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CYBERPUNK 2077 - E3 2018 Trailer (Xbox Conference)

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Presents CYBERPUNK 2077 - E3 2018 Trailer (Xbox Conference). E3 2018 Microsoft Game Trailers & Gameplay - on Meteorite Games. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Subscribe to Meteorite Games - https://goo.gl/ZXhdgT
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Text Comments (91)
Tylor F (2 days ago)
kind of let down, this is wayy too bright. I was really expecting a darker game.
Spacewolfen Fenris (2 days ago)
Very cool, but this is old school perfection and is stupid. Today you make a garden with 3-match and earn hundred of millions...be "smart" like the "kids" out there...
julien siberil (4 days ago)
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jaca1 (4 days ago)
Could not see the ending too much shit in the way
Razvan Lawrence (5 days ago)
MrJudo666 (6 days ago)
Based of a role playing game from the 90s
alessandro carrozzo (6 days ago)
if gta vi will be like this, hype!
Aelia Yousaf (6 days ago)
i just placed my mouse pointer over theirs and blamed myself for it
Naseebie (6 days ago)
The car looks amazing
Andy Dasouza (6 days ago)
Amazing. Can't wait.
Drácula Malkavian! (6 days ago)
Eu já conhecia a história do cyberpunk agora tem que sair a história dos cybernet!
Jonathan Ramos (6 days ago)
Grand theft auto: Cyberpunk
Richard Harper (6 days ago)
What a queer game for queer people
Jeremy Acevedo (6 days ago)
The car needs to become reality 😍
Master9821 (6 days ago)
Not gonna lie, my hype just went down after this trailer. Went from a serious gritty Cyber Punk World, into a fun loving free caring Pop Punk world.... What the fuck happened!?
Mar (6 days ago)
This just looks like a futuristic gta v. And ya'll was ssoooo hyped for this. Looks good dont get me wrong, but def wont be worth the wait.
Grand Theft Auto Labs (6 days ago)
Or like the first Cyberpunk. WHy is every sandbox game compared to GTA? GTA is garbage.
godspeedpl (6 days ago)
If any game is worth the wait, this is it.
Fen Branklin (6 days ago)
That cursor tho. What a degenerate.
vLadimir L (6 days ago)
Could be good game.
prakong kanistanond (6 days ago)
Very ghost in the shell, which I like it :D
Ricky Talang (6 days ago)
Where is the hot lady?
kilerdude56 (6 days ago)
Is this only for Xbox?
cookie man (6 days ago)
Those codes at the beginning are codes to witcher 3 goty edition on xbox
Grand Moff Tarkin (6 days ago)
Too bad there won't be making your own character 😭
Cameron Hutson (6 days ago)
This is based on the old table top of similar name: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2020. R.Talsorian is going to make a new Tabletop to go along with it, part of the things you can do is export the character you generate to the table top specs... so it's likely that you will be able to make your own character. Plus it's keeping all the class choices of the TTRPG game, so it'd be hard to give you class choices if you couldn't select any of them.
Mark Walrusberg (6 days ago)
Can't tell what this video is for cause of the mouse pointer, is this for fallout or DMC?
Andrew Wallenbeck (6 days ago)
so the release date is 2077?
InternetJuice (6 days ago)
Andrew Wallenbeck lmfaooo, nice one, that was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣
James Bennett (6 days ago)
I'm not impressed, I rather see a true science fiction steam punk style fantasy game. This just sucks. I was expecting something close to Shadowrun
James Bennett (6 days ago)
Dorje Phurba yes the game released on SNES back in 1993 but it had multiple titles launch on several platforms. But Sega Genesis was it's better counterpart released in 1994. Shadowrun was a tabletop and it's inception was 1989. It's a sci-fi fantasy universe in which cybernetics, magic, and fantasy creatures co-exist. It combines genres of cyberpunk, urban fantasy, and crime with occasional elements of conspiracy horror and detective fiction. After watching this Cyberpunk trailer, it looks like garbage. I rather play Deus Ex or Mass Effect
Cameron Hutson (6 days ago)
This is older than Shadowrun: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2020 FYI.
Dorje Phurba (6 days ago)
Shadowrun, is that the super Nintendo game where your head explodes?
Emperor Zoditron (6 days ago)
Me Likey
Sloth Master 25 (6 days ago)
Looks very much like The Ghost In The Shell just the way everything looks and the concepts, not too sure what it’s went to be hopefully an OpenWorld, Multiplayer CoOp game where players can be good or bad guys depending on your play style, least that’s what I hope it is.
Master9821 (6 days ago)
Fuck co-op, co-op takes away from story.
Cameron Hutson (6 days ago)
This is an old Table Top game coming to Computers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_2020 just updated.
baz p (6 days ago)
Waited sooo long for this .......... worth it!!
renocloudstrife (6 days ago)
Remember me
Demon Orb (6 days ago)
I do my friend
Dapper Changeling (6 days ago)
Not going to get hype until I see gameplay, but nice to know now that they've gotten away from Gerald and his shitty story, they can hire a decent voice actor, and make an interesting looking game.
