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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review - Nintendo Switch

962 ratings | 34452 views
Skyrim finally lands on Nintendo Switch! But how well does it stand up after six long years? Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (242)
Kaiser (16 days ago)
idk......i'm just not feeling this game........but nice review for those that are inclined.
N K (5 months ago)
Aww shit, i love that music ♥️
Lucas Swart (5 months ago)
It's a testament to how good this game is that after all this time it can still be sold at full AAA price and be received as well as it was back in 2011. I just bought it for the third time.
Realist 1801 (7 months ago)
It’s stunning on switch, get a goose neck tablet holder to get the screen in the right position and WOW
the gamer cat (8 months ago)
How long does the battery last
DaveTheGamer (8 months ago)
I got the game! Skyrim on the go? Fucking legendary!
Andreas Heidrich (9 months ago)
I bought it for PC a couple years ago, but I never got into it. The combat system is very bad. I tried it again on the Switch - and I love it ^^ I play as a Mage and it works fine. Now it is time for Fallout 3/NV/4 for the Switch ;-)
Jimmy Estrada (9 months ago)
I think I speak for many kids of the 80’s and 90’s I been wanting for a genuine 3D handheld game and we’re finally getting it
Deion Greenaway (9 months ago)
Nice remake
Dillon Wright (9 months ago)
I've heard good things about this game, but I've never played it before. I wonder if I should give it a shot?
Ahmed Falahy (9 months ago)
4:38 Did you just find a ring inside an elk? #RPGLogic
lWINGXl (9 months ago)
This will be my next game for the switch. I have super mario odyssey right now ,but feel like I need another good game.
Karl Massie (9 months ago)
its not native its dynamic resolution
Cyber Dragon (9 months ago)
Dock mode actually runs at 900p
TheFrenchy82 (9 months ago)
big minus for me : the size of the text (I mean the interface, the dialogues ..).. Prepare... to loose your eyes on this title !
Dubheasa McMullan (9 months ago)
I miss my time with this game. Can't wait to get it!
Richard Vanderdonckt (9 months ago)
I've spent almost 1000 hours in Skyrim and I was sold on the switch as soon as this was announced. Of course, there are other games out on switch that I want to get, but this alone was a selling point for me. After all, Skyrim IS my favorite game of all time. Can't say I'll be making use of the creation club though, greedy fucks.
Richard Dale (9 months ago)
The Switch, the best thing to happen to gaming for a few years.
Fabio Alves Show (9 months ago)
"Hello lovely people"
Victor in 't Veld (9 months ago)
"If you're not quite the scaling type however, you can use zelda amiibo to unlock the gear" ... climbing the throat of the world is part of the main questline, why wouldn't you scale it XD
MH DARKSTORM (9 months ago)
Great Port but i cant play Skyrim without mods so i still playing it on Xbox
G K (9 months ago)
Is it multiplayer?
Gregory Fenn (9 months ago)
Please don't ruin it for me :( I just bought it!
Gregory Fenn (9 months ago)
I love this game for its breadth and depth. The glitches do bug me though, I keep holding several save files way back just in case I glitch up a quest and need to revert. It's a good addition to my Switch because it's so very different from games like Splatoon2, Mario Oddessy and also Zelda (all of which are great games). For anyone that cares, Fifa 18 is good too. Ok it's slimmed down a tad from the PS4 version but I really don't care, you still have the main game, online modes, career modes and management, and all the teams are there and the gameplay is just as fun and involved as ever. Honestly EA should have not slimmed it down, but it has harmed it more from an image point of view than a real game-value point of view.
Captain Fozzer (10 months ago)
Man nintendo is screwing over my wallet
TheLoreSeeker (10 months ago)
Yeah ok... but is it the Special Edition? or a ported Old Skyrim?
Cleveland Rocks (10 months ago)
Well it's a mix of both,graphics of last gen,more details of current gen
Byungsuk Kim (10 months ago)
TheLoreSeeker it's the special edition that's similar to the Xbox one and PS4
Kyezie131 (10 months ago)
I'm not paying 80 fucking dollars for a 6 year old game... Edit: I literally already had it on steam that I bought for like $15 but I never ended up actually beating it
Kyezie131 (9 months ago)
Jackalack313 M Canada. Welcome to fucking Canada lmao
Jack M (9 months ago)
Kyezie131 80?! Where the fuck are you? Its 50 here
Dash Rendar (10 months ago)
One of my top 5 greatest games of all time!!!
