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These Games are Better on Switch

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The Nintendo Switch has some awesome games from Xbox One, PS4, PC, and these are the best! 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Blaziken SpeedBoost (1 day ago)
What do mean you won't be able to experience that part on skyrim? Is that part cut out from the game or do you mean the flashy part will look bad on the switch? Someone please tell me because I want to get skyrim for switch but if the game is cut for the switch, then I might not buy the switch.
Animated- Psycho (11 days ago)
No stardew valley ?? Wow I thought kicking it on my couch nursing a hangover playing stardew valley was the greatest thing in the world . SMH
Animated- Psycho (11 days ago)
Shovel knight in 3d on the new 3ds xl is pretty freaking awesome. That's just my opinion. So that's my go to for Shovel Knight my good old 3ds baby .
CringeWorthyYT (15 days ago)
Maes Hoevenaar (15 days ago)
first of all i just want to say that I love your video's but besides the crossplay i really dont think that rocket league belongs home on this list
Zelda gamer 874 (15 days ago)
I'm going to get one when I have enough money by working
Touhou Kobuto V Burst Battle is great on the Switch, much better than the PC version.
random stuff (18 days ago)
Cant you play rocket league together with ps4 too
nylegend (23 days ago)
Do a face reveal
Xander French (28 days ago)
I agree with your point with Skyrim that is the only true way to experience the game.
Chris Stokes (1 month ago)
I wish id waited for the switch version of shovel knight i bought it on ps4.... And its such a amazing old school game. But anyone who wants a decent switch game try blaster master zero.
Reino Van Rooyen (1 month ago)
I like oxynfree It is a amazing game...its short...but good. played it through twice
NineZero (1 month ago)
"Makes me wonder why we don't have more rougelikes on the system yet" *cough* binding of Isaac
Zakia Flowers (1 month ago)
SniperGamesOP (1 month ago)
Let's face it. Everything is better on the switch. I hope Assassins Creed comes to the switch!
Ermennator (2 months ago)
Local-Multiplayer on rocket league LAGS SO BAD...
FlaminAshes (2 months ago)
Why does everyone keep forgetting about Lovers in dangerous space time? It's perfect for the switch and the best affordable way to play 4 player too.
Cameron Mccormack (2 months ago)
You forgot Mario cart 8 deluxe
Andrew Bliss (2 months ago)
Flinthook is great! Although I can’t remember when it came out, probably not before this video
Failplay Germany (2 months ago)
Are you mad? Rocket league on the switch is pure cancer. The lag isn't normal and the portable controls are even worse when you don't have little childs hands. Horrible game to play ob the switch although I loved it on the Ps4
Last Classic (2 months ago)
What about blazblue cross tag coming to the switch
Miles Hawkins (2 months ago)
Overcooked is great especially if you have two sets of joy cons. The game is made for 4 players, and the Switch is the best console for local multiplayer because of its unique ability to separate one controller into two.
Tvrqv0ise (2 months ago)
Stardew valley is the best on switch
Dimentive (2 months ago)
1:10 What about PS4 players?
Dr Adept (3 months ago)
Also pretty hype for ark
Nevin Guetterman (3 months ago)
Dragon ball xenoverse
Billy Gil Music (3 months ago)
I’m waiting for a revision of the Switch with a better battery life since I can’t play Zelda for just 2 hours on the go (or any demanding game like skyrim, doom etc)...
cosmaticion (3 months ago)
Yongky Siaw (3 months ago)
Persoanlly i think every game is better when portable, except fps and moba
Kayden Cantelo (4 months ago)
For me rocket league has TERRIBLE graphics
Delieta Daniel (4 months ago)
2:12 i need you Thomas
Grant Hawkins (4 months ago)
The rocket league looks fun but why does he say it’s best on the go but you won’t have internet access to the internet on the go. I don’t get it. Please answer!
Hendrik van den Broek (4 months ago)
The Crossplay in Rocket league does not mean that you can play cue together with friends. You can only play against or with random cross-platform users and you are at a disadvantage because the joycons suck.
Hydra (4 months ago)
Enter the gungeon is definitely not better on switch.
Iivari Mantere (4 months ago)
Stardew valley?? The escapists 2?.
Dj Jazz (4 months ago)
I have Rocket League Enter the Gungeon and Oxenfree. They’re pretty good I guess
lgfgaming 74 (4 months ago)
I have both Enter the Gungeon and Rocket League on my Switch and they are great games! You should check them out.
Stalin the Gulag engine (4 months ago)
I think crawl is better on the switch because is is made for multiplayer and the portability of the switch makes it way better.
andrew marchitto (4 months ago)
It wasn't released yet at the time of this video, but bayonetta and bayonetta 2 would be perfect on this list
Jaybie Dayy (4 months ago)
The switch is cool but the low graphical games are over priced and therefore suck.
MTG (4 months ago)
You forgot Sonic Mania
Jackson Otto (4 months ago)
Rocket Leagues resolution makes the game nearly unplayable in handheld mode.
Ronald LeBeau (4 months ago)
The switch kicks ass
Derpy Dimentio (4 months ago)
muramasa the demonblade would be amazing on switch
Rares JF (4 months ago)
But where's Doom?
Nicholas Tamayo (5 months ago)
Night in the woods
ADAM BLOOMFIELD (5 months ago)
Wheres the mention of Rayman Legends? Its monumentally best suited on the switch over previous consoles and computers...IMO.
