bros game I had was SSB Melee for Gamecube, so I know how much fun and mayhem a smash bros game can be. This time around the online play will be an interesting plus.LoZ: Wind Waker HD I wil probably hold off on, because I can borrow and play the Gamecube version from someone. Plus, a new Zelda game will be released in 2016.The other games I don't really find myself wanting so much. I enjoyed Mario Kart soo much back on SNES and N64 and I just don't foresee the newer versions being as fun for me. Plus they've made so many changes and it is whackier and many courses look sort of odd. I know some changes can be good and fun though. I mean, whatever happened to a pleasant drive on koopa beach island or just plainer, more normal settings like Luigi's Raceway and some other tracks from the older Mario Kart games. Anyway, Bayonetta 2 may be fun to rent. I'm not into the newer Batman games and I don't much enjoy senselessly going around beating people up, especially killing people unnecessarily, even though it is just a game . I'll pass on the monster hunter game.
Yoshian (2 years ago)
omgosh she didint say splatoon OR super mario ma- oh wait xD
niina tapiaa (3 years ago)
You forgot about Splatoon!!!!!! :(((((((
D1rectedBy (3 years ago)
I'm i the only one who don't like Smash Bros ?? I Mean yes it's a good game but it's just fighting , I don't know i just think it's overrated ! But it's just my opinion i know a a lot of people who like this game !! It's not just for me !! Anyway the Number 1 now is probably Mario Maker !
Frickard (3 years ago)
She said cracky kong..
Raven Wallflower (3 years ago)
OMG I remember playing smack bros on game cube when I was little with my best friend.... such memories.
Pedro Matos (3 years ago)
They need to remake this list, now we have Woolly World, Mario Maker and Splatoon.
soccerzz5 (3 years ago)
Bayonetta 2 is the best
Naito Is GOAT (3 years ago)
FFS SSB is so damn overrated. It's unorganized shit with 4-8 characters on the screen at once. All you gotta do is button mash.
Arctic Breeze (3 years ago)
where the heck is hyrule warrior's it is the best just look at my profile picture it is Hyrule warriors Link
whatoplay (3 years ago)
Hyrule Warriors "currently" has a playscore of 8.45 according to 39 critics and 41,496 users/gamers I say "currently" because our playscore is subject to change, every time new ratings come up.
andman 858 (3 years ago)
why does everyone prefer MONSTER HUNTER ultimate 3 to MONSTER HUNTER ultimate 4?
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
its like how dbz budokai is better than budokai 2
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
ultimate 4 isnt on Wii U is it?
DasAntiNaziBroetchen (3 years ago)
Omfg she sounds so unnaturally excited.
Slapping Guy (3 years ago)
I have foreseen the future..... You won't like what you read..... In 2087, Microsoft and Sony will release DLC too advanced for their systems, causing gamers' consoles to freeze, overheat, smoke, and crash. Nintendo will still survive, their DLC will stay free, and, because of that, they become top company. Here's where it gets worse..... They discontinued the Wii U productions, and have released their new console in 2043, and have stayed with it since. In 2061, the government crashed, hard. The UN tried their best, but have failed and have been overthrown by the people, the people of Microsoft and Sony since they've decided to team up during the Gamer's Rebellion in 2058. Nintendo has been going through big troubles because of this, and MicroSony has cut their budget to about 10,000 gamer dollars, or $120,000 in our time, and have discontinued the sales of their system, whom I will not spoil the final name of, the NX. Nintendo now must resort to asking for donations from the people, but they are soon to be bankrupt for every time an NX is refunded, they lose money. Here comes the DLC Crash of 2087, MicroSony have released DLC that destroys everyone's systems, even PC's...... Now, Nintendo seizes this opportunity and advertise that they are releasing a brand-new console, as part of a kick-starter, and that for every NX bought, it comes packaged with 2 free games. MicroSony are now weak and going bankrupt, Nintendo fights, and they sought blood. Nintendo fanboys have united, and they wreck the whole foundation MicroSony has built, and claim the world for themselves. Here's where it gets even worse..... Nintendo has revealed themselves to be the Illuminati. Think about it, Nin (change that to Nun) Ten (Ten nuns.....) Do (remember when they said Nintendon't? It's because they take ten nuns, and kill them)..... They kill ten nuns every year. Now look at Zelda, a ten year old boy who loves the Muslim religion (Majora's Mask). Or Mario, a secret communist who kills the former residents of the Mushroom Kingdom and lives on drugs. Or how about Samus? A woman in a male-dominant world (Males make females become sex slaves and sell them)? The player controls them? Illuminati confirmed. BUT WAIT! SEGA has been hiding in the shadows, and it turns out they are the saviors of religion and the world! SEGA then overthrows Nintendo using a trick just like the Trojans Horse. 5 years of fighting later, and SEGA wins, only to use a doomsday device to rid the world of all evil.... We are now dead.