Adal Alexander (10 months ago)
Looks neat but, same as with DOOM, I'm not going to make a habit of supporting full priced, years old, ports. Instead of getting milked by greedy Bethesda I'd rather spend that amount supporting proper new games, like Super Mario Odyssey or Xenoblade. So at 60$, this and DOOM, are a nope. Will get them when they drop to 30$ or buy them second hand in a few months.
Not Andrew (10 months ago)
Already put 20 hours into it. I'm really loving getting back into skyrim! FYI : I'm role playing as Wonder Woman this time :-) light armor, sword and shield, all the diplomat perks, blacksmith and enchanting, never runs from a fight, protects the little guy, doesn't use magic but enchants sword and shield. Fun so far!
Konyeh McKay (10 months ago)
My uncle's had it on Xbox 360 and they let me play it a little bit when they were not playing it and I'm older and have my own console now so now I want to play it full time when I want to play it
Jeremy Michael (10 months ago)
Just played this last night for the first time amazing game so far highly recommended
Mr. Oscar (10 months ago)
This vs BoTW
Kage Tsume (10 months ago)
It runs at 900p docked and an adaptive resolution in handheld with a maximum resolution of 720p. This is the remastered version, though, so there’s no reason to complain.
depore caladbog (10 months ago)
so this isnt SE version right? does it come with any of old dlc? or is the switch version just the basic vanilla version?
Chad The Gaming Dad (10 months ago)
depore caladbog All 3 DLC are included. It’s a bit better than the vanilla version but not quite the SE.. uses some SE stuff though. Looks good and plays well.
TGB (10 months ago)
Now You’re Playing With Power Switch Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husk (10 months ago)
Unskippable 30 second ad? Keep dreaming
Trevor Oubre (10 months ago)
It's $60? I mean yes, great game. But, it is kinda older. I feel like $20-$40 sounds a litte more fair.
Adal Alexander (10 months ago)
Agree, 30$ would have been the sweet spot for this and DOOM. I don't see how you can ask for more than 30$ on port of a game that less than 10$ on other platforms.
Kyle Drexler Neypes (10 months ago)
still don't have the funds for my switch deym
CeeBee88 (10 months ago)
Personally, I'll be passing on this as I'm at the point where I can't play Skyrim without mods. Still, I hope it does well.
Lichdemon (10 months ago)
I like how people are reviewing this on the switch as if it was a new game...
Lichdemon (10 months ago)
A fair point. But the LEAST Bethesda could do is fix the bugs that have been plaguing this game for the past 6 years, instead of leaving it to mods like the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
Da Fonse (10 months ago)
Lichdemon a few years a go there was a batman game that was multi platform but it did not work what soever on pc, in the end steam had to take it out because no one was buying all thanks to reviewers who warned people about that version not working at all same case here, what if this version of Skyrim is shit in performance and people are buying without knowing? And that's also when reviews come in to play.
iluvwanesworld (10 months ago)
I'm still hoping they add mod support
Jhon River (10 months ago)
Huh, neat
C-Dawg (10 months ago)
It's 900p docked, not 1080, and in portable mode the resolution changes dynamically depending on where you are... The native 720p and 1080p docked are false.
Virtual Nerd (10 months ago)
"Delightfully smooth 30 frames per second." Wow.
Cringe Network (10 months ago)
I call Skyrim “Terraria in 3D but with non-optional towns”
Cringe Network (10 months ago)
Now I can climb vertically with horses *on the go!*
dugal 40 (10 months ago)
Dark Souls on the switch? That would be nice
Rob.Z (8 months ago)
dugal 40 your wish has been granted
MrMonkeyindrag (9 months ago)
From soft were on Nintendo’s developers they’re working with list so who knows!?
Pkmn Trainer Ani 1234 (10 months ago)
every thing on the switch?
Jon De (10 months ago)
dugal 40 and bayonetta 1 and 2+3
FlailinMonkey (10 months ago)
Putting baskets over NPC's heads is one of my favorite side activities in this game.
Nick Buis (10 months ago)
Running to GameStop right now!
