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Best Fails/Wins of May 2017

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A compilation of fails and wins from last month, mainly from fail.nl and dumpert.nl. Enjoy :) "Backup channel": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1GpM5zVjfob8OQ01hrV85w Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mrmrmike1337
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Text Comments (2081)
James McNamara (7 hours ago)
7:44 so thats where my stash went...
Jay (8 hours ago)
6:37, guy on right, "ahh thats too bad" takes a sip of coffee
DeZosT (8 hours ago)
8:55 stupid
Minuto 7:51 loro satanico
Lookii 2311 (10 hours ago)
Mucha risa 11:25
John (11 hours ago)
2:45 dumbass
Tyler Sirmons (16 hours ago)
1:56 Sneak: 100
Rabashka (1 day ago)
13:04 was honestly hilarious
Lewis Busch-Vogel (1 day ago)
Who else thought ocean man was about to start playing in the beginning
Aleix bc (1 day ago)
no tienen gracia
Draws - Unchained (1 day ago)
LOL 1:46
Oreon Symes (1 day ago)
that racing truck is why we have air pollution
KG7YTS (2 days ago)
Kudos to that bride
Vicken Oghlian (2 days ago)
What the fuzz happened to that guy
Artur . B (2 days ago)
3:20 , Poland
Aikel Sitepu (2 days ago)
Best part 2:57
Emma lou westwood (2 days ago)
Get a priest in for that bird second get out the car to smack that dirty cat off the hood of the car.
Ambasador (2 days ago)
6:15 Srbijaaaa
Mr. Pug (3 days ago)
7:44 what was this suppose to be? fail or win? xd
Fortnitepro (3 days ago)
Ahhh ricers......
MrJuvenile (3 days ago)
That clip at 0:34 is where I live😂😂😂
Kai Khan (3 days ago)
haha omg I died 1:50
TerrorKingCool Royale (3 days ago)
Its not funny when a car srashs
poisiion (3 days ago)
OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo Michael
Sterben 0 9 (3 days ago)
😉👍Thumbs up for the guy that saved that cat 1:39
ognjen mihajlovic (3 days ago)
6:12 serbia
Anilu Pizarro (3 days ago)
7:45 some one call a priest
Anilu Pizarro (3 days ago)
Or what ever you call em
Sunee Rittidech (4 days ago)
Dark Wolf (4 days ago)
7:50 it’s the exorcist😯😦😐
Bloxy Guy (4 days ago)
Omg the girl on the left in the thumbnail *Oh my God*
aaddaadd bbssbbss (4 days ago)
11:23 That throw-up was pretty telling of the situation in that relationship. HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
aaddaadd bbssbbss (4 days ago)
11:00 ... *boink* ... L O L !
aaddaadd bbssbbss (4 days ago)
So this is mostly NL clips or what?
westleybates 20 (4 days ago)
why i will never go on a cruise ship
Evan S'Nightcore (4 days ago)
6:45 They Dont Love Earth , And God Give Hem Karma
MKassasin 47 (4 days ago)
this was a video of what idiots do every day XD
JinXVII (4 days ago)
4:51 when I get back from school
X YAKIRITOX (4 days ago)
11:00 le meilleur 😂😂😂
Артём (4 days ago)
7:48 the forest
갓배그 (5 days ago)
11:26 11:26 11:26 11:26 11:26
갓배그 (5 days ago)
11:25 WTF LOL
JULIE HARDMAN (5 days ago)
Most of it is pure stupidity, and rather funny
fuzay 3 (5 days ago)
mustn't you deid
its Orrleifm8 (5 days ago)
7:43 you’r welcome
Arturo Ochoa (5 days ago)
7:11 oh mirror in the sky what is love?
Vivid thespis (6 days ago)
13:02. John....John???....CONSTANTINE!!!! (O.O)''''
Jeremy Liu (6 days ago)
Ikr 11:27 tho
Tralalala (6 days ago)
How is this possiblw, 7:43
11:25... when you're 6 months pregnant with the groom's baby 😂😂😂💯💯💯
laercio teles (6 days ago)
that guy at ,,kkk
wickedholland (6 days ago)
A lot of these are Dutch😋
Kenny Lj (7 days ago)
3.15 servietsky 😂😂
Nathaniel Rosenthal (7 days ago)
7:55 what the flying frick just happened
White Wolf (7 days ago)
11:24 XD
Hammad Nadeem (7 days ago)
Instant karma!! 10:55
Mateo Herrera (7 days ago)
and the 4:36
Mateo Herrera (7 days ago)
3:35 jajajaj
le parigot du 91 (7 days ago)
0:53 How many meters in his car the guy !? 🤨
FIN Drummer (7 days ago)
7:44 this bird has a demon in it
Ultimate Gamer (7 days ago)
6:35 wtf
Rosineide Silva Gomes (7 days ago)
4.50 omg
Thales Amaral (8 days ago)
Please link to download 11:18 pleaseeeeeeeee
valkor73 (8 days ago)
last one of the dork going in circles is stupid
NotSpree (8 days ago)
2:35 wtf??
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
TheVigilante 01 (8 days ago)
Entity 303 (8 days ago)
some of them was so funny that i laughed so hard than they others in this houde just come innside my room ans asked whats going on and i answerd i was watching a funny video and so i showed it for ewerybody and they screamed too so the neighboors and i can keep going it was the most funnyest thing ever
DatSavage 21 (5 days ago)
Lol sounds like fun xD
Pim Teunissen (8 days ago)
Hahahah 7:44 wtfff his head😂😂🍑
Sky Jumper (8 days ago)
тест звукоизоляции)
MrDominis DoXu (8 days ago)
biedne rybki ;(
Danny axb (8 days ago)
Min 3:04 (WTF) eso da miedo
Danny axb (8 days ago)
Bhatt Hole (8 days ago)
That one with the guy doing that thing...is really good!
mjfan152 (9 days ago)
6:45 How global Warming works
Uday Saddam Hussein (9 days ago)
Ya ni cuando ando bien grifo y pedo no manejo asi como esos pendejos inutiles
Roadfart (9 days ago)
That DING at 11:04 is actually the bar hitting him in the teeth. Slow it down, you'll see.
LazarkGaming (9 days ago)
6:38 this clip has a strong odor of America.
Minuto 7:30 Peter Sagan
YUTI (9 days ago)
7:44 wego wego wego
Filip Olofsson (9 days ago)
11:41 Wtf
1:20 did balls broke ??
all_star_gaming YT (5 days ago)
Yes balls broke *that wooden thing*
Jota Agloni (10 days ago)
7:20 go peto!!
batman rus54 (10 days ago)
я задумывался "очко пинают" мячом лишь в России)))
Bokuve Pl (10 days ago)
4:19 my city in poland 😂
YUTI (9 days ago)
:) pl spoko ja nie wiedziałem
Riotlight (10 days ago)
The difference between a Dark Souls Boss 13:04 and a Bloodborne boss 7:45
lil drip's son (10 days ago)
who was filming at 9:50

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