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Xbox One S vs PS4!

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NES Classic vs Original NES Unboxing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5bwCDGJe1g&t=2s&index=1&list=PLTZQ8lPZtIWqxXbcztj7UdJfRnKjNGryS PS4 vs Xbox One S! The newest Xbox One model is here, so let's review of how it compares to the PS4 in gameplay, media functions, and more! Social Network Things! Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Kevin Kenson (3 months ago)
I made an updated version of this video featuring the Xbox One X vs the PS4 Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewwOOvqoLU8
Luz Rivera (1 month ago)
I am a grill and k have a xodx one s the xodx one s is the best for me I love the xodx😉
Capitão Explosão (1 month ago)
Kevin Kenson Can you make a vid with the new ps4??
WP Plays (1 month ago)
I got PS4 (Slim) with 2 controllers and GT SPORT for 300$
Ted Andersøn (2 months ago)
U can get a charger for the Xbox one S
Adam Asla (3 months ago)
CuriousEthanOfficial (1 hour ago)
Luke Garcia (1 day ago)
I use to have a PS4..But I got the Xbox One S! Because the customer service. The PS4 twitter never helps. You have a 50% chance of getting your account back.
Bro you can also do xbox one X Vs ps4 pro
Brandon Becerra (2 days ago)
They are both good but in my opinion xbox 1 s is better
Llama Live (3 days ago)
Can you charge the Xbox controller with a charger
Ridwan Khan (3 days ago)
Here's my review for them. Ps4: get this if you want many new and good exclusives. Xbox: get this if you don't care about exclusives and just wanna play your 360 games on your one which is pretty useless since you could just boot up the 360 but hey I gotta give Xbox something.
Rana Albalon (4 days ago)
Ps4 better😎😎😎😎😎
Sweet Sierra (4 days ago)
Xbox one s is the best
SuperSidd (5 days ago)
I am getting a Xbox One S for My Birthday
x I Wolfy x (5 days ago)
Stupid console wars. I played on both but the ps4 is better.
Tim16289 (7 days ago)
the witness is on Xbox also
Lama khaled (7 days ago)
I have both of them, but I’m obsessed with my xbox more!!!
jason 54 (7 days ago)
Will Belsterling (7 days ago)
lets face it.. who tf cares what console is better. half if these people have minecraft usernames and only use the console for one thing
Blu (8 days ago)
Don't forget about kinect on xbox :)
SAVAGE909yt (8 days ago)
I <3 Xbox
Both are good
But I have a xbox one s
Jonehapkido Plays (9 days ago)
Xbox One S is better😄
Kath Mahoney (9 days ago)
Ps4 is better
Nigglet Jerome (9 days ago)
Shut up before I take out your batteries boy
overkev (10 days ago)
I will buy the one s
Darth Jar Jar (10 days ago)
PS4 controllers is more comfortable what r u talking about
JT Ps4 (10 days ago)
YoungSterneDog (11 days ago)
What's the name of the background music
Mharw (11 days ago)
Look at sales and theres the answer to which one is better
David Blevins (11 days ago)
BirdGaming H (12 days ago)
Cathy Zand (12 days ago)
Ps4 is better
William Mangus (13 days ago)
Tv is butter
Sujeewa Dhammika (13 days ago)
ps4 slim better
Sujeewa Dhammika (13 days ago)
wtf xbox f''ck
DeapSea Lucy (14 days ago)
What should I get a Xbox one X or a Ps4
Ignas Virbalas (14 days ago)
Now PS4 is 290$ and Xbox One S - 220$
AydinSin (15 days ago)
Should I buy Xbox just for Forza titles , I am a huge car driving fan but not big simulations , Help guys ?
Sorbae (15 days ago)
i have both and prefer xb1
BIG Boy (15 days ago)
Personally I’m a PlayStation person but Xbox is truly better
Meg Ernst (16 days ago)
Ps4 is better
Gavintheawsome 222 (16 days ago)
X box is the best it rocks
Saqib Sabih (16 days ago)
I have PS4 and I must say Sony server is always busy and I am unable to log on for 2 years now. Not kidding. I hardly login couple of times since then. Because of this issue I am unable to get advantage of many features it offers. Previously I used to play Xbox 360 and I must say Xbox controllers are very comfortable. You cannot play with PS4 controllers for long hours if you have large hands like mine. Rest exclusives on Xbox is better than PS4. Gears of War, Halo and Forza are excellent games. I miss Xbox and planning to switch to it soon.
Fabian Benitez (16 days ago)
Everyone’s arguing but the only console even close to a pc is the Xbox one x and compared to a lot of PCs it still doesn’t match up.
Iqbal Aqmariandi (16 days ago)
I still choose PS 4 because i want to play games and PS 4 have a better option games than XBOX
Domonic Hernandez (16 days ago)
Ps4 all day
Kailondw14 Walker (16 days ago)
Look on the back of the controller there is a charger where you can charge your controller on Xbox one S
Xbox one s
Dark Knight (17 days ago)
Aluchi07 (17 days ago)
Adrien Alberto (17 days ago)
limelemon90 GD (17 days ago)
My friend have a xbox one s ( I think) but I want a ps4.