Alien Frequency (10 months ago)
Which is bigger spatially and geographically; Skyrim or Breath of the Wild?
Lucas Swart (5 months ago)
I believe that when a game is made with the freedom of movement and spatial size of BOTW and the depth and density of Skyrim, it will be the best game ever made. I have been told that The Witcher 3 sort of achieves this, but I haven't played it so can't have an opinion.
Elijah Berthume (9 months ago)
Breath of the wild has a bigger map, but Skyrim takes longer to 100%. BOTW on average takes like 100-150 hours to 100% whereas Skyrim takes 200-250 hours
Alien Frequency (10 months ago)
...but, I still want Skyrim too.
Alien Frequency (10 months ago)
Yeah man, BOTW is the best game I’ve ever played, on any console. It’s crazy to say that, but it’s an opinion I feel very strong about.
Inside Out NYHC (10 months ago)
BOTW GOTY. Skyrim looks fantastic. I think it’s safe to say there’s something pretty special about both these titles. What I do know is after Playing BOTW with the first DLC pack it’s pretty hard for me to go into an open world game no matter how big, dense or small with out being able to interact with everything in so many different ways. Walk to a cliff then have to turn around blah. BOTW broke that boundary. Glider, climbing and jumping down are all an option. Sometimes more dense is not the answer. To each their own. Happy Gaming.
CabinDoor (10 months ago)
Too expensive. Should be max 30$.
your mom (10 months ago)
zelder scrolls
Oliver Cass (10 months ago)
I’ve bought Skyrim for ps3, Xbox 360 and ps4 but by god I’m so excited to pick it up for my switch.
Powz (10 months ago)
Is the whole game on the cartridge if I buy physical?
Gaming Chinchilla (9 months ago)
when you look at that tiny cart in your hand just think... there's a whole Dovakin inside this thing. Yes. a Dovakin. A Dragon Born. Not a partial one... a whole one.. on that tiny quarter sized cartridge. You may as well be holding the One Ring from the Middle Earth lore at this point with such great power stored in a tiny package.
Psylent Productions (10 months ago)
There is a small (211MB) day one patch/update. But the game is completely contained on the game card and 100% playable out of the box
Adam Barr (10 months ago)
Powz yes the whole game is on the cart
MadOverGames (10 months ago)
I got it for the Switch this morning woooo
Hikaru WDM (10 months ago)
I wonder if this port will get hilariously bad reviews?
Wild Portrait Artist (10 months ago)
I was playing it during my lunch break at work today. Never before has my lunch break ended so fast! Now I can carry my addiction on the go! :D
Only Otto (10 months ago)
Playing it anywhere and Zelda gear doesn't justify enough for ME.... If you never played,enjoy; if you played(And Finished),buy some indie games
Alien Frequency (10 months ago)
It “does” include the previously released dlc too though... but, maybe you already bought that in the past too. I’m just pointing out that the Link items aren’t the only perk.
DeadlyDanDaMan (10 months ago)
This is honestly one of the worst and most biased reviews I have EVER heard. Your choices in the game have virtually NO IMPACT on the world itself. 720p is a fucking joke nowadays. 1080p is the fucking STANDARD, even for cellphones. Enjoy having ZERO mod support as well, which is the ONLY thing keeping Skyrim going nowadays. Seriously, Nintendo fans are fucking retards.
Draconic Incenerator (9 months ago)
+DeadlyDanDaMan You seem salty...
Wyatt Chartrand (9 months ago)
DeadlyDanDaMan is a bitter little bitchboy who jerks off to 4K hentai in his mom's basement. Sad!
Cleveland Rocks (10 months ago)
Have you ever looked in a miror resently
Byungsuk Kim (10 months ago)
DeadlyDanDaMan dude, the switch has a 720 P screen when you play on portable mode so of course it's going to run in 720 P. I can't run and higher resolution than that when the screen itself as a 720 P screen. That's what the dock thing for so you can just play it on your TV. This is How technology works man. You obviously don't understand how technology works.
JugheadJones67 (10 months ago)
DeadlyDanDaMan fuck you
Brian Adams (10 months ago)
Got my copy today. 😀
David Lewis (10 months ago)
Rimming on the toilet? Disgusted, unsubbed.
