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9 tips to get you started in Total War: Warhammer 2

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Total War: Warhammer 2 adds plenty of new ingredients to the franchise's classic mix. Here are nine tips and tricks we spotted that should help you seize the Vortex, whether you're killing elves, rats, or lizards. ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (151)
Brian Ginn (1 month ago)
1st playthrough I chose. Vanilla Empire; Karl Franz
Fantango (2 months ago)
Just got the game yesterday. Starting out with the Lizard Men
Ryan Morton (2 months ago)
Mark Vincent Tangpus (2 months ago)
subscribed coz ur cute. 😉
PUBG Mobile India (2 months ago)
I played skaven
David Madison (3 months ago)
Quit filming yourself sitting in a chair with your legs crossed.
Maximilian Power (3 months ago)
Kylas deathmetal FTW
bboy metal (3 months ago)
Chaos army from rituals always spawned somewhere but not near my ritual city. Since I invaded 40% of the map it's hard to tell where they will spawn
D.DoT-Z (5 months ago)
Nice A random guy reading off of a TelePrompTer who clearly has never played the game in his life
Baden Te Are (6 months ago)
great tips....thanks Pierce Brosnan :-)
robbers19 (6 months ago)
You remind me of British Dennis Reynolds...
basic survival (6 months ago)
by the way i do believe that skull reefs don't always give 10 thousand gold
Sheridan Hayward (7 months ago)
I had to sign in to give you a thumbs up. I love the casual way you present this whilst giving sound information.
solarboy48 (7 months ago)
I agree with others who said they didn't expect this video to actually be useful. Most videos like it aren't. It's clear you're actually a fan of the game and have genuinely learned these tips over time, rather than just regurgitating info from tutorials. Thanks! Keep up the good work, PCGN :)
Manfred McLaren (8 months ago)
My first faction is Druchii. Malekith on a drake!!!
-Xenone - (8 months ago)
Never played Total War: Warhammer 2 before but i found my first playthrough being with Queek the Headtaker!
Logan the Krogan (9 months ago)
Lizard man is my faction! I feel like don’t have to explain why.
Omgilovesteak (9 months ago)
PCGamesN (9 months ago)
We hope our tips and guides help!
Omgilovesteak (9 months ago)
Im so new to this game, its a little overwhelming.
Monsters are a trap, they look cool, and might be able to fight 1-2 units, but beyond being damage soaks, they have massive flaws. Some are better than others, and are good for different tasks. Sending dragons out to scour the incoming enemy forces (assuming they lack potent mages or massed archers), isn't a bad idea, dealing breath damage then retreating for example. Hydras are good for long-term survival and tanking, but are very weak vs fire. As long as you don't overdo them they are fine.
Hollow Eyes (10 months ago)
I picked skaven first,now I am stuck fighting a broken stack that has only feral carnosaurs,luckily I made a stack of anti large so I should be fine
Thanquol Rattenherz (10 months ago)
how can someone really hate skaven?
Josh Ua (10 months ago)
Pierce Brosnan got a new job?
Roshers channel (10 months ago)
Good video, but this guy must comb his hair thinking of him self. Maybe drop the smoothness and youll win some mainly points : )
ShortForAH03 (3 months ago)
Your fragile masculinity is showing
George Harris (10 months ago)
I just want to start by saying, those chaos spawns DO raze vulnerable cities and they DO stack with each other. I might just be unlucky but they razed it numerous times (different loads & NOT a ritual city) and waited up for each other, meaning I needed to stack my ritual city they are closest to with 2-3 armies depending on the garrison.
Brandon Renard (10 months ago)
Thanquol Rattenherz (10 months ago)
tip 3 warplightningcannon kills monsters and infantry alike
Bradley EauClaire (11 months ago)
Thanks for this. Brand new to this game and this TYPE of game. Have always been an MMO and RPG guy and wanted a change. I'm starting with the Tyrion campaign !
C9Gaming (11 months ago)
The best moment was when I was at locked war with the lizardmen and a quest wanted from me that we stop being at war.
inswarlock09 (11 months ago)
There is a chaos general named Jacen Statham!