Slapping Guy (3 years ago)
+Ryan Jackman I did not copy and paste. This took me 20 minutes to type.
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
also nice copy and paste skills
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
Im basically Son Goku riding the nimbus
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
Im not evil do
Cranky Warlock (3 years ago)
Aren't there only like 10 games on wii u anyway?
NightOwl (2 years ago)
No, just no.
BlackSwordChronicles (3 years ago)
at the end you wrote arkham knight instead of arkham city
HAASSSSS! (3 years ago)
rest is trash
HAASSSSS! (3 years ago)
only 1 game worth it smash brothers nuff said
Saroku007 (3 years ago)
Here's the video summary for you lazy people. 10. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 9. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 8. Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition 7. Shovel Knight 6. Rayman Legends 5. Mario Kart 8 4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD 3. Bayonetta 2 2. Super Mario 3D World 1. Super Smash Bros.
Barry (2 years ago)
Jay Rose-Ham (2 years ago)
+Saroku007 Thank you! 6 Minutes of my life saved! :)
fefe exposto (3 years ago)
+Saroku007 thx bro
Jose Escalera (3 years ago)
12 are the best games
sonbeku (3 years ago)
smash,smash i love it
Jay J (3 years ago)
boy was windwaker hd amazing
Kayoyo H (3 years ago)
I love how Wind Waker HD takes everything bad from the original and burns it at the stake. Slow sailing? Swift sail fixes it. Having to re-equip the Wind Waker? Relocated to up on the d pad. Bad shading? Wii U graphics fix it. Unable to aim on the boat with the cannon? There is an arc. Triforce hunt too tedious? There are now less charts and more direct pieces.
ShadowTails (3 years ago)
SSB4       Reks the Battlefield
Is it just me or do cod players suck at platforming games like donkey kong country snes and super Mario world snes and Nintendo fans suck at shooters like cod and halo
The Professional Idiot (2 years ago)
I used to play a lot of games on the gamecube and wii, so I grew up platformers. Then we got a 360. Had that for a few years, and I was always pretty bad at FPS's. Honestly I like both.
Sam Pringle (2 years ago)
Not really when I was like 12 I used to play cod (don't judge me!) and I was actually pretty decent. But eventually I saw the light and bought a Wii U, now I look back upon my past self with disgust. I still occasionally play cod with my older brother (because he likes it) and I'm actually quite good, but I'll take Smash Bros. anyday
Ryan Jackman (3 years ago)
EpicWott - (3 years ago)
I play shooters and platforming games
vaporfarts (3 years ago)
How come nobody mentions Pikmin 3 on any lists? That game is amazing and the challenges are a speed runners dream.
DrCamargo (3 years ago)
here's my top 10 favorite Wii u games of all time  10) new super Mario bros u 8/10 the best game in the new super Mario bros games  9) Rayman legends 8/10 the 2nd best rayman game  8) Splatoon 9/10 if your a squid or a kid lol  7) captain toad treasure tracker 9/10 it shows that toad is usefull 6) Pikmin 3  10/10 the best pikmin game  5) Mario Kart 8 10/10 the 4th best Mario kart game  4) Yoshi's woolly world 10/10 the 2nd best yoshi game  3) Super Mario 3d world 10/10 the 2nd best 3d Mario game and my 2nd favorite Mario game  2) Donkey Kong country tropical freeze 10/10 the best Donkey Kong game of all time 1) Super smash bros for Wii u 10/10 the best smash bros game of all time period
Kevin Cordova (3 years ago)
LetsTalkManga LTM (3 years ago)
Sooooo.... its based on the Critic's and Gamer's opinions. Which is still a opinion. even if it was something that was agreed upon by many people, its still a opinion.