TR0JAN exe (10 months ago)
non biased reviews 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
T.E.D. tech (10 months ago)
When we getting this for iPhone or Android lol 😂
Alex Atkin (9 months ago)
Why are you arguing when I am literally explaining why your comment was correct?
red crimson102 (9 months ago)
Alex Atkin So why don't they make all those games then since u seem like a now it all then? Mario is one of the greatest and highest rated and selling game ever but when they put it on ios and android it seem dumb down and didn't sell as well as it did on Nintendo weak handheld and or systems so u claim why is that smart guy? Because maybe I know what I'm talking about and u dont? The facts are there smh.
Alex Atkin (9 months ago)
Its always amusing when people say things like that when in reality the best phones at best will match a LOW-END laptop. A PC CPU alone is likely to waste more watts in heat than a phones SoC consumes. ;) Phones consume single-digit watts, desktop PCs of course being in the hundreds of watts. When I got my Note 4 is was roughly comparable to the best Intel Atom, which itself was only about as powerful as the best Pentium 4. Mobile tech by its nature remains about a decade behind desktop tech in raw speed. Because on a desktop, and even a laptop to some extent, you can just throw more power and more cooling at it to boost the performance - something you just can't do on a phone.
T.E.D. tech (9 months ago)
mark Smith i was being funny since people say the iPhone 8 and 10 is powerful than must high end laptop lol
red crimson102 (9 months ago)
T.E.D. tech Probably never being that the switch is a dedicated handheld designed to play games unlike the cell phones, don't let the graphics on the switch fool u. If u really knew tech, you'd know a cell phone can't run games properly like the switch
Gandalf the Black (10 months ago)
900p docked! Stop assuming resolutions! And it's an adaptive 720p resolution when in handheld mode!
Jon Smith (10 months ago)
I have never played Skyrim so I’m going to have to get it now for the Nintendo switch
Elijah Berthume (9 months ago)
You’ll lose your life. Believe me, it happens to the best of us
Vincent Garcia (9 months ago)
Jon Smith you will be blown away my friend. Don't be surprised when you find yourself exploring dwemer ruins at 3 am 😁😁
Chase (10 months ago)
All i got from this video was that you kill animals. Not interested
downgrade101 (10 months ago)
Monkeyking (10 months ago)
i want it but i am going to wait till my next paycheck since i just wasted $150 on the pokeball 2ds and bought the new pokemon game :)
Cowboy Tropicana (10 months ago)
Lol, trying to put a basket on her head. I think we’ve all done that a time or two.
Wait. I have put hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game and I'm looking forward to doing more of just that. But in all my days spent in skyrim, I have never seen a chaurus hunter or a chaurus hunter fledgling. God I love this game.
ChelseaInsaneDay (10 months ago)
This is an amazing port. I hope that if Skyrim sells like hot cakes on Switch, Elder Scrolls VI will go straight to a Nintendo platform upon launch.
James Lewis (9 months ago)
That'd be awesome
Cyber Dragon (9 months ago)
The Next Elder Scrolls game won't come until the next gen. So it won't come on the Switch but it might come on the next hybrid system for next gen from Nintendo
Michael P. (9 months ago)
No chance ES6 will be able to run on a switch. However, with ES6 most likely not coming for another few years perhaps Nintendo will come out with something with enough power behind it but I doubt it. Nintendo abandoned the power race long ago
Xaldyn_155 (9 months ago)
Honestly you must not have high expectations if you'd expect ES6 to land on switch. I love my switch and all, I just know ES6 won't happen on switch.
criticalhard (10 months ago)
ChelseaInsaneDay And doom
StarKobra (10 months ago)
The information you provide in the video is incorrect. It runs at 900p docked and sub-720p in handheld, rather than full HD docked and native 720p in handheld.
SWITCH & PLAY (9 months ago)
It's dynamic resoltuion in portable mode but it has limits, it's 600p to max 720p in portable mode.
the8thark (10 months ago)
It's only dynamic resolution in portable mode.  It's locked 900p in docked mode - according to DF. Also DF said they found it hard to get the portable mode to dip below 720p for long enough to be actually noticable to the average player.  Sure you can do game play tricks to notice it, but they said the majority of players don't to these at all.
SWITCH & PLAY (10 months ago)
FlailinMonkey well you have a really good point out there ! But oh well, 720p is equal to (1280x720) so, not.