Scotty owo (5 months ago)
Switch is really great because I've already played 80% of the games they release for it
Retroplayr (5 months ago)
Anyone want to buy rocket league for ps4? I want to buy it for the switch
Chloe Mcholoe (5 months ago)
Aahhhhh indiessssssss
AJ Mills (5 months ago)
Fabio Alves Show (5 months ago)
Stardew Valley Is Awesome In Handheld Mode
Spikey Chris (5 months ago)
Sorry but Rocket League handles like garbage on the Switch compares to the PS4 and the PC even when using a pro controller. The problem is if you play RL on the Switch and you are good you place in high plat (the highest you can place off a fresh account) but once you place there is absolutely no one to play with unless you have cross platform enabled. Both PC and PS4 players can fly (and generally control their cars) much more easily than you can leaving you at a significant disadvantage and you will not have a good time.
Franklin Ramos Da Silva (5 months ago)
Nice background LEDS, matching they Nintendo Switch neon Joy Cons (left blue and right red)
Jesus Conde (5 months ago)
You should put the name of the games in the video... don’t always understand what are you saying
Joe pwrsurge (5 months ago)
I really hate Shovel Knight. It doesn't need to be that hard. Like the fifth level is all spikes... F that.
AlmostGreatNate (5 months ago)
Rocket league is bad on switch I have it. So much of a disadvantage with cross play
grasshopper king (5 months ago)
2:14-2:15 they stole a clip from videogamedunkey
Christian Thompson (5 months ago)
Basically... games that can be played as portable.
Juan Martin (5 months ago)
wow 2d games
Lumbot GAME (5 months ago)
Ivo Stirling (5 months ago)
first on the list is getting a nintendo switch
Dave Houston (5 months ago)
This nigga must get payed Nintendo or he's high.
Xeno (5 months ago)
Note: That Rocket League footage is not from the Switch, the framerate is very steady.
Noah King (5 months ago)
Stardew Valley
AReallyBadYoutuber (5 months ago)
Let's be honest there's a higher chance for actual mods to come on skyrim for the switch than the ps4
Trebla Freeman (5 months ago)
Basically 2D indie games and a game that uses unreal engine 3, an engine of the last generation (rocket league)
Travis Janot (5 months ago)
I prefer NeuroVoider over Enter the Gungeon. Up to 4 player local, random everything, New Game +, no continues.
gurjot Randhawa (5 months ago)
I wish they port Starbound to switch
Pizza PlayzYT (5 months ago)
i don't like the shape of your head
Samuel Knytt (5 months ago)
Adrian Collie (5 months ago)
Great video, but why do you look like youre shooting this from in prison?
D2daICE (5 months ago)
Enter the Gungeon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (After Cave Story+ it's the best Switch game - Shovel Knight is also amazing)
Yumeitoアルジュン (5 months ago)
Mario kart, arms and Splatoon are the only interesting games that find on the switch right now... The rest are really not my kind of games...I hope games like Nier automata, GTA V and NFS comes to switch...
Difeas (5 months ago)
These games aren't better on Switch? The Switch provides a better playing experience in some aspects compared to other consoles but these games are the exact same on every other system.
Cole Warden (5 months ago)
Rocket league is most definitely not better on the switch lol
Heart Reeves (5 months ago)
portal knights
TiagoWazzup (5 months ago)
Haven't watch the video yet but I´m sure enter the dungeon will appear here
Bethany (5 months ago)
I just finished OXENFREE and it was really good! Definitely preferred playing handheld. I would love to see more games like that on the Switch.
Cam Shaft (5 months ago)
Where's my issac amibos
stampycraft hd (5 months ago)
I hate soccer but I love rocket league
Neon Silver (5 months ago)
No...no they are not. Edit: Except maybe for Shovel Knight.
Phoenix (5 months ago)
Had axiom Verge on my PS4 played maybe 10 hrs in and stopped. Finished it on my switch, perfect match for the switch.
CSEN (5 months ago)
I personally think that rocket league is better on pc but we’re all Nintendo nerds here right ? Who has the Time for pc am I right ?
doggy crazynez (5 months ago)
This video should be called games you can now play on the go
Unicorp CEO (5 months ago)
at the 1:58 mark your head looks like it has been super imposed on to your body.
Imalijah (6 months ago)
wheres mario odyssey? Way better then the PC version
TheGoldminor (6 months ago)
We definitely need dragon ball fighterz.
Pretty sure Skyrim on Switch will be the first port to have console mods
Josh Norman (6 months ago)
Kevin. What if they don't want Skyrim mods huh?
gamer brandin (6 months ago)
Go over the binding of Isaac afterbirth plus and the end is nigh
cryo Nova (6 months ago)
Where was super meat boi
Tom Humphreys (6 months ago)
Still baffles me how this dude only has 223k subscribers.  Great content without fail :D
the cringetastic (6 months ago)
What about doom
GreenEXITSign (6 months ago)
This guy never talks about minecraft (i might be a minecraft fan)
ocean2zx (6 months ago)
Did u get to pick a winner for the free giveaway for the Nintendo switch
Tim Delhaas (leerling) (6 months ago)
Can I just Get 1 switch? You have Like 10 switches..... please? 🙏🏼
Joker- J (6 months ago)
jfmthuglove (6 months ago)

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