Conor Gregg (11 months ago)
Your voice alone and the set up of this video makes this feel like an educational video....which I love
Illumin4t (11 months ago)
i got two domination wins allready haha, since i just grew to big, that defending the rituals was allmost impossible, even when i had 6 full stack armies. so another tip would be dont get to many cities.
Dakarn (11 months ago)
The Ritual Defense... As long as your Ritual Cities have walls (which most of the time they will), the Chaos Armies will need to Siege it first before Razing the city. So, you can put your armies away from the Ritual site, but close enough to get there within 2-3 turns, in order to trick the AI into spawning the Chaos Stacks somewhere you can stack your Armies against them. Either that, or you can always put your armies Garrisoned in the Ritual Cities, and then move them out towards the Chaos Armies in the path they'll take, and sit in Ambush.
*HyenA* (1 year ago)
Another tip. If your defenseless settlement is attacked by stacks of chaos you can still force them to siege it by sending every unit to every direction and hiding in trees. Just run and hide until the timer expires. Only works when there are trees.
*HyenA* (10 months ago)
Thanquol Rattenherz naw man it's just a cheese tactic since those pesky Chaos love to play dirty.
Thanquol Rattenherz (10 months ago)
you play like a woodelf not like a proud skaven
R B (1 year ago)
its not nonsense. Its challenging and makes the game fun and unpredictable. Thats also a part of the balancing. Razing some of your cities is not as catastrophic if you can find 30-40k on the oceans meanwhile...
Abhijeet Singh (1 year ago)
grapics wise this is best warhammer .,.. really need a good pc to run it in full hd
Cedric Fieux (1 year ago)
A video that could have saved me 20 precious hours of play and restart ;)
antonio aguero (1 year ago)
Dark elves
Michael Freeman (1 year ago)
I cant play the campaign after the windows security update. Tried uninstalling the update but im not reinstalling steam and the game. Fix your game!!!
Adam Hadamcik (1 year ago)
playing as Dark elves I had military alliance with queek and skrolk on very hard difficulty :D
Dr.Bobby Soren (1 year ago)
High Elves all day everyday!
Anh (1 year ago)
I found out one way to deal with chaos intervention not spawning in your reinforced location is to move your armies outside of the region but within moving distance and move right back in after the chaos armies spawned. Don't use marching stance because those skaven armies will ambush and rip your marching armies to shreds.
Tsuyoshi Chariyakul (1 year ago)
Play Lizardman campaign all of the battle I fight is like Me 600-900 vs AI 3000-6000 all the time(I may be lose but all of them either dead or almost wipe out.) I fight like 6-7 battle between turn passing and all of enemy always 3000+ WTF.
SingerinEX (1 year ago)
What are the best ways to increase your economy?
Albert Owen Cadag (2 months ago)
As general rule of thumb whenever I play any TW game, i like to focus on my economy by building economic buildings and trade with anyone as early as you can, once you acquire certain materials, trade income increases. Of course this assumes that you haven't pissed off a bunch of factions
XerasDezarrys (8 months ago)
It also helps to pick a faction that gains massive bonuses in raiding and pillaging, then just sack settlements you can't inhabit. This also weakens any nearby enemies who try to settle near you, as their armies are crippled if they try to resettle them
Slizarus (1 year ago)
Technology + Lord/Hero skills to increase income or decrease upkeep. Make your capital a recruitment center and put income buildings and garrisons in every settlement.
Crispy0Snake (1 year ago)
I'm at turn 267 Kroq-Gar trying to win by domination. I own 144 settlements and 45 provinces, I have killed off all of the high elves, the skaven are surpressed with only one capital, my income per turn is 45,046. I would say a great tip is to fight an enemy by proxy and do this by constantly gifting an enemy of the same race as the faction you're intending to destroy, it holds the enemy up as you hit them all over, and it stops confederations, so if there's a slight split between a race's factions, bust it wide open. Also check the income of enemy provinces and try to hit them where income is highest, they will have to restrict military spending making it easier to pick them apart. The game's warfare is as indirect as it is direct! Also Dark elf halberds are OP and Skaven feel so weak to play as expansion has the disincentice of requiring food and your warriors flee very easily, just imo
Slizarus (1 year ago)
Skaven can raid their own lands to start rebellions so they can eat the rebelling army, that way you can farm food in a province and expand as much as you want.