StarKobra (10 months ago)
Noah DeJesus That’s no reason to keep spreading the misinformation.
Noah DeJesus (10 months ago)
StarKobra People have been saying docked is 1080p and handheld is 720p for eons without checking each individual game.
Rudy The Best (10 months ago)
You gave this a 9 but you gave breath of the wild a 10 WOW. I don’t know what version of Wild you played, but the one I played was a 7.
Michael P. (9 months ago)
Skyrim deserved a 9-10 when it was released, now more deserving of a 8
the8thark (10 months ago)
T ssddo - didn't even realise he was not playing BotW at all.  You unfairly hate BotW, we get it.  Just move on and quit having a go at a great 9/10 game.
criticalhard (10 months ago)
T ssddo botw isn't a zelda game so fuck that ✅✅
Jeremy Michael (10 months ago)
T ssddo I thought botw was an 8 still liked it but I just put down witcher 3 can't compare it.
NEhTagHa (10 months ago)
Vanilla skyrim is trash. I can't play this game without mods, so RIP this version.
triplehood (10 months ago)
I swing my sword back and forth, I swing my sword back and forth, I swing my sword back and forth, ...
Dizzy Dee (10 months ago)
I've bought 10 games this month... And I still want this and RE... So glad I bought the Switch over ps4.. Especially after EA and battlefront 2 fiasco... Man fuck ea for life, I hope ea and 2k disappear from the Switch and take their microtransactions with them.
gingataisen (9 months ago)
Dizzy Dee And take RDR2 with them, too?
Michelle Tackett (9 months ago)
It says it runs better than you expect. And it does have fewer bugs and a more solid frame rate.
Haxterz (9 months ago)
Michelle Tackett (9 months ago)
Not really. The Switch version has less bugs and the frame rate is smoother.
Cleveland Rocks (10 months ago)
Dizzy Dee ummm yes to EA no to 2K,like it or not we need 2K to succeed
GainzNGames (10 months ago)
Why not review L.A Noire for Switch?
Samuel Baugh (10 months ago)
I really want an honest opinion about Skyrim. I played some Elder Scrolls online and has a lot of fun with the exploration, combat, and looting, but was turned off by the overly-complex menus and things like Crafting and Alchemy. Is Skyrim better or worse in regards to being overly-complicated? I just want to do quests, level up and explore. Would I be screwed if I ignored the really complex stuff?
GreenLeafForever (10 months ago)
Samuel Baugh You can completely ignore crafting if you want. You can even completely ignore following the main storyline! I know when I played it way back when I ended up spending most of my time trying to jump my way up mountains in a way I wasn't suppose to. You can pretty much focus on running around with a sword and shield and ignore everything else.
MtMarshi (10 months ago)
Samuel Baugh the best tging about skyrim is you can go as in depth or as simplistic as you like. Just want to explore, level up and fight with the weapons given to you/bought? Fine, you will have a whale if a tine and not feel like you are missing something. But if you DO want to craft, you can and its as satisfyingly deep as you want it to be. If you haven't yet played skyrim, get it. Its dated graphically, but still one of the best worlds you will ever visit in a game.
Josh Thiesen (10 months ago)
Samuel Baugh skyrim seems you can level up pretty easy from what i can tell , and i never played skyrim before and so far i finding it to enjoyable.
Coldpepper (10 months ago)
Skyrim: Breath of the Wild.
nickwick35 (10 months ago)
Definitely playing this on the pooper.
mike wade (10 months ago)
nickwick35 Remind me never to buy a second hand switch!
Jo (10 months ago)
I'm just about to go pick up my copy from gamestop! Super excited!
fightnight14 (10 months ago)
I’ll pick it up some time next year on a slow month and hopefully a lower price
N Jeffrey (10 months ago)
6 years later with 6 years old bugs deserve a 9/10? I love Skyrim but, really? I will only give 7/10 due to no mod support/simply a port, some credit for motion control, that’s my thought.
Redey1290 (10 months ago)
I mean, it deserves it somewhat still. It's a damn good port and it's still a fun game. Yes, it has been re-released plenty of times and bugs are still there but I feel that doesn't just make it automatically a bad game.