Diego Davalos (3 years ago)
Should I get splatoon or 3d world or yoshis wooly world. Plz help
Ban (3 years ago)
+Anne zamora 3D Land  is a 3DS game, 3D World doesn't have bugs ( 1 or 2 that are almost imposible to get, and are harmless), and Splatoon is amazing.
Sans The Skeleton Door (3 years ago)
I guess yoshi's wooly world because splatoon is kind of lame and 3d land has some bugs so thats my suggestion
Ban (3 years ago)
+Diego Davalos  Definitely Splatoon. and then 3d world when you get the chance.
fireheartis1 (3 years ago)
+Diego Davalos All three since 3D world and Splatoon are amazing, and I am sure Wooly World will be the same way.
whatoplay (3 years ago)
Splatoon! :)
Joelajuie Pdp (3 years ago)
Should I buy a wii u just for mk8?
Rhey Marc Albalos (3 years ago)
+Joelajuie Pdp I bought my Wii U for Splatoon, Super Mario Bros. 3D World, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8, and Legend of the Wind Waker. I can say that it's totally worth it. It's a console that offers a type of gaming that you will never find in any other platforms. It also has a large library of amazing exclusive games. I recommend that you buy the Wii U.
Ban (3 years ago)
+fireheartis1 k. No need to rage. 
fireheartis1 (3 years ago)
+TheBlazing Zard What ever I am half asleep barely woke up for work.  Let the guy answer my question and stop being a grammar Nazi. 
Ban (3 years ago)
fireheartis1 (3 years ago)
+Diego Davalos What?  How can you ever get boarded of Mario Kart 8?  Especially when they just added the 200cc mode man.
yOUNG dIARRHEA (3 years ago)
I was positive that splatoon would be one
Leibi83 (3 years ago)
When you have 2 games with the same score, what decides the higher rank for one of them? Like, why is Bayonetta 2 on 3 while Legend of Zelda is on 4. Both have the same score, right? Or is your ranking based on something in addition to the score?
Trickster (3 years ago)
Short and sweet, just how I like it.
Trickster (3 years ago)
No :p Still a virgin though... Thanks for rubbing it on my face. Yes, on :p
mexiluvsw (3 years ago)
+TGI I hope you are not referring to copulation, I like my copulation long and sweet lol
whatoplay (3 years ago)
+TGI glad you like it. Thanks.
WAIT ?????? The Wii U had more than 9 Games  ?????????????
NightOwl (2 years ago)
No, just stop.
Moksum (3 years ago)
Windwaker HD isn't cell shaded like the gc version.Still they cept the artstyle and it looks gorgeous
Elliott Trendell (3 years ago)
wow her voice is sooooo annoying
Ralizah (3 years ago)
+Patrick Star I don't know about you, but my waifu is 2D.
Patrick Star (3 years ago)
+PapiDimmi don't mind guys like that, they're the type to prefer their 3D "waifus" more than real women. so sad.
TheGameCreator13 (3 years ago)
I like how you guys admit that this is not your opinion unlike WatchMojo.com ¬˛¬
nikos margioris (3 years ago)
the voice was too obnoxious
Mavil (3 years ago)
I really don't like rayman.. at all.. Am I crazy?
whatoplay (3 years ago)
+Stathis Valavanis Not at all. Some of us here also don't like Rayman. :)
Lord Sesshomaru (3 years ago)
I got a 32 GB Wii U with Super Mario 3D World, Nintendo Land, Mario Kart 8, DK Country: Tropical Freeze, and The Wonderful 101 for $360. I thought it was a sweet deal.