Per Sørlie (1 year ago)
Some guy said you wait with the rituals until after the final battle... you checked this out?
NGAC (1 year ago)
It's refreshing for a video with a title like this to actually deliver. There's some actual good tips here.
Hamed Pour (1 year ago)
pro tip: save your money. Play "Shadow of War" instead
King Marre (1 year ago)
majinraptor (1 year ago)
Didn’t expect your tips to actually be useful. Thanks mate
Matt F (1 year ago)
Fourth full stack army? He's never played Legendary high elves lol only just got that around turn 125. Still great tips I do most of these myself. Dem skull reefs.
Archivist42 (1 year ago)
I absolutely love this game, and this video definitely helped. My biggest challenge right now is dealing with the intervention spawns. On a lizard man campaign I had all my boarders 100% locked down, only to have an intervention of dark elves spawn directly at the centre of my empire.
Archivist42 (1 year ago)
For me the most face palming moment was when I joined a confederacy with a faction many miles away from home, not at all connected to my capital. Then when I started the ritual, it chose this remote city with no defences as a ritual site. Basically just had to reload a save in the end prior to me creating the confederacy. Still, these annoying moments are totally off set when I set my carnosaur against a sun dragon and it wins!
Joshua Tack (1 year ago)
Dealing with the same issue xD I also had the genious idea to start a ritual when one of my settlements was under seige. guess wich settlement it choose to do the ritual from... yes indeed that seiged settlement i lost a turn after xD
HTFG RichieDe (1 year ago)
LoL Im Richard Scott DeHart xD
Darrin Scott (1 year ago)
Pretty sure a thousand women and gay men are just melting from this guy's presentation.
Blind Truth (10 months ago)
Being totally macho and a manly man I did not notice this means Darin Scott that you must be a girly girl and totally gay! (please note that this is obviously a joke and I mean no offence by it, Merry Christmas)
Dannicus (1 year ago)
Just ignore the rituals and play for dominance you can activate them after you dominate one after another after you have unlocked all and have your troops in position. ;)
max mustermann (1 year ago)
really? garrisons? tell me more...
XxAdoboyxX Channel (1 year ago)
Beat the vortex campaign and domination with the high elves, I was able to produce and economy that could support 10-13 armies with enough funds to make at least 3 more, and that’s minus the uninhabitable settlements, for the vortex campaign focus on the objectives, it’s okay to lose some of the settlements cause you can resettle them later, also to claim both legendary lords I suggest creating a federation with all same race factions, you don’t wanna win the final battle before acquiring the other legendary lord cause winning it means you gain a negative diplomatic relationship with all other factions. Once you beat the vortex, leave at least two armies in your homeland, and focus your forces on one faction, I for instance left my capital protected while I diverted my forces to the north and conquered the dark elves all the while settling the orange and green settlements whilst razing all red settlements. Also when organizing settlements, build garrison and income, hope my tips help, good luck to you guys!! P.S: Be patient when recruiting your lords, make sure to choose one with positive traits, and when leveling pick utility skills because there are skills that minus the upkeep of armies allowing you to have a better economy!!
Silver 14 (10 months ago)
Still really good tips, thanks.
XxAdoboyxX Channel (1 year ago)
But compared to other races you start off surrounded and influence gets used like nothing, and if units go below 20% of health they tend to break quite fast
FP W1CK3D (1 year ago)
High Elves are op tho, they're the easiest race to play, because of all the tariffs for trade and the fact you can use influence to win people over is absurd!
Arcanith (1 year ago)
Me: Amazing tips! What else can I learn that will help me get started in playing the game? PCGames: There is a Marauder Warlord named Kylass Deathmetal Trully 10/10 <3
Vondy (1 year ago)
Tip 1 - Don't pay £49 for 4 factions that should have been in the first game.Tip 2 - If you do waste your money, make sure you have at least another £50 ready for dlc that should already be in game.