jjmatlapeng 627 (18 days ago)
I will buy both
Penguin Gaming (19 days ago)
Hey I own the Xbox one S and buying a PS4
Person 123 (20 days ago)
Ps4 can suck my fucking dick
Kondy Kool (21 days ago)
I love my PC
Pongdani Tipha (21 days ago)
Xbox one s is beautiful
Da Savaged (21 days ago)
I had the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 1s
Itsyoboi Sharp (22 days ago)
Ok so NOOOOOW everyone loves Xbox? Funny about that -_-
Bino Dino Gaming (22 days ago)
The new UI for Xbox is a lot better
Bino Dino Gaming (22 days ago)
Don’t get play and charge just get any battery charger
Ghian Subhy (22 days ago)
Guys Iam really confused between ps4 and xbox one s which one is better to buy
CaptainWilde16 (22 days ago)
Xbox One S, or, if you can afford it, try One X (it costs around 500$, £450)
Fernando Torres (22 days ago)
Charlie Sandquist (23 days ago)
Xbox is so garbage
Alex Smith (23 days ago)
2:37 that hairline
Rawa A. Koye (23 days ago)
PS4 2 more times better than xbox one cause PS4 actually looks like marvelous and then much cheaper i love it with have a gorgeous background....
Braxton 419 (24 days ago)
I have both and i can honestly say that the xbox is a better choice
Squezie's Game Reviews (24 days ago)
dope affect (24 days ago)
I'm a xboxer I'm not a big fan of ps4
dope affect (20 days ago)
CaptainWilde16 I don't know why I just hate ps4
CaptainWilde16 (22 days ago)
Neither am I. I'd rather die than have a PS4
Keila Annis (24 days ago)
grew up on xbox, will continue to grow with the xbox!
Fortnite_WW2playz (24 days ago)
I got both so ye
xZiddel (24 days ago)
Just get both consoles like me
Thatogilberts Maphake (25 days ago)
How much is ps4 in south Africa
Weeb Jesus (26 days ago)
What about slim?
CaptainWilde16 (22 days ago)
This video was published at a time when the PS4 Slim wasn't a thing, but he did do an update here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFQisCWL7mE
Wail Gaming (26 days ago)
Hey bro u r professeur of montage can't u tell me how do u make vedio of montage programme mic cam and more
Leon Reddick (26 days ago)
Ps4 100% better than Xbox one but not better than Xbox one x
Isabella Carrasco (26 days ago)
Baterys, charger thats xbox
Isabella Carrasco (26 days ago)
When i toch my cotrol feels so cool and soft and is can be only xbox boyyy
JACS (27 days ago)
so to play multiplayer in xbox i need to pay?
gamrs_ voc (27 days ago)
I'm getting Xbox 1s
CaptainWilde16 (26 days ago)
Good choice
Sarah Pellen (28 days ago)
XBox is better.
EGGSY X (1 month ago)
My sister had a surprise on me, she said she bought me an xbox but Im not sure If its xbox 1s
_VAM vids_ (1 month ago)
Wow he used the old ps4
CaptainWilde16 (26 days ago)
He did, but bear in mind - the video was published at a time when the PS4 Slim wasn't a thing
sheila foster (1 month ago)
Ps4 is better
Stjepan Č (1 month ago)
This guys have X-BOX 1 And say is t better but they sad becouse they does t have PS 4
Ken'Yanna Wilson (1 month ago)
I was about to bye a Xbox x but then when I got to Target it had so many people and line with there Xbox saying it froze up so I was like no Playstation all the way it never froze up on me yet
Ken'Yanna Wilson (1 month ago)
Play station 4 all the way
Ken'Yanna Wilson (1 month ago)
Which is newer
Nome boy (1 month ago)
Well ps4 getting fucking boring time to get Xbox s so I can play skate three
Peter Bryant (1 month ago)
3 of the ps4 exclusives are now on Xbox
Fayzerbeam81 (1 month ago)
dude who cares about size n color etc what about the speed does the dam thing work right?does it lag or anything ? i noticed xbox one is crap because it takes a sec for the system to realize what button you pressed wich is slow gameplay. i heard ps4 is faster n better but i havnt tried. man the o.g xbox and 360 works better than laggy xbox one crap.
Jason Chuck Mars (1 month ago)
I had the ps4 first but when It came time to get a new system cuz I sold my ps4 I went xb1s and if you think about it it's like 2 consoles for one I have access to soooomany effen games I love it and everyone knows Xbox controllers rule plus I can watch my flicks I'm hdr I'm kinda pissed cuz I am pretty sure I'm gonna buy a xb1x cuz I think at e3 this year they are gonna flex tht joint seriously an SD I'm gonna give my cash
Andrea Garcia (1 month ago)
Xbox is better
Clips4You (1 month ago)
Xbox one the Graphics Look Better
Yad .A (1 month ago)
I wish i had a One S but i already have a ps4
TheLastTACO (1 month ago)
Am I the only one that loves the ps4 here?
You no longer need pen plus to play online Mum my pan plus ran I need 49.99 yes of course it is for my play station
EthanTrannGaming (1 month ago)
You can actually charge the Xbox 1 controllers with an android charger
RDSD Gaming (1 month ago)
Ultimately I don't care as I have both
Boris Dusengimana (1 month ago)
Just got ps4 so stoked
Anti Peanut (1 month ago)
GUYS they added XBOX One Project Scorpio Edition and that is wayyyyyyyyyy better than a crappy PS4 Pro
Jorgeford (1 month ago)
4:30 is to fast of n. Edit
GamingWithZack (1 month ago)
Honestly, these seem really the same. I think on getting the ps4. The games I want for ps4 are also on Xbox one s. I just want to know which controller is more comfortable.

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