Yassin Azarkan (10 months ago)
No it's a good game and well ported
fightnight14 (10 months ago)
N Jeffrey its your opinion but for me you don’t deduct a point just because its an old game. Its still the same if not better game that was a masterpiece 6 years ago. Also its the first time Skyrim was ported to a tablet.
Henbush (10 months ago)
I’m tempted but don’t want to support a 6 y.o. game which is £50. Then again I bought doom for fp so fuuuuuuck
Henbush (9 months ago)
hope so
Random Entertainment (10 months ago)
TuxedoNinja skyrim is gonna be 15$ on black Friday......
fightnight14 (10 months ago)
Skyrim is not a Nintendo game
Henbush (10 months ago)
David Lewis and carrots have been round for longer than anyone knows yet people still buy them. That’s a fucking stupid point as board games are very very different to video games. If you were joking then I’m sorry lol
David Lewis (10 months ago)
TuxedoNinja monopoly and scrabble been around a hundred years and people buy those at full price... don't get me started on chess
Yoshi x2 (10 months ago)
Now i can push goats of clifs on the go!
Gandalf the Black (10 months ago)
That sounds familiar... ooooohhhhh...
Fogboy Boyfog (10 months ago)
Yoshi x2 Arlo is the best haha
Dreadliest (10 months ago)
Even with this game being released over and over and over, I feel like they put Skyrim on the Switch as a set piece, which is why they showed it at the main trailer. To prove: "Hey, this system can do this, and pretty well." Basically as an invitation to third party to be like: "Are you in or out?" kinda thing. I really like that this is finally a reality.
TicotazII (10 months ago)
It runs 900p on docked as per digital foundry, but still looks great and not very different from ps4 version
Ian H (6 months ago)
It looks extraordinarily different. Switch has no volumetric lighting, shadows are pared back, texture resolution is lower, fewer branches on trees, less grass on the ground, heavily reduced draw distance, and resolution is 70% of the PS4 (and this is ignoring the very claustrophobic field of view). It's still a good port and a fun game, but claiming it's not that different from a version running on a console with 4x the raw computation power is pretty naive.
Alex Atkin (10 months ago)
Laptop on the toilet? Laptop in a car/coach? Laptop in your pocket? (yes you can carry Switch in pockets if you keep the joycons detached in another pocket) I have the PC version but am still tempted to get the Switch version as it has a much better screen than my crappy laptop, doesn't take up nearly as much space or require me to carry a controller with me (which alone is more awkward to carry than the Switch itself due to the shape).
MokuTom (10 months ago)
+Komatose Gaming subtly saying you have higher standards than most people, I like it dude ;]
Komatose Gaming (10 months ago)
$400 laptop can play Skyrim at 60fps and all i do is plug in a 360 wired controller. Not that inconvenient. Only reason I refuse to get it for the switch is 30fps wont look good to me. For those who dont have access to any other version of the game and wanna play portable, the switch is an excellent choice. Im really glad it came to the switch, its just not for me.
Komatose Gaming (10 months ago)
Jose Cintron never said switch wasn’t more convenient. It was stated that you can’t play this portable without a switch to which I debunked quickly.
Jimmy Mullen (10 months ago)
I love the British term "Waffling" and sincerely ask my fellow Americans to utilize it more often. Truly, I cannot fathom how I got through so much of my life without using it.
wikichris (10 months ago)
What a kerfuffle!
Juan (10 months ago)
Jimmy Mullen you Americans just want to be the complete opposite of the British especially in your English (Color? it's colour) and your roads
lillemeg power (10 months ago)
Jimmy Mullen speak english bby
Matt Madrigal (10 months ago)
Hmm gonna have to make this a pick up
Josh Freeburg (10 months ago)
Simon Stang Lund (10 months ago)
Never played skyrim. Have to Get it for The switch!
ytown4 (9 months ago)
Same here!
Ali Kuhn (10 months ago)
Simon Stang Lund Me, too! Can't wait until Christmas!
Alex Marin (10 months ago)
Brace yourself, toxic PC propaganda comments are coming...
Paul Heaton (10 months ago)
Your a about to have a blast and it's portable
Zabieru McCloud (10 months ago)
Even if you didn't have to pay 60$, YOU NEVER PLAYED THE FUCKING GAME! It's NEW to you...

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