Troy B (7 months ago)
Or just torrent it
Dark O-man (9 months ago)
or you could wait until the steam sale, then spend <£30 for everything
Dark O-man (9 months ago)
or you could wait until the steam sale, then spend <£30 for everything
this game is not pay 2 dlc or pay2win u dont know shit so stfu go play LoL.
Concurrent Flame (9 months ago)
lol you can pirate the game, denuvo is broken all the time now, even develipers like bethsda give up on it
BrokenBootStrap (1 year ago)
My first high elf playthrough I did domination victory by accident. I never got to play the final battle from vortex victory
accretia0 (1 year ago)
guys, how do you handle a freeze at cutscene?? the screen freeze but the sound still plays
TheCrystalSurfer (1 year ago)
Try updating your video driver
michael blanton (1 year ago)
Skaven for the win
Filthy Casual (1 year ago)
Im playing as pinky with the rotting Brain. See what I did there. That's funny I'm funny
Oswald Coppblepot (1 year ago)
WH2 is a very good game but for those old fashioned TW players who like to take their time and build an Empire in their own way its a tad disappointing. Constantly having to keep up with the other races in order to claim a Vortex victory is starting to become a game breaker for me. Too much importance is attached my C.A and most gamers regarding beating the game when actually what's far more important is the journey, not the destination and the head long rush in getting there. I miss historical TW more than ever.
Oswald Coppblepot (1 year ago)
Agreed, thank you for not trolling someone else's opinion as many too.
Oswald Coppblepot (1 year ago)
+Sevatar 11 As a military history knut of I'm going to favour historical Titles. I disagree that the later stages of all the previous Total War games where easy. The Mongols and Timurids from Medieval 2 from example were a pain in the arse. Also when playing Rome 1 the Roman civil war was always a challenge and well as defeating Egypt, people seem to have forgotten this. The recent games tend to lack an A.I faction or event designed to challenge the player in the latter stages. But I feel that both the Vortex and Chaos invasion are rather feeble attempts at doing so, but it's better than nothing. I think there's no doubt Sega influence on TW has been negative in terms of quality.The fact remains after 30 odd hours playing it I've gone back to playing Stellaris, which to me at least is endlessly replayable. It's all relative and a matter of opinion at the end of the day. The older players ofcourse want the sandbox TW experience the earlier titles gave them. I'm just turning into and grumpy old gamer I think. lol.
Trajan (1 year ago)
Sevatar 11 The playable races actually vary to a significant degree in Warhammer, which gives campaign more replayability, which is something the other games can't really claim - being bound by the constraints of historical accuracy.
Erah the fith (1 year ago)
you are not forced to go for the vortex at all
Oswald Coppblepot (1 year ago)
+Sevatar Everyone seems to think change in Total War means better. The best Total War games were when you started small and built an Empire. basically every game until Rome 2. Since then they have continually messed around with the game slowly but surely making it worse. Culminating in the Vortex which forces you to play only one way and completely ignores everything which made the early games great. TWWH2 is a good game, but after 30 hours I'm bored shitless with it. I think veterans like myself need to resign ourselves to the fact that Total War will never return to its heights. I hope I'm wrong but all the evidence suggests otherwise.
Warper 6 (1 year ago)
I managed to arrange things in my Lizardmen campaign so that all the vortex armies spawned either completely surrounded by my elite armies, or close to a major city with several small armies that could reinforce it nigh instantly. Mixed with Rite of Sotek, I just continuously ground the armies to dust within three turns without losing a unit.
Brad BradBradBrad (1 year ago)
The Old Ones would be proud.
Robert Samson (1 year ago)
the spawn point of the army that spawn when you start a ritual is based on the size of your territory. If you don't expand they will always spawn in the same place.