Jack TheMan (6 days ago)
Dapper Changeling are you crazy lol. "Gerald and his shitty story" if u dont like that story then your not gonna like anything
Couch Gaming Tv (6 days ago)
-'Mouse cursor not part of trailer'. Just a heads up because it wasn't obvious. -CGTv
Joni Gamble (6 days ago)
Ok, now this looks good. Something new to play. BladeRunner inspired game. Modern day future setting. Open world I’m assuming. Like a futuristic GTA.
Grand Theft Auto Labs (6 days ago)
LMAO. GTA is not the only open world game dude. Saints Row, Crackdown, Mafia, APB, Fallout, Skyrim, Far Cry, Watchdogs? Open world, or sandbox is a genre. Stop comparing everything to GTA that shit is annoying. GTA is it's OWN thing. That's like calling every first person shooter Call of Duty. Or every medieval game Skyrim. They are their own games.
Cameron Hutson (6 days ago)
Though Bladerunner came out in 1982, and Cyberpunk came out in 1988, the game is closer to William Gibson's and Bruce Sterling's work than Bladerunner, just due to the inclusion of the Net, which is sorely missing from Bladerunner, and is a major part of Cyberpunk.
Tanner rennaT (6 days ago)
Shut up and take my money allready!
prince pressure (6 days ago)
Can someone tell me what's happening? Can't see because of the mouse cursor.
Mastertigrou (6 days ago)
Character creation is confirmed
Nils Moberg (4 days ago)
Jqoob What does the character's name have to do with character creation you retard
TheRyumancer (6 days ago)
Jqoob A single letter that doesn't sound like a unisex codename at all! That completely rules out EVERYTHING! I hope you picked up on the sarcasm. -_-
Jqoob (6 days ago)
Mastertigrou no its not,main character is named V youre welcome ;)
Reality101 (6 days ago)
Game engine footage??? Holy shit. I'll be impressed if it is real
Reality101 (6 days ago)
KillerSmile _ PS4 Pro
KillerSmile _ (6 days ago)
Reality101 Xbox one x
Josh Lee (6 days ago)
I wish it was darker...
Tobirama Senju (6 days ago)
I was hoping like the last trailer. But this looked like GTA 2077
Josh Lee (6 days ago)
No darker like themewise, grittier, edgier.
Joao Roncete (6 days ago)
Josh Lee bro the trailer is showing game on daytime, also the director of the game said it will have a dark and rainy setting as the theme, so just wait and see
Etan (6 days ago)
I expected this to be Superhot at first
Etan (6 days ago)
I was watching it live, I thought it was Superhot
nizakat iqbal (6 days ago)
Etan Trailer of E3 so far, what you on about.
shurima 420 (6 days ago)
bladerunner 2049
de_dongle (6 days ago)
We want character creation
c@mbaz (6 days ago)
FallenFender (6 days ago)
yes yes yeeesss
Henry Smith (6 days ago)
It's not what I thought it was. i was expecting it to be like dues ex but it seams more like sunset overdrive.
Gray G (6 days ago)
Henry Smith Deus ex was complete ball's
Henry Smith (6 days ago)
Josh Lee i was expecting it to be like dues ex.
Joao Roncete (6 days ago)
Josh Lee bro the trailer is showing game on daytime, also the director of the game said it will have a dark and rainy setting
Josh Lee (6 days ago)
I wanted it to be darker.
Rosy Cheeks (6 days ago)
Henry Smith no one gives a fuckkkk
gyneve (6 days ago)
Well I guess we can rule out character creation.
Tobirama Senju (6 days ago)
Ivan Rozic Oh mah Goodness. Hype.
Ivan Rozic (6 days ago)
Tobirama Senju (6 days ago)
Ivan Rozic Where did they confirm this?
Ivan Rozic (6 days ago)
They confirmed character creation. You can even see the girl protagonist in the trailer 01:52
nizakat iqbal (6 days ago)
gyneve go play fallout then!
Christopher Alves (6 days ago)
The mouse pointer takes up like the whole screen dude way to go
Shroomer (6 days ago)
i watched it the first time without noticing it now i cant unsee it FUCK lol
Christopher Alves (6 days ago)
isaac gordon - wright I have crt 280x160 resolution, 4 inch
Showbert (6 days ago)
Christopher Alves Lmfao
isaac gordon - wright (6 days ago)
if the mouse takes up your WHOLE screen you must have one very small screen
Mo Amin (6 days ago)
Christopher Alves stop your bitching bitch
Icipher673 (7 days ago)
looks different from the last trailer. More like a futuristic watch dogs
Tobirama Senju (6 days ago)
That's what I was saying. this looks completely different from last trailer.
Shroomer (6 days ago)
lets pray it is as far from watch dogs as possible. in terms of optimization too lmfao.
Steve Steven (7 days ago)
something feels like it's missing...
Michael Murin (6 days ago)
Lukas Budavičius (7 days ago)
time to build hype

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