Ban (3 years ago)
+Joel&EllieVsTheWorld definitely. I got the Wind Waker HD bundle special edition console for 330 and it came with WWHD and a digital copy of Hyrule Historia.
Martin AM (3 years ago)
Gustavo Vargas (3 years ago)
No pikmin 3?
Galvanized Gamer (3 years ago)
You sound like the female version of Andre from GameExplain, I love it.
NightOwl (2 years ago)
Me too :D
NightOwl (2 years ago)
*GameXplain XD
Canton412 (3 years ago)
I'd replace Batman with Pikmin 3, but this is a good list overall. And now that Splatoon is out, it would most likely take MH3's spot at #10.
Gabe (2 years ago)
+Jay Bates "you'd have to be 14 or younger to have an opinion that's not mine" literally you right now
Canton412 (3 years ago)
+Jay Bates Yeah, I didn't realize the lack of content in Splatoon at first.
Naito Is GOAT (3 years ago)
You'd have to be 14 or younger to pick Splatoon over MH.
Cbobley (3 years ago)
Me too I love pikmin, it's my favorite Wii u game if not the best console game EVER!!!
Sans The Skeleton Door (3 years ago)
Thanks to game grumps, they made raymen legends be in this list!
Pylon (3 years ago)
ssb is AWESOME now i just need 2 pro controllers and invite some friends over!
manohad5 (3 years ago)
not enough Hyrule warriors lol
Mrwesker426 T (3 years ago)
You can't include shovel knight it's on multi platforms. New super mario bros should've been up there
Peter Rodger (3 years ago)
+kiz epic journey Oh. Well don't I feel silly now.
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)
I know xD. I mean Batman Archim Knight
Peter Rodger (3 years ago)
+kiz epic journey Excuse me? Shovel Knight isn't AAA, it's indie. The two terms are literally *antonyms!*
Kiz Epic Journey (3 years ago)
+patrick thompson Yeah. The reason we play Nintendo is for their first parties, not these lame triple A games.
Peter Rodger (3 years ago)
By that logic Arkham City shouldn't be there or Rayman Legends. It's not 'Top Ten Wii U Exclusives'
Dank Memes (3 years ago)
+coolbean sonic boom isn't even like a regular sonic game
Jaykey (3 years ago)
All the games i want Mario Kart 8 Smash Bros For Wii U Pikmin 3 Mario or Luigi U i dont know which is the best Mario 3D World Mario Party 10 nintendo Land or Wii U party i dont know which is the best Donkey Kong tropical freeze Sonic Boom
Frank Perna (2 years ago)
All those games are awesome except Sonic Boom and Mario Party 10 is a disappointment
Jaykey (3 years ago)
Well i didn't played sonic boom .-. and anyway i have a ps4...
VideoJames99 (3 years ago)
Did you just say sonic boom? You on lcd?
Jaykey (3 years ago)
Mario party 10? Wait the game came out after this vid? nvm Pikmin3? nintendo land or Wii U party well
whatoplay (3 years ago)
Pikmin got a playscore of *8.7*, it was ranked 11 just under Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and as for Nintendo land it got a playscore of *8.0* and *7.5* for Wii Party U.
Jaykey (3 years ago)
Actully  rayman legends is a good game but it's a waste on the top ten because it'S also on PS4 and Xbox
alipareedanse12 (3 years ago)
MK8 should have been #1.
Emanuel Lundbergh (3 years ago)
No sonic!?😞 +whatoplay
Pedro Matos (3 years ago)
+damiradoncic LOL. People that are actually smart think it's not great because of its shitty redesigns, annoying phrases everytime you get rings, low FPS, bad graphics, bad storyline, weird gameplay, the list goes on and on. Just check out a review of it on YouTube, like the one from IGN, ProJared or GameXplain. They kinda expand a little bit more on what I'm saying.
damiradoncic (3 years ago)
Sonic boom rise of lyric should have been there its one of my favorite games of all time i dont know why people think its bad...
Pedro Matos (3 years ago)
+Emanuel Lundbergh Sonic's new titles aren't that good.

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