Robbie Ross (1 year ago)
Bro iron your damn shirt
Christian Gaxiola (6 months ago)
Robbie Ross mind your own god damm business bitch
ramza813 (7 months ago)
Hrs right! Guy looks like a slob with a soothing British accent
TheRea1Gordon (1 year ago)
upsets me that this was not punned. Shirt*
Frellnik (1 year ago)
Who gives a shit
Brad BradBradBrad (1 year ago)
Check your iron privilege.
Mugs zy (1 year ago)
Regarding your first tip - I know this is stupid but I am new to total war. I took a settlement along the shore with my Lizardmen and my advisor says to build a boat. I checked everywhere and have no idea how to build boats. LOL.  Like I said I am new to the game. Help
Mugs zy (1 year ago)
Okay cool. Makes sense. I was looking for an option to build a boat.  I'll try that out when I get home. Thanks
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
You should just be able to order your army into the water. When the game talks about building boats that's just flavour text explaining why entering the water costs all your movement - the boats are "built" automatically. No need to issue a specific command :-) - Rich
Weaverkins (1 year ago)
That voice...
SirPano85 (1 year ago)
Make you so wet....
shadowl1980 (1 year ago)
I can't seem to get past turn 80 no matter what faction I play or what I do. All the ai seem to turn against me and I can't make enough money to even have sufficient armys.
Akash Goyal (3 months ago)
I am now in turn 160
XerasDezarrys (8 months ago)
This game really punishes players who try to expand too quickly. Don't go picking fights in the early game until your main settlements are decently upgraded, and you can keep your army roster smaller in the beginning if you just wipe out whatever default enemy you start against and then buckle in for boosting economy. Focus on growth, trade resources, and money until you can easily support large armies to expand with
Demon Entity (11 months ago)
There are some skill points on every lord that make some specific units stronger:picking those skills and the ranged skill points and build up spears/archer armies, with some carefully thought plays you can beat high tier armies. What i mean is that if you take points and upgrade the base units , they get as strong as MID tier units almost and if you play it right you can beat stronger opponents (lords with much better army)
Daemon Prince (11 months ago)
try using the no player upkeep mod. AI normally gets 20 stack armys like its nothing even when they only own 1 city. while I have 1 lord and 3 provinces trade deals and a few extra citys all making money and I go bankrupt with 2 armys. I cant win games with spears.(Edite. Then again though Im not the best tww player in the world since my favorite faction was vampire counts. Chaff spam units to bog up cavalry and other elites whil my main damage flanks)
beunhaas (1 year ago)
1 thing that really helped me out was recruit a second lord and let him sail the sea , collecting the islands,reefs,wrecks etc, they usually give money or sometimes a nice 5 turn income increase, and the something reefs always have 10k gold in them, especially early on that is a hugh boost. Not my own invention , i read it on a steam discussion page.
Calimero Hœnir (1 year ago)
it would be a good thing if the AI was able to grasp your third tip...
Qin heuang (1 year ago)
I was waiting for such a video.
Lundgreen (1 year ago)
his voice is so soothing
illmatex (1 year ago)
Lizardmen! >D
The Combative Medic (1 year ago)
So I started playing as skaven but I couldn't control the continuous routing against a bunch of lizardmen units that caused fear. Which caused me to lose a few battles in a row and end up with a huge food issue. So I had to restart and decided to play defenders so I could enjoy some of that ridiculous dinosaur goodness. I'm gonna try out the other two races before I go back to the skaven. Awesome videos by the way!
ArkreactorInHD (11 months ago)
Poison wind globe units are extremely good against the lizards early on I found. Their large heavily armored units melted so quickly.
SQW0 (1 year ago)
It's like in the last game when Orc players initially had trouble cracking dwarfs with just boyz except this time the odds are even worse if you go toe to toe. Think like a skaven - use your mobility, range, artillery and magic.
Piwi (1 year ago)
I'm adding all of your videos to my secret asmr playlist.
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Had to Google ASMR but I'm glad I did - what an excellent compliment. Thanks! - Rich
relix456 (1 year ago)
Hey Rich I'm not sure your theory on the ritual armies spawning away from armies is correct. I was just playing as Mazdamundi and had 4 armies spawn right by an army I had in Hexoatl's province. There was also 2 out at sea.

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